Springing Forward on the Ocean of Hypnotism with DJ Paulitics on your Audio Atlas!

March 21, 7pm

Spring and the Persian New Year, Nowruz is here and we celebrate it by rowing into the rough and calm oceans of musical hypnotism!!! As we cruise down the sweet and sour rivers of harmony, our ears are soothed and disturbed from everything from Indian Drum n’ Bass, Slovenian folk, Scary German Hardcore, Dancehall, Trance-inducing French oldies, and the latest from Sango, City Kay, Moby, and Busy Signal… We’re trying to keep dry on this rainy night, but we keep the drinks flowing… We also learn more about Stormy Daniels because before the internet, I hop into the net!.. Check my vibe, check my history, and buy me a whiskey, you damn Lasagna-Heads!!!



1. Remembering Puttaparthi by Shambo
2. Decca/Eclipse by Talvin Singh
3. Mustt Musst (Massive Attack Remix) by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
4. Strange Things by City Kay
5. Wanna Dub by Groundation & Robby
6. Nowruz by DSM
7. Dilis Saari by Soinari Ensemble
8. Novy Rok Nam Nastava by Dusan Holy
9. Chaharmezrab-e Dashti by Arshad Tamasebi
10. Nowruz by Hossein Alizadeh
11. Koobe-ei, Pt 2 by Rastak
12. Serezade I I by Esudios Talkback
13. Stastny Novy Rok/Happy New Year by Veselka
14. Vade Retro by Laibach
15.Stahlversion by Einsturzende NeuBauten
16. Bunkertor 7 (SCFM Texture) by :Wampscut:
17. Kain Und Abel by Das Ich
18. Apricot by Sven Vath
19. Cut off by Busy Signal
20. Dance for Feelings by Sango
21. Ceremony of innocence by Moby
22. Le Diliemme by Jacques Dutronic
23. Ou est la Tosca by Michel Pulnareff
24. Skriven Iza Laznih Imena by Haustor
25. Yes My Baby, No by Buldozer
26. Being for the Benefit of Mr.

Radish Pepper and Liberian Decorations Day on Audio Atlas Sound-System w/ DJ Paulitics!

March 14, 8pm

DJ Paulitics, Mogadishu Mike, and the Ancient Whore know the story of Buzzball Brent and his Tiny Moths of Gideon Featuring Candray Oaks and Ship-Sheema!!.. We are Reminded that when you worry, you suffer twice… So, we unleash the elixir and beefaroni-fueled Space Force to carry on with the rest of your dishes! You’re all a bunch of Stawberry-Heads! 



1. Kongai Music and Story
2. Children’s Counting Song
3. Liberia: From the Dance of the Sessions
4. Xylophone Duet by Peter Giddings
5. I know a Country by Anthony Barclay
6. Ejo by Mr. Henries IV
7. Kalaman by Big J
8. Tu-Ke-Ka-Ya-Tu by Tukun J
9. Meh ta Nah by Gebah & Maudeline
10. Border Girl by Young Fathers
11. Lemon Glow by Beach House
12. Pure Love Dub by Diana Rutherford
11. Fighting for Nothing by Etana
12. Bless my Life by Chezidek, Warrior King
13. World peace by Capleton and Elijah Prophet
14. All I See is War by Sizzla & Junior Kelly
15. Bout Noon by Protoje
16. Raggamuffin by Koffee
17. Revelation by Richie Spice
18. Lift up your Head by Everton Blender
19. Why must i Cry? by Peter Tosh
20. It was the Long Way by Junior Byles
21. Joy in the Morning by Alton Ellis
22. Illico Presto by MC Solaar
23. Lehna by Melaaz
22. Sans Vous by Marwa Loud
23. Five Moons (Feat. Chela) by Damian Lazarus
24. It Makes you Forget (Itgehane) by Peggy Gou
25. Egypt Express by Dr. Dru
26. Pop out by Lil Yachty

We are going to Kosovo whether you like it or not W/ DJ Paulitics on your Audio Atlas!

March 7, 4am

It’s a modest experiment for a specific slice of our market…. At the time when you ‘had it’, did you feel that it was yours?…. We’re going to explore that seemingly false notion… This is a great radio program that you should listen to…. I suggest you do,… and if you do,.. you find out the truth……    You are Hidden and seen…….

We are exploring the world of Kosovar Tallavava… and your love life …..

1. Super Tallava
2. My Te Ura E by Takimit
3. Tallava Barhda
4. Moj Bije by Xheta
5. Dada Sale by Bharda
6. Jaman Jaman by Labinot Beqiri
7. Tallava 11 by Meti Maloku
8. Kosovo Ravno Kosovo by Dragan Kojovic Toplicanin
9. Jo, nuk ndahet Mitrovica by Shkurte Fejza
10. Minata Waraba- Sampha remix by Oumou Sangare, Sampha
11. Mountains of Gold by Everything is Recorded feat. Sampha, Ibeyi
12. Sinful by Rhye
13. Sway Daisy by Little Dragon
14. Bound by Zola Jesus
15. Happiness x Tell me by Tory Lanez
16. Because I’m me Bondax remix by The Avalanches
17. Masha Allah (from Saawaariya) by Monty Sharma, Kunal Ganjawala
18. Move on by Sunidhi Chauhan
19. Panjabi Boys by DJ Vix, Bhinda Jatt
20. Inna D Ghetto by Assassin
21. Burning Love by Bushman
22. Cruzing by Jah Cure
23. Real Love by Konshens
24. I’m still in love with you by Sean Paul and Sasha
25. Oh Carolina by Shaggy
26. Whiney Whiney by Willie One Blood


Come with DJ Paulitics to the Dominican Republic on Audio Atlas Sound-System!!

February 28, 4am

…..I traveled to the Dominican Republic…. and it was one of the happiest times of my life….. And tonight on Dominican Republic Independence Day, I am featuring the beautiful, entrancing, and hypnotic riddims that I grew to love…. Merengue and Bachata y mas!… Tune into Audio Atlas Sound-System from 10pm-12am with your host, yours truly, DJ Paulitics on … Also stream it live on your tunein app…. Tweet a friend and snapchat your crush……





1. El Quemaito by Francisco Ulloa
2 Compadre Piruncha by Fefita La Grande
3. Si te Agarro No Te by El Ciego de Nagua
4. Abajo de la Cama by Rafaelito Roman
5. El Caballo Palomo by Alfredo Gutierrz
6. me enganä by 100% Merengue
7. Que raro by kinito Mendez
8. : Merengue Elentronico by Omega
9. : odio gitano by Jose manuel calderon
10.Que Vuelva by Raulin Rodriquez
11. Si Quieres Volver by Anthony Santos
12. Si Quieres Volver by Anthony Santos
13. Yo Quisiera Amaria by Aventura
14. e Quiero Igual que by Monchy Y Alexandra
15. Eres Mia by Romeo Santos
16. Magenta Riddim by DJ Snake
17. Legbegbe by Mr. Real, Obadice
18. Weekend by Sheebah, Runtown
19. Believe in me by Yaw Bannerman
20. Mountauns of Gold by Everything is recorded
21. Bout Non by Protoje
22. Time by U.S. Gi

The Jungle River told DJ Paulitics that he was Stubborn on Audio Atlas Sound-System

February 23, 1am


On this chapter of Audio Atlas Soundsystem with DJ Paulitics and Mogadishu Mike, our adventurer finds himself afflicted with dengue fever on a small canoe through Vietnam’s Song Thach Han river with a small barely-operating transistor radio gently playing the music of yesteryear… It was a journey somewhere between misty bliss and frightful anxiety…. A sound spit slightly induced by the wizardry of kratom and the lustful longings of the woman they left and lost on a jungle creek far away and never to be seen again…….


1. Hon Vong Phu 1&2 by Nhat Truong.
2. Buon Tan Tu – Anh Tuyet by Van Cao.
3. Bong Nho Duong Chieu by Thanh Tuyen.
4. Mua Nua Dem by Huong Lan.
5. Ngay Xuan Do Co Em by Duy Quong.
6. Han Mac Tu by Thai Chau.
7. Ly Ngua O by Phuong Dung.
8. Wah Yee Bo / 華怡保 – 綉荷包 (Chinese disco, Taiwan 1980)
9. Zou Juan Juan / 邹娟娟 (psych disco, Taiwan 1978)
10. 水長流 – 黄清元
11.Eso Eso Phire Eso by Santosh Sengupta
12. Saanwariya Re Saanwaria Re by Aavid Jamal
13.Rum Jhum Jhum Jhum by Kazi Nazrul Islam.
14.Raggamuffin by Koffee.
15. Give a little love by Christopher Martin.
16.Dawg by Busy Signal.
17. Yolo YOLO by Seeing Shay.
18. Fallait Pas by Marwa Loud.
19. T.R.W. by Soolking, Alonzo.
20. Worth My While by Bootsy Collins, Kali Uchis.
21. Seasons by Mozzy, Sjava, Reason.
22. Something New by SiR, Etta Bond.
23. Lemon Glow by Beach House.
24.Sinful by Rhye.
25. Ah Ndiya by Oumou Sangare
26. Tekere by Salif Keita
27. Agolo by Angelique Kidjo

Mardi Gras/Carnival Bursting with Bacchanalia w/ DJ Paulitics on Audio Atlas Sounds-system!…

February 14, 9pm

A confluence of events came together at once… My Birthday, Fat Tuesday, Trinidadian/Brazilian Carnival, and Valentine’s Day… Hmmm,.. I had no problem coming up with a show theme this week… We were also joined by our special guest, Big Chill West Coast, a local artist and filmmaker, as we discuss the finer points of our trip to Port of Spain and the infamous man, myth, and legend, Phil G… So, grab a Hurricane, Caipirinha, or a Carib and join us for 2 hours of moments….. Very special moments we share…



1. Mardis Gras Parade by Emile Chrstian
2. Mardis Gras by Pierre Kwenders
3. While we danced at Mardis Gras by Sharkey Bonano
4. Mardis Gras make Ho Na Nae by Bo Dollis
5. Go to the Mardis Gras by Professor Longhair
6. Mardis Gras by Gino Vanelli
7. Go to the Mardis Gras/Iko Iko by Horace Trahan
8. Funeral Procession/Walk through the streets by Magnificent Seven
9. Bouncin Back by Mystikal/Pharrell
10. Overdue by Erphaan Alves
11. De Repente de la de la E dirrapente by G.R.E.S.Portela
12. Bravos Males, saga de luiza Mahim by Alegria
13. Hello by Kes
14. Jump by RDX
15. Fog up Marzville
16. Split in the Middle by Freezy
17. You Make Me Feel Brand New by Boris Gardner
18. I wanna be down by Tony Curtis
19. Time by Benjy Myaz
20. Pretty Little Angel by Simpleton
21. Number 2 by Terroe Fabulous


Armed with Armenian Beats and Love Hail Mary’s on your Audio Atlas with DJ Paulitics!

February 7, 4pm

On this episode of Audio Atlas Soundsystem, DJ Paulitics finds himself on the verge madness and telling any rodeo clown who would listen to him through the crevices of a Bolivian prison about Translator’s Day in Armenia and Waitaingi Day in New Zealand… We’re on that UK Garage and reggae dancehall tip as well because when learn to paddle-board yoga and cook Peruvian steak, you keep pressure off your life and keep off the grime… We love you, sports mija… That’s why we throw up the love hail mary!


1. Shabkhand by Mir Maftoon
2. Hye Achtchig by Paul Baghdadilian
3. Chga qez Nnam Anush by Anna Hovannesy
4. Varel Em Momere by Tatoul Avoyan
5. Im Annam Yar by Sevek Amroyan
6. Zov Gisher by Arame
7. Monkey by Rouben Hakhvard
8. Ka Mate ka Mate by Aotorea Maori
9. Poi E by Patea Maori Club
10. Whiti te Marama by Majic Paora
11. E tipu e rea by Brannigan Kaa
12. Utaina by New Zealand Singers
13. Koreortia Mai te Reo Maori Volcanics
14. Karu Karu by The H-Marks
15. Tu Whenea by Prince Tui Teka
16. My Kinda Girl by Beres Hammond
17. Help the Weak by Chronixx, Capleton
18. Breadman by Sytlo G, Junir Reid
19. Tomorrow by Nightmares on Wax
20. Superstylin’ by Groove Armada
21. Jump and Shout by Basement Jaxx
22. Battle by Wookie
23. Sincere by MJ Cole
24. Always be there by Basement Jaxx
25. Something about us by Daft Punk
26. I don’t wanna lose your love by Bobby Caldwell
27. Call my name by Prince

It’s not nearly all Greek to me or you on your Audio Atlas with DJ Paulitics!

February 2, 12am


On this episode of Audio Atlas Sound-system, we take you on an Ouzo and Kalamata olive-fueled journey through some place called “Greece” in celebration of the Three Holy Hierarchs,…It is a place where democracy was born and god’s ate their own children… A bunch of other stuff happened too throughout the years including the amazing sounds of Laïko and Rebetiko music generated by the rockin’ bouzouki…. When I told you Athens ain’t no joke, I was being straight up… I had made you fall in love again guided by gallons of Tsipouro in your cranium… You want no ice cream love…It’s too confusing…. (Stick around for newest from Nightmare’s on Wax and a mix to make you completely rethink your direction in life…. Snap tang it and grip bang it!……



1. Zeus by Richard Kiley
2. Cruel Mother in Law by Antonis Diamatid
3. The cool guys are complaining by Adonis Kalivopoulos
4. EhoNa Matho by nikos ikonomopoulos
5. Soma Mou by notis sfakianakis
6. Den Eisai I Katalili by Panos Kiamos
7. Bravo Sou Kira Mou by Pashalis Terzis
8. Ida ki epatha kyra mou by Anna Chrysafi
9. Pou na vro gyneka by Babis Tsertos
10. To entechno Tou by Zontani nekri
11. S ‘Enaskyladiko Palio by Christos Dantis
12. Koita soma by Lefteris Pantazis
13. O Polieftis by Dionysis Savvopo
14. My little Kastelorizo by Aggeliki Roditi
15. pyretos tosavvatovra by Imiskoubria
16. Mia istoria by Thrio
17. Na tis peis by Konstantinos Argir
18. Ti Koitas by Eleni Foureira
19. Shape the future by Nightmares on wax
20. The Strain by Blockhead
21. At the River by Groove Armada
22. Christiansands by Tricky
23. You’re not alone by Olive
24. Brown paper bag by Roni Size
25. Tarrus Riley by Superman
26. Carress me by Romain Virgo

Jump for Bubbles with DJ Paulitics on Audio Atlas Sound-system!

January 24, 6pm

Wine and fool dogs… it’s always the same thing, right?… But wait…Here me out…We have the latest in Kerala beats as well as Dancehall that will make your Malt Strawberry go into something you care about…. Featuring new tracks by Richie Spice, Koffee, and big slow jams to the mix to the max… It’s the only show that encourages you to play with Czech fire!… And a bonus rarities from Thailand you can play on your boat!


1. Kannile Poika by Ganesh Sundaram,Sowmya Ramakrishnan
2. Nee Njangade by Aristo Suresh
3. Indian Flute by Timbaland and Magoo
4. Addictive by The Truth Hurts Feat. Rakim
5. Don’t know what to tell ya by Aaliyah
6. Arab Money by Busta Rhymes
7. Navel by Cupkakke
8. Girlfriend by Busta Rhymes, Vybz Kartel
9. Kremlin by Vybz Kartel
10. Stay so by Busy Signal
11. I can do it by Darrio
12. Family not friend by Iba Mahr
13. Nuh play ting by Luciano
14. Revelation by Richie Spice
15. Why should I by I-Octane
16. Ah Me and Jah by Tarrus Riley
17. Future Queen by Charly Black
18. Burning by Koffee
19. Trouble by Romain Virgo
20. Rycta by Zrn
21. Calling them all away by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
22. Something New by SiR, Etta Bond
23. Oh Yeah by Robert Glasper, Musiq Soulchild
24. Don’t you forget it by Glenn Lewis
25. Show you the way by Thundercat

***Stuff I bought in Thailand Special Remix******

Special War and Peace edition of Audio Atlas with guest, Military analyst, Eric Reyes.

January 17, 10pm

On this episode of Audio Atlas Sound-system with DJ Paulitics, special guest, Eric Reyes, a military analyst, joins us live in-studio for an informative and real discussion on today’s geopolitical global hot-spots from North Korea, ISIS, The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and Russia among many other things…. Get out your atlas and listen in as we try to explain and solve the world’s issues… Goes great with a creme brulee and bottle of Frangelico!