Danish Party Mode Territory w/ My Snacker’s Crew On your Audio Atlas w/ DJ Paulitics!

December 15, 1am


We are all capable of returning to that humble place of the Spanish priesthood where we served blackthorns to Pre-bots (Those are robots that aren’t fully robots yet but undergoing a process of “Dester”)…. Unhappy thoughts don’t return to us as we journey off to Copenhagen for beautiful memories of summer love affairs at that vegetarian restaurant at the Science and Cocktails Foundation… We are celebrating thanks to you! 🙌🏻💗🙌🏻




1. Hvem har du kysseti dingadedor by Daimi og Dirch
2. Nudist Polka by Erik Paaske
3. Putte, Putte by Teddy Edelmann
4. Pyjamas For To by Tommy Seebacch
5. Luna by Alberte Winding
6. Det’ Lige Det by Kirsten Og Soren
7. Ta’ Med by Rusted
8. Strip Tease by Kenneth Knudsen
9. Lad Os Flyve Til En Stjerne by To
10. Move your feet by Junior Senior
11. Hey you what’s that Sound? by Les Rythmes Digitales
12. It began in Africa by the Chemical Brothers
13. Naive Song by Morwais
14. Star 69 by Fatboy Slim
15. Under the Influence by the Chemical Brothers
\16. Instant Crush by Faft Punk & Instant Casablancas
17. Believe by GusGus
18. Strict Machine by Goldfrapp
19. Lock Off Anthem by Gabriel
20. Jump and Shout by Basement Jaxx
21. Dundaing by King Kaka
22. She be Some Way by Guru, Sardokie
23. Banzelo by Os’ Banah
24. Banomoya by Prince Kaybee
25. Angola by Jah Bouks
26. Under African Skies by Luciano
27. O Girl by Winston Ready
28. Real Thing by Bitty Mclean
29. Before I Leave by jah Cure
30. Caress me by Romain Virgo

Hanukahh in Angola with my Igloo Crew W/ DJ Paulitics on your Audio Atlas-Soundsystem!

December 5, 10pm

I give all you real live empty gorilla vampires permission to look at my face hear my words…. In another twist of turnship, we gathered around for the Inuit Rap, Angolan Kuduro, and a Hanukahh goift from little Jeffrey Myers of Pocatello Idaho, who succeeded in teaching us the truth about figurative junctures in our well-being. So, hop on the serment bus of head honcho’s and give thanks and praise to the almighty riddim… Do you remember what happened right now between Mariana and nachito? The Queen Returns. Ready?



1. Hunukkah (Halloween) by Ferschlugger
2. Sapannga Sujunukua by Beatrice Deer
3. Mosquito by Nukariik
4. Qimiriruluapik
5. Oqaluttuassanga by Uyarkq, Tarrak
6. Red Water by Earl Sweatshirt
7. The Bends by Earlsweatshirt
8. Veins by Earl Sweatshirt
9. Playing Possum by Earl Sweatshirt
10. Meda Dawit Alemayehu
11. Lefo Lefo by Dagne Walle
12. In my House by Little Dragon
13. Net So by Sally by Sally Boss Madam
14. Dundaing by King Kaka
15. She be some way by Guru, Sardokie
16. Banzelo by Os’Banah
17. Banomoya by Prince Kaybee
18. Frique Frique by Helder Rei Do Kuduro
19. Hoo Hoo Ha Ha by Orital
20. Later Bitches by The Prince Karma
21. Heivenu Shalom Aleicheim by Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins
22. Hava Nagila-Jewish Accordion Music
23. Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel by Rob Cantor
24. Dreidel by the Goldstein Family
25. Chinese Dreidel by MC White Owl
26. The Hanukkah Song by Too $hort
27. Make me Feel (Can’t keep my cool)
28. Riding for you by Ce’Cile
29. Romantic Mood by Spice
30. Stay so by Busy Signal
31. Infrared by Masicka & Vybz Kartel
32. Pretty Little Angel by Simpleton
33. Pretty Please by Shabba Ranks
34. I’m Alive by Beres Hammond
35. Expensive Tears by Jah Lil

Mauritians dine with us on the Riddim Tack w/ DJ Pauliitcs!

November 25, 1am

DJ Paulitics, Mogadishu Mike, and the Ancient Whore take a journey to
Mauritian quarters and throw a falafel into our gardens as we talk to Marcelo of Polar Jungle and then are joined later by Flowery Joe, Van Dre, the Precious One, Man-about-town Andrew of peaceful sins, and famously cynic film critic, Martin Madden…. A pray for you and a pray for me!

The devil left an indelible mark last season. Relive your best moments here.



1. Bate Soulard by Rolo & Mamie
2. Tialani Tialani by Daniella Residu
3. Destin l’amour by Alain Ramanisum
4. Toi Maurice by Ketty Martin
5. Le Morne by Cassiya\
6. Ti Guine ti Guine by Manuel Brege
7. Roi to Lecker by Didier Clarel
8. Premier Zouk by Gary Victor
9. Fors Vital by Blakkayo
10. Se toi mo mama by Sandra Mayotte
11. Rhum Charrette by Luana Panain
12. Fiesta by Gerard Louis
13. Nuh Linga by Elephant Man
14. Ting a Ling by Shabba Ranks
15. Number #2 by Terror Fabulous
16. Murderer by Buju Banton
17. Royal Night by Busy Signal
18. Complaint by Garnett Silk and Buju Banton
19. It’s Growing by Garnett Silk
20. Whine up by RDX
21. Who am I by Beenie Man
22. Heads High by Mr. Vegas
23. Tight up Skirt by Red Rat
24. Fever by WizKid
25. Shine Eye Girl by Barrington Levy
26. Limb by Limb by Cutty Ranks (DJ SS Remix)
27. Always be There by Basement Jaxx
28. Original Nutter by UK Apache & Shy-fx

Riddim Chargin’ Ruby’s w’ DJ Paulitcs on your Audio Atlas-System!

November 16, 12am

It wasn’t enough that we walked Aton through his first snow parade through The West Bengal, we also had enough passion to pull it forward through lost treasures and new catastrophe’s like the one’s we experienced in Paris…. On the way through a broom of Bolivian Cumbia and smokin’ Euro-Dance, we found the real focus of laser beam lives that I trust…

1. First Transmission by Ai-pha-x
2. Fly Away by Blue Lunar Monkey
3. Kimiyaa T Moraad by Gaudi
4. Caps of Ambience by Ibojima
5. 151 Rum by J.I.D.
6. Red Wine by Common
7. Maldicion by Rosalia
8. Lady and Man by Kruangbin
9. Kalinka by Morandi
10. Later Bitches by The Prince Karma
11. Hijke by Narkis
12. Goolimaar by Chakri
13. El Amor by Kevin Achata
14. Tan Celoso by Chimbala
15. Kanjiva by Enzo Ishall
16. Fever by Wizkid
17. Ensemble by Traxx Hitmaker
18. Big like Jesus by Mavado
19. Bridgets & Desert by Tommy Lee Sparta
20. El Chapo by Popcaan
21. Jiggle Likkle by Savage
22. Chicken & Dumpling by Bunji Garlin
23. Kingdom Come by Wailing Souls



Recording Artist, Ry’n James joins Audio Atlas Sounds-system with DJ Paulitics!

October 31, 8pm

We were joined in the Radio Valencia studios by up-and-coming singer and recording artist, Ry’n James as he premieres two new tracks and we converse about music, the future, and the pursuit of soul… Also, we sing along and jam to some fan favorites that you’ll remember falling in love to…. Also,… Did we get a freestyle?… You’ll have to tune in!… It’s the the one, Bubble Yum!

1. Indian Flute by Timbaland
2. Don’t know what to tell ya by Aaliyah
3. Nitelife Weekend by Ry’n James
4. Slow Jamz by Twista & Jamoe Foxx
5. Royal Freestyle with Ry’n James
6. Oh by Ciara
7. Southern Hospitality by Ludacris
8. Prototype by Outkast
9. Foolish by Ashanti
10. Need u Bad by Jasmine Sullivan
11. U don’t know my name by Alicia Keys
12. Hollywood by Ry’n James
13. Right Here by SWV


Live Interview Tonight with Ry’n James On Audio Atlas Sound-System w/ DJ Paulitics!

October 30, 6pm

Lock in and Clock in tonight from 10pm-12am on Radio Valencia for Audio Atlas Sound-System with DJ Paulitics as we welcome special guest, singer and recording artist, Ry’n James in the studio to premiere some of new tunes…. And talk about life, liberty, and the pursuit of Riddims… It’ll be a soul/r&b kind of affair…. Both slow and danceable… Spanning the decades….With a good dosage of international flair as always…. Listen in at or on your tune-in app…!!!!!

The Tunnel of Love through Xinjiang on a Maori canoe on your Audio Atlas with Paulitics!

October 24, 7pm

There was never a greater and more qualified reason to ditch your own total graciousness and and come along for the journey of ultra-truth as we explore the rough and tumble music of the Uyghur people and their distant relatives, the Maori of New Zealand…. We’ll drink goat milk and kava as we drift into the riddim mix… We’re also joined by the Ghosts of DJ Traffic Jack and Jerry Spin… So, step it up and let it rip with the coldest hits and the warmest accountability! … Girls, what would you say to nachito if you could talk to him 5 min by phone? 😍 the leo 😍


1. Man from the Audience
2. The Sunset from the Moody Blues
3. Blue jay Way by The Beatles
4. Let Forever Be by The Chemical Brothers
5. Gangsta Trippin by Fatboy Slim
6. Shazade by The Uyghur Musicians
7. A thorny Flower by Sadiyana
8. Quinbulak by Kurban, Pat Hat
9. Taruq by The Uyghur Musicians
10. Mudan Khan by The Uyghur Musicians
11. The Wonderful Xiang by China Youth Art Troupe
12. Morning Nature by Kali
13. Doppasormon Group Dance by Xiang Uygur
14. Dance Kucha by Kashgar Cultural Troupe
15. Panjgah-Mukam , Sambang by Xinjiang Uygur Dan
16. Bom Bayawan Muqum by Makit Dolan Muqa
17. Xinjiang Scintillating by IN XINJIANG TIME
18. Three Sheets to the Wind by Stalko
19. Antes by Guillermo Anderson
20. Pae Pae by Tumure Tahiitien
21. Otea aito by Tahiti Ora
22. Ho’opuka E Ka La Ma Ka Hikina by Pekelo Day
23. Pokarekare Ana by Maori Tribe
24. Paikea by Patea Mori Club
25. Oma Rapeti by Anika Moa
26. Te Moana by Mahealani Uchiyama
27. Jesus is the Answer by Wesley Willis
28. Van Damme by Bobby East
29. Rosalina by B.M.
30. Walk Away from Love by Bitty Mclean
31. Time by Benjy Mayaz
32. Psalms 24 by Luciano and Mutabaruka
33. Original Woman by Shabba Ranks

Dental Theory from Taiwan to New Papua New Guinea on your Audio Atlas w/ Paulitucs!

October 19, 1am

When a morbid discovery led by a Palestinian team of fanatical whale-worshipers turns into a woozy 67-hour trip through Taiwan and Papua New Guinea, you betcha damn guts that you won’t be crying in your cereal no more!

Listen to this program and tell us if you think Carmen knows her great friend, Roberto Manrique. 🤣 Truthful universe give you! Promise!


1. Fishing Dance by Field Musicians
2. Zen Yue Hai by Ensemble Bayin
3. Bu Xiang Yi by Jiang Hui
4. 1990 Taiwan Ren by Chen Wen Cheng
5. A Sweet Girl by Chang Danhong
6. Sad Love by Xie Liting
7. Duo Wei Yanchu Ni Yige by Yisheng Zhi
8. Welcome to the House by Sanguma
9. Lima N Gaile by George Selek
10. Alangoran by Original Instincts
11. Eita Ibilad by Hot Forms Band
12. Faul Pikinini by Gembong Band
13. Anslom na Kete by Anslom Na
14. Section ruma by Cada
15. Sese by Mexem
16. Aquatic Robots by The New Caldonia
17. Never Say Never by Romeo Void
18. Who could resist that face by The Motels
20. Dirt by Revolting Cocks
21. Demon by Lil Wayne
22. Light Day by T.I.
23. Seasons Change by Beres Hammond
24. Land of Sunshine by Beres Hammond
25. Run the Track by Dennis Brown

Acrobatic Fling’s from Turkmenistan to Indonesia on Your Audio Atlas w/ Paulitics

October 3, 6pm

DJ Paulitics is blood-pumped into the echo-future as he turns his robotic wings into flour and steps off a working aero-jet from Ashgabat, Turkmenistan to Sulawesi, Indonesia… Along the way, he re-connects with Working Jones of the Beat-up flame and rekindles his hope in the resistance…. Who asked for chicken? OMG! The kids without breasts if there are paradise they are as they want. Right? 😍🤪💙


1. ay pari oh fairy by The Badakhsan Ensemble
2. sen yar gedeli by injegul surova
3. shaktem gulle by akmurad chariev
4. bakar kemeyan by caca handika
5. kertas dan api by mansyur s
6. sumpah anti by slank
7. tembeng tresno by danggut koplo
8. pacarku superstar by project pop
9. gula-gula by elvy sukaekish
10. tanpa cinta by bob tutupoli
11. kisah sedih di hari by koes plus
12. cinta sajati by mansyur s
13. di ujung tanduk by panbars
14. kangen by didi kempot
15. ven devorame otra vez by lalo rodriguez
16. la traicionera by luis vargas
17. Steamers a Bubble by Jah9
18. ganja smuggling by eek-a-mouse
19. im alive by Bere Hammond
20. I know myself by Ernest Wilson
21. Original Woman by shabba ranks
22. Order by terror fabulous
23. Ganga Lee by louis culture
24. real ting by mad lion

Lonely fishes do not agree W/ DJ Paulitics on your Audio Atlas!

September 19, 2am

How do you get from Bucharest, Romania to Santiago, Chile on a rainbow dream of gracious people who’ve never been to Spain?.. Can’t do it usually.

Titi, Mariana and the Demonia thought the devil wouldn’t come, but tremeda surprise they took. 🔥🔥🔥 #ssshp3 #septiembreimparabeople


1. Polskie dziewczyny by Stachurski, Disco Polo
2. Randka by Zgrywusy
3. Moja Biografia by Disco Polo
4. Moja Biografia by Stachurski, Disco Polo
5. SxPB by Tranda
6. Lasa Poantele by Bitza
7. Cum o Dau by Lu-K beats
8. Shali by Tranda
9. Verano Naranja by Donald
10. Viento by Los Gatos
11. Otro Verano by Larry Wilson
12. Trigal by Sandro
13. Dificil by Alan y sus Bates
14. Mentalidad Televisiva by Los Prisioneros
15. Reina de todas by Chico Trujillo
16. Satan es la Cumbia by Anarkia Tropikal
17. Naci Cobarde by Anarkia Tropikal
18. Mix Perubian by Anarkia Tropikal
19. Pasto Seco by Combo Ginebta
20. Shine Eye Girl by Shabba Ranks
21. Crazy Baldheads by Beenie Man & Luciano
22. Complaint by Buju Banton
23. A little more time by Buju Banton, Beres Bammond
24. Never Find by Jah Cure
25. Easy by Maxi Priest
26. O Girl by Winston Reedy
27. Lover’s Holiday by Everton Blender
28. Prettiest Ting by Monker
29. Don’t drink too much by Coco Tandy