The Curated Catastrophe – Pre-Election Anxiety

November 2, 12pm

This is our last regular radio show before the US elections on Tuesday. We had a surprisingly difficult time assembling it, as both Shey and Malderor are finding themselves anxious about what might happen, no matter what happens. We do have new music from De La Soul, Fleet Foxes, and Willie Nelson with Karen O. Give it a spin, as we bite our nails to the quick here on Radio Valencia.

2:02pm: People = Shit by Richard Cheese

2:03pm: Low by Chet Faker

2:11pm: Can I Trust You? by Fleet Foxes

2:15pm: Intro To The Death And Resurrection Show by Killing Joke

2:16pm: I Am The Virus by Killing Joke

2:23pm: Remove 45 by De La Soul Styles P Talib Kweli Pharoah Monch Mysonne Chuck D Posdnuos

2:29pm: Under Pressure by Karen O and Willie Nelson

2:37pm: The Vote Song by Analog Brass

2:37pm: South Park Vote Song by Trey Parker and Matt Stone

2:37pm: No Biden by Darth Nader

2:39pm: Happiness is Just a thing Called Joe by Cher

2:39pm: Vote Them Out by Willie Nelson

2:40pm: Vote Them Out by Rabbi Blazo of the Blazo Comedy Network

2:40pm: Vote 2020!! by C. Michael Ward

2:41pm: We’re All Doomed by Trump Vs. Biden Feat. Weird Al Yankovic

2:46pm: Don’t Kill My Vibe by Sigrid

2:47pm: Do or Die by Ani DiFranco

2:52pm: I am a Patriot (live, for Greta Thunberg) by Little Steven and The Disciples of Soul

3:03pm: Is America Becoming An Oiligarchy? by Bernie Sanders

3:04pm: Graveyard Island by Grade 2

3:06pm: Corruption Is Legal In America (Excerpt 1) by RepresentUs

3:08pm: Western Dream by New Model Army

3:11pm: Corruption Is Legal In America (Excerpt 2) by RepresentUs

3:12pm: Talk That Talk Part 1 & 2 by Rance Allen Group

3:19pm: Corruption Is Legal In America (Exerpt 3) by RepresentUs

3:21pm: Running Mod by Young Generation

3:32pm: Resilient by Rising Appalachia

3:35pm: Use My Voice by Evanescence

3:38pm: People Help the People by Birdy

3:42pm: Sabotage (Looks So Easy) by Catherine Anne Davies & Bernard Butler

3:45pm: Wake Up by Ponderosa Glee Boys

3:50pm: The Fat In The Hat by The Simpsons

3:51pm: Money Is Not Our God (Babylon Dub) by Killing Joke

3:57pm: Vote Him Out by Harry Pye and Francis MacDonald

The Curated Catastrophe – A Bit Of A Sore Head and Some Downtempo Tunes

October 31, 6pm

Malderor had quite the weekend, so today’s show looks like it’ll be hungover and mellow in nature. Shey wasn’t able to phone in her half of the tunes, so it’ll be 100% Malderor’s music this week, with Shey on heckling duties. Check out the podcast!

2:01pm: Million Years Ago by Adele

2:05pm: Nothing Compares To U by Chris Cornell

2:09pm: Colors (Live) by Black Pumas

2:20pm: At The Dark End Of The Street by James Carr

2:23pm: (Don’t Worry) If There’s A Hell Below, We’re All Going To Go – (Live at the Bitter End) by Curtis Mayfield

2:31pm: Cassiopea by Emilio Sastre

2:42pm: Kiss Me by Drew Citron

2:45pm: Behold (Tk 3) by Joseph Hill and The Soul Defenders

2:48pm: Feel Like I Do by Vin Diesel

2:59pm: Cold Little Heart (Live) by Michael Kiwanuka

3:10pm: Mr. BoJangles by Jerry Jeff Walker

3:15pm: Green and Grey (Live at A Mighty Ruckus) by New Model Army

3:27pm: These Ain’t Raindrops by James Carr

3:29pm: Love & Hate by Michael Kiwanuka

3:37pm: Right Here, RIght Now by Jesus Jones

3:45pm: Harlem River Blues by Justin Townes Earle

3:50pm: Waiting For The Great Leap Forward by The Go Set

3:52pm: The Sound Of Sinners by The Clash

3:55pm: Barroom Hero by Dropkick Murphys

4:01pm: Antifa Dub by Cop On Fire

The Curated Catastrophe – A Bunch of Hip-Hop, RBG, and Gram Parsons. And An Apology!

October 15, 12pm

This week’s show is a bit of a mixed bag, reflecting on the deaths of RBG and, later, Gram Parsons. But there’s some fun stuff mixed in as well, including another Shakin’ Stevens song, a bunch of rare reggae, and a bit of an apology! Check out the podcast!

2:01pm: Excerpt – Martians by Sesame Street

2:02pm: People = Shit (Edit) by Richard Cheese

2:02pm: You Drive Me Crazy by Shakin’ Stevens

2:05pm: Apology To Mrs. Nugent by Malderor

2:06pm: Energy by Sampa the Great

2:10pm: Lose My Cool by Amber Mark

2:12pm: Ever Stay by Joy Ike

2:20pm: That’s Alright by Laura Mvuala

2:22pm: On Stupidity by Plan 9 From Outer Space

2:23pm: You Mad? by Rebel Diaz and Gabriel Teodros

2:27pm: Why America is NOT the Greatest Country in the World, Anymore Part 1 by The Newsroom

2:29pm: Self-Destruction by BDP, Stetsasonic, Kool Moe Dee, MC Lyte, Doug Fresh, Just-Ice, Heavy D, Chuck D

2:34pm: Why America is NOT the Greatest Country in the World, Anymore Part 2 by The Newsroom

2:36pm: I Will Not Hide by Doves

2:48pm: The People by Common

2:51pm: CIA (Criminals In Action) by Zack De La Rocha, KRS-One, and The Last Emperor

2:55pm: Use My Words Against Me! by Lindsey Graham

2:56pm: Supernaut (Black Sabbath Cover) by Spirit Adrift

3:00pm: Use My Words Against Me! by Lindsey Graham

3:01pm: Revolution Rock by Danny Ray & The Revolutionaries

3:05pm: Message to his IG/FB fans by Tyler Childers

3:06pm: Long Violent History by Tyler Childers

3:09pm: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (excerpt) by Maya Angelou

3:10pm: Caged Bird by Tobe Nwige

3:15pm: Speech Excerpt, 1962 by Malcolm X

3:16pm: Fire by Barnes Courtney

3:20pm: Long List of Troubles by Gregory Porter

3:29pm: I Stand For I by Roy Tomlinson

3:32pm: I Won’t Be Here by The Marcus King Band

3:37pm: Dead Flowers (Townes Van Zandt Cover) by Cowboy Junkies

3:41pm: Dead Flowers (Townes Van Zandt Cover) by Guns & Roses

3:45pm: Return Of The Grievous Angel by Gram Parsons

3:49pm: Sufferation by Trevor Clarke

3:57pm: Shed Your Skin by BAITS

3:59pm: Antifa Dub by Cop On Fire

The Curated Catastrophe – Listen to Joe Strummer

August 2, 5pm

We’re back, live on, for another two hour exploration of the current mood via song and word. I might play a little bit of punk rock later in the show, as well as Hank Williams, Alabama 3, and Ayron Jones. We’ll also hear from a band that sent me their new single from Rio down in Brazil, Estranhos Românticos. Shey will do her normal “NPR” level of production, while I spackle things together with duct-tape and hope. Give the podcast a spin!

2:01pm: Chant by Portland Moms

2:02pm: Left-Handedness by Shae

2:02pm: Take Me Away by Ayron Jones

2:06pm: Defund the Police/Support BLM by Ammon Bundy from ????

2:08pm: You’re Wrong by NoFX

2:11pm: Get Down Moses by Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros

2:16pm: Solidarity by Black Uhuru

2:20pm: Police In Helicopter by John Holt

2:24pm: Police and Thieves by The Clash

2:32pm: I’d Love to Change the World by Ten Years After

2:35pm: Change by Blind Melon

2:41pm: Planet Caravan by Black Sabbath

2:46pm: Film Excerpt by They Live

2:46pm: Police Story by Anti-Flag

2:50pm: Take Back The Power by The Interrupters

2:52pm: 1988 by Estranhos Romanticos

2:59pm: Colors (Live) by Black Pumas

3:05pm: Up by Earthgang

3:09pm: Excess by Tricky

3:13pm: Film Excerpt by They Live

3:15pm: Unity (Operation Ivy Cover) by Mikey and His Uke feat: Chris Demakes (Less Than Jake), Angelo Moore (Fishbone), Darrin Pfeiffer (Goldfinger)

3:17pm: Wait For The Light To Shine by Hank Williams

3:18pm: Film Excerpt by They Live

3:19pm: Peace In The Valley by Alabama 3

3:24pm: Shine A Light by The Rolling Stones

3:30pm: Shine A Light (Live) by Spiritualized

3:38pm: What Did You Learn by Pete Seeger

3:39pm: On Unemployment by Robert Reich

3:43pm: Hopeless by Ludacris

3:49pm: My Vote Don’t Count by YelloPain

3:55pm: Bhindi Bhagee by Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros

4:00pm: return to normal schedule.

The Curated Catastrophe – Struggles Continue

July 26, 4pm

We’re back in the internet airwaves for another episode of the Curated Catastrophe! Check it out! Shey is leading off with some feminist anthems, while I will be featuring some cuts from the new Lee Gallagher & The Hallelujah record. We’ll also hear from The Asteroid #4, Ian Brown, and Motörhead. See if we can pull it together this week!

2:02pm: Un Violador en tu Camino by Las Tésis

2:04pm: Public Address by Alexandria Ocasio Cortes, Representative for NY 14th Congressional District

2:07pm: Q.U.E.E.N. by Janelle Monet feat. Erykah Badu

2:15pm: Can’t hold Us Down by Christina Aguilera feat. Lil’ Kim

2:16pm: On Politicians by Lemmy

2:17pm: No Voices In The Sky by Motorhead

2:20pm: First World Problems by Ian Brown

2:26pm: Lockdown Corona by Beldon Haigh

2:30pm: (Keep Mar-a-Lago but) I Want America Back by Eric Hirschberg

2:34pm: Clampdown by The Clash

2:40pm: County Line by Lee Gallagher and The Hallelujah

2:45pm: Carousels by Doves

2:48pm: Gone Today by Lee Gallagher and The Hallelujah

2:51pm: The Singer by Ty Segall

2:56pm: Rescue by The Vacant Lots

2:58pm: On America by John Cleese

3:00pm: The Afterglow by The Asteroid #4

3:05pm: The Sound Of The Police by KRS-One

3:10pm: Rulers and States by Bis from Talk – Action = Zero: A Compilation Benefitting Black Lives Matter

3:13pm: What Comes Next by Worriers

3:16pm: A Call To Young Lawyers by Matthew Caws from Talk – Action = Zero: A Compilation Benefitting Black Lives Matter

3:21pm: Talking to Milwaukee WI, County sheriff, David Clarke – 2016 by Megan Kelly, Fox News

3:24pm: “Black on Black Violence” by Jesse Mechanic

3:27pm: Kindness for Weakness by Dilated Peoples feat. Talib Kweli

3:33pm: Life’s Not Fair by Juice WRLD

3:36pm: Meditate by Earthgang

3:40pm: London Dungeons by Congo Natty

3:45pm: Our Democracy No Longer Represents The People by Larry Lessig

3:47pm: America! Fuck Yeah! by Team America: World Police

3:49pm: It’s Okay To Be Black by Jac Ross

3:53pm: Guns by Nick Andre (feat. Lateef The Truth Speaker) from Talk – Action = Zero: A Compilation Benefitting Black Lives Matter

3:55pm: My Way by Aloe Blacc

3:57pm: Antifa Dub by Cop On Fire

4:00pm: return to normal schedule.

The Curated Catastrophe – Portland Protests, Freedom Rock, and Church Music

July 19, 4pm

This week’s program finds Malderor pissed off about Portland, and Shey keeping things mellow and churchy, and we try to end on a hopeful note. Give it a spin.

2:04pm: Which Side Are You On? (Remix) by Rebel Diaz feat Dead Prez and Rakaa Iriscience

2:06pm: TV Commercial by Freedom Rock

2:10pm: I’m Free by The Soup Dragons

2:12pm: Know Your Rights by The Clash

2:17pm: This Land Is Your Land (Edit) by Woody Guthrie

2:19pm: Rockin’ In The Free World by Neil Young

2:26pm: Notion by Tash Sultana

2:32pm: Tadow by FKJ and Masego

2:41pm: No Diggity by Chet Faker

2:46pm: This Land Is Your Land by Jason Bridges

2:47pm: On Americans by George Carlin

2:48pm: Karen – Mask Off Remix (Walmart Diss) by Eric D’Alessandro

2:50pm: Our Democracy No Longer Represents The People by Larry Lessig

2:51pm: You Are The Government by Bad Religion

2:52pm: On Americans by George Carlin

2:53pm: Freedom Of Choice by Fu Manchu

2:55pm: Defund the Police Rap by Nate and Hila

2:58pm: Statement to Syracuse Mayor regarding Defunding the Police by Yusuf Abdul-Qadir from NY Civil Liberties Union

3:02pm: Jóga/State of Emergency by PS 22 Chorus, Staten Island

3:03pm: Joga/State of Emergency by Bjork

3:06pm: Iron Sky by Paolo Nutini

3:11pm: 2020 Riots How Many Times by Trey Songz

3:15pm: On The Portland Arrests by Rep. Bonamici

3:16pm: I Say Fuck (The Stories Behind The Songs) by Eddie Spaghetti

3:19pm: I’m Gonna Sit at the Welcome Table by Hollis Watkins

3:21pm: This Land by Gary Clark, Jr.

3:26pm: On Revolution by Malcolm X

3:27pm: Share The Land by The Guess Who

3:31pm: The Sky is Crying (background music) by Gary BB Coleman

3:32pm: Take Me to Church (cover) by Sofia Karlberg

3:37pm: Black Church by Gary Owens from First Amendment Comedy

3:40pm: Church by Sam Henshaw feat. Earthgang

3:43pm: No Bad Energy by Nas

3:48pm: Reflecting On His March-On-Washington Speech by Rep. John Lewis

3:51pm: Black Lives Matter by Dax

3:54pm: Making The Struggle Every Day by Ella Baker

3:56pm: Ain’t Gonna Let No Body Turn Me ‘Round by The Freedom Singers

3:59pm: Antifa Dub by Cop On Fire

4:01pm: return to normal schedule.

The Curated Catastrophe – Calmness and Demystification

July 12, 5pm

Shey and Malderor did another Exquisite Corpse episode, starting with some calm and mellow tracks, moving through some cultural commentary, and ending up in a listener-appreciation mode. Give it a spin if you like music from all over the spectrum! It even features an unprecedented amount of jazzy cuts from Malderor.

2:04pm: Waterbaby (Live at the Tin Angel In Philadelphia, 2003) by Barry Andrews

2:07pm: Fried Neck Bones and Some Home Fries by Willie Bobo

2:11pm: N.I.B. (Black Sabbath cover, played on a Hello Kitty toy guitar) by Zakk Wylde

2:17pm: Check Your Phone by Pete Wentz

2:23pm: Black Rage by Lauryn Hill

2:25pm: Atoll by Nai Palm

2:28pm: Golden Brown (Stranglers Cover) by Dave Brubeck

2:33pm: On Extremism by John Cleese

2:34pm: Crashie First Socialist by Dillinger

2:35pm: On Prejudice by Vincent Price

2:37pm: Fuck Donald Trump by YG and Nipsey Hussle

2:41pm: Say My Name by Florence and the Machine

2:46pm: The Crisis by Ennio Morricone

2:48pm: The Other Side of America by Meek Mill

2:51pm: HELL YOU TALKMBOUT by Janelle Monae

2:58pm: Someday We’ll All Be Free by Donny Hathaway

3:02pm: The Klan by Gil Scott Heron

3:08pm: Strange Fruit by Oceans of Slumber

3:10pm: A Call To Arms (BLM 1312 Redux) by thisquietarmy from Talk – Action = Zero: A Compilation Benefitting Black Lives Matter

3:16pm: Pretty Lady by Tash Sultana

3:19pm: Bummer in the Summer by Love (Arthur Lee)

3:23pm: I’m Into You by Chet Faker

3:28pm: Paradise by Berner featuring Wiz Kalifa

3:31pm: Healing Of The Nation by Jacob Miller

3:35pm: I Wanna Lose by L.A. Witch

3:40pm: Feeling Better by Sugar

3:46pm: Rivers by New Model Army

3:50pm: Demystification (Zounds Cover) by Crocodiles

3:54pm: Subvert (Zounds Cover) by The Levellers

3:59pm: Antifa Dub by Cop On Fire

The Curated Catastrophe – Songs Of Stupidity and Revolution

June 28, 5pm

Malderor is on his own this week, so this episode trends back toward new-and-independent releases, although we’re still keeping things thematic and topical. As such, expect a lot of songs about Stupidity, Dissent, and Revolution. There’s some rock and roll in there too, from Las Cobras, The Vacant Lots, The Music, Funkadelic, and Congo Natty. And maybe a tiny bit of cultural commentary. Podcast link at the bottom.

2:03pm: US Hits All Time High In Coronavirus Cases by News Report

2:03pm: Florida’s Anti-Maskers by News Report

2:04pm: Fucking Stupid People by George Carlin

2:04pm: Take The Long Road And Walk It by The Music

2:08pm: Exit by The Vacant Lots

2:11pm: Never Go Full Retard by Tropic Thunder

2:12pm: The Time Has Come (Live) by Las Cobras

2:18pm: Be The Revolution by Love and Rockets

2:22pm: On Robert Downey Jr’s Blackface by Jamie Foxx

2:23pm: 2020 WTF! by Jim Bob

2:24pm: Strange Days by Beans On Toast

2:28pm: On Science by Carl Sagan

2:29pm: Shit’s Fucked by Eddie Spaghetti

2:33pm: Which Side Are You On? (Remix) by Rebel Diaz feat. Dead Prez and Rakaa Iriscience

2:38pm: Dig It by The Coup

2:42pm: Break The Grip Of Shame by Paris

2:46pm: On Freddie Gray

2:48pm: Freddie Gray Blues by Kevin Devine

2:50pm: Florida’s Anti-Maskers On God by News Report

2:51pm: Stealing In The Name Of The Lord by Paul Kelly

2:54pm: American Stupid People by Dylan Moran

2:55pm: You Weren’t There by New Model Army

2:59pm: Who Wants To Change Places? by Chris Rock

3:00pm: Socialism Is Love by Max Romeo

3:03pm: Revolution by The Cult

3:08pm: EU Considering Ban On US Travelers by News Report

3:09pm: Getaway by The Music

3:17pm: Super Stupid by Funkadelic

3:21pm: Fuck You, Stupid Bitch by Deep Dark Robot

3:26pm: Why Some Cops Become Cops by Kyle Kinane

3:27pm: Plan C by James Davis

3:27pm: Revolution Under Foot by The Reverend Horton Heat

3:32pm: Viva La Revolution by The Adicts

3:35pm: Revolution by Congo Natty

3:41pm: Shut Up And Listen! by Cheap Synths from Talk – Action = Zero: A Compilation Benefitting Black Lives Matter

3:43pm: We The People by A Tribe Called Quest

3:46pm: Oakland Streets by Askari X

3:50pm: Why Silence Isn’t The Answer (Excerpt) by James A White

3:51pm: Please Stand Up by British Sea Power

3:54pm: Black Lives Matter by Dax

3:58pm: Antifa Dub by Cop On Fire

4:00pm: return to normal schedule.

The Curated Catastrophe – Talk Minus Action = Zero

June 28, 5pm

Malderor and Shey produce another episode of radio about the current moment in history, and attempted a more ‘uplifting’ note this week. They play a bunch of tracks off a Rough Trade compilation that’s available on Bandcamp for pay-what-you-want, with all proceeds benefitting Black Lives Matter charities. Check the compilation out here:

And check out the podcast below.

2:02pm: Broken Hands Play Guitars by Rebel Diaz

2:05pm: Yes We Can (Live, 1974, Edit) by The Pointer Sisters

2:09pm: I and I Survive by Bad Brains

2:15pm: Don’t Go Hiding Your Light by Linda Kemp from Talk – Action = Zero: A Compilation Benefitting Black Lives Matter

2:17pm: Rise Up by The Freedom Affair from Talk – Action = Zero: A Compilation Benefitting Black Lives Matter

2:19pm: Fuck This Fucking President by Courtney Jaye

2:20pm: How Do You Sleep? by Pink Mountaintops from Talk – Action = Zero: A Compilation Benefitting Black Lives Matter

2:22pm: WTF? by Lyrics Born

2:27pm: Typical Girls by The Slits

2:32pm: Excerpt from News and Notes by NPR, October 10, 2008

2:36pm: Ladies First by Queen Latifah feat. Monie Love

2:38pm: Excerpt from BBC Interview, July 5th, 2019 by Lil Nas X

2:39pm: Rodeo by Lil Nas X (featuring Nas)

2:41pm: Balencies by Chika

2:44pm: Don’t Shoot by Shea Diamond

2:48pm: Take A Few More Steps by Randolph Brown & Co. from Talk – Action = Zero: A Compilation Benefitting Black Lives Matter

2:52pm: Bound To The Sound by The Love Dimension

2:53pm: It’s A Trap by Dynamic Corvettes from Talk – Action = Zero: A Compilation Benefitting Black Lives Matter

2:57pm: Papa Don’t Take No Mess by James Brown

3:01pm: Papa Was a Rolling Stone (Live In Chicago,1972) by The Temptations

3:05pm: But It’s All Right by JJ Jackson

3:09pm: I’ll Be Around by The Spinners

3:13pm: Black Steel by Tricky

3:18pm: On Police Brutality by Seaton Smith from Talk – Action = Zero: A Compilation Benefitting Black Lives Matter

3:19pm: New Rules by Jay Watts from Talk – Action = Zero: A Compilation Benefitting Black Lives Matter

3:23pm: A Light In The Distance by Dot Dash from Talk – Action = Zero: A Compilation Benefitting Black Lives Matter

3:25pm: White Men Get Away With Murder by Prism Tats from Talk – Action = Zero: A Compilation Benefitting Black Lives Matter

3:28pm: No Lives Matter by Body Count

3:33pm: Imma Be Me (Excerpt) by Wanda Sykes

3:35pm: No Touching by Oober Geek featuring Futuristic and Krizz Kaliko

3:39pm: People by Laura Mvula featuring Wretch 32

3:43pm: This Is America by Childish Gambino

3:47pm: Gangster/The Chain (Live) by India Carney

3:52pm: I Pray That Things Will Change by Julius Wright from Talk – Action = Zero: A Compilation Benefitting Black Lives Matter

3:54pm: Just A Little Bit by Tim Carman & The Street 45s from Talk – Action = Zero: A Compilation Benefitting Black Lives Matter

3:57pm: Glory by John Legend and Common

4:00pm: return to normal schedule.

The Curated Catastrophe – Anarchy, Oppression, and Smidgens of Humor

June 14, 5pm

We’re back on the air on Radio Valencia with another episode of The Curated Catastrophe. This episode remains fairly topical, exploring themes of anarchy and brutality, leavened (I hope) with a little comedy. There will once again be hip-hop, soul, and reggae, but we might sneak a little folk-punk back into the playlist this week as well.

2:07pm: News Report on Seattle Autonomous Zone

2:08pm: Autonomous Zone by Killing Joke

2:10pm: Guerrillas In The Mist by Consolidated

2:14pm: We Could Get Rid Of The Police (Excerpt 1) by Lee Camp

2:16pm: The World Is On Fire by Max Romeo and Roots Heritage

2:18pm: We Could Get Rid Of The Police (Excerpt 2) by Lee Camp

2:24pm: The Master and the Slave by Nas

2:29pm: How Can We Win? by Kimberly Jones, by David Jones Media

2:34pm: Grinding All my Life by Nipsey Hussle

2:39pm: Blue Lights by Jorga Smith

2:42pm: On Police Brutality by George Carlin

2:45pm: Bulls On Parade by Rage Against The Machine

2:48pm: Message From A Black Man by The Temptations

2:52pm: On Police Brutality by Richard Pryor (1974)

2:54pm: On Police Brutality, Pt. 1 by Dave Chappelle (2003)

2:55pm: The Death Of Emmett Till by Bob Dylan

2:59pm: Civil Rights Update by Michael Che

3:00pm: I Can’t Breathe by Queen Ifrica

3:04pm: Battle Of The Beanfield by The Levellers

3:08pm: Personal Instagram Post by Patrice Washington

3:11pm: Fix You by India Carney

3:17pm: How Long? by Fantastic Negrito

3:20pm: Let’s All Get Down by Mac Dre

3:25pm: On Police Brutality by Richard Pryor (1979)

3:26pm: Law and Order by Stiff Little Fingers

3:29pm: On Police Brutality by Chris Rock

3:32pm: Black Man In A White World by Michael Kiwanuka

3:35pm: Respiration by Black Starr (featuring Common)

3:40pm: Breathe by Nas

3:46pm: Breathe by Fabolous

3:49pm: Breathe by Years and Years

3:54pm: Tear Shit Up by Paris

3:58pm: On Police Brutality, Pt. 2 by Dave Chappelle

3:59pm: Sonata in E Minor (2nd Movement) performed by Michelle Cann, written by Florence Price