DJ Paulitics remembers the perfect friend and visits the witch doctor again!

May 20, 10pm

My downfall is my casual honesty, but it is also my biggest strength. On this episode of Audio Atlas Soundsystem, we get a little spacey and psychedelic before giving way to a tribute to Mr. Perfect with Macho Man Randy Savage… After we snap into that Slim Jim, we go into the Congolese forest yet again to find the witch doctor guided by our trusted pygmy guides and their polyphonic harmonies and hypnotic clapping. To find the witch doctor is not the easiest thing, but it’s easy to interpret what we found out (you’ll have to tune in for the answers)… Jam supernova in Kurdistan as well!!



Track-listing for your mijas and mijos:

1. Space Fantasy by Isao Tomita, Richard Strauss, Richard Wagner
2. Evening by The Moody Blues
3. How Does It Make You Feel by Air
4. Midnight In A Perfect World by DJ Shadow
5. Out of Time by Blur
6. Raga Megh – Raga Megh – Ektaal – Teentaal by Fateh Ali Khan, Nazir Ali Khan, Sajjad Ali
7. My Perfect Friend by Macho Man Randy Savage, Prymary Colorz
8. In the rainforest approaching a forest camp by Birds, crickets, and young Mbuti Pygmy boys in the Ituri Rainforest
9. Counting Song by Gbaya children
10. Dance for Rites of Passage: Bamara Ganza by Banda-Dakpa musicians
11. Séam ko mè (II) [I Love You] by Etienne ‘Doko, David Wai, Daniel Nga’dikè, Arone Singa, Etienne Ngbozo
12. Zoboko: Wango by Pygmées Aka
13. Mo-Sombo by Pygmees Mbenzele
14. Watermelon Man by Herbie Hancock
15. Leopards (Fimbu Na Fimbu) by Felix Wazekwa
16. Mista by Stino Mubi, Viva La Musica
17. Pablo Tumbajika by Simaro Lutumba
18. Yare Yare by Zîlan û Derman
19. Keça Delal by Şehriban
20. Diyarbekir by Hozan Cane
21. Mohebat by Anoushirvan Rohani, Ghasem Rasaa, Golpaa

Heavyweight bean parody! (ከባድ ክብደት!)

May 11, 11pm

Enjoy what you earn! Cherish the fact that you are a Heavyweight!… Special heavyweight’s mix to the max with Mogadushu Mike and Ancient Whore hitting their stride… Sounds like a good situation, right?…. Well, you’re wrong!… it’s a GREAT situation! Colors shine only when you can see them.. and sometimes not even at all. You’ll overcome it, country of fire!

Track-listing for your family:


1. Popular Song!
2. Enwan betna by Ali El Haggar
3. El Dini Doulab by Sabah
4. Iddamak Hallayn by Nawal Al Zoghbi
5. Lebi yu Zebges by Orion Salih
6. Asasitey by Tesfay Mengesha, Efrem Arefaine, Abera Beyene
7. Hyperreal by Flume, KUČKA
8.Don’t Know Why by Slowdive
9. Three Rings by Grizzly Bear
10. A Father’s Prayer by Mavado
11. Absolute Chaos by Sly & Robbie, Dartanyan Winston
12. Murderer – In Dub by Barrington Levy
13. Kingdom Rise & Fall – 12″ Mix by Wailing Souls
14. Cheer Up by Luciano
15. Every Other Nation by Burning Spear
16. Why by Mykal Rose
17. House Color by Snagga Puss
18. Finger Smith by Shaggy
19. Drugs Bad by Beenie Man
20. If A War by Bounty Killer
21. Destroy by Capleton
22. 2000 Began by Elephant Man
23. Earth A Run Red by Richie Spice
24. Tonada de Luna Llena by Natalia Lafourcade, Los Macorinos
25. Cinco Centavitos by Pedrito Otiniano
26. Como una Visión by Los Davalos




You want the best we got, plenty of it, and you want it now!!

April 29, 2am


I was in an old bollywood film this afternoon…… Ghandhi was leaning against the back of my car and I didn’t want to drive away, but I sensed that if I did, he was going to be ok….. I sped away and left behind a cloud of dust. Somewhere in there, the brittle man got up and thought nothing of it. Suddenly, a little Indian girl came running through the grass with something in her shirt. Was it a water bottle? She was running fast and hard away from the park and…..


…damn,… there is my phone



1. Señor Tiempo by Alberto Naranjo, el Trabuco, Carlos Sposito
2. Caramba by Soledad Bravo
3. Venezuela, During The Day, In The Forest 3 by Venezuela, During The Day, In The Forest
4. enezuela Querida by El Indio Araucano
5. o Amo a Venezuela by Rudy La Scala
6. La Picura Y El Picure (feat. Francisco Pacheco y Ismael Querales) by Vidal Colmenares, Ismael Querales, Francisco Pacheco
7. Nord Du Vénézuéla, De Jour, En Forêt Équatoriale by Nord Du Vénézuéla, De Jour, En Forêt Équatoriale
8. Sweetheart From Venezuela by Harry Belafonte
9 Venezuela esta candela by Mestiza, Neblinna
10. Dice Of Life – The Battle by Andre Nickatina
11. onzième commandement by MC Solaar
12. Fire by Ruffexx Soundsystem
13. Yardcorore by Born Jamericans
14. Buss di Ting by Kalado
15. Flow Control by Demarco
16. Rude Gyal by Shenseea
17. Send Out a Different Gyal by Razor B
18. Love me by Chris Martin
19. Raggy Road by Capleton
20. Da, Da, Da (Tsismis) by Yoyoy Villame
21. Mr. Robot-Bot by Yoyoy Villame
22. Spageti by Playmates
23. Simple by Super Junior
24. ubble Pop! by Hyuna
25. Bubble Pop! by Hyuna
26. uper Scooter Happy by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
27.Porno 3003 by Pizzicato Five
28. Porno 3003 by Pizzicato Five
29. El Touchy by Luie Luie
30. g Geegalo by Schmuel
…. and more secrect…if you stay tuned…..

Grab the Crab on the corner of Joyousness and Despair with DJ Paulitics!

April 19, 8pm

Sometimes you get behind the mic and play sounds and hope it goes someplace… in this instance, we had a congruent display of Latin Indie, Rootsy Raggamuffin, Carioca Funk, Hip-hop, Soul, Samba, and musical Albinism…  We start slow but hit the frenzied equinox….I’m the chap with the pina colada-flavored cigarette who helps you get into the flow. Why don’t you join me up the river in your blazing slow boat?! DJ Paulitics, Mogadishu Mike, and Ancient Whore have got your places and bases covered!


1. Namory by Salif Keita, Les Ambassadeurs
2. Gambia by Sona Jobarteh
3. Rocío de Todos los Campos by Natalia Lafourcade, Los Macorinos
4. Las Flores by LOCO TRANQUILO
5. Wild Safari by Barrabas
6. Carnival – From “Havana Meets Kingston” by Mista Savona, Havana Meets Kingston, Solis, Randy Valentine
7. Revolutionist by Gyptian
8. Ask You Self by Jah Vinci
9. Devalue by Bugle
10. Easy by Jah Cure
11. Best Nana by King Ko$a, Konshens, Shenseea
12. Waist Line by QQ, Salty
13. First Time by M1 aka Menace
14. 6.3 Riddim – Instrumental by Nine Mind, Lenkey
15. Joga o Bum Bum Tamtam by MC Fioti
16. Vai Embrazando by Mc Zaac, MC Vigary
17. Oh bah oui by Lacrim, Booba
18. Qual Bumbum Mais Bate, Qual Bumbum Mais Pula by MC WM, Os Cretinos
19. Afro Trap Pt. 7 (La puissance) by MHD
20. Afro Trap Pt. 8 (Never) by MHD
21. Poets & Gangstas by Talib Kweli, Styles P
22. FEEL. by Kendrick Lamar
23. Stormy by O.C. Smith
24. Sunny by Boney M.
25. Memory by Com Truise
26. Don’t Cry by Little Dragon
27. Truth by Kamasi Washington
28. Pai by Grupo Revelação
29. My Dream by Nesbeth

DJ Paulitics recounts his story of Passover…

April 12, 7pm

Adventurer, Writer, and Radio Personality, DJ Paulitics aka Mogadadishu Mike aka DJ Ancient Whore tells the story of Passover… or more specifically, his own story of the Jewish holiday involving the Palestinian George Clooney, Being questioned for an hour by the Jordanian police, and riding across the desert with dread-locked Israeli hippies!!… We also have the latest from Natalia Lafourcade, Vybz Kartel, Freddie Gibbs, and the hypnotic Too Late Riddim (and much more!).. We’re loaded like a baked potato with bacon and sour cream… mmmm, baked potato….



1. Eliyahu Hanavi by David and the High Spirit
2. Chad Gadyo by Alberto Mizrahi
3. Dayenu by Klezmers
4. Ma Nishtana by Paul Zim
5. Echad Mi Yodea by Atzilut
6. Ma Nishtana by Zohar’s Nigun
7. Blessing over the Wine (Kiddush) by David and the High Spirit
8. Kiddush for Friday Evening by The Tesslers
9. Dayenu by Doda Mollie
10. Eliyahu Hanavi by Shlomo Carlebach
11. Ysrael Ysrael by Yehoram Gaon
12. אמרו לי by יהורם גאון
13. אהבת חיי by Haim Moshe
14. Kol Kore Li Bamidbar by Daklon, Sagiv Cohen
15. Qué He Sacado Con Quererte by Natalia Lafourcade, Los Macorinos
16. July by Tuxedo
17. Summer Girl by Jamiroquai
18. Dear Maria by Freddie Gibbs
19. Get Lost In Time by Yogi
20. Infrared by Vybz Kartel, Masicka
21. Mad over You by RunTown
22. Yere Faga – Natureboy Flako Version by Oumou Sangaré, Tony Allen, Flako
23. Easy by Jah Cure
24. Jah You Know by Lutan Fyah
25. Too Late Riddim (Dub) [feat. Dean Fraser] by Machete Records, Dean Fraser
26. Bad Days Dub by Scientist
27. King Tubby’s Explosion (Give Me Your Love) – Dub by King Tubby
28. White Rum by Sly & The Revolutionaries
29. Burial – Dub Version 2 by Peter Tosh
30. Lies by Sherwood & Pinch, Lee “Scratch” Perry
31. Coraje by Arca
32. Time by Real Estate
33. Nasci Pra Sonhar e Cantar by Dona Ivone Lara

We do the Cannoli Blitz! That’s where the day goes!… Roma take ova!! with DJ Paulitics!

March 30, 3pm

We’re celebrating my Etruscan heritage with those good salami math riddims!!!… We’re also taking an Alitalia flight to Pakistan and then visiting the volcanic sounds of Papua New Guinea.. We also have some of that good Vybz Kartel Kartel trap and some Satanic Tommy Lee Sparta!…. When you’re winning, it’s such a story!  Just think of what might happen if you even try….



1. “Posso Entrare?” by Articolo 31
2. “Pepino the Italian Mouse” by Lou Monte
3. “C’e la Luna in Mezza Mare” by Roberto Alagna
4. “Eh Cumopari” by Julius Larosa
5. “Finiculi, Finicula” by Canoli Dago
6. “A Casa di Irene” by Nico Fidenco
7. “Cuore Matto” by Little Tony
8. “Viva la Pappa Col Pomodoro” by Rita Pavone
9. “Kriminal Tango” by Marino Marini
10. “O Sarracino” by Renato Carosone
11. “Per Me Importante” by Tiromacino
12. “Bidduza” by Daniele de Martino
13. “Lady of Ice” by Fancy
14. “Boys” by Sabrina
15. “I am a Disco Dancer” by Christopher Just
16. “I am a Disco Dancer” by Vijay Benedict
17. “Tumba” by Sanam Marvi
18. “Mainu Yaar Di Namaaz Pad Lain Dey” by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
19. “Hamari Sanson Mein” by Noor Jehan
20. “Concerto for Sitar & Orchestra” Ravi Shankar
21. “Watikai lau nuk pau Atalaigu” by Eagle Voice Band
22. “Gossip” by Drop Sun Band
23. “Agap na Kete” by Anslom Nakikus
24. “Sipak Meri” by Molachs band
25. “A Pinpidik” by Kokorats Band
26. “Sports Day” by Busy Signal
27. “Pull up to Mi Bumper” by Konshens, J. Capri
28. “Psycho” by Tommy Lee Sparta
29. “Fix up” by Vybz Kartel

Fiery Mexican-Tech, Syrupy Soukouss, Alien Korean Trap, and more on your Audio Atlas!

March 23, 1pm

… You tune in to find out the things you can’t find out!…Your radio is watching you..and it thinks you’re hot! We got the latest from Sango, Real Estate, The Ukrainian Radiohead, Nasty Favela Funk, and Burmese blasts from the past… Plus the exclusive Hot Juk Riddim!!! Hey, Your salsa fisherman, Mogadishu Mike, the Paulitical Disc Jokey jockey has got you covered… Goes great with a Hot water on ice!


1. Polaris by Bostich
2. Tengo La Voz by Nortec Collective
3. La Chusa by El Dusty, Toy Selectah, Camilo Lara
4. La Culebritica by Los Tribaleros
5. Chupa Tu Paleta by Oro Solido
6. Kulikitaka Ti by Merengue Latin Band
7. Dema Ga Ge Gi Go Gu by El Alfa, Bad Bunny
8. Hula Hoop by Daddy Yankee
9. Alcohol (feat. Jay Park) by Sik-K, Jay Park
10. 우주 (SPACE) by Dbo
11. Ambiance sebene by Pepe Kalle
12. La Tigresa by Bustafa
13. Conte a Todos by Sango
14. Na Minha Vida Mando Eu by Tati Quebra Barraco
15. Bumbum Que Hipnotiza by Mulher Melancia
16. Magalenha by Sérgio Mendes
17. Up in Her Belly by Busy Signal
18. Show Me by Charly Black (Happy Juk Riddim)
19. Right Back by Konshens (Happy Juk Riddim)
20. Roll by QQ
21. Likes by Chronixx
22. Smile Jamaica by Chronixx
23. Эѱѱσкϯ λǝҁƭԋɥцѣi by вагоновожатые
24. Лучшее, что есть by Pianoбой
25. Time by Real Estate
26. Myint Mo Htet Myint Thaw Nay Yar by Ni Ni Win Shwe
27. Tha Nat Khar Parr Dot Pwe by Mar Mar Aye

The latest in Bollywood, Bhangra, Chuntney, Soca, and Riddms with your Audio Atlas!

March 16, 11pm

DJ Paulitics aka Mogadishu Mike aka Buffalo Schroeder takes you on a harmony groove-ride through the latest in Bollywood, Punjabi Bhangra, Trinidadian Chutney and Soca.. Plus the Satta Rebirth riddim!!… Exotic and Tropical sounds to get you geared-up for spring!!!!


1. Love My India by Hariharan, Kavita Krishnamurthy, Shankar Mahadevan, Aditya Narayan, Nadeem Shravan
2. Lattu by Akriti from the film “Jeena is ka Naam Hai”
3. Alvida by Arjiit Singh from the film “Rangoon 2”
4. Haa Kurvakeh by Jassi Sidhu, DJ K Square
5. Sach Te Supna by Amrit Maan, Gag Studioz
6. Naag by Jazzy B
7. Balama by Drupatee
8. Push It Back by Bass aka Trilo-G
9. Ana by Swappi
10. She Want to Come by SHORTPREE
11. Tun Fo Meh by Olatunji
12. Acceptance by Bugle
13. White Line by Vershon, Loyal Flamez
14. Love Me by Chris Martin
15. Ghetto People Song by Everton Blender
16. Call On The Father by Beres Hammond
17. Premeditate by Sizzla
18. Put Down The Weapon by Yami Bolo (feat. Capleton)
19. Who Could It Be by Luciano
20. An ké baw li by Myley’s
21. San répons by Miguel Louison
22. Sexual Healing by 5Lan
23. Real Thing by Bitty McLean
24. I Know Myself by Ernest Wilson
25. Yere faga (feat. Tony Allen) by Oumou Sangaré, Tony Allen
26. Psalms 24 by Mutabaruka (feat. Luciano)
27. O Girl by Winston Reedy
28. African Skies by Luciano
29. That Girl by Jah Cure

From Tripoli to Tehran and then some on Audio Atlas W/ DJ Paulitics AKA Mogadishu Mike!

March 8, 10pm

We’re going on an imaginary audio journey (or was it?) through the countries on the “travel ban” list… From Tripoli to Tehran.. we’ll hear the amazing and hauntingly hypnotic music from the beautiful people who live there.. They can try to ban the people, but they can’t ban the riddims!.. From there, we jump off to some solid soul and a U.K. Garage discharge… Wait until the end for new and classic soul-wrenching reggae roots… We got the latest from Thundercat, Queen Ifrica, and Masicka! Clock in!


1. Goumri Oueld Eddounane by Troupe Chaoueche Saad (Libya)
2. Soleil Soleil by Ahmed Fakroun (Libya)
3. Mwashah by Hamza El Din (Sudan)
4. Introduction in English by Abdel Karim Alkabli (Sudan)
5. Ma Bi Nhasmak by Abdel Karim Alkabli (Sudan)
6. GOBOLADA by Ali Dhaanto (Somalia)
7. Adaan Kula Hayaa by Maxamed Bk (Somalia)
8. Dhag Dhag by Farxiya Fiska (Somalia)
9. Sidi Refqan by Ahmed fathi (Yemen)
10. Children’s Songs and Work Songs: Muhawara (Dialogue) by Duet of Young Girls from Yemen (Yemen)
11. Tabeeb Garah by George Wassouf (Syria)
12. Old Damascus by The Orchestra of Syrian Musicians (Syria)
13. Kavir by Ebi (Iran)
14. Golhaye Tazeh No. 31 – Mahour by Mohammad Reza Shajarian (Iran)
15. Walk On By by Thundercat, Kendrick Lamar (U.S.A.)
16. Reverse Faults by Sampha (U.K.)
17. Hello by Erykah Badu, Andre 3000 (U.S.A.)
18. Guess I was a fool – MJ cool mix by Another Level (U.K.)
19. Sincere by MJ Cole (U.K.)
20. Girls Like Us – Radio Edit by B15 Project, Crissy D, Lady G (U.K.)
21. Battle by Wookie (U.K.)
22. Always be There by Basement Jaxx (U.K.)
23. All That I’m Asking by Queen Ifrica (Jamaica)
24. Stay by Marcia Griffiths (Jamaica)
25. Brighter Day Must Come by Busy Signal (Jamaica)
26. True Identity by Bugle (Jamaica)
27. Hard Ball by Masicka (Jamaica)

Above and between vile with the Audio Atlas Soundsystem!

February 23, 2am

Whoaa!! I had fun with this one.. We have the latest from Oumou Sangare, Romeo Santos, and the hottest new tunes from Africa and Jamaica (Hot off the press Dancehall and Roots!) We’re also getting a little weird and inappropriate all in the name of merriment of course! Furthermore, I’m throwing it back to some personal outlandish and odd favorites of mine… It’s a concoction of global slabs of curiosities that you may find annoying, jarring, intolerable or conversely change your state of mind forever in a positive sense… And either way, I’ve done my job and we’re good to go! Thrill to it and chill to it and ask yourself, “Does your Hinge-cut measure up”? I think you know the answer.


1. Kobresia by Biosphere (Norway)
2. Man From the Audience by Arkestra One (Finland, UK, Brazil)
3. Dandelion by Boards of Canada (Scotland)
4. Sutrix by Talvin Singh (UK, India)
5. Night by Midival Punditz (UK, India)
6. Yere faga (feat. Tony Allen) by Oumou Sangaré, Tony Allen (Mali)
7. Imali by Black Motion, Nokwazi (South Africa)
8. Mambo Rijo by Nerú Americano (Angola)
9. Fais bisous by Kandia Kora, KeBlack (Guinea)
10. Mask Off by Future (Atlanta, U.S.A)
11. Gyal Experience by Konshens (Jamaica)
12. Password by Eesah (Jamaica)
13. Take It Easy by Mad Lion (Jamaica, New York)
14. When A Man’s In Love by Yami Bolo (Jamaica)
15. Blow Your Nose by Everton Blender (Jamaica)
16. Cease & Seckle by Born Jamericans (Jamaica, New York)
17. Pretty by Rayvon (Jamaica, New York)
18. Better Than The Stars by Christopher Martin (Jamaica)
19. Always a Way by Bugle (Jamaica)
20. Rasta Nuh Gangsta – by Samory I (Jamaica)
21. In my Life- Terro 3000 (Jamaica)
22. Héroe Favorito by Romeo Santos (Dominican Republic, New York)
23. Dema Ga Ge Gi Go Gu (feat. Bad Bunny) by El Alfa, Bad Bunny (The Land of Bad Bunny’s)
24. My Pussy É o Poder by Gaiola das Popozudas (Brazil)
25. Dein Schweiss by Sven Väth
26. Äläcktro Richie by Richie (Germany)
27. The Robots – 2009 Remastered Version by Kraftwerk (Germany)
28. Männer (Coverversion – Im Original von: Herbert Grönemeyer) by Various Artists (Germany)
29. Voyage voyage by Desireless (France)
30. Daydreamin’ by Mc Solaar (France)