Germ Spreads 2.28.11 Playlist

Tuesday, March 8, 3pm

1st Hour
Marcus Shelby Orch. – Dance of the mission babies
Manicato – Dicen
Evelyn Evelyn – Sandy Fishnets
Bowery Boy Blue – Give ‘em what they want
Kate & Anna McGarrigle &  Elvis Costello (skips) – Ommie Wise pt 1&2
The Knuckle Knockers – The cyclone of rye cove
Billy Bragg & Wilco – At my window sad and lonely
REM – Talk about the passion
Neil Diamond – Brother Love’s  traveling salvation show
John Cale – Fear
Meri St. Mary – Oblivian
Eric Mcfadden – Run Through The Jungle

2nd Hour
Timco – Steal a car
TAD – Luminol
Cramps – Confessions of a psychocat
Carla Bley Big Band – Greasy gravy
Irving Klaw Trio – i was gone before i ever began
Sharkbait – PHLA
The Brokenmusicbox – Time
Richard and Linda Thompson – Beat the retreat
Lucinda Williams – Can’t let go
Bobby Womack – I can’t understand it
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass – The lonely bull
M.I.A. – Lovalot
Genuine Diamelles – Ruby

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