Malderor – Bartender Mike, New Psych Rock, and Birthday Hangovers!

October 21, 12am

1474929438-hqdefaultMalderor was epicly hungover from his birthday celebrations at Benders, but he welcomed special guest Bartender Mike, formerly from the Gas Head Tavern. There was also a long set of new psych/garage rock, all released between 2000-2016, plus guest appearances from DJ Deathwish, Dial-A-Shot, Gatsby Fassbinder, Netzard, and Malderor’s Mom!

2:04pm: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly by The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain

2:06pm: Where Did You Sleep Last Night? by Super Hi-Fi

2:12pm: 2016 by Beans On Toast

2:19pm: Down The Line by The Mind Flowers

2:23pm: In Dreams by Third Whale

2:26pm: In The Dark by Sir Robin and The Longbowmen

2:34pm: Antenna by Hurricane Heart Attacks

2:38pm: Sunflower Drug Haus by The Radiation Flowers

2:51pm: Here’s To A New Tomorrow by Everything Fades

2:56pm: Love Is A Lie by Black Lizard

2:59pm: Stare Into The Sun by The Gorlons

3:14pm: Camel Nines by Tight Pants and The Dynamite

3:15pm: She’s Gonna Be A Star by The Demon Parade

3:17pm: High Ride by Big Red Panda

3:28pm: The Greatest by Bonnie Prince Billie

3:29pm: The Waiting Game by The Dandelion Seeds

3:33pm: Can’t Come Down by The Electric Lazarus

3:40pm: The Scream by Bazooka

3:41pm: The Positive Aspects of Negative Thinking by Bad Religion SAT Word Of The Week

3:42pm: Cathode Ray by Screen Vinyl Image

3:50pm: Black Light by The Drags

3:51pm: Murder by The Radishes

3:58pm: Night Tripper by Holy Wave

3:59pm: Antifa Dub by Cop On Fire


New bunnywhiskers podcast

October 17, 1pm

Featuring music from Halloween, The Killer Reserved Nine Seats, Don’t Open the Door, Dinner with a Vampire, Four Flies on Gray Velvet and more….


Herschell Gordon Lewis interview and tribute show

October 7, 12pm

bunnywhiskers presents a tribute show to the beloved Godfather of Gore, Herschell Gordon Lewis, featuring a 2007 interview and music from his films.












September 28, 5pm


I want to thank Keith Morris again for a kick ass interview and to Da Capo Press for the hook up with the interview too. Please go out and buy his book. Also, thank you for listening and for your support as always. Check out my podcast of the interview with Keith if you missed it. Have a good week. CHEERS!
~DJ Naked Rob, SFCA

***Intro dedicated to the 30th anniversary death of Metallica’s, Cliff Burton. RIP
(intro) Metallica | Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth ) | Kell ‘Em All
Brant Bjork | Humble Pie | Tao Of The Devil
Superjoint | Sociopathic Herd Delusion | Caught Up In the Gears of Applications
Violent Minds | The Death Toll | Eyes of Death
Gatekeeper | Rotting As One | Sonoran Depravation
Jade Helm | Human Condition | Jade Helm
Morkobot | Ogrog | GoRgo
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez | Truth Blinds Us | Cell Phone Bikini
Duchess Says | Inertia Part II | Sciences Nouvelles
Colombian Necktie | Burn The Bridge | All Paths Lead To Nowhere
Neurosis | A Shadow Memory | Fires Within Fires
Asphyx | Candiru | Incoming Death
Brain Tentacles | Gassed | Brain Tentacles
Unendlich | I Despair | Scales Of Existence
Keith Morris of OFF!, Black Flag & The Circle Jerks and his new book, MY DAMAGE
Stick Men With Ray Guns | 1000 Lives | 1000 Lives To Die (’87 Live in Dallas, TX)
Dethbeds | Night Ripper | Dungeon Scum
Low Culture | Head In A Blender | Places To Hide
Multicult | Coxcomb | Position Remote
HORNSS | In Fields Of Lyme | Telepath
MUSK | Crazy Love | Musk 2 : The Second Skumming
Halshug | Indre Frængsel | Sort Sind


September 21, 5am


On Terrible Tuesday radio show, I had the pleasure of interviewing the director, Brendan Toller of the documentary film, Danny Says about Danny Fields. Danny Fields worked for the Doors, Lou Reed and Nico. Then was a Rock manager for bands like, the Stooges, the MC5 and the Ramones. The films red-carpet premier is in NYC next Tuesday, September 27th. Then here in San Francisco (and world wide) at the Roxie Theater on Friday, September 30th, 7pm & 9pm. For tickets and info, goto

Thanks everybody for listening. The interview I had with Brendan Toller will be right below as the rest of the show too. For more info on the film, goto the website at Go see the film here in San Francisco at the Roxie Theater on Friday, September 30th, 7pm & 9pm. Have a good week and thanks for your support. CHEERS! ~DJ Naked Rob, SFCA


(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
Witchskull | The Vast Electric Dark | The Vast Electric Dark
Kicker | Shit At Kicker | Rendered Obsolete
Gatekeeper | Stronghold | Sonoran Depravation
Idiot Genes | Isratch | OOF BONK!
Order | Savage | Folly Granduer
1000 Drops Of Venom | To Their Doom | single
Violent Minds | Brutality | Eyes of Death
Brendan Troller, disrector of the film, Danny Says
(oops) Violent Minds | Brutality | Eyes of Death
Fucking Invincible | Buy Or Die | split 7″
Lifespite | Pray For Nothing | split 7″
Worse | Come Together | Rubber Burner
Hazzard’s Cure | Gracious Host | split 7″
Walken | Taking Teeth / split 7″
Mongoloid | Scene Sucker | Play Rock and Roll
Voight-Kampff | Victim Of Desire | 7″
Youth Avoiders | Deep Breath | Spare Parts
Halshug | Sort Sind | Sort Sind
Brain Tentacles | Fruitcake | Brain Tentacles
Stick Men With Ray Guns | Grave City | Property Of Jesus Christ (’84 Rock Against Reagan Tour)
Trap Them | Hellionaires | Crown Feral
The Pine Box Boys | I Killed The Band | The Feast Of Three Arms
Tutti I Colori Del Buio | Three Times Denied Means Fuck You | Initiation Into Nothingness
Okkultokrati | Raspberry Dawn | Raspberry Dawn
Old Chapel | The Burning | Visions from Beyond
Hornss | Manzanita | Telepath
Steve Adamyk Band | Broken Arms | Graceland
Fuzz Evil | Killing The Sun | Fuzz Evil

Southeast Asian Pop & Rock Special

September 20, 12pm

Featuring music from AKA, Phimpha Phonsiri, Sinn Sisamouth, Soreng Santi, Ros Sereysothea and more…..


























Japanese Soundtrack Special

September 13, 8pm

Featuring music from Playgirl, Yakuza deka, Ultra Man, Sex Hunter, Hausu, Kamen Rider, Belladonna of Sadness, The Streetfighter’s Last Revenge, Dawn of the Criminal, The Ghost Mansion’s Horror: A Bloodsucking Doll, Entrails of a Virgin, The Human Vapor, Battles Without Honor & Humanity and many more….


japanese-movie-poster-entrails-of-a-virgin01-exl deadly_fight_in_hiroshima

New bunnywhiskers podcast

September 1, 10am

New bunnywhiskers podcast featuring music from Hatchet for a Honeymoon, Dr X, Doomsday Machine, Bluebeard, Jungle Jim in the Forbidden Land and more…..