About Radio Valencia

Radio Valencia officially launched November 6, 2010 from the City of San Francisco, and on the web wherever your gizmos permits.

In September 2012 we moved into our brand new studio in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District. You can call the studio any time at (415) 962-7979.

We’re open to all kinds of experimentation and community building, and anybody that wants to help contribute to our “do-ocracy”.

Illogical Contraption Sundays 6-8PM PST
Brenna Betts of Protonic Reversal

Protonic Reversal Thursdays 8am-10pm PST

RV crew at the Oakland Museum

And being community powered we need help with lots of things, especially our website. Are you a WordPress jockey, web designer, graphic designer or code monkey? Get in touch!!!

Radio Valencia Logo

Looking for our logo? There’s some large versions here.


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