Pirate Cat Radio, Week Six-Set List

September 25, 7pm

So none of my guests showed up tonight. WTF? I showered and everything. No I didn’t.

In the end, I played six hours of incredible music. icecreamlopez did a fantastic hour of running the board, with ehr choice cuts to add to the mix as well.

Check out the entire archived show.

The first two hours can be found here.

And the final four hours can be found here.

I’m on every Monday night from 8-midnight, on Pirate Cat Radio, 87.9FM in SF & LA, 104.8FM in Berlin, online at

A Season In Hell, Week 6

D. Popylepis: Cobra
X (Part One): RUOK

J. Brown Boogie: Unpoppable
Beware the grackle: the grackle
More yellow birds: sparklehorse
Catch hell blues: white stripes

I Wish: Forro in the Dark
Soul on Ice: Graham Parker
Le Shark: Land Shark

Challengers: New Pornographers
He Means Nothing, Dear: Matson Jones
Spring Fever: Matson Jones

Mrs. Leroy Brown: Loretta Lynn
Run Devil, Run: Jenny Lewis & the Watson Twins
New Resolution: The Heartless Bastards

The Beat Goes On: Giant Sand

Rocked By Rape: Evolution Control Committee
Hotter Than Hell (Promo): Kiss
Swingset: Steinski
Mystery Date: New Duncan Imperials
Now Ah, Lissen: Pissed Off Preacher (off Cool Beans Vol. 8)

Cheap Trick Record: Bratmobile
High Roller: Cheap Trick
Thirteen Nights: The Monkeywrench
Evil as Nixon: Hunter S. Thompson

Porno: Limbomaniacs
Halfsharkalligatorhalfman: Dr. Octogon

It Should Have Been Me: Ray Charles
Greeenbacks: Ray Charles
Losing Hands: Ray Charles
Drown In My Own Tears: Ray Charles

Since You’ve Been Gone: James Brown
Monster: Brute Force
Radebe: Johnny Dyani

La La Bam-Bam: The Congos
Kung Fu Man: Lee Scratch Perry
No Bones For The Dogs: Joe Gibbs and the Professionals
Indiana Jones: The Paragons
Seconds Away: The Scientist

Bankrobber/Robber Dub: The Clash
Home Affairs: Osibisa
Flight To Cuba: Fire

Let My People Go: Diaspora Soul
Upstarts in a Blowout: The Headphone Masterpiece
Strung Out Again: Elliott Smith
Dear Flies, Love Spider: Low Lows

Cortez The Killer: Neil Young
Down to zero: Bettye Lavette
Elephant: Bill Hicks
I love You Peggy: Butthole Surfers

Tom Violence: Sonic Youth
The Man Who Sold The World: David Bowie
Hazey Jane II: Nick Drake
Bandits: Midlake

Dawn’s Early Vengence: Trevor Dunn’s Trio-Convulsant
Chariot Choogle: Fantomas/Mike Patton
Stranger Than Kindness: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
Songs For Dead Friends: Pilot

Mudride: Mudhoney
I Dreamed Of Caucasus: Damon & Naomi
Shine: Boris w/ Kurihara

Forest Ocean Sound: Landing
Fearless: Pink Floyd
Lanky 2: Syd Barrett

Pirate Cat Radio, Week Six-Don’t Tase Me, Man

September 24, 12pm

I’ve put on a lot of weight in the last year. I’m probably about 30 pounds heavier than I was this same time last year. I don’t have an image issue, but I do have a health issue. I would love to live to a healthy old age, but I have an issue with sweets. I love them.

I also love super burritos.

I did switch from super carne asada, to super grilled chicken; light on the rice, with black beans. I feel better already. I’ve been trying really hard to cut out soda too. Any tips?

What is it about the whole diet and exercise thing that is so unattractive to me? I like to look good more than I like to feel good. But, I’d rather sit on my ass, and surf the Internet, than sit on my ass and do stomach crunches. I don’t believe I’m shallow; I just don’t want to work on looking good AND feeling good.

With that said, my fat ass will be interviewing Paytrick Williams (yes, that’s how his name is spelled…I think). He looked good. That is until the police beat him. He wants to tell his story. Just another case of the Man coming down on the downtrodden in an urban setting, or was he asking for it?

You be the judge.

Tune in 6-midnight tonight, Monday, September 24, 2007, to A Season In Hell, with John Hell, on 87.9FM in SF and LA, 104.8FM in Berlin, and online at

I’ll be joined, as usual, by icecreamlopez, who will taking at least one hour to run the board on her own, as she is thrust into the world of LIVE RADIO! It’s always possible that Ron Donovan of Firehouse Kustom Posters will be joining us as well later in the evening. Last week he brought music great Eric McFadden along with him. Whom might he bring tonight?

See you on the radio.

jh (set lists posted weekly)

A Season In Hell, Week Five-Playlist

September 18, 9am

Pirate Cat Radio, Week 5

I filled in for “Neat, Neat Noise”, who’s show is from 6-8pm. You can find the mp3 archive of that part of the show here.

In The Temple Of Hadjarim: John Zorn
Ain’t Talkin’ About Love: Minutemen
Wendy: Descendents

Sex Bomb: Flipper
Beer: Artless
Dancin’ Now: Three Day Stubble

Comin’: Men’s Club
54-40 or Fight: MonoMen
Codine: the Monkeywrench
Pink14: The Buff Medways (Wild Billy Childish)

Pinhead: The Ramones
Peaches & Regalia: Mothers Of Invention
What Would You Do? Paris (Sonic Jihad)

Cyclops: Turn Me On Dead Man
Atomic Punk: Cherry 2000
Euthenasia: Melvins
Planet of the Apes: Mummies

C is for Cookie: Cookie Mongoloid

Frank Chu Interview

The show continues here. It cuts into the middle of Frank Chu talking. Good for you that you can hear all of the interview by downloading the earlier portion of the show, by clicking on the above link.

I’m A Man: Bo Diddly
Howlin’ Blues: Howlin’ Wolf

Frank Chu Interview

Tango Til They’re Sore: Tom Waits (VH1 Storytellers)
Little Red Hen: Taj Mahal

Frank Chu Interview

I Had A Talk With My Woman: Tim Buckley
Lover, You Should’ve Come Over: Jeff Buckley (live)

Seer: Witch
Feedbacker (Part 3): Boris
Words of Advice: Material

Sun Flower: East New York Ensemble
Darkest Light: The Lafayette Afro-Rock Band

Suite: John Coltrane

Everything Good: Liar
Brazen: Heartless Bastards

Selfdestructo Bust: Turbonegro
Prehistoric Dog: Red Fang
Fuse: Radio Moscow

Jeepster: T Rex
Hard-On For War: Mudhoney
Black Betty: ZZ Top

Prayer Difficulty: Savage Vigilance for a Rug-Free America
The Hat Collector: Aids Wolf
Cyrano: William Shatner
California Uber Alles: Disposible Hero’s of Hiphopracy

Shark Attack: Surf Punks
No fat chicks: surf punkls (oops!)
Go Away: Blondie
Your phone’s off the hook: X

Erc McFadden Interview

I feel too good to die: eric McFadden trio
Miranda: Eric Mcfadden Trio

Eric McFadden interview, with icecreamlopez running the board, and Ron Donovan running his mouth.

Freaks Like Us: Eric McFadden Trio
Flowers On The Wall: Statler Bros.
Wo ist Zu ha Mama: Johnny Cash

Eric McFadden interview, kind of.

Baby Please Don’t Go: Ted Nugent
I Heard It On The X: Olivelawn
Shyboy: david lee roth
Up in Smoke reprise: Cheech and Chong

icecreamlopez ran the board for the last hour and a half. She’s in training. I may have gotten a C- for my teaching quality last night. I take any and all responsibility for dead air.

See the posting below for links to all parties who attended tonight’s show.

Ron and icecreamlopez were having the total air guitar championship during the afterparty. I believe icecream won, because she was making “the face”.

“This is a sparkle time for all of us” Ron Donovan

A Season In Hell, Week 5-recap

September 18, 9am

What a crazy show last night. I wish I took pics of Frank Chu. I did take many shots of Ron Donovan of Firehouse Kustom Posters, Eric McFadden of the Eric McFadden Trio, and icecreamlopez my sidekick on A Season In Hell, on Pirate Cat Radio (

You can down load the entire six hour show

The first two hours are here:

The final four hours are here:
which includes interviews with Frank Chu, Ron Donovan and Eric McFadden

Check out Frank’s myspace page here:

Check out Eric’s myspace page here:

And his bands page here:

You can see what Ron and his partner Chuck, do for a living here:

Pirate Cat Radio, Week Five

September 17, 10am

So it appears that I will be on th air for six, count
them, six hours tonight! OMG! What have I done? I’ve
created a monster, and it’s me!

In the “watch out what you ask for” category, I have
chosen to fill in for the DJ who comes before me. I
must really love the sound of my own voice.

Either way, tune in to Pirate Cat Radio, 87.9fm in SF
and LA, 104.8fm in Berlin, and online at, 6-midnight (PST) for some
truly rousing fun.

As usual, icecreamlopez will be there too. I’m
alllowing her to take the controls for a little while,
so she can master the board, eventually gaining her
own show. Also, Ron Donovan of Firehouse Kustom
Posters will be in around 9pm to discuss all things
Kustom Posters, as well as being the malcontent we’ve
grown to love and adore.

Play list will be posted here:

Remember, if you miss the show, or wish to savor it
again and again, you can download the archived version
Just click on the “dj schedule” link, click on “A
Season In Hell”, and then click on the podcast link on
the right, which corresponds to the date you want.
Tonight’s show will be archived under “A Season in
Hell” as well as the first two programming hours under
the”Neat, Neat Noise” link, since I’m filling in for
that show.


See you on the radio.


Play List: Pirate Cat Radio, Week Four, With Chicken John

September 17, 10am

A Season in Hell, Week 4, with Chicken John

Finklestein Shit Kid: Cheech & Chong
Up In Smoke
Jesus Was Way Cool: King Missile

Guyamas Sonora: Beirut
Graveyard Shift: Uncle Tupelo
Blah, Blah, Blah: Lenny Bruce
Senorita: Ovarian Trolley

The Boss: James Brown
Come Take Me: Betty Davis
I Call My Baby Pussycat: Parliament
Down Home Girl: The Coasters
Shame, Shame, Shame: Ike and Tina
By The Time I Get To Phoenix: Evolution Control Committee

Redemption Songs: Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros
A Change Is Gonna Come: The Gits
Imagine: GW Bush
Sloop John B: Three Stoned Men

2 Drunk 2 Fuck: Avenue D
Bang, Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down): Nancy Sinatra
Sweet Jane: Velvet Underground (live)
The Runaway: Danny O’Keefe
The Waitress: Chicken John (17 years old)

Interview with Chicken John

A Political Song for Michael Jackson: Minutemen

Interview With Chicken John

I’m Spun: Mudhoney
The Man Who Liked Zombies: Idiot Flesh
Electric Funeral: Black Sabbath
Humor Test: John Belushi & Chevy Chase
Random People: Rube Wadell

Interview With Chicken John

Powerman: The Kinks
My Biggest Mistake: Joan of Arkansas
A Sound of Transition: Julie Andrews+
T for Texas: Toshio Hirano

Pirate Cat Radio, Week Four, With Chicken John

September 10, 11am

Hello radio fans,

Tonight on A Season In Hell, with John Hell, I’m
pleased to have our future runner up for the SF
mayor’s race, Chicken John Rinaldi. He’ll be bringing
his whimsy down to the Pirate Cat Radio studios in the
9 o’clock hour to talk all things mayor, art,
innovation, greenwashing (just what exactly is that
anyway?), and to burn the many early, or not burn the
man early, what is the question?

Check out his website He
calls me a legend. Ha!

Tune in on the radio in SF and LA at 87.9 FM, in
Berlin 104.8FM (Guten Abend Berlin), and online at

All shows are archived immediately following
broadcast, for six weeks. Click on the “DJ Schedule”
link, click the show you’re interested in listening
to, and click the podcast link on the right. Whew!

I’m recruiting folks to interview. If you or anyone
you know would care to be on PCR for an interview,
drop me a line. We can do it by phone if you cannot be
with us in person.

Thanks for all your support.



Week Three Set List

September 9, 10pm

Here’s my set lisst for last Monday, September 3, 2007. What a great show, with special guest Lindsey B, sound engineer for local SF clubs 12 Galaxies, Cafe Du Nord and more.

Cheech and Chong: Finlestein Shit Kid/Up In Smoke
The Holy Kiss: Back to Colma
Tigersmilk: Spirit Spore Flash

Skip Heller: Track One
Junior Brown: I Hung It Up
Monomen: Warm Piston
Supersuckers: 400 Bucks

George Benson: Smokin’ Cheeba Cheeba
Betty Davis: Nasty Gal, 7-25-76, Le Castellet, France
BW Souls: Marvin’s Groove

Interview with Lindsey B

Ride the Blinds: Grace Alley
The Casual Lust: Yes Please
Grayceon: Almost There
Walken: Like A Pheonix

Interview with Lindsey B

Erase Errata: Driving Test
Magic Sparkle: BIRDIE
The BellRays: Tell The Lie (Have A Little Faith)
X Ray OK: What She Wants

Interview with Lindsey B

The Fleshies: The Last Friday
Fuckwolf: What A Fuck
Kid Congo Powers: Sophisticated Boom Boom

Interview with Lindsey B

Everest: Keep it Together
The Moon Upstairs: All is All

Interview with Lindsey B

The Hooks: Get Out
La Plebe: Dirty Old Town
Graves Brothers Deluxe: The God Damned Sky
Ugly Casanova: Things I Don’t Remember
Love and Rockets: Haunted When The Minutes Drag

White Stripes: You’re Pretty Good Lookin’
The Ramones: Cretin Hop

Sun Ra & His Astro-Infinity Arkestra: World’s Approaching
Idris Muhammmad: Loran’s Dance

Eric Friedlander
: Consternation
The Boredoms: Super Are
Boris/Suno))): Etna
Tom Waits: Misery Is The River of the World

Concretes: Miss You
Cheech and Chong: Up In Smoke (reprise)

Pirate Cat Radio, Week Three

September 3, 4pm

Hey there, hi there, ho there. (no offense to any ho’s out there).

Tonight on A Season in Hell, 8-midnight on PIrate Cat Radio 87.9fm in SF and LA, 104.8 in Berlin (no kidding), and online at, we’ll be having the sound engineer from SF, Lindsey (I don’t know her last name). She does sound for a few SF clubs, including Thee Parkside and Cafe duNord.

We’ll be talking about the world of live music, how and why she got into this career, and some great club stories as well. This will be at about 9 tonight.

From 8-9 you can hear new music, and 10-midnight I’ll be stretching out in the aural sense of the word.

As always, we welcome your requests. Tune in for the phone number, it’s something I haven’t written down as of yet. Also, you can always email me during the show.

Ice Cream Lopez will be taking the controls for a while tonight, so she can get her radio stripes down before she begins a PCR show of her own.

Thanks for your support.

If you, or someone you know would care to be interviewed on my show, or any show on PCR, please send me a shout.