A Season In Hell

Hell’s Kitchen Radio #322: Crazy As It Seems

November 30, 2017
10:00 am

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Having spent almost 30 years in community radio, I’ve seen plenty of fresh young faces cross into the medium, where I have been asked to train them in the technical aspects of running the board, as well as how to announce during a mic break. There is an art to this. There is a flow. More often than not I am in the flow. I certainly know when I’m not. I tell the new DJ when it comes to the mic break, just do the business (back announce what you played, read a PSA, front announce and get off mic). Once you have more time in the studio under your belt, then you can wax poetic about the artist you just played and the label they are on, and connect it to some current issue, or talk about the band that’s coming to town and the place they’re playing and some history connected to the label you’re about to play. All of this takes time and experience.

I trained a new DJ on my recent show: Johnny Fuzz; no relation. His set is labeled below. Great guy, great choices. He’ll be getting a show soon, so please show him some love and tune in.

My next show is pretty timely. I call it “Statutory Rock”! You can only guess what I’ll be playing.

Finally, send some healing thoughts to Hell’s Kitchen Radio alum, and legendary rock poster artist, Ron “Rotten Ronnie” Donovan. He’s in the hospital with lived failure after living the life of a rock start, too hard, for too long. We love you Rotten Ronnie. Don’t make me host a tribute to you any time soon.

Check out the playlist below and click the stream or download button above to enjoy this great show. There’s some kind of tribute??? to Charles Manson at the beginning.



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Never Learn to Love: Beach Boys
Cease to Exist: Charles Manson
Mayla: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes

20th Century Boy: Ty Segall
Destination Unknown: Missing Persons

Kings Lead Hat: Brian Eno
The Eureka Garbage Lady: GTO’s

***Johnny Fuzz Set***
Caroline: Chrome
Allas Sak: Dungen

Vitamin D: Can
We Are Time: The Pop Group
I Don’t Like Linoleum: The Dancing Cigarettes
Creature That I Am: Cool Ghouls

Lucid I Would Dream: Miranda Lee Richardson
***John Hell***
Raw Optics: Oh Sees

Timid Scripts: HRVRD
Warm Piston: Monomen
She’s Got Balls: AC/DC
The Bomber: Joe Walsh and Barnstorm (09-24-73 Arlington, TX)

The Beacon: Golden Void
Being For The Benefit of Mr. Kite (Take 4): The Beatles
Bad As Me: Tom Waits

Jesus Didn’t Die For Me: Rube Waddell
Sugaree: Grateful Dead (May 6, 1978 Patrick Gym, U of Vermont)

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Hell’s Kitchen Radio #321: 7th Annual Annual Annual – 1992

November 16, 2017
9:45 am

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It’s that time once again when I get to indulge my inner Dave Morey and focus my show on one special year. This is my seventh annual Annual Annual, and this year it’s all about 1992. I turned 22 in late September and was deeply involved at KFJC as well as attending countless live shows around the Bay Area.

The club scene was really good to me too. South Bay spots like Marsugi’s and One Step Beyond were regular hot spots for us KFJC folks. I also spent a lot time at The Stone in SF, Paradise Lounge, Above Broadway, Slims, um, er, my brain is hurting trying to remember all the places. I recall The Omni924 Gillman StreetBerkeley Square, and Freight and Salvage in the East Bay too. And of course many many Grateful Dead shows up and down the west coast. 1992 was a really fun year for me.

As for the music, the indie scene was at a peak since Nirvana went super duper platinum (is that a ranking?) the previous fall with Nevermind. Major labels were doing everything they could to swipe up the next big thing. Some really horrible knockoff bands were popping up on commercial radio during this time. Some things never change.

I was hosting the 6-10AM morning show on Wednesday’s at KFJC. The music below feels like I took it straight from one of my playlists from that time. It’s possible I did. Granted we weren’t allowed, by FCC rules, to play any music with naughty language, so there are a few tracks on here that I would have loved to have played back then, but could not. Count yourself lucky for the advent of internet radio!

Take a walk down memory lane for the next two hours and enjoy 1992 like it never left us.



Hell’s Kitchen Radio with John Hell
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Radio Valencia in SF

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I Say Fuck: Supersuckers
Spear and Magic Helmet: The Gits
Ghettos of the Mind: Pete Rock and CL Smooth
California Uber Alles: Disposable Heroes of Hiphopricy
Love American Style: Mr. T Experience
Professor Booty: Beastie Boys
I Ain’t No Nice Guy: Motorhead
Papa Won’t Leave You, Henry: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Skeeter: King Buzzo (Melvins solo EPs)
Suck My Left One: Bikini Kill
Everything’s Ruined: Faith No More
Caliente: Supersuckers
Stranded on Death Row: Dr. Dre
Youth Against Fascism: Sonic Youth
Officer: The Pharcyde
Murder in the Red Barn: Tom Waits
Always Something: Yo La Tengo
Sweet Old World: Lucinda Williams
Summer Babe (Winter Version): Pavement
Living Wreck: Mudhoney
Sandusky: Uncle Tupelo
Your Ass Is Next In Line: The Mummies
Merry Muthafuckin’ Xmas: Eazy-E
Have A Cigar: Primus
Time Will Tell: Black Crowes

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Hell’s Kitchen Radio #320: Ain’t That A Shame

November 9, 2017
9:26 am

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I’m sleep deprived, so don’t hold me too accountable for what follows. …I’m trying hard to think of something witty to say. Hmmm. Who knew sleep was so damn important?

Ah yes, my show this week! I was able to get to my Fats Domino tribute. You probably only know him through his seminal hit “Blueberry Hill”, but his sound helped define early rock and roll, rhythm and blues, with a touch of jump swing. His stride piano style was always evident in the New Orleans sound, whether he was playing one of his own songs of love and heartbreak, or a carefully chosen cover. I grew up in a household where my dad (born 1941) played a lot of blues, jazz, and rhythm and blues. Fats played a central role in my early musical development, which I’m certain I didn’t realize until he passed away a few weeks back at the age of 89.

The balance of my show features new music from King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard (their third full-length release of 2017!) and Boris. There’s some long noisy jams via Aluk Todolo, a jazzy cover by Sex Mob, a “weird” cover by The Residents, stoner spacey jams from Sleep, and an Op/Ed from John Lennon. There’s more as you’ll see below. Also, I gave tickets away to see Fu Manchu. Did you know that I often have tickets to local shows I give away on my show? You didn’t?!?!?! Tune in and WIN!!! There’s so much winning. You’re going to get tired of all the winning, I promise you.

I’ve been spending too much time on Twitter lately. There are links below.

Next Monday night is my 7th annual Annual Annual!!! That’s two hours from one year. I’m thinking about hosting 1992.



Hell’s Kitchen Radio with John Hell
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It’s Hard to be Humble: Mac Davis
Jambalaya: The Residents

Ain’t That A Shame: Fats Domino
Bad Luck and Trouble: Fats Domino
Good Hearted Man: Fats Domino

You Win Again: Fats Domino
Your Cheatin’ Heart: Fats Domino
Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans: Fats Domino

The Book/A Journey to (S)Hell: King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
Walking in the Park: Colosseum

Aquarian: Sleep
I Don’t Want To Be A Soldier: John Lennon
I Want You/She’s So Heavy: George Benson

Ampn’: Fu Manchu
The Horned Goddess: The Sword

Deadsong/Absolutego: Boris

IV: Aluk Todolo
Volpina: Sex Mob

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