A Season In Hell

Some Gospel Soul That Will Blow Your Mind

September 29, 2010
10:39 pm

Here on the moment that I enter the fourth decade of my life I find that it’s music that has always been by my side. And not just any music either. Too many people rely on the commercial classic rock, R&B, jazz, whatever-crap-they’re-force-feeding-your-brain FM/AM radio drivel, and they don’t take a chance on true quality music from any genre. I love all genres, but I’ve been schooled in the finer arts of non-commercial radio, which means that I will not settle for what the commercial stations and major labels tell me is quality.

I just found this fabulous 1976 Gospel/Funk gem tonight. I searched and found it for sale online for almost $80 US dollars, used. On this, the minutes before I turn 40, I offer it as a gift to you, my friends. Enjoy.
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