A Centrist Lefist way of Sudanese Wisdom w/ DJ Paulitics on your Audio Atlas!

February 22, 3am

It was a moment in time when 23,90 Kazakh Hindu’s crossed over into a world realm of subjection…. I didn’t even agree back then, but I told everybody that the greatest and latest Baike Funk, Reggae, and Funk were going to enjoy everything… Seven Freaks knew how to enjoy Mombassa Kenya…..


  1. Decca by Talvin Singh
  2. Basket of Fruit/Pumkinattack on mommy and daddy by Xiu Xiu
  3. Ma Waadtik bi Njoum el Leil by Wael Kfoury
  4. Saayad by Mohommed Mounir
  5. Inner Monolougue by Panda Bear
  6. Empire Ants by (feat. Little Dragon) by Gorillaz
  7. Off Deez/151 Rum by JID & J. Cole
  8. PGP by Booba
  9. Separar by PLK
  10. Oga by Yemi Alade
  11. Drinx Na Mayeaux by Decimal Records
  12. Mete com Gorca by MC Nick
  13. Me Desculpa by eu Pensai by MC Marcelly
  14. Sexto na Treta by KR3
  15. Disputa pra Qual Mais Kika by DJ Guuga
  16. Ressacado by Mitico DJ
  17. Com Force e Machuca by MC Braganca
  18. Ola em Casa by NGKS
  19. Centre of the Storm by Roni Size & Zach de la Rocha
  20. Ya Ya by Lee Dorsey
  21. You made me love you by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
  22. Impeach the President by The Honey Drippers
  23. Bustin out on Funk by Rick James
  24. Head by Prince
  25. Love like this by J. Boog
  26. Can’t get over by I-Octane
  27. That Girl by Jah Cure
  28. Missing you by Signal
  29. Time by Benjy Myaz
  30. Dry Cry by Sizzla
  31. Sweep over my Soul by Luciano
  32. War by Linton Kwesi Johnson


Latvian-Surinamese Struggles in Outer Mauritania w/ DJ Paulitics on your Audio Atlas!

February 8, 2am

We’re giving you musical harassment on your journey to the inner regions of self-pride…. We’re harassing you musically on the corners of your heart and on the colors of your feet…. Why would we do this, you ask? It’s something to do with the perception of my attitude towards feline snow…. We went with Harold Kingmon and his crucible of marriage on an odyssey through Latvia, Suriname, and Mauritania finding glimmers of hope along the way in the only way we knew how… Flowers and Ketchup.


  1. They are afraid of her by Kalmen Duran
  2. Detournement/Tarnung by Deerhunter
  3. Tonada de Luna Llena by Simon Diaz
  4. Polonaise by Zonnebloem
  5. Sabakoe Melody/tu lumji by Sabakoe
  6. Paty on by Dushi Band
  7. Puses by Ansis, Oriole, Eliots
  8. Blonda by Arturs Skutelis
  9. Throne by Koffee
  10. Second Chance by Lila Ika
  11. All that I’m Asking by Queen Ifrica
  12. Homeless by Sizzla
  13. Short Term by Lavaman
  14. Moribiyassa by Kaba Blon
  15. Zara Zarakoy by Mammane Sanni
  16. Dignetignena by Luka Productions
  17. Abande by Yeli Fuzzo
  18. Guetna by Nejib Ould Nagainich
  19. Taltoutine by Mdou Moctar
  20. I Love your Smlle by Shanice
  21. Undecided by Chris Brown
  22. All she wants is by Duran Duran
  23. Everything she wants by Wham!
  24. Outstanding by Gap Band
  25. You Know my Name by The Beatles
  26. Happy Feelings by Maze
  27. Paquito Libre by Volcano Radar

DJ Paulitics welcomes back Ry’n James on Audio Atlas Sound-System!

February 1, 2am

We Welcome back singer and recording artist Ry’n James for a chat live from the studios of Radio Valencia on Audio Atlas Sound-system with DJ Paulitics…. We talk about life, love, music, and getting lost in the moment of spatial congruity and truth… Check out the latest single “Heartcrook” on all platforms this Valentine’s Day… Keep ya heart in your chest but let it out to play!!! We’re going to the soulful side of the Sound-System…. Hear about it and tweet a friend! Life and music is a gamble and I’m so glad we’re winning! Let’s go throw a frisbee! On to the Bow Bow Lounge!!! What’s his favorite dinosaur and what is his perfect day?…. Find and then tweet your enemy….  [podcast]30403[/podcast]

1. When Somebody loves somebody by Fabio 
2. Funny how time flies (when you’re having fun) by Janet Jackson 
3. Nite and Day by Al B. Sure 
4. Make it last forever by Keith Sweat & Jacci Mghee 
5. Nitelife by Ry’n James 
6. Lost by Frank Ocean 
7. Carried Away by H.E.R. 
8. Hollywood by Ry’n James 
9. Never Too Much by Teddy Pendergrass 
10. Butterflies by Michael Jackson 
11. So far to go by J Dilla, D’Angelo, Common 
12. Complex Simplicity by Teedra Moses 
13. Deep End by BenjiFlow 
14. You & I by Logan RnB 
15. Ah Yeah by Robert Glasper Experience 
16. Is it Love? by Thundercat 
17. Heartcrook by Ry’n James 
18. Hangin’ on a String by Loose Ends

DJ Paulitcs is Grimstone Charlie on your Audio Atlas Sound-System!

January 18, 1am

How can you not fly when the sky is there for the taking?… How could you not fly?.. Lorena in the tree tells us that we need to superglue our minds with our thoughts…. A vision of international truth will lift us up to a consequential notion of Kazakh Trap, Beefaroni, and the Riddim Mix with some of your early-2000’s Hardcore Dancehall favorites… Ah, Credito o Debito?… That’s what they used to say at the Botego in Rio de Janiero… I noticed, Panty Pie!

  1. A Ceremony (For Arax) by Lara Sarkissian
  2. Pepino the Italian Mouse by Lou Monte
  3. Fly Little Bird Fly by Marquis Hill
  4. Yazimi Kisa Cevirdin (Leylam) by Koray Avci
  5. Aqindarga (Dedicated to the Aqin), tol’g aw by Berik Zusipov
  6. Batir Bayan (Epic Scene) by Bekbolat Tilewkhanov
  7. Ha BOKAN by Yofu
  8. EaP “2 Recoyxn” by Jillzay, Magg ’98
  9. Yenobek Nhtephete by Xackn
  10. I AM by OBLADET
  11. Joe Pesci by 104, Truwer, Lil Freezer
  12. Hatypanct by Loqiemean
  13. Nuh Weh Nuh Safe by Busy Signal & Bounty Killer
  14. Know you good by Busy Signal
  15. Ketch up an Peppa by Chris Martin
  16. Set it up by Konshens
  17. Benz Punnany by Vybz Kartel
  18. Poco Whine by Vybz Kartel
  19. Magician by Shaneo
  20. Beat me Congo by Shenseea
  21. Can’t Breathe by Tanya Stephans
  22. Pretty Please by Shabba Ranks
  23. Satan Strong by Professor Nuts
  24. Middle Finger by Cham
  25. Nuh Play Chess by Madd Anju
  26. Bun Him by Macka Diamond
  27. Ghetto Red Hot by Super Cat
  28. Suave by El Alfa
  29. Rapidito by Bulin 47
  30. Tumbala by Chimbala
  31. Boys Kasa by R2Bees, Humble Dis
  32. Ad Nidya by Oumou Sangare


The Fun Side of the Border with DJ Paulitics on your Audio Atlas!

January 9, 9pm

We were joined by Marcelo Santos of Polar Jungle for a discussion on new Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and the “national emergency” on the U.S.-Mexico border…. And then we go down to the frontier for the sounds that will make you lift up your Corona and Tequila in celebration of the Mexicans who have changed our life forever… Don’t let the devil laying on the green grass fool you! Improvise around your corner of wonderful hypnotism!

  1. Man from the Audience by Arkestra One
  2. I only have eyes for you by Oneohtrix Point Never
  3. Getting better by Wildflower
  4. Within you without you by Onyx Collective
  5. Tourist Point of View by Anthony Brown’s Asian American Orchestra
  6. Me gustas mucho by Rocio Durcal
  7. Tres Delinquentes by Delinquent Habits
  8. Que onda guero by Beck
  9. Polaris by Nortec Collective
  10. El Camaron by Clorofila
  11. Magic Carpet Ride by Mighty Dub Katz
  12. Vengan Todos by Banda Guanajuatense
  13. La Nina fresa by Banda Zeta
  14. A Mover la Colita by Wilfredo Vargas
  15. Vengan Todos Vengan by Universo Tropical
  16. Vengan Todos a Bailar el Son
  17. 101 FM by Lil Sims
  18. October Baby MIKE
  19. Rottweiler by MIKE
  20. Out of Time by Blur
    19, 6 Underground by Sneaker Pimps
  21. You’re not Alone by Olive
  22. Impeach the President by the Honey Drippers
  23. Mr. Boombastic by Shaggy
  24. Borderline by Israel Vibrations
  25. Open the Doors by Richie Spice
  26. That Girl by Jah Cure
  27. I’m Alive/Try by Beres Hammond


Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez in the Hungarian New Year on your Audio Atlas with DJ Paulitics!

January 4, 1am

Obstacles to overcome on the road of life presents the true production of the Minister of Truth! Reserve yourself as I fall in love with Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez on a New Years journey on the Danube on a raft made of hefty tiles….. It’s part your life as you flow… Get soul-soul from Palestine!… Get good on that ocean of heartbreak.



1. New Years E-vil by Easy-E
2. The Burger Dance by DJ Otzi
3. Il Croccdrillo Cmoe Fai? by Elisa Mutto
4. For Auld Lang Sang by The Platters
5. El Ano Nuevo by Grupo Poder
6. Sabes Magyaros (Quick Magyar by Anynomous
7. Allatos Enekek (Aninmal Songs) by Katalin Svora
8. Gammapolis I by Omega
9. Little Richard by Illes-Ensemble
10. Ezm majdnem szerelem volt by Peter Mate
11. A varos kozepen by Koncz Zsuzsa
12. Idian Nyar by Kati Kovacs
13. Topis Blues: Topis Blues by Beatrice
14. Egy Iany kene nekem by A.E. Biottsag
15. Nem en Vagyok Adonisz by Darvas Bened
16. Romoji meg! by Europa Kiado
17. Bitch Golden Sound by Freshabrik
18. Eat my Brains by Suoperbutt
19. Hogy is van ez? by Sub Bass Monster
20. Diszko Dikyador by Belga
21. Budepesmode by Alkkezdet Phiai
22. Kitalalatal by Vad Fruitk
23. Vale Jo by Suhancos
24. It’s me again Jah by Luciano
25. Splashing Dashing by Garnett Silk
26. Tease Me by Chaka Demus & Pliers
27. Under the Sycamore Tree by Lady Saw
28. Little more time by Buju Banton & Beres Hammond
29. Part of Life by Busy Signal
30. All that I’m asking by Queen Ifrica
31. Sitya Loss by Eddy Kenzo
32. Batwaanis Beek by Warda

Christmas Ketchup and the way of life W/ DJ Paulitics on your Audio Atlas!

December 20, 2am


Hello, Everyone who still care about his/her ex, I never ever believed in spell until i met a man called Prophet Alafia, who helped me cast a spell that brought back my ex-lover who left 💔 me for another man, His spells works beyond my imaginations and today, I am happily married with two kids and me and my [ex-lover] now wife are very happy more than ever before, what more can i say rather than to say thank you Prophet Alafia for been there for me, contact him today and your life will never ever remain the same Email: Prophetalafia@gmail .com



1. It’s a Wonderful Life/Aphex Twin remix by DJ Paulitics
2. Dominic the Donkey by Lou Monte
3. Merry Christmas by Wesley Willis
4. Winter Wonderland by Hilario Duran
5. Rodolfo el Reno de la Nariz Roja
6. Blanca Navidad by Diana Reyes
7. O Holy Night by Dwight Pinkney
8. Dancehall Christmas by Dennis Alcopone
8. Christmas Sylee by Johnny Osbourne
9. Reggae Christmas by Shinehead
10. Christmas in the Air by Sanchez
11. Take my Love by Bitty Mclean
12. Nah give up by Jimmy Reid
13. Get Geeked by Ski Mask the Slump God
14. Pop out by Lil Yachty
15. Demon by Lil Wayne
16. The Light by T.I.
17. Far Beyond by Del the Funky Homo Sapien
18. Red water by Earl Sweatshirt
19. Call me in the Morning by The Streets
20. So High by Sidhu Moose
21. Punjabi Snoop Dogg
22. Batwanis Beek by Warda
23. Aquaq Taqba by George Wassouff
24. La la by Najwa Karam
25. Mofooye by Oumou Sangare
26. Agolo by Angelique Kidjo
27. Dabke

Danish Party Mode Territory w/ My Snacker’s Crew On your Audio Atlas w/ DJ Paulitics!

December 15, 1am


We are all capable of returning to that humble place of the Spanish priesthood where we served blackthorns to Pre-bots (Those are robots that aren’t fully robots yet but undergoing a process of “Dester”)…. Unhappy thoughts don’t return to us as we journey off to Copenhagen for beautiful memories of summer love affairs at that vegetarian restaurant at the Science and Cocktails Foundation… We are celebrating thanks to you! 🙌🏻💗🙌🏻




1. Hvem har du kysseti dingadedor by Daimi og Dirch
2. Nudist Polka by Erik Paaske
3. Putte, Putte by Teddy Edelmann
4. Pyjamas For To by Tommy Seebacch
5. Luna by Alberte Winding
6. Det’ Lige Det by Kirsten Og Soren
7. Ta’ Med by Rusted
8. Strip Tease by Kenneth Knudsen
9. Lad Os Flyve Til En Stjerne by To
10. Move your feet by Junior Senior
11. Hey you what’s that Sound? by Les Rythmes Digitales
12. It began in Africa by the Chemical Brothers
13. Naive Song by Morwais
14. Star 69 by Fatboy Slim
15. Under the Influence by the Chemical Brothers
\16. Instant Crush by Faft Punk & Instant Casablancas
17. Believe by GusGus
18. Strict Machine by Goldfrapp
19. Lock Off Anthem by Gabriel
20. Jump and Shout by Basement Jaxx
21. Dundaing by King Kaka
22. She be Some Way by Guru, Sardokie
23. Banzelo by Os’ Banah
24. Banomoya by Prince Kaybee
25. Angola by Jah Bouks
26. Under African Skies by Luciano
27. O Girl by Winston Ready
28. Real Thing by Bitty Mclean
29. Before I Leave by jah Cure
30. Caress me by Romain Virgo

Hanukahh in Angola with my Igloo Crew W/ DJ Paulitics on your Audio Atlas-Soundsystem!

December 5, 10pm

I give all you real live empty gorilla vampires permission to look at my face hear my words…. In another twist of turnship, we gathered around for the Inuit Rap, Angolan Kuduro, and a Hanukahh goift from little Jeffrey Myers of Pocatello Idaho, who succeeded in teaching us the truth about figurative junctures in our well-being. So, hop on the serment bus of head honcho’s and give thanks and praise to the almighty riddim… Do you remember what happened right now between Mariana and nachito? The Queen Returns. Ready?



1. Hunukkah (Halloween) by Ferschlugger
2. Sapannga Sujunukua by Beatrice Deer
3. Mosquito by Nukariik
4. Qimiriruluapik
5. Oqaluttuassanga by Uyarkq, Tarrak
6. Red Water by Earl Sweatshirt
7. The Bends by Earlsweatshirt
8. Veins by Earl Sweatshirt
9. Playing Possum by Earl Sweatshirt
10. Meda Dawit Alemayehu
11. Lefo Lefo by Dagne Walle
12. In my House by Little Dragon
13. Net So by Sally by Sally Boss Madam
14. Dundaing by King Kaka
15. She be some way by Guru, Sardokie
16. Banzelo by Os’Banah
17. Banomoya by Prince Kaybee
18. Frique Frique by Helder Rei Do Kuduro
19. Hoo Hoo Ha Ha by Orital
20. Later Bitches by The Prince Karma
21. Heivenu Shalom Aleicheim by Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins
22. Hava Nagila-Jewish Accordion Music
23. Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel by Rob Cantor
24. Dreidel by the Goldstein Family
25. Chinese Dreidel by MC White Owl
26. The Hanukkah Song by Too $hort
27. Make me Feel (Can’t keep my cool)
28. Riding for you by Ce’Cile
29. Romantic Mood by Spice
30. Stay so by Busy Signal
31. Infrared by Masicka & Vybz Kartel
32. Pretty Little Angel by Simpleton
33. Pretty Please by Shabba Ranks
34. I’m Alive by Beres Hammond
35. Expensive Tears by Jah Lil

Mauritians dine with us on the Riddim Tack w/ DJ Pauliitcs!

November 25, 1am

DJ Paulitics, Mogadishu Mike, and the Ancient Whore take a journey to
Mauritian quarters and throw a falafel into our gardens as we talk to Marcelo of Polar Jungle and then are joined later by Flowery Joe, Van Dre, the Precious One, Man-about-town Andrew of peaceful sins, and famously cynic film critic, Martin Madden…. A pray for you and a pray for me!

The devil left an indelible mark last season. Relive your best moments here.



1. Bate Soulard by Rolo & Mamie
2. Tialani Tialani by Daniella Residu
3. Destin l’amour by Alain Ramanisum
4. Toi Maurice by Ketty Martin
5. Le Morne by Cassiya\
6. Ti Guine ti Guine by Manuel Brege
7. Roi to Lecker by Didier Clarel
8. Premier Zouk by Gary Victor
9. Fors Vital by Blakkayo
10. Se toi mo mama by Sandra Mayotte
11. Rhum Charrette by Luana Panain
12. Fiesta by Gerard Louis
13. Nuh Linga by Elephant Man
14. Ting a Ling by Shabba Ranks
15. Number #2 by Terror Fabulous
16. Murderer by Buju Banton
17. Royal Night by Busy Signal
18. Complaint by Garnett Silk and Buju Banton
19. It’s Growing by Garnett Silk
20. Whine up by RDX
21. Who am I by Beenie Man
22. Heads High by Mr. Vegas
23. Tight up Skirt by Red Rat
24. Fever by WizKid
25. Shine Eye Girl by Barrington Levy
26. Limb by Limb by Cutty Ranks (DJ SS Remix)
27. Always be There by Basement Jaxx
28. Original Nutter by UK Apache & Shy-fx