Malagasy-Haitian paths through the Solomon Islands W/ DJ Paulitics on your Audio Atlas!

August 15, 5pm

We had boar charmer, Feisty Brick go on through the Solomon Islands, Madagascar, and Haiti Town, Dominican Republic to track down sound town! Stay with who looks at you like Rory looks at Catalina… 😍 if her eyes could talk, what do you think they would say to tasting? πŸ’—πŸ’•πŸ˜πŸ˜± #ssshp3


1. Au Sango by Au Sango Panpipe
2. Uunu by Fataleka Man
3. Tell me When by Luciano
4. The one for me by Iceman
5. Love like this by J Boog
6. Expensive Tears by Jah Lil
7. Second Chance by Lila Ike
8. Vybz Principal by Vybz Kartel
9. Punta Power by Los Roland’s
10. Sitrany tsy manano by Jaojoby
11. Hailambo by Deaunal Noazim
12. Kawitry Mega Dose by Lego
13. C l’heure by Jerry Marcoss
14. 400 Volts by Wawa Selegy
15. Just Flex by Gracious K
16. Rosalina by BM
17. Pigeon by Pierre Paul Sage
18. T’ale Ampatika by Los Kompas Tierra
19. Exit Groove by Exit
20. 7 Fila by Bjarki
21. Apricot by Sven Vath
22. For an Angel by paul Van Dyk
23. Touch Me by Rui Da Silva
24. Ljuva by Anita Lindblom

Since when did crime become illegal? w/ DJ Paulitics on your Audio Atlas!

August 1, 2am

Sometimes the snow comes down in June??… what kind of special fruit is that?… August is here and collusion is not a crime!Β  Β Β Catalina warned Santiago that he would go to the tea, but he didn’t tell him he was back. Santi will support her by knowing that her granddaughter is titi’s daughter? πŸ€”πŸ˜±πŸ˜° #ssshp3

1. Hebat by Gamelan Degung
2. Balenderan by LS Kancana Sari
3. Paksi Tuwung by RRI Bandung Gamelan
4. Colenak by Suara Parahiangan
5. Uluru Lengends by Aboriginal Dideridoo
6. BH by Daniel Aged
7. Apelion by Vinyl Williams
8. The Knife by Ross From Friends
9. Inkolelo by Goldie, James Davi
10. Rosalina by BM
11. I’m Alive by Beres Hammond
12. Expensive Tears by Jah Lil
13. Wake up by Mr. Vegas
14. Second Chance by Lila Ike
15. Need u bad by Jazmine Sullivan
16. Masha-Allah by Monty Sharma
17. Sitya Loss by Eddy Kenzo
18. Perfect friend by Macho Man Randy Savage
19. Dein Schweiss by Sven Vath
20. Inertia Creeps by Massive Attack
21. Christiansands by Tricky


South Sudan to Ecuador, we didn’t screw it up on your Audio Atlas w/ DJ Paulitics

July 25, 2am

A funny thing happened along the way to our graceful coronation… First, it was love and then a jaunt from Juba to Quito which leads into a cosmic under-man.. He got liquor by tha boatload.. What Mariana doesn’t know is that nachito already knows the whole truth, what do you think I do when I deliver the results? Don’t stop seeing us by Telemundo! 😲😯😳 #ssshp3


1. Sudan natioal Anthem by South Sudan Choir
2. The tol feared by Musicians in khartoum
3. Kpaingbo by Wayo
4. Ayn Yesu by Kachipo of South Sudan
5. Al Jiko by Salma Al Assal
6. Am Proud South Sudan by Bilpam
7. Yin Duk by Panchol Deng
8. Brumas by Claudia Victor Vallejo
9. Canciones del Alma by Trio Coloniel
10. Filosofia by Julio Jaramillo
11. Nostalgia by Hnas, Mendoza
12. Tu eres mi destino by Arnulfo Mazzini
13. Aquelios Besos by Blanca Suarez
14. Al Compas del San juan by Banda de mi pueblo
15. Guacay by Karu nan
16. Toros de San Pedro by Banda 24 de Mayo
17. Cumbia D2 Magicos by Dario Carranco
18. Tu Despedida by Caramelo Caliente
19. El Curiquigue by Lolita Echeveria
20. The Abyss of Doubt by Jlin
21. Fade to Grey by Visage
22. Intuition by Linx
23. Thief of Baghdad by The Teardrop Explosion
24. This time around by Ras Penco
25. I was born a winner by Freddie McGregor
26. I wanna be down by Tony Curtis
27. There’s no love by Luciano
28. Ram Dancehall by Shabba Ranks
29. Pretty by Rayvon
30. Gotta get mine by Born jamericans ft. Mad Lion
31. Nika by lil Vicious

Never spit on a man’s face unless his mustache is on fire w/Paulitics on your Atlas!

July 18, 2am

Break it down with the hottest Chutney, Soukouss, Dub, Hip-Hop Francais garden onion of all time!.. DJ Paulitics… Break forth!…We don’t see Catherine very convinced of wanting to marry Santiago again, is it our only idea or what do you think? Don’t stop seeing us by Audio Atlas Sound-system! πŸ’πŸ€”πŸ’” #ssshp3


1. Psycho Vampire by Mad Professor
2. Thundercat Dub by Mungo’s hi-fi
3. Better Days by Wayne Charles
4. Can’t take the now by Mother Liza, Kojak
5. Too Greedy by John Wayne
6. Superstructures by Akae Beka
7. Give thanks for life by Dasia
8. Give thanks for everyday by Remah
9. I shall sing by Marcia Griffith
10. All That I’m Asking by Queen Ifrica
11. Tatie by Snagga puss
12. Lolly Cataai by Sandeep Badloe
13. Na Manu by 2famousscrw
14. Ah love meh nani by Sharlene Boodram
15. Happy by Shandileer
16. Rum is meh lover by Ravi b and Karma
17. Casser la Baraque by Petit Makambo
18. Akouli by Dany Engobo
19. Special DJ by Damien Aziwa
20. Missile by Alain Kounkou
21. Laisse pas trainer by Supeme NTM
22. Parlons peu by Medouze
23. Repose en Paix by Booba
24. Ecoute le Sang parier by La Remeur
21. Django by dadju
22. Contact by Brigitte Badot
23. Oh heheinbon by Nino Ferrer
24. Initials B.B. by serge Gainsbourg
25. Vertige de l’amour by Alain Bashung
26. L’autre femme by Michel Sardou

Making Macaroni and Never Napping w/ DJ Paulitics on your Audio Atlas!

June 22, 12am


Today you got caught…. Tomorrow, you deal with the Black Wizard Subway Picasso which hits your range in a furthering sense of melodic detail? What a fear of the situation of Catherine the great, not being able to do anything without being followed. That Martin has to stop now!


1. Jah leads the Way by Jah Cure
2. Every Hustler by Konshens
3. Once in a lifetime by Mystic Bowie
4. Once in A Lifetime by Angelique Kidjo
5. DM Chick by Harmonize
6. Assurance by Davido
7. Banger by Preto Show
8. Joanna by Afro B
9. Rude by Shygirl
10. Ponyboy by Sophie
11. Samba by DJ Lilocox
12. Nunca es Sufieciente by Los Angles Azules
13. This is not America by David Bowie
14. Antisocial Media by Parliment
15. Gole Yakh by Kourosh Yaghaei
16. Adam & Eve by NAS
17. Spread out by Spragga Benz
18. That way again. by Mazzy Star
19. Anybody by Sam Evian
20. Humility by Gorillaz & George Benson
21. Hot for the Mountain by Natalile Prass
22. Speaking Terms by Snail Mail
23. This Boy by The Beatles
24. In Dreams by Roy Orbison
25. My Prayer by The Patters
26. Daddy’s Home by Shep & the Limlights
27. Devil or Angel by Bobby Vee
28. On an Evening in Roma by Dean Martin
29. All or nothing at all by Frank Sinatra

June is for Riddims with DJ Paulitics on Audio Atlas Sound-System!

June 14, 10am


In short of Malagasy sewage plants, we were presented with another conflict of death and re-birth… Perhaps when Gabe the Horse went back to his stage of super-life, we had enough of it yet… Whew,… That took a lot…. Let’s have a gin and gin… It’s a celebration after all.

1. Good life by Cocoa Tea
2. Forever by Sanchez
3. Groovin my Girl by Richie Spice
4. Saving my Love by Ambelique
5. Pass the Tu Sheng Peng by Frankie Paul
6. Tracy by Chaka Demus & Pliers
7. I can beat myself by Beres Hammond
8. Lift up your head by Everton Blender
9. If Jah by Tony Rebel
10. I know myself by Ernest Wilson
11. Sweep over my soul by Luciano
12. Number 2 by Terror Fabulous
13. El Bandalero by Banda Los Recodito
14. Sentimientos by Grupo Limite
15. Siempre Sere by Tito Rojas
16. Koy Yasso by Tony Vega
17. If I gave my heart to you Maxi Priest
18.Hello Dolly Gappa Gappa Happa by Adolescente Innocente
19. Eres Mia by Romeo Santos

Morning Owls in Mozambique with DJ Paulitics on Audio Atlas Sound-system!

June 6, 8pm

When DJ Paulitics and Mally Malore of Grip Title fame hopped on a cargo plane full of live ostrich’s, they didnt quite prepare for the ride of their life… After being captured by tribal death cult and forced to make root beer floats for the the 17 snails band… the June of 1887, Mally Molare still lives on in the hearts of many men…. After a night of dancing and passion in a nearby town, Paulitics suggests to Mally that they find the treasure themselves before handing over the map. They follow the clues and locate an enormous emerald called El CorazΓ³n (“The Heart”).


1. Doka Wandir Chiperi by Musicians in Mozambique
2. Two Chigowilo Tunes by Tamari Mose, Fomisane Mapiki
3. Shitende by Fernando Naife
4. Orchestral Timbila by Orchestra Timbila of Buque
5. Yowe Yowe/Xin ‘Wanana by Stewart Sukuma
6. Ni Mhi Me Le (Let me Walk with You) by Yinguica
7. Maldeyeni by Mabulu
8. Gago (O Pai) by Os Maikanos
9. Mi So by Neyma
10. Sobremesa by Wazimbo
11. Guidema by Ghorwane
12. Swadula by Ziqo
13. Kutchu Kutchu by Edu
14. Juizo by DJ Junior
15. Xidossana by Oliver Style
16. Beleza de Mozambique by Rosalia Mboa
17. Das 17 Horas As 7 Horas by Denny Og
18. Xtlio Xakhale by Lizha James
19. 20. Jogo do Amor by MC Bruninho
20. Banger (Mamawe) by Preto Show
21. So Quer Vrau by MC MM feat. DJRD
22. Mali Sadio by Toumani Diabate
23. Ah Nidya by Oumou Sangare
24. Don’t Haffi Dread by Morgan Heritage
25. Sweep over my Soul by Luciano
26. I Wanna be Loved by Buju Banton

21. This is Nigeria by Falz

Plastic Surgery in the Canary Islands W/ DJ Paulitics on Audio Atlas Sound-System!

May 30, 3am

Network bosses woke up to Barr’s overnight Twitter posts. Within hours, ‘Roseanne’ was gone… In the meantime, little Joey Bocker of Newport Green, New Mexico had a vision of a dream… Would his late aunt be drawing powers from Ted Thomas Israel and his gang of Speakeasy Tyrants of the 14th century disorder? So, join me for the snake’s under-wire and learn about me and you.


1. Shine Eye Girl by Black Uhuru
2. Poor Deep by Burning Spear
3. Meaning of Life by Kabaka Pyramid
4. Unity We Need by Richie Spice & Chronixx
5. Take my Love by Christopher Martin
6. Pretty Girl by Sanchez
7. The Ragga Twins by Banana Zvuk
8. Dead Bwoy Jahmiel by Tommy Lee Sparta
9. If You Know You Know by Pusha T
10. Bubblin by Anderson.Paak
11. Far Beyond by Del the Funky Homosapien
12. Actin Crazy by Action Bronson
13. Watchout by Flohio
14. New Grave by DJDS
15. Gladly by Tirzah
16. Salaam by Kamaal Williams
17. Washington Heights by Prefuse 73
18. Mind Control by Sudan Archives
19. Violence by Parquet Courts
20. Sepanjang Riwaya by They will kill us all
21. Honey it’s you by Yaysuro Yamashita
22. Plastic Love by Mariya Takeuhi
23. Magical by Junko Ohashi
24. Gin Gi Ra Gi Ni by Kondo Masahiko
25. I am a disco dancer by Vijay Benedict

Samoan Lovers Quarrel and the Great Gleam on your Audio Atlas w/ DJ Paulitics!

May 16, 4pm

We were joined by Timmi of “Down the well with Timmi” for the first 20 minutes or so and we discuss everything from DJ Assault to Antarctica… And ride continues as we throw your brain into a frenzy with swift and complex riddms… Everything from Flamenco, Arab, German, Finnish Hip-Hop, Moldovan madness and Paraguayan memories that coincide with your mind fissure. Expect to bump up your grind!
1. AypatuUma by Quamil Yambay
2. Oka’uva Perahui by Yambay Re
3. Adios Patio de la Parcel by El Ajuhetas
4.Las Penas by las Canas by El Turronero
5.The History Book by Ayman PR
6.Porrina Bodajoz by Bulerias
7. Rai by Bucium
8. Rani alla m’rida by Cheikh Rimitti
9. Wakila by Akil
10. The Homies by Ton Loc
11. Hey Du (Nimm ir zeit) by ASD
12. Eiskalt by Hausmarke
13. Sikeena (feat. Omar Offendum
14.The Arab Speaks of Rivers by Omar Offendum
15. Blasta Ut Den by (ve erk) by Gonza-Ra
17. Ghetto Miisstanka by Bigge Juke
18. Ohjad by Hoax
19. Dancehall by Tarrus Riley
20. Under the Scymore Tree by Lady Saw
21.Rubbers by Frisco Kid
22.Knock Knock by DJ Koze
23. Friends by J Cole
24. Far Beyond by Del the Funky Homosapien
25. Diamond in the Back by Curtis Mayfield


Non-stop Sizzle on your Audio Atlas with DJ Paulitics!

May 9, 7pm

When you drink with a warrior, you learn about your soul… So, when DJ Paulitics teams up with Elby Ross and Southboy, you’ll find your heart can be broken again, but can never be lost… It’s all on this week’s Sizzle or Fizzle?


1. Happy Cycling by Boards of Canada
2. Heaven is Between Her Legs by Ras G
3. Lateral Thinking/Far Beyond by Del the Funky Homosapien
4. Friends by J Cole
5. Grey by Saba
6. Holy Grail by Gemitaiz
7. Darwaza by Alka Yagnik
8. Pyar Karne Wale by Lata Maneshkar
9. Paper Man by Ray LaMontagne
10. Black Car by Beach House
11. Song For You by Rhye, Mansionair
12. Best Friends by Little Dragon
13. Better Than That by Govana
14. Expensive Tears by Jah Lil
15. A Who Nuh Know by Gully Bop
16. I Know the Score by Frankie Paul John Schroeder
17. Lately I’ve Been Thinking by Sizzla
18. Splashing Dashing by Garnett Silk
19. Big or Small by Bounty Killer
20. Poor Milionaire by Gregory Issacs
21. Rock This A Riddim by Junior Reid
22. Love is what I do by Barry Dave Brown
23. Stalk of Sensimilla by Mykal Leslie Rose
24. If Jah by Tony Rebel
25. Ghetto People song by Everton Blender
26. It’s me again Jah by Luciano
27. Untold Stories by Buju Banton
28. The Ackee Tree by Busy Signal