ESBeats: Nostalgic but New

August 17, 5pm

It was two hours of predominantly brand-new music – with an emphasis on Outside Lands 2019 highlights. Although, as the set list started to take shape – there was a definite nostalgic theme running through a lot of the songs. Our last show of the Summer before the kids go back to school, it seemed appropriate to hear songs of longing for simpler times.

Stream the episode: ESBeats: OSL2019




August 14, 7am

I wanna thank Shane Baker of Dead And Gone and Nick Skrobisz of Multicult for calling into Terrible Tuesday Radio Show w/DJ Naked Rob yesterday on Radio Valencia. Make sure to check out these bands playing this weekend at 924 Gilman in Berkeley & Elbo Room Jack London in Oakland. Thanks for listening.

Click down below to hear the podcast of this show or go to the website at to download or stream all my past shows. Have a great rest of the week. CHEERS! ~DJ Naked Rob, SFCA


band track album label

(intro) Revolting Cocks Get Down Beers, Steers & Qveers Wax Trax!


Shane Baker of Dead and Gone

Dead and Gone Wires T.V. Baby Prank Records

Dead and Gone T.V. Baby T.V. Baby Prank Records


Meatwound Refusal Culero Financial Ruin/Dead Tank Records

Hickoids Burnin’ Luv (Live) All the World’s a Dressing Room (Live) Saustex

Leather Lung Miscreant Lonesome, On’ry and Evil Magnetic Eye Records

The Dames Mutany Detritus Learning Curve

Cement Shoes Boots Too Feel It Records


Grizzlor Warp Speed Coolnes Factor 6 7″ Learning Curves Records

The Lumberjack Feedback Wind Last Blow Mere Mortals Deadlight Records

Cropsy Maniac The Devil’s Rain Carnage Horror Pain Gore Death

Wraith Acid Mass Absolute Power Self-Release/Clawhammer PR


Hoaries Set Me Free Crudforms 1-3 Reptilian Records

Cold Curse Burning Violent Measure Creator-Destructor Records

Crawler The Fortunes Of Fools Womb Horror Pain Gore Death

Electric Frankenstein Cut From The Inside How To Make A Monster (20 year anniversary edition) Victory Records

Balls Gone Wild MoFo (Explicit) High Roller Metalville Records

USA Nails Microphone Life Cinema Hex Records



Nick Skrbisz of Multicult

Multicult ISO Simultaneity Now Learning Curve/Reptilian Records

Multicult Incoming Noise Simultaneity Now Learning Curve/Reptilian Records


NoMás Police Brutality Last Laugh Horror Pain Gore Death

Ladrones Sucia bonita Ladrones LP Slovenly

Happy 9th Birthday To Us!!!

August 11, 12pm

Happy 9th birthday to us! On the afternoon of August 11, 2010, Radio Valencia co-founders John Hell and Trademark Gunderson flipped the switch on RV and the grand experiment began! Though no radio tower exists, we have happily spun our grooves on the internet, world-wide for just shy of a decade. We hope you have enjoyed what we offer, and continue to support us as we grow.


August 8, 6am

Thanks for listening to today’s radio show on Radio Valencia. For the PODCAST of this show, click below or go our website at to hear more of my shows. Thanks.
Next Tuesday, I’ll be doing two phone interviews on the radio show. One with Shane Baker of Dead And Gone and the other with Multicult. Don’t miss it. Have a great week and be cool. CHEERS! ~DJ Naked Rob, SFCA

band   track   album   label
(intro) Revolting Cocks | Get Down | Beers, Steers & Qveers
Leather Lung   Ain’t Feelin’ No Pain    Lonesome, On’ry and Evil    Magnetic Eye Records
The Hussy    Coast    Looming    Dirtnap 
Cropsy Maniac    Brainscan    Carnage    Horror Pain Gore Death
Grizzlor    The Take Off    Coolnes Factor 6 7″    Learning Curves Records
Hickoids    Brand New Way (Live)    All the World’s a Dressing Room (Live)    Saustex
Monolord    The Bastard Son     No Comfort    Relapse
The Dames   Absentee Landlord     Detritus    Learning Curve
The Lumberjack Feedback    Kill Kill Kill Die Die Die    Mere Mortals    Deadlight Records
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard   Planet B    Infest The Rats Nest     ATO Records
Meatwound    Void Center    Culero    Financial Ruin/Dead Tank Records
Cement Shoes    Me No Have No Brain    Too    Feel It Records
Wraith    Devil’s Hour    Absolute Power    Self-Release
Multicult    Torsion    Simultaneity Now     Learning Curve
Enforced    Skinned Alive    At The Walls    WAR Records
Halshug    Give Everything Up    Dream    Southern Lord
Cherubs    Tigers In The Sky    Immaculada High    Relapse
Crawler    The Burning Trees    Womb    Horror Pain Gore Death
Electric Frankenstein    I’m Not Your (nothing)    How To Make A Monster (LP reissue)    Victory Records
Temptress     Heavy Woman    Temptress    Self-release/Mettle Media
NoMás    Verba Abuse    Last Laugh    Horror Pain Gore Death
Lifetime Shitlist    Uncanny Valley    Bad Blood    Grimoire Records
Hoaries    Diet Of Change    Crudforms 1-3     Reptilian Records
Sons Of Famine    Surge Of Steel    As Razors Gnaw Like Wolves    Horror Pain Gore Death
Torche     Times Missing    Admission     Relapse
Cold Curse    By The Sword    Violent Measure    Creator-Destructor Records
USA Nails    You Wish    Life Cinema    Hex Records
LPP    Human Prohibited    Split Album    Horror Pain Gore Death 
Ladrones    El Portal    Ladrones LP    Slovenly
Bleach Everything    Relics    So We Gnaw    Dark Operative
Xenu & the Thetans    El Rock de la Extinción    Xenu & the Thetans LP    Slovenly
Victims    Fires Below    The Horse And Sparrow Theory    Relapse
Telekrimen    El Último Día    Culto a lo Imbécil LP    Slovenly
Superstition    Unreclaimed Blood (Phantom Swarm)    The Anatomy of Unholy Transformation    20 Buck Spin
Fleshwold    Out of Context    The Essence Has Changed, But the Details Remain    This Charming Man

Ticket giveaway tonight midnight on Beyond All Limits

July 22, 2pm

Giving away a pair of tickets sometime during my show tonight to see This is Not Heat / Bill Orcutt / and DJ Brian Turner at the Chapel Saturday July 27th. Also playing some heavy noise rock and free improv. Tune in! Listen in for the phone number to call, tonight… Midnight.