Sat.10/12, 10-noon: ‘White Bicycles’ Kicks It Off w/SONIA & Disappear Fear live in-studio + Geoffrey Rush & ticket giveaways to Carbon Leaf

Friday, October 11, 8pm

Sonia & Disappear Fear will appear live on White Bicycles, Radio Val’s new program of “folk-ish music with an edge” (more below). Sonia & band will perform songs from Broken Film, their brand-new CD, and give away tix to their evening concert w/the Naked Barbies (reunited!) and Loretta Lynch, in the Starry Plough’s 40th Anniversary Celebration, Tix giveaway  for Carbon Leaf at the Chapel, 10/20., too. PLUS: Depth Perception features a short chat with Geoffrey Rush about The Bicycle Thief.

White Bicycles features folk-ish-music-with-an-edge from around the world (one of many reasons we’re not using the term “Americana” ) and from local sources, including the best of smart singer-songwriters, rebel-rousing progressive songs, alt-country, roots, blues, some Celtic & Cajun, a bit of bluegrass, the occasional trad, and, from time to time, live musical and comedy guests.

The film-focused Depth Perception (formerly Thursdays 5:00-6:00 p.m.) has joined forces with White Bicycles to offer interviews with contemporary directors, actors, and film-festival producers, plus reviews of current film and riffs on film trends, film’s social impact, and cinemanic gossip.

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  • Mel says:

    Loved this new show (White Bicycles) Saturday a.m.; with my short-attention span I rarely listen to an entire broadcast show, but this held me, thanks Radio Valencia – keep going. More like this!

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