Bad Girl Beats

BGB: Italo Disco Part Deux

Friday, December 4

If you enjoyed the first Italo Disco show from Bad Girl Beats earlier in the year, then this continuation of Italo Disco tracks will be right up your alley! Ride the space wave of the 80’s synth dance phenomenon. CLICK HERE to enjoy.

I Wanna Believe by Gina & The Flexix
Mad In Love by Kano
The Night by Valerie Dore
Can We Go (Extended Mix) by Electric Mind
Dog In The Night by Casco
American Man (Edit) by Ladies Choice
Ghost Town by Mono Band
Talking To The Night by Brian Ice
Dirty Talk by Klein & M.B.O.
Blue Room by Kirlian Camera
Dancing Therapy by IMS
Mister Game by Klapto
Machine’s Drama by The Creatures
Italo Disco Man by Gabe Catanzaro
Cold War by Oppenheimer Analysis
I’m Your Lover by Joe Yellow
Tonight (Swedish Mix) by Ken Lazslo
Desire by Roni Griffith
Do I Do by Maurice McGee
Passion by The Flirts



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