Doug & Chad of ILL CONTENT on Cold Ones Thurs Nov 8th

Thursday, November 8, 2pm

On the Thursday November 8th  episode of Cold ones & Rolled Ones with Ami Lawless, guests are Doug & Chad (x-NEUROSIS) of ILL CONTENT.  ILL CONTENT is an Oakland, CA Hardcore band founded in 2004 that once included members of INSANITY, LETHAL AGGRESSION and M.U.D.. ILL CONTENT has a new album out and is gigging on the West coast pretty regularly. Tune in for this chat and catch up with this awesome hardcore band. We will also be playing a bunch of ILL CONTENT offerings and of course the regular hardcore/punk/metal goodness that is a staple of Cold Ones. Tine in for the music/stay for the chaos!!

3 Responses

  • Chad Salter says:

    Thanks Ami !! it was great to hang out and have some fun on the show. I thought it came out great..

  • von says:

    My call was bastardized haha.. cant even hear and dont know whom i speakin with, all i can hear is doug sayin sumthin i dont know.. and like “what’s up von” 100x hehehe… but all in all, looks like u guys havin fun! it was a pleasure to have our buddies interviewed by Almighty Ami!

  • Doug Dillon says:

    Thanks Ami!! What a riot! The peanut gallery was comical and doing the live set was a blast. Great hanging out with you!

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