Experimental Music

July 18, 4am

The term “experimental music” is primarily used to describe a particular type of music that goes beyond the strictly imposed limitations of certain genres. If you are familiar with our radio, you must also already be familiar with a series of experimental rock songs; but rock is not the only music genre where the experimental side of things goes into action. Metal or jazz are additional types of music each having its peculiar experimental face and sound. More commonly, experimental music is considered to be a mix of music genres that are easy to recognize.


Origins of Experimental Music

Experimental music was given birth to the middle of the 20th century in North America. The final result of the composer is something that no one could foretell and John Cage is the man whose creations are always associated with experimental music. The use of tape music or compositions that controlled with the help of computers characterized these creations in the past and still do now.  


Experimental Music Procedures

The use of tuning and certain instruments, scales and music rhythms that belong to the traditions that do not belong to the Western civilization is a technique that is often times used. Have you ever carefully listened to an experimental song? We recommend you do it next time you go online to play your favorite game of poker trying to get the Cosmik Casino bonus.Then you most likely heard a telephone ring and stuck your hand inside your pocket thinking it was your own phone ringing; or you must have heard a door slamming and look behind to see what’s going on. These elements of surprise that incorporate real life elements and sounds are the ones that give this type of music its unique character. The values of the volume or pitch sounds regularly used during normal songs are completely ignored when creating these compositions.


Mystic Midway – Dare To Play?

May 16, 4am

For those of you who love to explore and experiment when it comes to social spaces filed with stories, Mystic Midway definitely holds a few aces up its sleeve. Folks who are passionate about tea parties, theatre, but on the experimental side, or even social outgoings organized within communities will adore Mystic Midway. Cosplay or road trips, role-playing – they all characterize a game not many dare to play. But if you prove to be courageous enough, you will be granted permission to step further into the main story, as well as the collective story connected to the game. The game was outed at the AWE Technology Conference and it was the perfect time for new technologies to be successfully embedded in the game.  


Transmedia Performance At The Augmented World Expo


The Mystic Midway show hosted a trasnemdia performance during the Augmented World Expo held at the Convention Center in Santa Clara. The performance was called “Search for the Mysticon Codex” and it displayed a highly interactive environment. Mixed reality technologies and he intentions around the, were explored, along with the people making them possible. Barron Scott Levkoff is the creator of Mystic Midway; he expressed his content for being able to boost up the use of technology during the show with the help of 3D printing, drones, sound sculptures, or high performance know-how. Traditional theater was also united and brought to a higher level thanks to the clever way it has been included in the performance. With more than 12 active performers and plenty of setpieces or excellent live music that accompanied the event, the show was a great hit. Imagine participants being constantly called to freely explore their inner intentions and make decisions while confronting with mixed reality technologies. The Hobo King encourages participants to get real; the Snake-Oil Salesman sells them vaporware; the Lady Fortuna uses the Fortunas Oracular to guess their fortune. If she tells participants they will win the lottery, playing the New York Lottery might be a good idea. Interested? Go here and check out the site today.

Differences Between Internet Radio And Podcast

September 7, 9am

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between internet radio and podcast broadcasting? On short, the distribution technique and the type of content loaded by the two. Below you will find some more detailed aspects of the two.

Streaming Stations Allow Non-Stop Webcasting

Streaming radios enable the webcast of one or several programs on a non-stop continuous basis. As long as the software player is accurately tuned in, the radio can webcast without interruption. Webcasting is not be transmitted on a broad scale using airwaves that are open to the big public. They solely focus on the internet, and listener have no control over the audio, thus resembling the classic type of radio broadcasting. In other words, streaming equals to serving up the audio while listeners can tune in at any point and listen to the scheduled program at that time.

Podcasting – Downloading Audio Files

On the other hand, podcasting means using a program that is self-contained and which has been initially pre-recorded. After uploading it to a server for instance, the program will remain there until listeners decide to retrieve it. The play time and content of the program are to be fully decided by the listener who can download the audio file instead of steaming it. the file can be directly downloaded to the listener’s computer and played anytime he wants to. Editing is possible, and this is a huge difference between the two.

In order to play the live or recorded audio source while accessing internet radio, all you need to do is type in the address in your browser and wait for the popup player to show on your screen. You can then read the EuroKing's casino review on or check your emails online while playing your favorite internet radio, as it should immediately start to play the stream. But keep in mind you will not be able to replay any part of the program unless you decide to record it.



Producing Radio Spots – Steps To Take

August 21, 9am

If you are fascinated by the world of radio broadcasting and you would like to learn a few things about the making of a radio spot, the tips below should help you out. First of all, keep in mind that even through radio spots might resemble scripts, in reality, creating a radio spot does imply taking different steps compared to writing a script.


Establish Your General Needs And Make Them Official

First of all, you are going to need to think about your needs. When do you want our spot to run? What radio stations would you like to broadcast your spot? How about your budget, how much money can you allocate to the respective spot? Will a 15 or 30-second spot suffice? Once you have set these clear goals and details in mind, contact the person or team that is going to handle the creation process. Brief them in and let provide them with all the elements that they will need to produce the idea behind the spot.

Let them know exactly who they are addressing and inform them about the message or idea behind the spot – are you selling something, launching a new product, announcing an important company event, trying to raise funds or awareness concerning a certain topic? The creative team also needs to know what radio stations they will be addressing, so they can know how to address the age group and target the right audience.    


Creative Brief Review And Editing

If you are not the client and you need to present him with the creative brief your team has developed, do that and see if you can get his approval. If the client is not fully satisfied with your team’s idea of a script, make sure you inform them of the changes that need to be done. It is an excellent idea to have them write a couple of scripts the client will be able to review and choose from. The review that the creative team is going to complete is another critical aspect of the process. This important step will determine if all of the brief’s conditions have been respected.


Get Client Approval And Start Recording

Once the edited script is ready to be reviewed by the client, the process should lead to detailed discussions concerning the ideas behind the script and the spot in particular. Sound effects, message, tone of voice, pausing, everything needs to be crystal clear so that the client can get an idea of what the radio spot is going to sound like once it is on air. He will provide necessary feedback and ultimately give the script the green light for production. Voice recording, fine tuning, sound effects, and final adjustments are the final steps of the process.  

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A Little Something On Border Radio

July 25, 12am

Border blasters are broadcast stations that do not possess the license of an external service. However, they are used to target the audience of other countries and often times you will hear border blasters be associated with the Mexican AM types of stations, which are known to cater to the needs of large parts of the US and Canadian audiences. The special Mexican border blasters feature broadcasting signals that area a lot more powerful than the ones provided by the American radio stations.

This is why these radio stations were played all over the United States territory from the forties and to the seventies. The matter often times led to discontent on behalf of the American stations because of their overpowering by the Mexican counterparts. Unofficially, these radio stations were also referred to as the X stations because of their call sign letters – XE ad XH for broadcast radio stations.   

The Agreement Concerning Frequency Modulation Broadcasting

Mexico and the U.S. signed the Agreement Concerning Frequency Modulation Broadcasting in the 87.5 to 108 MHz Band in 1972. The agreement stipulated the previously mentioned frequency assignments between the U.S. and Mexico. Border blasters can be found even today, despite of the fact they tend to be ignore because of the general decline of the AM radios throughout the United States territory. However, a few effective radiated power AM radios comparable to those pertaining to licensed commercial radios are still to be found under the license of the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation in Mexico. The following year after the agreement has been signed, the border blaster known under the name of XERB boosted its popularity thanks to the George Lucas feature for the American Graffiti soundtrack.   


The State Of Border Blasters Today

Border blaster stations regularly use Spanish as the main broadcasting language due to the fact they mainly target the audience located at the Mexican border. There are however such radios that have also decided to cater to the needs of Latin audiences. The American side currently leases radio stations belonging to Mexican holders of license or owners of radios, then feeding programming using American radio studios. The programs reach Mexicans with the help of satellite transmitters.  There are certain imposed rules when it comes to programming. For instance, according to the regulations imposed by the Mexican government, these border radio stations are obliged to broadcast "The Mexican National Hour" each Sunday at 8 or 10pm, along with the Mexican National Anthem which needs to be aired at midnight and again at 5 am. The identification of the radio stations needs to be done in Spanish and it is usually done during commercial breaks so that the American audience does not notice it.

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Trends in Online Radio and Beyond

December 6, 9pm

The new connections that the Web permits between online radio, contests and hot shopping are amazing ways to have fun — just like what you get at Fox FM!

We want to draw your attention to some of the underlying social trends.



Prehistoric Broadcasting

When you look at Anthropology a little, you notice that we humans have always found ways to spread messages farther and wider. The Web is the latest invention for that purpose, so its essence is the same.

Internet radio has therefore boomed. Fox FM is a great example of trend-setting in this Web-powered radio renaissance, of course. The Internet basically makes radio what it was always hoped, just upgrading the transmission technology from ‘radio’ waves to bps and pixels.


We Just Wanna Have Fun

Despite all the serious business being done on the Web, one of its most widespread and important uses is to play games or enter contests. This is also a mainstay in most societies, from time immemorial.

When you play or get into a draw for a prize, the Web eliminates most of the obstacles to grabbing some quick fun whenever you want — especially with mobile entertainment. In coming years you will see ever more interesting contests. Many of them will be driven by social networks like Facebook or unique Web-radio sites like this.


Stealth Shopping

The Web makes us all shopping pros, able to zero in on exactly what we want at the right price, then get it delivered to our doors. But there are lots of new shopping and buying opportunities for you.

An example is the offers you see at Fox FM, which combines purchasing with your entertainment time. This is the trend everywhere, right? It makes sense from a consumer point of view, to be able to shop online as you explore things you’re already interested in or listen to online personalities with hot tips.

Shopping isn’t what it used to be. Nowadays we can pretty much search out and shop for anything from one seat (or one touchscreen), whether it is a service, product, piece of information, instruction or online game. This is, some would say, making the services in our society more accessible. Culture is also more available to learn and enjoy.


Explore and Express

We’re especially excited about the ways the Web give you to interact and express yourselves. Social networking is helping us all share more of ourselves, and what we like to do.

A great example is the intersection of games and online friendships. The trends have placed us at a point in history where we can even play online casino tournaments along with our friends, and even bring home an awful lot of bacon! For example, a useful site like is helping people find safe, thrilling and friendly online casinos.

Online wagering; what are we missing here?

September 13, 8pm



We in America are realizing that we may be missing out on something. It’s this whole global community thing that has gotten us a little out of whack. We have become more and more exposed to other cultures, and more and more influenced by them. We see a health care system that is less expensive and more accessible in the rest of the world, so we strive to make ours a little more like theirs. Folks in Europe do OK, so we think maybe we should try more of a socialist model.



There are plenty of examples of how we Americans are increasingly craning our necks to get a glimpse of how other people do things. Let’s take another example. Since it is as old as humanity, let’s take gambling, for instance. And since the internet is the big connectivity factor in our global community, we’ll look at online gambling.

Here in the U.S., gambling has been in and out of favor for years. Right now, it’s safe to say, we’re on the out side. The way we look at it, if someone wants to gamble, they can hop on the plane or the tour bus and head out to Vegas or AC, hit the slots, roll the dice, take in the glitz, the whole thing. Some of us are in states that have thoroughbred horse racing. The lottery is down at the corner store. And our legislators are dipping their toes into online poker laws.

The internet and the global community have come along to pinch us out of our dream world of control. We surf over to the UK and other places in Europe and discover that people gamble. Really gamble. It’s legal, regulated and a huge source of revenue for their governments. In most places in Europe, you can go online and wager on anything from the outcome of a horse race to the outcome of a political race. Anything you can find in a casino, you can find online – save the free drinks.

Call up and look at the menu. See. Folks there have a multitude of wagering options, an opportunity at a stake in almost everything. They even have a take on the old TV game show, “Deal or No Deal.” You remember …. Howie Mandel … contestants opening those briefcases one by one as the tension grew. Ladbrokes subscribers get to play that game, and do the right deal for money. Actually, anyone anywhere can play it without spending any money. As with many other games, they offer a play-for-free mode that lets anyone in.

So, gambling will eventually become another cultural conversion forced by our global exposure. Socialism? Don’t bet on it.

Becoming A Radio Host

August 2, 12am

Radio hosts are smart, funny, opinionated, and highly informed people. They have interesting personalities and they love to do a lot of talking. Plus, the people around them also like to listen. On short, these are the main characteristics that are required from any good radio host. If everyone around you keeps on telling you that you could seriously consider pursuing a career as a radio host and you are tempted by the thought, go for it! Below you will find a series of tips on how to get closer to accomplishing your dream.     


Meet The Right People

With Facebook or Twitter at hand, it shouldn’t be too difficult to come across a couple of useful email addresses and write to some heavy names in the industry. Radio people are usually highly open and outgoing and you should have no problem getting in touch with them and either convince them to meet you up for a cup of coffee or via Skype. Ask for advice and guidance, learn a few industry secrets and tricks, inquire about their starting years and their first contact with a radio mic and so on.

You will need to get as close as possible to the radio broadcasting industry so you can better get and cope with all the ins and outs. You should also get to more easily set up your very own radio broadcasting penetrating strategy. Working hard on getting in touch with these folks will therefore help you gain the necessary access and leverage. So try your best now and you will enjoy the results later on.


Try To Find A Radio Host Mentor

Whether it is virtual, emailing mentorship provided by a radio celebrity, or you manage to convince a local radio host to be your mentor, kudos! You are getting even closer to getting the necessary knowledge to reach your goals. You will be gaining unrestricted access to radio directors who are actually going all the hiring, and hands-on experience and tricks on how to enter the industry. Your learning experience will therefore be significantly shortened, which means you will be getting closer to the radio host position you are eagerly waiting for. Your mentor’s contacts will turn into your contacts as well. Their knowledge will be at least partially transmitted to you. You will get the right kind of references necessary to prove your genuine training.

Location, Location, Location

Location is not solely important for business venues, but it is also crucial when it comes to your training as a future radio host. Getting the right kind of experience inside and already popular and well-established radio station will make all the difference in the world. You will get to see genuine hosts at work, pick their brain and be hired or recommended by the best people in the industry at the end of your training.   

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Tribute To Tiamat

June 14, 4am

More and more of our listeners are actively requesting songs from the beloved band Tiamat and today we decided to provide our youngest listeners with a brief insight into the historical band that has been around since forever.


Tiamat Biography

Tiamat was created in Sweden, Stockholm back in 1987 and it originally started to play black metal while being called Treblinka. After recording the Sumerian Cry album back in 1989, the volaist of the band which was also its guitarist Johan Edlund together with Jorgen Thullberg who was the bassist decided to part ways with the other founding members and decided torename their band as Tiamat. As a side note, in Mesopotamian Religion Tiamat represents the monster of the chaos and the primordial goddess of the ocean. The first album of the band previously mentioned featured all of the Treblinka songs that were recorded once more and saw the light of the day in 1990. Pink Floyd, Candlemass, and Mercyful Fate are just a few of the bands of the time that heavily influenced the newly founded Tiamat band. The guys chose to maintain the same line of lyrics on the Sumerian Cry album. You can go online for more details on the development of the band over the years; and if you are performing a search for a locksmith near me, go to the locksmiths-search online database and make your pick. Wildhoney was an album released by the band in 1994 and which was received very well thanks to the mix of raw vocals and synthesizers or slow guitar riffs. Extreme metal bands of that time sounded different and this is what made Tiamat special. A Deeper Kind of Slumber was the album released three years later, with the band transforming into a gothic rock band over the time. More work followed and Tiamat released its 10th The Scarred People album in 2012.