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Hell’s Kitchen Radio #315: Barbie Stole My Donut

September 14, 2017
12:21 pm

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What was your favorite childhood toy? I used to love my Space 1999 spaceship. Loved it! I loved it more than the Star Wars toys I accumulated, probably because I really didn’t care so much for the Star Wars franchise. I know, I know, shoot him now! I was more of a Trekkie. Did anyone own a Barbie? Did you own more than one? Did you own a Ken? Did you make them swap clothing? Did you have them make out? Did you take them apart and turn them into grotesqueries? My guest Monday night is all about turning Barbie and her friends into works of contemporary art.

Julie Anderson has curated “Altered Barbie” since 2003, hosting many multi-media artists who use Barbie as their muse, their canvas, their medium. We take the first hour and talk to her and singer Ethel Merman (who is performing at the opening reception this Saturday night) about the history of the event, the history of Barbie, legal issues and great art experiences.

I’m planning on attending the opening reception this Saturday night and I strongly urge you to come down and have a great night. It’s absolutely worth every second, and you can walk out with some great art!

The gallery is located at Back to the Picture, 934 Valencia Street in San Francisco

Gallery hours: Monday – Saturday 10AM-6PM, Sunday 12PM-5PM

The remainder of the night focuses on recent live acquisitions that I’m excited to share with you.



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In The Flesh: Pink Floyd
This Year’s Kisses: Billie Holiday + Lester Young
Buckets of Rain: Bob Dylan

Stormy Monday: Allman Brothers
I Don’t Want to Talk About It: Delaney, Bonnie and Friends

Interview with Julie Anderson and Ethel Merman of Altered Barbie

Barbie Girl: Aqua
Million Dollar Babies/I Love the Dead/Million Dollar Babies: Alice Cooper (June 4, 1980 El Paso)

Stinkfoot: Frank Zappa and the Mother’s of Invention (November 9, 1974 Orpheum Theater, Boston, MA)
Into the Groovy: Sonic Youth

You Know You Know: Mahavishnu Orchestra (April 21, 1972 Music Hall, Cleveland, OH)

Lusitanos: Weather Report (May 4, 1975 Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley, CA)Dancing in the Streets: Grateful Dead (January 3, 1970 Fillmore East, NYC)

This here is the very first Barbie commercial from 1959. It’s also the very first mass marketed toy to kids. Check it out, and thanks to Ethel Merman for sharing this with us on the show.

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A Season in Hell #60: Radio Valencia: Altered Barbie Strikes Again!!!

October 24, 2011
6:54 pm

Julie Anderson of Altered Barbie was in the studio tonight talking about the 9th annual exhibition, which begins this week at 50 Shotwell. I MCd this event a couple of times, and it’s so amazing to see what people do with their Barbie dolls once they’ve grown out of playing with them.

Julie brought the Jenny Kerr band with her to play a few tunes. They’ll be playing the opening night reception on Friday night. I really encourage you to take a listen to the podcast of this show, and then head on over there on Friday night. You’ll love ’em.

Some new music tonight from Tom Waits and Bonny Prince Billy, and some americana from Dave Alvin, Jimmy Dale Gilmore and more.


It’s Hard to be Humble: Mac Davis
Indian Summer: The Doors
Raised Right Men: Tom Waits

We Are Unhappy: Bonny Prince Billy

Interview with Julie Anderson of Altered Barbie

It’s Up To You (Television Mix): Steinski

Jenny Kerr Band live in studio (They played three amazing tunes)

Tonight I Think I’m Gonna Go Downtown: Jimmie Dale Gilmore
Waltz Across Texas Tonight: Emmylou Harris
What Am I Worth (Duet With Syd Straw): Dave Alvin
Revolution Blues: Neil Young

Lookin’ for a Kiss: NY Dolls
Total Eclipse out of Hell: Enrique
Rise: PIL
I Love You Peggy: Butthole Surfers

A More Perfect Union: Titus Andronicus
Feelin’ Alright: Grand Funk Railroad
Concrete Jungle: David ‘Fathead’ Newman

Everbody Loves Somebody: Dean Martin

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