New Show Premieres Thursday, 10-noon: Goodness

Wednesday, July 17, 7pm


The Cosby Kid breaks out  this Thursday with his own show, Goodness, 10 a.m.-noon.
“Goodness allows me the chance to play all the other music I love,” the DJ explains. “I purposefully chose the 10-noon slot bcause I wanted to set a good tone for folks that work during the day.”
 The show promises many different types of music, including , in addition to underground hip hop, “a lot of soul, some dancehall, breakbeats, a little alt rock and some throwbacks.”  He goes on to promise, “Every record I’ve choose for the show has a very tangible soul.”
The Cosby Kid will continue co-hosting Under Raps with Mad Vatsky and Megabusive on Wednesday mornings, where he concentrates on introducing new independent and underground hip hop records.

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