KUSF on Radio Valencia with John Hell – Playlist

Saturday, January 22, 6pm

A terrible happenstance in radio this week, as University of San Francisco sold their broadcast license of KUSF to USC Classical Public Radio. SF classical radio dinosaur KDFC has taken over 90.3FM.

Today, Saturday, January 22nd, I invited KUSF staff/DJs into the studio to play music, take calls, and talk about what’s happening.

Hour one: DJ Nobody and DJ Mun

Singapore: Tom Waits
Pachuco Cadaver: Captain Beefheart

JH with Nobody and Mun

Alice Donut: Untidy Suicides

Taking calls about KUSF

Dedicated to the Press: Betty Davis
Example 22: Laurie Anderson
Missing: Datalist

Taking calls (Ratso)

Board of Sups on the 25th this afternoon, and a rally at 1pm. The sup’s are on KUSF’s side.

Green-Eyed Lady: Vanilla Fudge
Music Automatic: Stereo Total

Do Right: Cabaret Voltaire

Hour two: John Hell with KUSF DJs Fari and The 6th Degree

It’s not Time To Say Goodbye: This Old Earthquake

Talking and taking calls.

Hour three: John Hell welcomes DJs Jantine and Amperdan, Shekky and Cellbot

Dedicated to the one I love: The Shirelles
Trying Times: Roberta Flack

Talking to Jantine, Amperdan and Shekky and Cellbot

Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio: The Ramones
Fight the Power: Public Enemy
Mighty Mighty: Baby Huey

Last 5 minutes of KUSF

Music is the World: Crown Heights Affair

John Hell welcomes KUSF DJs Germ, Shekky and Stereo Steve

Neon Beanbag: Stereolab

Hour four: Talking to KUSF DJs Germ, Shekky and Stereo Steve

Heedless: No Joy
You Girls Smoke Cigarettes: No Joy

Pushing Too Hard: The Seeds
My Black Bag: The Mermen

The Catholics Are Attacking: Pop-O-Pies
Pressure Drop: The Clash

Stars and Stripes of Corruption: Dead Kennedy’s

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  • Allison Jones says:

    Hmmm. Weird. Listened to KUSF for about 8 years while living in SF. Thank you for all the free tix to Yoshi’s. Came to look up current playlists on the site and saw the news. I will definitely follow to the web…but fear how long that will be. KUSF is a staple of SF. It was a defining element to my experience while living there. Futurebreaks, Radio Goethe, and David Bassin gave me the fix that is needed for an invigorating and progressive life. Finding it so easily on the radio every morning was like finding 20 bucks on the street every day you walk outside your door. I cant count how many times I would wake up from a stoned nap, hear a song, immediately call in, ask for the song’s title, and then ride the Muni to Amoeba to promptly buy the album. This specifically happened with 801 Live. A moment that I will remember for the rest of my life. Classical music is great, but compared to 801 Live, sandwiched between some Fela Kuti, and Freddie Hubbard? KUSF brought multiple entrees to the table…I pity the fool that made this final decision.

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