Automated FEES Systems

Tuesday, August 2, 6am

We here at NDOHD have dedicated our current activity and research to creating some of the top flexible endoscopic swallowing evaluation swallowing systems on the market. These FEES systems on short have been designed by a clinician while respecting all of the demands of actual clinicians. So the system is able to successfully aid specialists with the viewing software – which is highly intuitive and comes with an easy to use user–friendly interface. All one-touch HD recordings are a walk in the park and the great news is that we can even provide you with the choice of directly purchasing these systems, or leasing them, if you want to.

Choose The Best Systems


We encourage you to consult our service plans all FEES systems come accompanied by and let us help you make the most thoughtful choice to best suit your interests. Our FEES systems are going to provide you with 100% High Definition images and you are hence going to enjoy nothing but an extraordinary type of digital clarity that is going to help you assess your patients’ illnesses a lot easier and a lot more accurately. With the help of the High Definition camera and recording options, clinicians are going to provide their patients with the most flexible and customizable evaluation and treatment solutions ever. Just like you would pick an online casino where you could invest some real money in, picking the right system to help you out is going to require a little research, and speaking of online casinos, here is a little something on live casinos on the web.


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