A Season In Hell

Pirate Cat Radio, Week Four, With Chicken John

September 10, 2007
11:04 am

Hello radio fans,

Tonight on A Season In Hell, with John Hell, I’m
pleased to have our future runner up for the SF
mayor’s race, Chicken John Rinaldi. He’ll be bringing
his whimsy down to the Pirate Cat Radio studios in the
9 o’clock hour to talk all things mayor, art,
innovation, greenwashing (just what exactly is that
anyway?), and to burn the many early, or not burn the
man early, what is the question?

Check out his website He
calls me a legend. Ha!

Tune in on the radio in SF and LA at 87.9 FM, in
Berlin 104.8FM (Guten Abend Berlin), and online at

All shows are archived immediately following
broadcast, for six weeks. Click on the “DJ Schedule”
link, click the show you’re interested in listening
to, and click the podcast link on the right. Whew!

I’m recruiting folks to interview. If you or anyone
you know would care to be on PCR for an interview,
drop me a line. We can do it by phone if you cannot be
with us in person.

Thanks for all your support.



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