Dental Theory from Taiwan to New Papua New Guinea on your Audio Atlas w/ Paulitucs!

October 19, 1am

When a morbid discovery led by a Palestinian team of fanatical whale-worshipers turns into a woozy 67-hour trip through Taiwan and Papua New Guinea, you betcha damn guts that you won’t be crying in your cereal no more!

Listen to this program and tell us if you think Carmen knows her great friend, Roberto Manrique. 🤣 Truthful universe give you! Promise!


1. Fishing Dance by Field Musicians
2. Zen Yue Hai by Ensemble Bayin
3. Bu Xiang Yi by Jiang Hui
4. 1990 Taiwan Ren by Chen Wen Cheng
5. A Sweet Girl by Chang Danhong
6. Sad Love by Xie Liting
7. Duo Wei Yanchu Ni Yige by Yisheng Zhi
8. Welcome to the House by Sanguma
9. Lima N Gaile by George Selek
10. Alangoran by Original Instincts
11. Eita Ibilad by Hot Forms Band
12. Faul Pikinini by Gembong Band
13. Anslom na Kete by Anslom Na
14. Section ruma by Cada
15. Sese by Mexem
16. Aquatic Robots by The New Caldonia
17. Never Say Never by Romeo Void
18. Who could resist that face by The Motels
20. Dirt by Revolting Cocks
21. Demon by Lil Wayne
22. Light Day by T.I.
23. Seasons Change by Beres Hammond
24. Land of Sunshine by Beres Hammond
25. Run the Track by Dennis Brown

Acrobatic Fling’s from Turkmenistan to Indonesia on Your Audio Atlas w/ Paulitics

October 3, 6pm

DJ Paulitics is blood-pumped into the echo-future as he turns his robotic wings into flour and steps off a working aero-jet from Ashgabat, Turkmenistan to Sulawesi, Indonesia… Along the way, he re-connects with Working Jones of the Beat-up flame and rekindles his hope in the resistance…. Who asked for chicken? OMG! The kids without breasts if there are paradise they are as they want. Right? 😍🤪💙


1. ay pari oh fairy by The Badakhsan Ensemble
2. sen yar gedeli by injegul surova
3. shaktem gulle by akmurad chariev
4. bakar kemeyan by caca handika
5. kertas dan api by mansyur s
6. sumpah anti by slank
7. tembeng tresno by danggut koplo
8. pacarku superstar by project pop
9. gula-gula by elvy sukaekish
10. tanpa cinta by bob tutupoli
11. kisah sedih di hari by koes plus
12. cinta sajati by mansyur s
13. di ujung tanduk by panbars
14. kangen by didi kempot
15. ven devorame otra vez by lalo rodriguez
16. la traicionera by luis vargas
17. Steamers a Bubble by Jah9
18. ganja smuggling by eek-a-mouse
19. im alive by Bere Hammond
20. I know myself by Ernest Wilson
21. Original Woman by shabba ranks
22. Order by terror fabulous
23. Ganga Lee by louis culture
24. real ting by mad lion

Lonely fishes do not agree W/ DJ Paulitics on your Audio Atlas!

September 19, 2am

How do you get from Bucharest, Romania to Santiago, Chile on a rainbow dream of gracious people who’ve never been to Spain?.. Can’t do it usually.

Titi, Mariana and the Demonia thought the devil wouldn’t come, but tremeda surprise they took. 🔥🔥🔥 #ssshp3 #septiembreimparabeople


1. Polskie dziewczyny by Stachurski, Disco Polo
2. Randka by Zgrywusy
3. Moja Biografia by Disco Polo
4. Moja Biografia by Stachurski, Disco Polo
5. SxPB by Tranda
6. Lasa Poantele by Bitza
7. Cum o Dau by Lu-K beats
8. Shali by Tranda
9. Verano Naranja by Donald
10. Viento by Los Gatos
11. Otro Verano by Larry Wilson
12. Trigal by Sandro
13. Dificil by Alan y sus Bates
14. Mentalidad Televisiva by Los Prisioneros
15. Reina de todas by Chico Trujillo
16. Satan es la Cumbia by Anarkia Tropikal
17. Naci Cobarde by Anarkia Tropikal
18. Mix Perubian by Anarkia Tropikal
19. Pasto Seco by Combo Ginebta
20. Shine Eye Girl by Shabba Ranks
21. Crazy Baldheads by Beenie Man & Luciano
22. Complaint by Buju Banton
23. A little more time by Buju Banton, Beres Bammond
24. Never Find by Jah Cure
25. Easy by Maxi Priest
26. O Girl by Winston Reedy
27. Lover’s Holiday by Everton Blender
28. Prettiest Ting by Monker
29. Don’t drink too much by Coco Tandy

Cradle Jeremy’s Midnight Raspberry Summer W/ DJ Paulitics on your Audio Atlas!

September 13, 12am

Have you and are you?… You can’t answer that unless you’ve dealt with the Big-grip-and-grime Tuesday nightZZ from hot fyah one contendo eres Mia… Blokerd gruo up in building like a fox ready to collect Dinero!   Lucia didn’t understand why that man defended her, but she said it was her husband…….. #shp #septiembreimparable

1. Alhaiya Bilaval by Shruti Sadoliker
2. Birth to Death by Ravi Shankar
3. Chaviou Elwara by Dimi Mint Abba
4. My Young People Do the youth of nations by Khalifa Ould
5. Wadaana Bass by Oum Dermam
6. Sudan: Foot stomping/Rattles/Voices
7. Wey Gude by Abdu Kiar
8. Mergen Yzo by Flireaddis Nekatib
9. Sembere by Teddy Afro
10. Sela Bey Jacky Goose
11. Eshi Ateyama by Mikiyas Chernet
12. Bematbih by Tsina by Hamelmal
13. Yebey Sira by Bisrat Surafel
14. Baba by DJ Spinall
15. DM Chick by Harmonize
16. Khalouni by Sid Ali
17. El Tannoura by Fares Karam
18. Really Want by Estelle, Konshens
19. Betrayal Black Uhuru
20. Can we fall in love by Like Ike
21. buddy bye by Johnny Osbourn
22. O Girl by Winston Reedy
23. Longing for by Jah Cure
24. Hard times by Luciano, Josey Wales

I am Part of the Resistance W/ DJ Paulitics on your Audio Atlas!

September 5, 8pm

You’ll hear sounds and speaking…. the likes of which we’ve never been seen before… We all know the agency from Aruboal Thomas and his sprinkles of possible red-beards… I am a Greek sailboat floating towards a reality of lost love… We’d do less than fly to the moon, if we weren’t here figuring out our constitutional crises…. Do not go to the light, Nachito! What do you think happens in this scene? Share with us all your theories and follow us by watching the Telemundo signal.


1. Flexa by Walter Franco
2. Torniente by Tori Tornado
3. Um oh! E um ah! by Tom Ze
4. Misterio do planeta by Novos Baianos
5. Bichos e criancas by Carlos Dafe
6. Suspirium by Thom Yorke
7. mono by altopalo
8. Home Cookin’ by Lambert, Hendrick
9. Cheesecake by Louis Armstrong
10. Take my heart love by Bitty Mclean
11. My call by Bitty Mclean
12. Can’t stop a man by Beres Hammond
13. New Day by Assasin
14. Je suis venu te dire by Alpha Blondy
15. Why are we fighting for nothing? by Etana
16. Someone Special by George Nooks
17. How Long by George Nooks
18. Jamaica by Jah Cure
19. Give a little love by Richie Spice
20. Try by Tarrus Riley
21. All That I’m Asking by Queen Ifica
22. Enclosure by KraiGGi
23. What you gonna do by Buju Banton
24. Is there a place? by Luciano
25. Expensive Tears by Jah Lil
26. The Strain by Blockhead
27. I love my India by Hariharan

Tune into Audio Atlas, you Psychotic Cheesecake-Heads!!!

September 4, 7pm

 Listen to Audio Atlas Sound-System with DJ Paulitics on Radio Valencia tonight from 10pm-12am featuring Surf Safari, Roger Clinton, and the Eephus Pitch….Also, featuring Shade of Rolls, Mad Ships Embassy, and Submarine Showers. Tuesday’s night Riddim Mix is tonight’s jokers wild card as we defend the constitution! Tune in, you psycho’s!

When did the beginning of the end begin? W/ Paulitics on your Audio Atlas!

August 22, 8pm

I’m sure Missile Craig wouldn’t condemn a trip through the land of Ghanesha and the runaway forest of green grippin’ goose boyz!!! Only then do we realize that we had joined the Cape Verde contingent too soon… with only 45 Reais to spare, how is it possible to mind the difference, Lover man?


1. Shree Ganpati Gajanan by Ghanesha bhajans
2. Commentray in English by Harish Bhimani
3. Ram naaam by Pankaj Uhdas
4. Shri Hanumanji by Sanjeevani Bhelaandi
5. Mahma by Thrissar Ghanaapathi
6. Angola by Cesaria Evoria
7. Manr Panimathi by Markos
8. Nutreinha by Cabi Vwedw Group
9. Beju di Judas by Finacon
10. Poyo di Tete by Tuipa Negra
11. Blood a go run by I-Octane
12. Love like this by J Boog
13. And i love her by Desmond Foster
14. Second Chance by Lila Ike
15. Groovy little thing by Beres Hammond
16. The one for me by Iceman
17. Thank You by Mr. Vegas
18. Psalms 24 by Luciano and Mutabaruka
19. When a Man’s in love by Yami Bolo


Malagasy-Haitian paths through the Solomon Islands W/ DJ Paulitics on your Audio Atlas!

August 15, 5pm

We had boar charmer, Feisty Brick go on through the Solomon Islands, Madagascar, and Haiti Town, Dominican Republic to track down sound town! Stay with who looks at you like Rory looks at Catalina… 😍 if her eyes could talk, what do you think they would say to tasting? 💗💕😍😱 #ssshp3


1. Au Sango by Au Sango Panpipe
2. Uunu by Fataleka Man
3. Tell me When by Luciano
4. The one for me by Iceman
5. Love like this by J Boog
6. Expensive Tears by Jah Lil
7. Second Chance by Lila Ike
8. Vybz Principal by Vybz Kartel
9. Punta Power by Los Roland’s
10. Sitrany tsy manano by Jaojoby
11. Hailambo by Deaunal Noazim
12. Kawitry Mega Dose by Lego
13. C l’heure by Jerry Marcoss
14. 400 Volts by Wawa Selegy
15. Just Flex by Gracious K
16. Rosalina by BM
17. Pigeon by Pierre Paul Sage
18. T’ale Ampatika by Los Kompas Tierra
19. Exit Groove by Exit
20. 7 Fila by Bjarki
21. Apricot by Sven Vath
22. For an Angel by paul Van Dyk
23. Touch Me by Rui Da Silva
24. Ljuva by Anita Lindblom

Since when did crime become illegal? w/ DJ Paulitics on your Audio Atlas!

August 1, 2am

Sometimes the snow comes down in June??… what kind of special fruit is that?… August is here and collusion is not a crime!    Catalina warned Santiago that he would go to the tea, but he didn’t tell him he was back. Santi will support her by knowing that her granddaughter is titi’s daughter? 🤔😱😰 #ssshp3

1. Hebat by Gamelan Degung
2. Balenderan by LS Kancana Sari
3. Paksi Tuwung by RRI Bandung Gamelan
4. Colenak by Suara Parahiangan
5. Uluru Lengends by Aboriginal Dideridoo
6. BH by Daniel Aged
7. Apelion by Vinyl Williams
8. The Knife by Ross From Friends
9. Inkolelo by Goldie, James Davi
10. Rosalina by BM
11. I’m Alive by Beres Hammond
12. Expensive Tears by Jah Lil
13. Wake up by Mr. Vegas
14. Second Chance by Lila Ike
15. Need u bad by Jazmine Sullivan
16. Masha-Allah by Monty Sharma
17. Sitya Loss by Eddy Kenzo
18. Perfect friend by Macho Man Randy Savage
19. Dein Schweiss by Sven Vath
20. Inertia Creeps by Massive Attack
21. Christiansands by Tricky


South Sudan to Ecuador, we didn’t screw it up on your Audio Atlas w/ DJ Paulitics

July 25, 2am

A funny thing happened along the way to our graceful coronation… First, it was love and then a jaunt from Juba to Quito which leads into a cosmic under-man.. He got liquor by tha boatload.. What Mariana doesn’t know is that nachito already knows the whole truth, what do you think I do when I deliver the results? Don’t stop seeing us by Telemundo! 😲😯😳 #ssshp3


1. Sudan natioal Anthem by South Sudan Choir
2. The tol feared by Musicians in khartoum
3. Kpaingbo by Wayo
4. Ayn Yesu by Kachipo of South Sudan
5. Al Jiko by Salma Al Assal
6. Am Proud South Sudan by Bilpam
7. Yin Duk by Panchol Deng
8. Brumas by Claudia Victor Vallejo
9. Canciones del Alma by Trio Coloniel
10. Filosofia by Julio Jaramillo
11. Nostalgia by Hnas, Mendoza
12. Tu eres mi destino by Arnulfo Mazzini
13. Aquelios Besos by Blanca Suarez
14. Al Compas del San juan by Banda de mi pueblo
15. Guacay by Karu nan
16. Toros de San Pedro by Banda 24 de Mayo
17. Cumbia D2 Magicos by Dario Carranco
18. Tu Despedida by Caramelo Caliente
19. El Curiquigue by Lolita Echeveria
20. The Abyss of Doubt by Jlin
21. Fade to Grey by Visage
22. Intuition by Linx
23. Thief of Baghdad by The Teardrop Explosion
24. This time around by Ras Penco
25. I was born a winner by Freddie McGregor
26. I wanna be down by Tony Curtis
27. There’s no love by Luciano
28. Ram Dancehall by Shabba Ranks
29. Pretty by Rayvon
30. Gotta get mine by Born jamericans ft. Mad Lion
31. Nika by lil Vicious