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Ok, so on Halloween/Samhain, a couple of my coworkers went to Slims in SF to see Sunn0))) and Boris play some very loud sounds. I believe the bassist from the Melvins is in Sunn0))). Anyway, being the poster collector that I am, I asked Eric if he would pick up one from the gig (I was sure there would be one, though I didn’t know what it would look like). He readily agreed.

When I saw him the following week (I went to a conference in Miami for a week. See entry below for November 1), he presented me with the amazing piece you can see here. I was shocked by the power of this piece. It is perhaps my favorite so far.

I was unfamiliar with the artist, Aaron Horkey, who also does skateboard art design, and I was unfamiliar with Burlesque Designs, until now. Their work is truly wonderful. The paper stock is thick, the colors are rich, and the artwork is some of the most intricate I have yet to see in poster work. I am so surprised that they do not appear in the “Art of Modern Rock” book. Shame on them.

Please check out the link, and enjoy their work. Also, one of the great things about collecting concert posters is that the price is very affordable. It’s obvious to the artists that the fans cannot pay much, so they keep the prices down. Once you own the work, though, the price can rise to a good amount. This piece, I bought for $20.00 It now sells for as much as $120.00 The show was only three weeks ago. Only 250 were made. Wow! What a investment.

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Should Tookie Receive the Death Penalty?

9:05 am

Governor dreading decision on life or death without clemency, Williams’ execution is just weeks away
Williams, 51, the co-founder of the Crips gang and a four-time murderer who has become an anti-gang crusader and Nobel Peace Prize nominee, is scheduled to be executed at San Quentin State Prison on Dec. 13. . . .
. . . Prosecutors argue that a man responsible for four shotgun murders who was involved in nearly a dozen violent incidents in his first decade in prison — before he changed his ways — deserves the sentence a jury recommended.

Read about the history of the death penalty
More about Tookie and California’s stance on the death penalty

Big thanks to Joel Arquillos for this story and the links. Check out his personal bog here.

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