Special guest TRUUS DE GROOT Friday on Sound Of Plaid

June 19, 6pm

Our next radio show (Fri 6am) welcomes Dutch musician Truus de Groot!  Her career as a musician and singer has spanned several decades, propelling her from Eindhoven to solo performances and group collaborations (Plus Instruments, Rhys Chatham)throughout the world.  She’s also designed her own electronic instruments, some of which she brought for her excellent 2014 Fuse Factory performance.

More Truus:  |  |  YouTube

Truus de Groot

Truus de Groot

Special guests OTIS FODDER & IRWIN CHUSID Friday on Sound Of Plaid

February 18, 2pm

On Friday’s radio show we welcome very special guests Otis Fodder (Bran Flakes) and Irwin Chusid (WFMURaymond Scott Archives) to celebrate the album release of RAYMOND SCOTT REWIRED!  Otis and Irwin will discuss the album with co-collaborator TradeMark and co-host Frilly (but without Mark Vidler of Go Home Productions, who couldn’t make it) and play many of the album’s 19 tracks including the joint collaboration finale of the album, Raymond Scott’s classic Powerhouse.

Tune in Friday morning 6a-8a on February 28th!

Thanksgiving Radio: Songs about Johnny + Turntable Turkey Throwdown

November 23, 7am

Sound Of Plaid logoDuring last week’s episode of The Sound Of Plaid TradeMark G. thought that a good future show theme might be all the songs about Johnny: Johnny B. Goode, When Johnny Comes Marching Home, Johnny Are You Queer… very complex fellow, Johnny.  And then we thought we’d ask for help.  And we got it: nearly one hundred replies and comments came from listeners with requests and suggestions — wow!  Johnny Got A Boom Boom, Johnny B. Rotten, The Ballad Of Johnny Cool, John E. Smoke, Johnny Behind The Deuce… that Johnny has done it all.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in.  We’ve collected most of them together and we’re ready to play them for you tomorrow (2011.11.24) on The Sound Of Plaid as we honor the everyman legend of lyrics, Johnny.  Many chances to hear the show, and if you can’t make the times below, you can hear it at The Sound Of Plaid Archives.

Thursday on DFM and

Radio Valencia:

9a-11a PST

noon-2p EST

1700-1900 GMT

…and DFM & Radio Valencia’s Tuesday repeat: 8p-10p PST

11p-1a EST

0400-0600 GMT

Sunday on KAOS Radio Austin: 11a-1p PST

1p-3p CST

1900-2100 GMT

Turntable Turkey Throwdown graphicBONUS!  Big City Orchestra‘s uBradio Salon (or something like it) is joining Radio Valencia‘s programming, and to say thanks (it is Thanksgiving Day, after all) they’ll broadcast a marathon all-nighter Turntable Turkey Throwdown.  Since we’re no strangers to uBradio, we’ll join in for some of the fun along with guests Ferrara Brain Pan and hopefully Univac.  But since we’re now on east coast time, we’ll only make a few of the beginning hours of the 8p-4a PST broadcast.

Thursday/Friday on

Radio Valencia:

8p-4a PST

11p-7a EST

0400-1200 GMT


On the next Sound Of Plaid: The SHAT.

March 23, 10pm

William Shatner - The Transformed Man album coverWilliam Shatner.

The Shat.

A few days ago The Shat turned 80 years old, which I believe makes him the first octagenarian to record with Henry Rollins.  And it’s recordings like that which we’re going to focus on with this week’s Sound Of Plaid.  Sure, we’ve played The Shat before, not to mention many more of The Nimoy (did you know he put out six albums?) but we’ve never played the whole of his opus… his first album, The Transformed Man. Thirty-seven overacted minutes mashing up Shakespeare and 60’s cover songs like only Shatner could do… on the next Sound Of Plaid.


ECC RadioLab live from Warsaw

November 27, 8am

AsTradeMark & Frilly you probably know The ECC is currently enjoying time abroad living and working in Warsaw, Poland as part of the artists-in-residence program at the Centrum Sztuki Wspólczesnej (aka the Center for Contemporary Art) in Ujazdowski Castle.  And being one of the eleven artists who are currently working here, we are participating in the upcoming open studio exhibition. So if you are located here in Warsaw, we invite you to join us LIVE at the Castle to experience our ECC RadioLab in person. Since this is an open studio, not only will you have the opportunity to observe and chat with the ECC doing a live radio experiment, you’ll also have the opportunity to meet and witness all of the other artists who are working here in a myriad of different mediums from sound to film to dance to live sculpture.

But even if you aren’t able to come to the Castle, you can still experience the open studio live by tuning in to our radio broadcast stream which will air on multiple stations during the entire 3-hour long event. Live event too early for your time zone? Don’t fret because we will be airing highlights and exclusive segments from the show on the next episode of The Sound of Plaid — tune in as you normally would, or via podcast, or download from The Sound Of Plaid Archives.

(All times are the same, just in the local time zone for each station)

Ujazdowski Castle
, Warsaw:
12h-15h CET
, Amsterdam:
12h-15h CET
on KAOS Radio Austin:
5a-8a CST
on Radio Valencia,
San Francisco:
3a-6a PST

Robot Invasion: VOCODERS on The Sound Of Plaid

November 12, 12am

How To Wreck A Nice Beach book coverHide!  It’s a ROBOT INVASION!

Well, at least it sounds an awful lot like a robot — it’s the vocoder, and its our topic for this week’s episode of The Sound Of Plaid.  For those that slept through the breakdancing craze in the 80’s or Clockwork Orange in the 70’s, the vocoder is that studio gadget that takes a human voice like yours and transforms it into a transformer (“more than meets the eye…”).  But the vocoder’s history is more than beats — it was a top-secret military project that heads of state used to speak securely throughout World War II.

This bizarre and unlikely army-to-electro history is detailed in the book How To Wreck A Nice Beach by Dave Tompkins.  It’s a great read, loaded with great tales of how this music studio magic trick started its career by saving (or maybe destroying) the world, serving as a private telephone line between presidents and prime ministers.  It’s also loaded with a great playlist of vocoder-laced music, be it the Clockwork Orange soundtrack, Kraftwerk, the majority of electro, Daft Punk, and beyond.

Join TradeMark and Frilly for the secret history of the vocoder on this week’s episode of The Sound Of Plaid, live from the Centrum Sztuki Wspólczesnej (aka the Center for Contemporary Art) in Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw, Poland.


This and more at The Sound Of Plaid Archives

Spinning Indie writes up Radio Valencia’s launch day

August 20, 1am

TradeMark G. and John Hell all buddy-buddy on Radio Valencia's launch day

Spinning Indie is a blog that just can’t get enough radio.  To satisfy her hunger, blogger Jennifer Waits makes frequent field trips to radio stations of all kinds in all places.  Field Trip #24 was to Radio Valencia, and her timing was perfect — right on the afternoon we were putting the final touches on the studio and getting everything ready for the full DJ schedule to start the next day.

Jennifer’s article is great; a nice recap of our baby station’s first sounds, and lots of little moments captured for posterity:

“Several of us ran back and forth between the studio and an adjacent kitchen (where a laptop tuned to the station’s webstream URL was located) so that we could see if the music and voices from the studio were being transmitted to the web. We were all jubilant when voice and music finally came through and in that moment the inherent magic of radio could not be disputed.”