#697 | LET THERE BE ROCK! | MARCH 21, 2017

March 22, 5am

Thanks everybody for listening to the radio show today. If you missed it, the podcast of the show is right below. Oh yeah, can you believe, Let There Be Rock from AC/DC came out 40 years today? Still one of my favorite albums of all time from my favorite all time band. WOW! Anywho, thanks for listening and have a great week. CHEERS!
~DJ Naked Rob, SFCA

#697 | LET THERE BE ROCK! | MARCH 21, 2017

(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
Dead Cross | Shillelagh | Dead Cross
Beast Modulus | Twrk | Being
Feral Brain | No Control | 2017
Skemäta | Project Paperclip | A Bright Shining Hell
Excessive Cruelty | Wound Too Tight | Excessive Cruelty
Gay Kiss | Rounded Down | Rounded Down
Poison Idea | The Temple | War All the Time (reissue)
Piss Test | Arizona Cops | LP2
Marbled Eye | Objects | EP II 7″
Crisis Man | Crisis Man | Crisis Man
Civilized | All the Time | Chopping Block
Mother Ship | Ride the Sun | High Strangeness
Culture Shock | Culture Shock | Culture Shock
Grinning Death’s Head | Hunter | Blood War
Exit Order | Seed of Hysteria | Seed of Hysteria
Bad Breeding | The More the Merrier | Divide
Rixe | Tenter Le Diable | Baptême Du Feu 7″
Snapped Ankles | I Want My Minutes Back | 7″
UV-TV | Only Matter When | Glass
Xetas | The Burden | The Tower
Fuck You Pay Me | Ammosexual | Dumbed Down
Ötzi | Zebra Cruiser | Gong Show b/w Sunbeam 7″
Sigil | Lick The Blade | Kingdom Of The Grave
Gary Wrong Group | Stuck Again | Gary Wrong Group
Hazzard’s Cure | War Pipe | Smoke Iron Plunder
Borzoi | Millipede | Surrender The Farm EP
Scumripper | Cum Killa | Scumripper
Crystal Fairy | Posesión | Crystal Fairy
Obituary | Kneel Before Me | Obituary
Lock Up | Instruments Of Armageddon | Demonization
Career Suicide | Tighten The Screws | Machine Response
MORAL PANIC | Ripped Jeans | Moral Panic LP
Prisoner | Beyond The Infinite | Beyond The Infinite
Lecherous Gaze | The Day The Earth Caught Fire | One Fifteen
Connoisseur | Weeding Out the Weak | Over The Edge
Deathwish | God Has No Mercy | Unleash Hell
Pabst | Watching People Die | Skinwalker EP
THE CLAMPS | One More Time | Blend, Shake, Swallow
Power Trip | If Not Us Then Who | Nightmare Logic
Brad Pot | Dipped In Batter | Brad Pot
(outro) Melvins | Hag Me | Houdini



New bunnywhiskers podcast

March 16, 3pm

Featuring music from Deathdream, The Goat Man, Cleopatra Jones, Blood Beach and more…..

Hell’s Kitchen Radio #294: Battle of Witty

March 15, 5pm

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Spinning a two hour set is always a hoot for me, but having a co-host who meshes with my style, and also knows how to throw me a surprise of three is always a real pleasure. On Monday’s show I was thrilled to have Radio Valencia‘s Gatsby Fassbinder, host of Tighten Up Your Wig, Thursday’s 4-6PM. If you like my show you’re going to love his. Like myself, Gatsby is a walking encyclopedia for all things that he knows he knows. His tracks are marked by “GB”.

New music from Melvins side project, Crystal Fairy, featuring Teri Gender Bender of Le Butcherettes. Also, new music from Meatbodies from their latest LP “Alice”. A brand new 7″ is out from Zig Zags that is more metal-y than previous tracks, but no less scary. A classic Iggy Pop/James Williamson track from “Kill City”, a love song from Diamanda Galas, and the greatest fucking rock band of all time (next to the Melvins) SLEEP!

It’s safe to say that tonight was all about the ROCK! The talk is cheap and so are we. Not much more to add. I’d prefer to allow the music do the rocking.



Hell’s Kitchen with John Hell
Mondays 8-10PM
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Slow Ride: Fu Manchu

Sweet Self: Crystal Fairy
Hell Toupee: Iron Prostate
The Kettle: Colosseum -GB

I Got Nothing: Iggy Pop/James Williamson
Living, Dying, Living/In A Zombie World: The Accused
Ripping Death: Zig Zags
Alice: Meatbodies -GB

Do You Take This Man?: Diamanda Galas
The Devil’s Chasing Me: Reverend Horton Heat
Let’s Go Steady: Dow Jones and the Industrials -GB

Piece of Mind: Monomen
I Heard it on the X: Olivelawn
Jezebel: The Mummies
I Lost My Mind: The Flesh Panthers -GB
I’ve Got The Shame: Fatso Jetson -GB

Spooky Nuisance: Satan’s Satyrs -GB
Holy Mountain: Sleep
Notes and Chords Mean Nothing to Me: The Monkeywrench

You Never Come Closer: Doris -GB

#696 | LISTEN UP! | MARCH 14, 2017

March 15, 5am

Okay everybody, thanks for listening. The podcast of this show will be right below. You see, even Jack Kerouac listens to my radio show and digs it. HA! Have a good week. CHEERS! ~DJ Naked Rob

#696 | LISTEN UP! | MARCH 14, 2017

(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
Legendary Divorce | Habit | Horizontal
Wolfbrigade | Warsaw Speedwolf | Run With The Hunted
Red Red Krovvy | What Life Does | Red Red Krovvy
Atavismo | La Maldicion Del Zisco | Inerte
Les Lullies | Savage (Fun Things) | Les Lullies
Hexis | Septem | single
UV-TV | Wasting Away | Glass
Full Of Hell | Deluminate | Trumpeting Ecstasy
Century Palm | Trapped Here | Meet You
Spylacopa | Haunting A Ghost | Spylacopa
Long Knife | Painting the Night | Sewers Of Babylon EP
Fried Egg | Easy Way | Back and Forth EP
Crypt Rot | Chapters of Torment | Embryonic Devils
Crooked Bangs | Rabbit Hole | II
Concealed Blade | Euthanize Me | Concealed Blade
Closet Disco Queen | Délicieux | Sexy Audio Deviance For Punk Bums EP
Xetas | The Lamb | The Tower
Fuck You Pay Me | Dumbed Down | Dumbed Down
Sigil | Even The Gods Will Burn | Kingdom Of The Grave
Darkest Hour | Knife In The Safe Room | Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora
Blind Butcher | Fire | Alawalawa
Hazzard’s Cure | Hewn In Sunder | Smoke Iron Plunder
Moral Panic | Neck Tattoo | Moral Panic LP
Scumripper | Scumripper | Scumripper
Lecherous Gaze | Cosmos Redshift 7 | One Fifteen
Obituary | Lesson In Vengeance | Obituary
Lock Up | Demons Raging | Demonization
Borzoi | Desert Rose | Surrender The Farm EP
Crystal Fairy | Secret Agent Rat | Crystal Fairy
Prisoner | Starve | Beyond The Infinite
Connoisseur | Maximum Hashism | Over The Edge
The Clamps | Dirty Little Girl | Blend, Shake, Swallow
Career Suicide | Borrowed Time | Machine Response
Deathwish | Live Fast Live Forever | Unleash Hell
Gary Wrong Group | Heroin Beach Serpents Attack | Gary Wrong Group
Power Trip | Firing Squad | Nightmare Logic
Ötzi | Sunbeam | Gong Show b/w Sunbeam 7″
Bathsheba | The Sleepless Gods | Servus
(outro) Melvins | Hag Me | Houdini

Malderor – Time Changes And General Crankiness

March 13, 10pm

Daylight Saving Time began or ended or whichever one makes you lose an hour of sleep, and Malderor was pretty grumpy about it.  That, coupled with the fact he had to work Saturday, instead of preparing for the show, means there was a lot of cursing and fewer new-releases than normal. But, it was an entertaining chunk of rock & roll anyway, and Malderor’s Cracked-Out-Raver-Niece pops up for a show review. Plus DJ Deathwish was on-time! Stream it now!

2:03pm: Sell Out by The London SS

2:05pm: Ignite by The Damned

2:10pm: Bang A Cowboy by Deposit Man

2:18pm International News by National Wake

2:23pm: Which Side Will You Be On? by The Rondos

2:47pm: Ecstasy by Soviet Soviet

2:25pm: Nationalism by Doug Stanhope

2:30pm: My Country by New Model Army

2:38pm: Drinking And Driving by The Business

2:45pm: Hollywood Swinging by Big Boys

2:46pm: The Gothest Girl I Can by Corb Lund

2:53pm: Before I Get Old by New Model Army

2:57pm: Forgiveness by Willie And The Bandits

3:04pm: Snow Song by Under A Banner

3:12pm: Wasted On Fidelity by Cameron Avery

3:16pm: Slow (Kylie Minogue Cover) by Pond

3:20pm: Pond Life by Shriekback

3:28pm: Holiday Road by Matt Pond PA

3:31pm: Of Bears And Bricks by Grand Buffet

3:35pm: Hair Pull by Defiance Ohio

3:43pm: The Voice Of God (Is Government) by Bad Religion SAT Word Of The Week

3:45pm: Health and Knowledge and Wealth and Power by Shriekback

3:49pm: 125 MPH by New Model Army

3:53pm: I Hope That I Get Old Before I Die by They Might Be Giants

3:57pm: Before The Flame Dies by Cock Sparrer

4:00pm: Antifa Dub by Cop On Fire

Guest set by Spettro Family

March 8, 7pm

From Italy, a special guest set from Spettro Family…….

read more »

#695 | REMEMBER THE ALAMO! | MARCH 7, 2017

March 8, 5am

On March 6, 1836, 181 years ago, The Alamo fell to Santa Ana’s Army. This is considered to be the earliest known photo image of The Alamo.

Thanks everybody for listening. The podcast of this show is right below and download or stream at will. Have a great week and REMEMBER THE ALAMO & OZZY!! CHEERS!
~DJ Naked Rob, SFCA

#695 | REMEMBER THE ALAMO! | MARCH 7, 2017

(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
Attalla | Black Wolf Rituals | Glacial Rule
Red Red Krovvy | Square Man | Red Red Krovvy
The Obsessed | Punk Crusher | Sacred
Les Lullies | You’re Doing Wrong | Les Lullies
Blind Butcher | Staubsaugerbaby | Alawalawa
The Infamous Gehenna | Tormentor | Deathkamp Ov The Skull
Daddy Issues | In Your Head | Deep Dream
Hot Ram | Pink Droid | Hot Ram
White Dog | Neck Up | Sydney Limits
Hazzard’s Cure | Master Of Heathens | Smoke Iron Plunder
Borzoi | Feeding The Pig-Dog | Surrender The Farm EP
Scumripper | Burning Of The Midnight Tramp | Scumripper
Obituary | Brave | Obituary
Lock Up | Locust | Demonization
Gary Wrong Group | Knights Of Misery | Gary Wrong Group
Prisoner | Eternalist | Beyond The Infinite
Ötzi | Drought | Gong Show b/w Sunbeam 7″
Connoisseur | The Stoning | Over The Edge
Deathwish | Watch You Burn | Unleash Hell
Lecherous Gaze | Reptile Minds | One Fifteen
Bathsheba | Conjuration of Fire | Servus
Crystal Fairy | Necklace of Divorce | Crystal Fairy
Power Trip | Ruination | Nightmare Logic
Moral Panic | Dug | Moral Panic LP
Career Suicide | Break Away | Machine Response
THE CLAMPS | Nacho Vidal | Blend, Shake, Swallow
Pabst | Ocean Cruise | Skinwalker EP
Violent Opposition | Media Monopolies | Courage And Conviction
Brad Pot | Picture | Brad Pot
Horseneck | No Gods | Heavy Trip
Iron Reagan | Fuck The Neighbors | Crossover Ministry
The Sex Organs | Itch | Intergalactic Sex Tourists
Unearthly Trance | Famine | Stalking The Ghost
(outro) MELVINS | Hag Me | Houdini

New bunnywhiskers podcast

March 7, 11am

Featuring music from Demon Seed, The House with No Windows, Operation Orient, Patrick Still Lives and more~

Hell’s Kitchen Radio #293: Something Borrowed, Something Blue

March 7, 9am

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Rain makes me nostalgic. It reminds me of when I was younger and was first hearing tunes that I really connected with. I remember walking around San Mateo, south of San Francisco, as a teenager with my headphones on listening to Led Zeppelin and hungry for more. I remember hearing bands like Judas Priest and wanting to eat up everything Metal. I think about my growing love of the Grateful Dead, starting around 1983 when I was 13.

Tonight’s show is all about discovery. It’s the feeling you get when you hear something you’ve never heard before, but it gets all up in ya, and you have to have more. We’re lucky to live in a world where media is at our fingertips, but that still doesn’t change the sensation one gets when they hear something new and they just have to have more of it.



Hell’s Kitchen with John Hell
Mondays 8-10PM
Radio Valencia in SF

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Into the Void: Black Sabbath
Sacrifice: Glitter Wizard

Gyre: Meatbodies
Second Coming/Ballad of Dwight Fry: Alice Cooper

Paper: Ty Segall
Smells Like Teen Spirit: Willie Nelson
Polly (Demo): Kurt Cobain
Night Goat: Melvins

Greedy Man: James Brown
Oh My People: Last Poets

Love Buzz: Nirvana (1991-11-25 – Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL)
Rockin’ In The Free World: Neil Young (04-07-1990 Indiana Hoosier Dome, Indianapolis, IN)

Little Girl Blue: Nina Simone (12-1977 Theater Royal Drury Lane, London, England)
Hitler/All Hail The American Night/The Holy Shah: Jim Morrison (March 1969 Los Angeles, CA)
54-46 Was Her Number: Toots and the Maytals (1976 The Longbrach Saloon, Berkeley, CA)

Walk Away: James Gang (02-26-2001, Allen Theater, Cleveland, OH)
The Green Manalishi: Judas Priest (11-04-1979 The Palladium, NYC, NY)

Parchment Farm: Blue Cheer
Pepsi Jingle: T-Rex
Rock And Roll Queen: Mott the Hoople

The Falcon Has Landed: Fu Manchu

Malderor – World Premiere Of The New Outta Sorts EP!

March 5, 10pm

Today’s show was a bucketload of fun! Radio Valencia World-Premiered™ a whole bunch of tracks from the new The Outta Sorts EP. They are playing this Friday, March 10th, at Thee Parkside, with The Ogres, The Knights of Trash, and Muck and the Mires! Come check them out, and I’ll buy you a drink if you remind me you saw this post! (Also, thanks to the Outta Sorts for mentioning the show in the EP’s liner notes. I think that’s a first and we’re very touched.) Check out the podcast below!

2:02pm: Hot Ticket by The Outta Sorts

2:03pm: Me And The Devil by Gil-Scott Heron

2:10pm: You Made It Baby by The Underground Youth

2:22pm: San Francisco Is An Iceberg by The Outta Sorts

2:22pm: You Don’t Care by The Ogres

2:23pm: Tell Me, Tell Me by The Knights Of Trash

2:28pm: Keep Smiling, America by J Church

2:31pm: I Don’t Care/Neutered By Time by Shit Creek

2:35pm: Pills For Breakfast by Faith No More

2:41pm: Snow Covered Dreams by The Outta Sorts

2:43pm: You Better Write Your Number Down by Muck and the Mires

2:44pm: Put Your Weight On It by The Schizophonics

2:54pm: Brother, My Cup Is Empty by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

2:56pm: Feeling Very Difficult Today by The Outta Sorts

2:59pm: The State (I’m In) by Josefin Ohrn and The Liberation

3:07pm: Punks and Pushers by Hayley and The Crushers

3:09pm: Did Punk Rock Make You A Millionaire? by Armitage Shanks

3:12pm: The Trouble With Love by The Outta Sorts

3:21pm: Yesterday by The Orange Revival

3:27pm: To Never Know You by Black Ryder

3:32pm: Friends With Penalties by The Rinds

3:39pm: Rebel Against Myself by The Outta Sorts

3:41pm: When The Sun Goes Down by The Woggles

3:42pm: Ragged But Right by The Woggles

3:49pm: Party In The Sky by The Outta Sorts

3:51pm: Rescue by Rogue Wave

3:57pm: Good With Bad Habits by The Outta Sorts

3:59pm: Antifa Dub by Cop On Fire

4:00pm: return to normal schedule.