4-8 a.m. Sat: Stay up! Bill Ward (Black Sabbath) on Lava Lamps

Friday, September 13, 4pm

bill vol 4Stay up for it! This Saturday from 4:00-8:00 a.m. (or what we tend to think of as late-late Friday night), Lava Lamps & 8-Track Theater offers two special interviews by Nurse Annabella. Listeners know how she loves her vintage videogame sounds, so you can imagine how excited she is to air her chat with award-winning videogame designer Rick Levine of Intellivision.

Nurse Annabella is also thrilled to present her interview with drummer extraordinaire Bill Ward, formerly of Black Sabbath. Bill discusses his new drum art project “Absence of Corners: A Collection of Rhythm on Canvas,” delves into some Hard Rock memories from the ’70s, and touches on a variety of other topics,.

As always, your host will also be playing for you yet another heavy set of the best in obscure 70’s psych rock, the aforementioned videogame sounds played live, and Retro B-movie trailers.

Photo: Bill Ward in action

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