New bunnywhiskers podcast

December 9, 1pm

Featuring music from The Undead, The Devil’s Widow, A Girl For Satan, Shock Waves and more~


December 9, 1pm

R.I.P Dear Friends


Twiggy Twiggy Twiggy vs James Bond by Pizzicato Five
Queen of Cups by Cherushii from Memory of Water
The Thin Line by Cherushii feat. Maria Minerva
Dactyl Nightmare by Obsidian Blade
Ceremonial Blade by Obsidian Blade
Freaks Come Out As Knights by Obsidian Blade
Virex by Nackt
All Day by Nackt
Next by Nackt
Frozen Lace by Introflirt
Orange Light by Introflirt
Past Tense by Introflirt
Satisfy by Introflirt
Somewhere in the Distance by Ghost of Lightning
Blue Tinted Glass by Ghost of Lightning
Frozen Fear by Red Cellar
Remember You by Nex Iuguolo
Equinus by Nex Iuguolo
Us Now by Them Are Us Too
Marilyn (Look Remix) by Them Are Us Too



Pauline Oliveros Tribute Show

December 8, 9am

A tribute to Pauline Oliveros~


And a visit from DJ Lucy in the last half hour!

New bunnywhiskers podcast

November 28, 6pm

Featuring music from 2020 Texas Gladiators, The Perverse Countess, The Big Panic, Slime City, Cold Eyes of Fear and more!



Malderor – Timeshifting with Gatsby and Momderor

November 28, 12pm

img_0487Malderor had a random day off due to the Thanksgiving holiday, so he went into the studio to lay down a pre-recorded episode to air over the holiday weekend. Gatsby Fassbinder came by to hang out, and Malderor’s mom dropped in as well.  There is a bit of a political subtext to a few of the show’s elements.  You can play along at home to decipher their meaning.  Check out the podcast, or the stream below!

2:02pm: Lethal Warning Shot by Paris

2:09pm: Downpressor Man by Peter Tosh

2:16pm: Call Me A Dog by Temple Of The Dog

2:25pm: Jump Into The Fire by Harry Nilsson

2:32pm: I’m A Mover by Free

2:35pm: Devour by Dooms Virginia

2:40pm: Fucked Up by The Lemonheads

2:40pm: Sunday Mourning (Live) by Night Beats

2:46pm: In The Ghetto by Nick Cave

2:50pm: Quicksand by Temple Of The Dog

3:03pm: Bad Catholics by The Menzingers

3:05pm: Old Friend (Rancid Cover) by Big D and The Kid’s Table

3:09pm: No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA by MDC

3:15pm: Chip by Sugar Shack

3:18pm: I Lost My Mind by Flesh Panthers

3:20pm: Talk To You by The Count Bishops

3:26pm: It’s True by The Spivs

3:28pm: Blood by Dropkick Murphys

3:32pm: Ninety-Nine-And-A-Half (Won’t Do) by Wilson Pickett

3:39pm: What Have You Done For Me Lately by Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings

3:42pm: Bad News Perfume by Barrence Whitfield and The Savages

3:45pm: Soul Brothers Testify, Part 1 by Chester Randle’s Soul Senders

3:50pm: Welcome To The North by The Music

3:55pm: Stranger Than Fiction (Live) by Bad Religion SAT Word Of The Week

3:57pm: Times Of Trouble by Temple Of The Dog (Partial)

4:03pm: return to normal schedule.


Guest set by Darren Johnson of Grindhouse Grooves & Exploitation Soundtracks

November 27, 10am

Guest set by Darren Johnson of Grindhouse Grooves and Exploitation Soundtracks!


Set list:

Death Line Theme – Will Malone , Death Line aka Raw Meat 1972
Witch Hunt – Frog, Psychomania 1971
Mad Puppet – Goblin, Profondo Rosso 1975
Cut and Run – Claudio Simonetti, Cut and Run 1985
Black Inferno – Oliver Onions, The Atlantis Interceptors aka Raiders of Atlantis 1983
Il Gatto dagli Occhi di Giada – Trans Europa Express, Watch Me When I Kill 1977
Cavalcata… per Elise – Ennio Morricone, A Genius, Two Partners & A Dupe
Creepozoids – Guy Moon, Creepozoids 1987
Lone Wolf’s Theme – Mark Lindsay, Shogun Assassin 1980
Destination Understanding – Nikos Lavranos, Island of Death 1975
Droge CX9 – Manfred Hübler & Siegfried Schwab, Vampyros Lesbos 1971=
Decimazione Amanti – Riz Ortolani, Paolo Barca, Maestro Elementare, Praticamente Nudista 1975
Trioxin Theme – Francis Haines, Return of the Living Dead 1985
L’ aldila – Fabio Frizzi, The Beyond 1981
Main Theme – Marc Wilkinson, The Blood on Satan’s Claw 1971
Procession – Gary Mcfarland, Eye of the Devil 1966
Manic Theme – Jay Chattaway, Maniac 1980
Much More – Riz Ortolani, The House on the Edge of the Park 1980
Too Risky a Day for a Regatta – Stelvio Cipriani, Tentacoli 1977
The Beast – Andrew Thomas Wilson, The Chain Reaction 1980
Night Stalkers Theme – Shane Plante, Night Stalkers 1987
Nucleo Antirapina – Bixio, Frizzi, Tempera, Operazione Kappa: Sparate a Vista 1977
You Got Yourself in a Tailspin – The Familiar Strangers, Things 1989
Svolta Definitiva – Ennio Morricone, Città violenta aka Violent City 1970
Preludio & Titoli – Bruno Nicolai, The Red Queen Kills Seven Times 1972
Thoughtless – Nico Fidenco, Black Emanuelle 1976
Matalo! Theme Song – Mario Migliardi, Matalo! 1970
Reel Ten – The Plugz, Repoman 1985

Hell’s Kitchen Radio #281: Two For The Road

November 16, 1pm


Stream the Tribute, HERE!
Download the Memories, HERE!
Listen into all my shows here

Will this madness of 2016 never end.

Guitarist and singer/songwriter Eric McFadden and his Queen delphine joined me in the studio Monday night to pay tribute to two greats of the music world who recently passed on to the great beyond.

While I was never a big fan of the way Leonard Cohen phrased his own tunes, I was a huge fan of the many covers of his classics. I believe I first was turned onto the brilliant songwriting of Mr. Cohen through the Joe Cocker Mad Dogs and Englishmen version of “Bird on a Wire”. I was hooked from that moment on the storytelling and eagerly sought out other covers. Easily my favorite cover of his was “Hallelujah” by the late, great Jeff Buckley. “I’m Your Fan” is a great tribute record to Cohen, which was released in 1991, featuring REM, Nick Cave, The Pixies, and John Cale. Check it out!

Leonard Cohen died November 7th of cancer at the age of 82. I appreciate that he was buried in a simple Jewish ceremony next to his parents in Montreal.

The piano player on the Mad Dogs record was none other than my other featured player for the night: Leon Russell. Russell’s stride piano playing and exaggerated vocal style helped him stand out from others during his high profile era of the 1970s. Starting with the Mad Dogs record I spent many hours enjoying his early 70s solo efforts. Though he wasn’t as often covered as much as Cohen, Russell made a profound impact on many songwriters that followed him. His birthplace, Tulsa, Oklahoma, named a street after him in 2010. He died this past Sunday after a few years of failing health. He was 74.

Listening to music is supposed to be a joy. Even when the artist we love and respect has passed to the great beyond we have their songs to carry us through to our own old age. I’ve told my friends and family if I ever get to a point where they have to prop me up in a corner just place some headphones on me and place my iPod on shuffle. Losing Cohen and Russell is indeed sad, but it also will lead to a renaissance of their music. Perhaps your favorite band will cover their songs. Maybe, like after Jerry Garcia died, there will be a huge outpouring of new versions of some of their deeper album cuts that you never knew they wrote. From loss comes inspiration. Through grief comes resilience and vision.

At this writing Mose Allison has passed away at the age of 89. I can’t host enough shows to pay tribute to all the musical greats who we have lost this somber year.

Take heart my friends, and hold each other closer. We’re going to need all the good love and strength we can muster.

Eric and delphine are performing the next two Fridays and Saturdays for Dark Kabaret at the Great Star Theater in China Town. Tickets and information here.


Girl From North Country: Leon Russell (02-05-1971 – Baarn, NL)
The Partisan: Leonard Cohen
Bird on a Wire: Joe Cocker

This Masquerade: Leon Russell
Hummingbird: B.B. King
Dream a Little Dream of Me: Cass Elliott

Chelsea Hotel No 2: Lana Del Rey
A Song for You: Donny Hathaway
Everybody Knows: Leonard Cohen
Who By Fire: Coil

Avalanche: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Alcatraz: Nazareth
Back to the Island: Toots and the Maytals
First We Take Manhattan: REM

Roll Away the Stone: Leon Russell (11-20-70 Fillmore East, NYC)
I Can’t Forget: Pixies
The Partisan: Eric McFadden

Delta Lady: Joe Cocker
Hallelujah: Jeff Buckley

Malderor – 80s & 90s Nostalgia with Live 105’s Steve Masters

November 16, 11am

martingore4x3-02Malderor welcomed former Live 105 Music Director Steve Masters to the program, to play some old-school 80s and 90s jams, from before there was a word like “Alternative.” Lots of songs you might have forgotten about in this episode, so give it a download!

2:04pm: Teenage Angst by Cracker

2:06pm: Your Woman by White Town

2:10pm: Underwhelmed by Sloan

2:22pm: The Bog (Radio Mix) by BiGod 20

2:27pm: What Difference Does It Make? by The Smiths

2:33pm: Lover Come Back To Me (Extended Mix) by Dead or Alive

2:37pm: In The Meantime by Spacehog

2:42pm: Believe by Dig

2:46pm: I Try by Macy Gray

2:54pm: Das Model by Kraftwerk

2:57pm: Hands Off…She’s Mine! by The Beat

3:02pm: Humatic by League of Gentlemen

3:10pm: Not Sleeping Around by Ned’s Atomic Dustbin

3:14pm: Dream All Day by The Posies

3:17pm: Nothing’s Gonna Stop by The Folk Implosion

3:26pm: Sex Dwarf by Soft Cell

3:30pm: World Destruction by Timezone

3:36pm: Headhunter V1.0 by Front 242

3:45pm: New Generation by Suede

3:49pm: Disco 2000 by Pulp

3:54pm: There’s No Other Way by Blur

3:59pm: American Soviets by C.C.C.P.

4:01pm: return to normal schedule.