Differences Between Internet Radio And Podcast

Friday, September 7, 9am

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between internet radio and podcast broadcasting? On short, the distribution technique and the type of content loaded by the two. Below you will find some more detailed aspects of the two.

Streaming Stations Allow Non-Stop Webcasting

Streaming radios enable the webcast of one or several programs on a non-stop continuous basis. As long as the software player is accurately tuned in, the radio can webcast without interruption. Webcasting is not be transmitted on a broad scale using airwaves that are open to the big public. They solely focus on the internet, and listener have no control over the audio, thus resembling the classic type of radio broadcasting. In other words, streaming equals to serving up the audio while listeners can tune in at any point and listen to the scheduled program at that time.

Podcasting – Downloading Audio Files

On the other hand, podcasting means using a program that is self-contained and which has been initially pre-recorded. After uploading it to a server for instance, the program will remain there until listeners decide to retrieve it. The play time and content of the program are to be fully decided by the listener who can download the audio file instead of steaming it. the file can be directly downloaded to the listener’s computer and played anytime he wants to. Editing is possible, and this is a huge difference between the two.

In order to play the live or recorded audio source while accessing internet radio, all you need to do is type in the address in your browser and wait for the popup player to show on your screen. You can then read the EuroKing's casino review on or check your emails online while playing your favorite internet radio, as it should immediately start to play the stream. But keep in mind you will not be able to replay any part of the program unless you decide to record it.



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