Special War and Peace edition of Audio Atlas with guest, Military analyst, Eric Reyes.

January 17, 10pm

On this episode of Audio Atlas Sound-system with DJ Paulitics, special guest, Eric Reyes, a military analyst, joins us live in-studio for an informative and real discussion on today’s geopolitical global hot-spots from North Korea, ISIS, The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and Russia among many other things…. Get out your atlas and listen in as we try to explain and solve the world’s issues… Goes great with a creme brulee and bottle of Frangelico!


Beat up your sauce lab with DJ Paulitics on your Audio Atlas Sound-system!

January 10, 6pm

We’re starting 2018 off with a purple and teal ferocious tornado of sound as your traveling team of DJ Paulitics, Mogadishu Mike, and the Ancient Whore give you an onslaught of the latest riddims from Jamaica and the finest and most hypnotic current vibrations from Africa… We’re also celebrating Martyrs’ Day in Panama with some select cuts from that Central American paradise… (you won’t wanna miss the benefaction from Two-Gun Smokey!) We’ve also got the Serb mix in recognition of the Day of the Republika Srpska… We also pay tribute the late French singer France Gall who left us for the big Eiffel Tower in the sky this week… as well as a few silly, off-the-wall surprises.. So, take a seat, Satan… Racists can’t enter Zion!


1. Don’t drink too much by Macka B
2. Rise Again by Busy Signal
3. No devil by Chuck Fender
4. Put in the work by Darrio, Everton Blender
5. Where is by Turbulence
6. Rude Boy Shufflin by Israel Vibrations
7. Pressure Buss Pipe by Roun Yah
8. Nuh weh by Teflon
9. Rude boy steppin by Dee Lite
10. Pedro Navaja by Ruben Blades
11. Fire Down Below by Lord Panama
12. Vacation by Two Gun Smokey
13. Colon Colon by Lord Cobra
14. Sincelejos by Teresin Jaen
15. Flor de Papel by Ulpiano Vergara
16. El Fantasma del amor by Lucho de Sedas
17. Dale Que Te Vienen by Samy y Sandra
18. Nipe Nikupe by Offside Trick
19. Eneka by Diamond Platnumz
20. Pon my Mind by Maleek Berry
21. Yeba by Kiss Daniel
22. My Body (Kenkede) by Victoria Kimani
23. It’s not alie by D’banj
24. Ej Cija Frula by Cun Gojkovich
25. Sta Znaci by Sesma Suijjakovic
26. Preko Okeana by Jasmin Muharemo
27. Frankenstein by France Gall
28. Poupee de Cire by France Gall
29. Tatlong Vibe by Acapello

Sufi mysticism in the age of sculptured urban denials on your Audio Atlas with Paulitics!

December 1, 5pm


….We groggily came to the realization when we awoke that the Bus of Divorce was leaving town; Negative feelings absolved through the French Caribbean reggae… plastic tied like a pretzel through our noses…. Had you come earlier and at the right time, you would have understood my Sufi roots through the taste-buds of your veil…… ey, Blood,.. you feeling hella woke though, right?….   I am an Israelite… My native language is Hebrew… I can’t speak it because I lost it, but it’s my native language….

The Playlist… more or less…. (look up your local fishery or listen closely to find out more about a certain orange ruby:


1. Allah Hoo Allah Hoo by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
2. Man of Wool by Dhafer Youssef, Markus Stockhausen, Dieter Ilg, Doug Wimbish, Will Calhoun
3. Whirling Dervish by Omar Faruk Tekbilek
4. Main Fakir Mera Yaar Fakira by Rekha Bhardwaj
5. Phir Mujhe Deeda-E-Tar Yaad Aaya by Mehdi Hassan
6. Del-e-Parishan by Davoud Azad
7. Body Memory by Björk
8. Be Careful What You Wish For by Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds
9. Trump’s Private Pilot (Father John Misty Version) [Bonus Track] by Father John Misty
10. Kutonga Kwaro by Jah Prayzah
11. Ad Nidya by Ounou Sangare
12. Shine Eye Gal by Shabba Ranks, Mykal Rose
13. You Bring Me Joy by Luciano
14. My Heart by Richie Spice
15. Deadly Valentine by Charlotte Gainsbourg



Fun, an assortment of liquor, and scrumptious frog legs with Paulitics on your Audio Atlas!

November 22, 4pm


There was a moment in time that you have to stop wearing what your parents dressed you in and learn how to adorn yourself with your own colored and meaningful cloth…. It is the pivotal moment that you make the serious decision to play the latest in French Hip-Hip, Brazilian Baile Funk, Lover’s Rock Reggae, Bosnian Sevdalinka, and Ethiopian Fire….. I know that it takes a taste of Bajan flying fish to succeed and sometimes you want to ‘rest on your laurels’… but there are lovers who want to fall in love to your selection of music… That’s what I bring to the Thanksgiving table. You never left… You were always here!


1. Elevation by Rabit
2. Intro Astro by Dooz Kawa
3. Mauvaise graine by Dooz Kawa
4. Zone (feat. Nekfeu & Dizzee Rascal) by Orelsan, Nekfeu, Dizzee Rascal
5. Roro by Ninho
6. L.U.T.T.E by Disiz La Peste
7. Rue de la peine by Kery James, Toma
8. Rappeur 2 force by Medine
9. C’est pas pareil by Seth Gueko
10. Edgar by Kool Shen
11. Mephisto Iblis by Mc Solaar
12. Interlude Joey Starr by Seth Gueko
13. Ritmo Mexicano by Mc Gw
14. Tô Boladão by MC Hollywood
15. Better Than The Stars by Christopher Martin
16. All That I’m Asking by Queen Ifrica
17. Troubles Away by Ginjah
18. California by Richie Spice
19. Time Has Come by Spiritual
20. Zimbabwe by Bob Marley & The Wailers
21. Nyamaropa by Various Artists / Explorer Series
22. Supermen by Dino Merlin, Željko Joksimović
23. Tako tiho by Zdravko Colic
24. Zlatokosa djevojcica by Nedžad Salković
25. Kad jednom odem by Silvana Armenulic
26. Galbi by Soapkills
27. Da’ouny ‘Ajoud by Lena Chamamyan
28. Yaa by Gullen Simba
29. Ahmed Ali Ahmed-Cantar
30. Write at Home by Talib Kweli, Datcha, B

Different ways to get to another time in Colombia through your Audio Atlas with Paulitics

November 18, 5pm

On a bright corner of the darkest plaza in Medellin, there is a cat-eyed man named “Dagger”. He’ll sell you a 50 cent shot of rum and he seeks no special permission to read off a list of whales he has compiled over the course of 70 years from his tattered pink notebook. He also makes bread which he calls “Lamb” for no explicable reason…. The compendium favor him as he trots on towards our sullen place and rescues our hearts from the contravention of the elements clause… In other words, welcome to the Colombian time machine… And thank you coming….


1. People Change by Bascom X
2. I’m doin’ me by Lloyd Brown
3. Vigilant by Randy Valentine
4. Happiness Station by Randy Valentine
5. So precious by Sizzla
6. Monsieur Bigote by Carlos Vives
7. Vallenatos Colombia by Cumbia a Colombia
8. Cumbia San Jacintera by Javier Lopez
9. Diana by Grupo Vallenato 2000
10. El Coleccionista by 16 Exitos de Colombianos Vallenatos
11. La Escoba by Relicario Vallenato
12. Un Mundo Raro by Jinetes del Vallenato
13. Parranda con Osama by Milenio Vallenato
14. Politicos Raperos by Macondo Old Star
15. El Chupaflor by Ivan Cuesta
16. El Hombre Ensillo by Charles King “El Palenquero Fino”
17. El Akien by Mister Black
18. Mangaina Vae Ya by Grupo son son
19. Champeta mix by DJ Julio from Invasion de Champeta
20. Terapia mix by DJ Dico from Invasion de Champeta
21. Perreo Mundial by DJ Dico from Invasion de Champeta
22. El Argentino by Boris Zambrano from Invasion de Champeta
23. El Tropio Trago by El Jork from Champetas Mundiales
24. Lengua by Wiz-key
25. Videoplay by Paz
26. Champeta pa’ baila by Luly LaNarvaez
27. Thunder Moon Gathering by James Holden
28. Maria Mapulane Thibiri by Jonti
29. Making Distracttions by Kllo
30. raingurl by Yaeji
31. Take me to your leader by Walker & Royce

Micronesian, Kyrgyz, and Belorussian Holidays on your Audio Atlas with DJ Paulitics!

November 11, 8pm


Melissa in Sofia, Ted Terror in Muscat, and the Ambien Walrus know what’s up as they help me celebrate three national holidays in Belarus, Micronesia, and Kyrgyzstan…. And then we have a dance party with Jamaican pirates, who help us make insect cash (origami bugs made out of Indian Rupees). It will make you laugh in your sleep and dance with strangers in the dark. Full-on Cat-fishing style!


1. Jebua Stick Dance by Marshall Islands Tribe
2. Dances of Satawal by Yap Tribe
3. Te Bino – Sitting Dance by Kiribati Tribe
4. Ay nuru (Moonlight) by Salamat Sadikova
5. Kosh kayruk by Kambarkan Folk Ensemble
6. Belek (Gift) by Ensemble Tengir-Too
7. The Best: “Selfish, Tango cocaine; Child of Vice” by Boris Moiseev
8. Inside The Black Case by Randomajestiq
9.One with the Grey Spirit by Darkestrah
10. Алиса (памяти А. Ротаня) by Bi-2
11. Ostrov by Dreamlin
12. Летние дни by Dreamlin
13. Take Me To Your Leader – Extended Mix by Walker & Royce, Dances With White Girls
14. Amene – Radio Edit by Andhim
15. Revenge by Ronnie Spiteri
16. Tonight’s the Night – Sub Dub Smash Version by Bunny Rugs, Gregory Morris
17. Really Like You (Jazzrausch Bigband Version) by Sara Lugo, Jazzrausch Bigband, Protoje
18. 410 San Miguel (feat. Ernest Ranglin) by Mista Savona, Ernest Ranglin
19. 400 Years by Jesse Royal
20. Come In by Chezidek
21. Confession by rekall, Red Fox
22.Truths & Rights by Protoje, Mortimer
23. Everlasting by Junior Natural, Sly & Robbie
24. I’m Doin’ Me by Lloyd Brown
25. Can’t stop a man by Beres Hammond
26. Prettiest thing by Christopher Martin
27. Keep Calm by dvsn
28. Message In A Bottle by Ty Dolla $ign
29. Dead man’s tune by Cornelious

Zambian Independence Day in the Post-Love Era on your Audio Atlas with DJ Paulitics!

October 25, 11pm


Glitchy and then bitchy is what we heard on this Zambian Independence Day as a sweaty DJ Paulitics rushed from the Oakland Airport just in time to spin the latest and greatest in Roots and Dancehall Reggae, South African House, Afro-pop, Mongolian Throat singing, Saharan dreams from Niger, and an ode to Korean indie rap….. He was joined by Mogadishu Mike, Ancient Whore, Distorted Speed Dog, DJ Cold Soak, and DJ Whore Frost and a bucket of Four Lokos!… It was said, in the time of our greatest poetic visions of Victoria Falls that the tactial inspections of the past that we either live in the pre-love, post-love, or in-love era… It is that experience that defines us as we eat a $15 Ceasar Salad… Who buys that shit?… I do!… and I am somewhat ashamed of my life choices… Get at me on your titter tweet line… You’ll be fine. When the Scarecrow dances and the frogs jump, we collectively rejoice… Can life be this good?… I think you’ll know the answer if you watch basketball.


1. Räbädäbä Däi Däi by Anssi Mänttäri
2. Lord Fuck by Helge Schneider
3. Tempo De Amor (feat. Cèu) by Herbie Hancock, Céu
4. Talyat by Tinariwen
5. Eerbek Aksy by Huun-Huur-Tu
6.All That I’ve Got by Javada
7. Body To Body by Qraig
8. Come Close by Kenny Smith
9. Truths & Rights by Protoje, Mortimer
10. Jamaica by RDX
11. Hot Tool by Aidonia
12. All Aboard by Vybz Kartel
13. Planet by Four Tet
14. Deadman by Juju & Jordash
15. Oe Batla Kae by De Mogul SA, Ms Mo, Makhensa
16. Gbefun by Base One, Small Doctor
17. Mettez Vos Snaps by DJ Anilson, DJ Vielo, Nat, Dany
18. Zaranza by Nerú Americano
19. Nhema by ExQ, Killer T
20. Maradona by Niniola
21. Sitya Loss by Eddy Kenzo
22. Mwambazi by Amayenge
23.Ba Pumpa by Distro Kuomboka
24. Nakufele by PK Chisala
25. If Time Is Money (Fly Navigation) [feat. Method Man] by Wu-Tang Clan, Method Man
26. drink i’m sippin on by yaeji

Live out your roller-gained gripping fantasy on your Audio Atlas w/ DJ Paulitics!

October 19, 6pm

On this episode, The devil seizes Hannibal’s funeral to do what he wants. Will you get a job in the governorate? As we celebrate Haiti’s Dessaline’s Day with some Zouk and Jazz fusion, we congregate towards less hunger and more unbridled slickness with the Lovers Rock Reggae mix for our beloved plumber, Ravioli Devvers… We also got that nasty and hard-hitting Dance-hall mess and Latino Urbano to get your mija or mijo all riled up….We feature Miss Alina y Guacamole and her bottom’s-up Richter-scale! Can’t you start it without Lebanese turbo-ramifications and the neon blaster of Asia on glass? Strike it!



Track=listing for your space beside your head:

1. Merci Dessalines by Exodus
2. Dessalines Square by Franck Biyong
3. Logos by King Krule
4. untitled 06 | 06.30.2014. by Kendrick Lamar
5. Keep Calm by dvsn
6. Prettiest Thing by Christopher Martin
7. Leave People Business Alone by Christopher Martin and Romain Virgo
8. Not Good Enough by Jah Vinchi
9. Jealousy by Nesbeth
10. Never Thought by Sensamotion
11. Annie by Spotlight
12. Woei Woei Brazil by Harry Toddler
13. Bridgets & Desert by Tommy Lee Sparta, Shenseea
14. El Chapo by Popcaan
15. L’attrape-nigaud by Mc Solaar
16. Pourquoi J’pense à La Mort ? by 7 Jaws
17. Minato by Blaiz
18. Schnell machen by Sa4, Bonez MC, Gzuz
19. El Pito by Tinyo RD
20. Uzi by El Alfa
21. El Motorcito by Lirico En La Casa
22. Limonada Coco by Musicologo The Libro
23. Akrab Sadrek Samara Alsamara by Dabke
24. Abalek Naghem by Ragheb Alama
25. Aşkım Unutacağım by Ankaralı Namık
26. 我的新衣 (feat. Ty. & 王倩倩) by VaVa, 王倩倩, Ty.
27. Future Cαke by YUC’e
28. ҉.·.·* ́ ̈.·*:・✧๑ඕั ҉ by ⣎⡇ꉺლ༽இ•̛)ྀ◞ ༎ຶ ༽ৣৢ؞ৢ؞ؖ ꉺლ
29. Inspector Jay from Dehli by Dan The Automator
30. Burn Out Blues by Washed Out
31. Beat’n Beat’n by Vybz Kartel
32. Gal by Bounty Killer

Audio Atlas with Paulitics celebrates our new time slot 10pm-12am Tuesdays with Corn!

October 11, 7am

 Audio Atlas Sound-system is celebrating our new time slot from 10pm to 12am every Tuesday night with a mix of my new and old favorites from hypnotic indie music to make you enjoy kissing more…. along with that Ethiopian fire, some great roots reggae, Bollywood hits and dreamy Arab hits that will send you to space and enjoy not being mauled alive by white tigers… We also have that AFRO fire to make you rethink how you feel about about the op-eds in the New York Times…. Every one who listened skipped their kale diet for a day and ate a corn-dog!!!!!


1. Man from the audience by Arkestra One
2. Aqurius by Boards of Canada
3.. Burne out Blues by Blockheah
3. Sutrix by Talvin Singh
5. I Love My India by Hariharan, Kavita Krishnamurthy, Shankar Mahadevan, Aditya Narayan, Nadeem Shravan
6 Lal Lal Honthon Pe by Kumar Sanu, Alka Yagnik, Anu Malik
7. Sach Te Supna by Amrit Maan, Gag Studioz
8 Balama by Drupatee
9. Bumbum Que Hipnotiza by Mulher Melancia
10. Open The Tcheka by Mc Lan
11. My Pussy É o Poder by Gaiola das Popozudas
12. Draydreami’ by MC Solaar
14. Conte a Todos by Sango15.
15. Affo Trap by MHD
16. Mambo Rijo by Nerú Americano
17. Xe Mana Bella (Main Mix) by Boddhi Satva, DJ Satelite, Fredy Massamba
18. Pretty Please by Shabba Ranks
19. Dancé Dancé by Jah Lude
20. Lebi yu Zebges by Orion Salih
21. #NowPlaying Yemejemeriyay by Ephrem Tamiru
22. Baa Tou Boodan by Mahmoudi, Sataar, Anoushirvan Rohani
24. Fouraq Ghazaly by Samira Said
25. Iddamak Hallayn by Nawal Al Zoghbi
26. #NowPlaying Call On The Father by Beres Hammond
27. Love Me by Chris Martin
28. Per Me È Importante by Tiromancino
29. The Ends? by Primus

Rum Punch and Turkish Delight with DJ Paulitics and Mogadishu Mike on your Audio Atlas!

October 7, 2am

There are 459 reasons why you should listen to Audio Atlas Sound-System, but one of which is that you can’t hear these angelic riddims in the order that they are presented alongside the commentary that makes no sense or complete sense depending on your level of how you perceive my nonsense… and so,.. in that spirit, we present a show of Hypnotizing Reggae, Turkish Pop, and a few other surprises exclusive in city and county of San Francisco if not the wider world!….. Find yourself having a moment of confused clarity!



1. Don’t Pull Me Over by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
2. Peculiar Dub Extended Mix by The Abyssinians
3. Dubbing in the Valley by Errol Brown, BB Seaton
4. Good Old Days In Dub by Glen Washington
5. Life Is a Funny Thing by The Expanders
6. I’m Still in Love by Alton Ellis
7. Mi Need It by Sister Carol
8. This Old Man by Sugar Minott
9. Running Around by George Nooks
10. Teenager in Love by Razah
11. Thank You Jah by Al Campbell
12. Journey by Luciano
13. Let Me Love You by I-Octane
14. Biggest Fan by Lila Iké
15. Biggest Dub by Lila Iké
16. Cucumba by Macka B
17. Nuh Join by Vershon
18. Everyday by Masicka
19. # 1 by Busy Signal
20. Ya Bu İşler Ne by Mabel Matiz
21. Çok Çok by Edis
22. Yolla by Tarkan
23. Delinin Yıldızı by Vega
24. Koştum Hekime by Burak King
25. Sayın Seyirciler by Ozan Doğulu, Ece Seçkin
26. Elo Chapo by Popcaan (Exclusive!)
27. Running Bear by Johnny Preston
28. Running Home to You by Bee Caves
29. Sape Sape by Abou Nidal feat. Serge Beynaud
30. An Deni Kan Bai Sogoma by Oumou Sangare
31. Humility by Kamasi Washington
32. Hó Bá Lá Lá by João Gilberto