New Radio Valencia Website Launches Today

Saturday, February 5, 1pm

Today marks the launch of a kickass new website design for!

Not just a pretty face, the new website’s got brains and brawn with some custom programming to turn it into a true hub of radio station activity, with plans to add more and more over time.

Among the great improvements:

  • The “Who’s On Now” bar at the top of the front page, along with the “who’s on next” tabs (click to find out what you’ll hear in the next 2, 4, and 6 hours)
  • An automatic list of recently recorded podcasts on the Recent Shows page, which you can listen to in-page or download to your computer.
  • Title bar bling (try it out).
  • All the fun stuff we had before, except better-looking.
  • Much wider design allowing for much MORE fun stuff.

In addition, we’re now rolling out individual show blogs, authored and maintained by the DJs of those shows, to bring you in close and personal with your favorite DJs. You’ll be able to subscribe directly to these blogs from your favorite RSS reader, and subscribe to any show’s podcast via iTunes or any other podcast client.

Check out the right-hand sidebar for a list of the currently active show blogs, and watch our site for more as they become available.

Hope you like the new look! And do let us know if you find anything messed up, underwhelming, or otherwise in need of attention by commenting anywhere on our site. Cheers!

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  • Orin Z. says:

    This was the original design by Rick Abruzzo. Things have come a long way, obviously, and here’s a (very) partial list of some of the stuff that’s been done.

    • create a database for shows
    • create a database for timeslots
    • create an interface for shows & timeslots
    • give DJs access to edit their shows
    • pull show data into “Now Playing” section
    • implement Robo-DJ in “Now Playing”
    • show blog links displayed in “Now Playing”
    • Trade Gothic typeface for headlines
    • style chat area
    • listen now link in header navigation
    • real image in header
    • easily changeable header links
    • widget-able sidebars
    • comments styled better
    • ability to reply to specific comment (threaded commenting)
    • logged-in users get special comment background
    • improve compatibility for old browsers
    • friendlier 404 page
    • put stuff in footer

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