Chadian festivities on Shrimp Hamilton’s Tropical Bar w/ DJ Paulitics on your Audio Atlas!

June 5, 9pm

The re-bubbling process has begun… So, can’t a bee sting a man who calls out to his Tasmanian hopes?… Tender love and care makes your spirit grow to the outer heights of wishful strategies…. Knock knock, I come, you damn deer-duck!…. All I want is my empress to come along… Show me hope… Show me beans! Warm music when my music plays say all the true spirits… You love by love itself!


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  1. Daydreamin’ by MC Solaar
  2. Lehna by Melaaz
  3. Ah Ya Em Hamada by Apo Mahserijdi
  4. Aute Cuture by Rosalia
  5. Loca (Dead Stare Remix) by Banana Sound Cartel
    6.Ya no qiuero Volver contigo by Agrupacion
  6. Te Olividare by Generacion Juzenil
  7. No quiero ser tu Amante by Los Chiches Vallenatos
  8. I didn’t know what time it was by Giacomo Gates
  9. Run Away by Gyptian
  10. No Problem by Busy Signal
  11. Walk with love by Randy Valentine
  12. Good good loving by Frankie Paul
  13. Retreat2018/Weed & Rum/Delete by Chase & Status
  14. Hungboo by Peggy Gou
  15. Habanera by Shield/Robytek
  16. Work it by Marie Davidson
  17. La La Land by Green Velvet
  18. Take me to your leader by Walker & Royce
  19. Flylife by Basement Jaxx
  20. Sincere by MJ Cole
  21. All I want by Mis-teeq
  22. Girls like this by B15
  23. We’ve got to try by The Chemical Brothers
    25.Everybody needs a carnival by Fatboy Slim

Spiking the Koi Pond in Djbouti w/ DJ Paulitics on your Audio Atlas!

June 2, 12am

Maria dances to the sway of the Croatian beat as she savors her delicate Panamanian oysters… We also learn how Gregory Thomas of Southhall, U.K. got involved with a spitting kangaroo in the midst of his own mental civil war…. We explore the possibilities that fish can be mentally ill and why strawberry shortcake evokes the sugary dreams of our giddy past… Run up the hillside of love, hate-killer! [podcast]30843[/podcast]

Hopefeul Hornets in the Mashed Potato Mix on your Audio Atlas w/ Paulitics!

May 18, 1am

Help me celebrate “there’s no health in violence” week at the Southern Cathedral of Great Culture …You know when to be fruitful with your harmony and your heart….Negativity is not en vogue says the conglomerate of peaceful journeys… Don’t associate with unscrupulous people… Go on that river of change… RIddims, Baile Funk, French-Electro, Latina Fuega, and Zouk and your Horse Music of Simply Seth’s Direction….. We’re DJIng for the Frangelico-heads…I won’t take it easy.. You won’t get away tonight?

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Track-listing for Ural Mountains:

2. Take my heart love restart by Bitty Mclean
3. For the love of you by John Holt
4. Lead me by Gregory Issacs
5. Royal Night by Busy Signal
6. Every tonge shall tell by Shuga & Lone Ranger
7. Lots of signs by Bulby York feat. Christopher Martin
8. Can’t Stop Try by Chuck Fenda
9. Tek a Set by Burro Banton
10. Git wid yu Husband by Buccaneer
11. Tin a Ling by Shabba Ranks
12. Heads High by Mr. Vegas
13. Stay so by Busy Signal
14. Here come trouble by Chronixx
15. Piao de Lancha by DJ Guuga
16. Festa na Baru by Velasca Popozuda
17. Calcinha e Sutia by MC Brisola
18. Que Sera Sera by Doris Day
19. Tout le Machines ont un Ceoar by Maelle
20. Lanka Lanka by Sunil Shantha
21. Nunca es Suficiente by Los Anglese Azules feat. Natalia Lafourcade
22. Te Aprovechas by Grupo Limite 
23. Adios Amor by Chrtstian Nodal 
24. Siempere Sere by Tito Rojas
25. Te va adoler by Maelo Ruiz
26. Si no la Tengo by Diablos Locos
27. Ella es by Tony Vega
28. Heart to Heart by Mac DeMarco
29. Ensemble by Milca
30. Tonton du Bled by 113
31. Wonderbra by Mc Solaar
32. Mr. Loverman by Shabba Ranks [podcast]30801[/podcast]

Making Love with the Bolivian Clown Riddim Master W/ DJ Paulitics on your Audio Atlas!

May 11, 2am

You’ll feel the embers of burning sunlight and the tantalizing crevices of the fingertip which caress your ice cold beer on a rainy and humid day in the Andaman Islands…. Thomas Rectal Yuri Hoss once told me about the Cumbia inherency that we possess, but never knew… Join DJ Paulitics, Mogadishu Mike, the Anciaent Whore, and the Two-legged Man for a two-hour specail forces experience… You’ll be glad you ate the strawberry candy.

Tune into Audio Atlas Sound-system with DJ Paulitics every Tuesday night from 10pm-12am on or on your tune-in app….

Track-listing for kissing the world away:

  1. Good Life/Lost my Sonia by Cocoa Tea
  2. The Struggle Discontinues by Damian Marley
  3. General by Christopher Martin
  4. As long as I live by Romain Virgo
  5. Great Men by Busy Signal
  6. Sweet Khalessi by Chris Martin
  7. Can’t get over by I-Octane
  8. Designer by khalifa
  9. Vuela Mariposa by America Pop
  10. Mujer Hermosa by Cumbia Latin Band
  11. Piama by Trio Oriental
  12. El Perdedor by Tambo Tambo
  13. Sambos de Corazon by Proyeccion
  14. Manya by Mut4y, Wizkid
  15. Mahke by DJ Maphorisa (feat. Moonchild Sanelly)
  16. Deniere Chance by Inoss’B
  17. Oga by Yemi Alade
  18. Show me by Martinfeelz
  19. Twilight by Anderson.Paak
  20. World Machine by Level 42
  21. Absolute by Scritti Politti
  22. Send me an Angel by The Scorpions
  23. Send me an Angel by Real Life
  24. Part Time Lover by Stevie Wonder
  25. Whats love got to do with it by Tina Turner
  26. What a Feeling by Irene Cara
  27. Melanin by Afro B
  28. Agolo by Angelique Kidjo
  29. Rough Life by Shabba Ranks
  30. Take it Easy my Mad Lion [podcast]30765[/podcast]


Playing my LPs for the Kids and Adults of Cultural Appreciation w/ DJ Paulitics!

April 18, 1am

This program features DJ Paulitics playing some LPs that he has collected from all over the world that we know… Someday, I will find and play the music from our unknown world…. Where would that be?… Never-mind the promise of anything until you hear some fine ditties of yesteryear as well as Algerian-French Hip-Hop… Go climb the tower of truth… It’s okay…We we’re only waiting on you!


  1. Bells of Notre Dame, Paris
  2. Bells of Notre Dame by Mysticeti
  3. Notre Dame by Edif Piaf
  4. Gotta eat your Spinach, Baby by Shirley Temple
  5. Lato by Hawkwind
  6. Hora De Chorar by Beth Carvalho
  7. Can’t stop a man by Beres Hammond
  8. No night in zion by Luciano
  9. Oh father I love thee by Luciano
  10. On a Mission by Bushman& I Lue
  11. Can I be the only one? by Limmy Paul
  12. Sweet Lies by Beres Hammond
  13. Never Give it up by Gimmy Reily
  14. Baby let’s do it by Mad Cobra & A.R.P
  15. Sweet Lies by Beres Hammond
  16. Why do Girls by Born Jamericans
  17. Josephine by Supercat
  18. Lately I’ve been Thinking by Sizzla
  19. Bola Rebola by Tropkillaz &J. Balvin
  20. Gravity Drops/We’ve got to try by The Chemical Brothers
  21. Ketabali (mixed) by Group A
  22. Derniere Chance by Innoss’B
  23. Tonton du Bled by 113
  24. Get Dressed by George Clinton
  25. Walking in Rhythm by The Blackbyrds
  26. No Fish Today by Kid Creole And The Coconuts
  27. Nasty Girl by Vanity 6
  28. Love Come Down by Evelyn King
  29. All night long by Mary Jane Girls
  30. What a Man by Salt n’ Pepa
  31. Queen of the Pack by Patra
  32. Shy Guy by Diana King
  33. Shine-eye girl by Shabba Ranks & Mykal Rose

Romanian Night at the Copacabana Khartoum w/ DJ Paulitics on your Audio Atlas!

April 12, 8am

On an expedition through the mean streets of Cluj, Romania, DJ Paulitics, Mogadishu Mike, and the Riot Gringo rediscover their purpose…. Which, in reality, is troubled and frazzled expressions of love garnered by the lonely hearbreak of promise… It serves to remind you that the latest and rudest of Afrobeat coupled with revolutionary interpretations of time tunnels is where our malodorous carnival of indecipherable thrashings glide into eternity…… Clap it, William!!!


  1. From Promise to Promise/Lonesome Cities by Frank Sinatra
  2. Travelin’ Man by Rickey Nelson
  3. Running Bear by Johnny Preston
  4. The Strain by Blockheads
  5. “Sparkle” GOD HELP ME/Paradise by Nilufer Yanya
  6. Wild Time by Weyes Blood
  7. I’ll be back aka You’ll never know by Errol Dunkley
  8. Nah Stress by Romain Virgo
  9. Five Days by Tarrus Riley feat. Big Youth & Mr. Cheeks
  10. Designer by Khalia
  11. Wash it by Victoria Kimani & Sarkodie
  12. Baby by Joeboy
  13. Niagara by J-Rio
  14. Frumoasa-I Lunca Cu Flori by Floarea Tanasescu
  15. Dobrogeana by Nicolae Sulac
  16. Mai o Vista De-as trai by Stana Izbasa
  17. Pe deal la Vissoreanu by Ileana Sararoiu
  18. Taraf by Shukar Collective
  19. Dictala by Sandu Ciorba
  20. Nevasta Mean by Puisor de la Media’s
  21. Barosanca by Bodgan de la Cluj
  22. Vrajitori by Connect-R, Elianne
  23. Turbofin/Una by Grasu XXL
  24. Bedtime/Crawlspace by Billy Woods
  25. The one you love by Glenn Frey
  26. Til Tomorrow by Marvin Gaye
  27. Don’t say goodbye by Isley Brothers
  28. Do for love by Bobby Caldwell
  29. Love’s Train by Confunksion
  30. Call my name by Prince

Inter-Robotic Subject’s in a Prehistoric Semi-Future on your Audio Atlas W/ Paulitcs

March 22, 1am

A time traveler from the year 4098 sends us a pre-recorded special message about what is in the Mueller report and then we talk to DJ Marcelindo about Boeing’s latest woe’s, Owl’s, Time Travel, and Alien’s…. And then a black rodent’s rut sort of dissolves into a wolf brain of immediate hearts!…. You’ll have to stay with it to find another realm within yourself…. Milkshake eyes & Sweet Kisses… Pull it up deh!!! [podcast]30588[/podcast]

A Preview of what Happens in Grenada in 2034 W/ Paulitics tonight on your Audio Atlas!

March 19, 7pm

Tune into Audio Atlas Sound-System with DJ Paulitics tonight from 10pm-12am or on your tune-in app… It’s a mighty and far-reaching expedition into the realms of unvarnished musical truth… Whether it be drinking Midori Sour’s with Senegalese Mormons in Japan or enjoying a Fondue with the Swiss in Guatemala, we’re here to provide a vision of the world for you…. Tonight, we explore Time Travel, Haka, Doo-Wop, Afro-beat, and loads of outlandish oddities from Tugboat Jones’ BBQ of Beats… We’ve also got the latest from Lil Simz!!!! You’re going to want to hear it for the sake if your fervor 

The Geography of Space W/ DJ Paulitics on your Audio Atlas Sound-System!

March 15, 2am

I am very proud of this episode because for the frst time, we leave the Earth and explore the wonders of other planets and the universe of deepness into a space of hope and peace that we all learned about in our trials…. We have a brief chat with DJ Marcelindo of Polar Jungle Radio about other-worldly entities which self-style themselves as the most powerful semi-black angels…. Come have a Frangelico with me at the Space Bar ….Large up, Samantha who knows the deal….!!!!


  1. Pluto Intro by Marcus Haran
  2. Ligeti: Reqiuem II; Kyrie by Gyorgi Ligeti
  3. Evening by Moody Blues
  4. How does it make you feel? by Air
  5. Rocket Man by William Shatner
  6. High Roller by The Crystal Method
  7. Sun in my Mouth by Bjork
  8. Sun is Shining by Bob Marley
  9. A moment in the sun by Common
  10. Tokyo Sunrise by Tokyo Atmospheres
  11. Mercury: Retrrograde by Ghostmane
  12. Mercury by Laurel Halo
  13. Mercury by Lysak
  14. Venus by Frankie Avalon
  15. Venus by Born Jamericans
  16. Venus by Shocking Blue
  17. Venus in Furs by The Velvet Underground
  18. Earth Angel by The Penguins
  19. Europa by Santana
  20. Sail to the Moon by Radiohead
  21. Moonlight on the River by Mac Demarco
  22. Mars by Harry Gregson
  23. Saturn by Stevie Wonder
  24. Saturn by The Olympians
  25. Saturn Song by Beach House
  26. Saturnz Barz by Gorillaz feat. Popcaan
  27. Jupiter Love by Trey Songz
  28. Earth to Uranus by Microphone Terror
  29. Uranus by Neno Fernando
  30. Uranus by Fernando Espinosa
  31. Plutonian Nyborg by Toonorth
  32. Who you Foolin by Gunna

Carnival with Cyber-Burrito & Mafia Famoso W/ DJ Paulitics on your Audio Atlas!

March 8, 1am

It was a celebration of Mardis Gras, Brazilian, Colombian, and Trini Carnival all in one as we long for our tropical days and prepare to go back again in a flying whirl of misty webs…I would hope you would’nt mind a stopover on Holy Long Legs’ 600-foot yacht to work out some heart tensions you might aquire! Is it purposefully horrible for the sake of art?… Or is it roll-over credit….Hungarians chime in with stoppage.


  1. Eu sou o tempo by Wander Pires
  2. Quem nao viu Vai by Neguino da bija-flor
  3. Xango by Emerson Dias
  4. Water Blessings by Iwer George
  5. Dr, Mashup 2 by Michel Montano
  6. Trouble in the Morning by V’gn
  7. Hookin’ Meh by Farmer Nappy
  8. Party mi Love by Shal Marshall
  9. Fuel by Miko
  10. Badang! by Bunji Garlin
  11. Can’t Drunk Me by King Bubba
  12. One & Done by Alison Hinds
  13. Bigger dan dem by Chromoatics
  14. Seek and Find by MX Prime
  15. Savannah Grass by Kes
  16. Famalay by Skinny Fabulous
  17. Run wid it/ah doh care by Mr. Killa
  18. El Africando by Swing Tropical
  19. Condename a tu Amor by Tito Rojas
  20. Luis Enrique Volver A Ser Feliz by Luis Enrique
  21. Dir Rouhek Fi Blasti by Cheikh Mamidou
  22. And I love her by Desmend Foster
  23. All my loving by Prince Buster
  24. Sweep over my Soul by Luciano
  25. Brown Skin by Richie Spice
  26. That Girl by Jah Cure
  27. Give me a try by Sizzla
  28. Blancas Gaviotas by Chuy Vega
  29. Yo sin tu amor by Grupo Limite
  30. Venemo by Alicia Villareal
  31. Palomita de Alas Blancas by Beto y sus Canarios
  32. Olvidame Tu by Duelo
  33. Como te voy Olvidar by Los Angeles Azules