Hell’s Kitchen Radio #291: Have You Seen This Man?

February 19, 3pm

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Have you heard the news, it’s all over town. If you ain’t heard it boy, you better sit down. Er, um…sorry about that. I shouldn’t use 70s-era Bob Segar lyrics to draw your attention, even though it sure got the boys to take note of Betty Lou; amIright?!?!?!?! Of course I am.

This year I have recommitted to featuring my ever deepening obsession with live music. The second hour features live tracks from Dylan. Garcia, Bob Marley and more. Also, some brand spankin’ new Ty Segall. I counted and I see that I now own 20 Ty Segall LPs and 8 45s. Do I get a medal for something like that?

If you’ve never heard of Wylde Ratttz before, then join the club. I just “discovered” this super group recently and I really have to wonder what rock my head was under when these guys appeared 20 years ago. In short, the band was a side project featuring Mark Arm (Mudhoney), Thurston Moore and Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth) Mike Watt (Minutemen), Ron Asheton (Stooges), Don Flemming (Velvet Monkeys), and Sabir Mateen. They mostly covered Stooges songs, Pretty Things, and couple of originals. The music was also used for the movie Velvet Goldmine, with Ewan McGregor taking on the lead vocals. There was some hype about the fact that on the original soundtrack Mark Arm’s vocals were replaced with McGregor’s to the dismay of the band. You can read about that here. Again, where the hell was I in 1998 when all of this was happening? Oh right, I remember. Ugh, that’s for another post, on another blog, in another universe, in another dimension.



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I like To Rock: April Wine
TV Eye: Wylde Ratttz

Eric’s Trip: Sonic Youth
Blood Like Cream: Red Fang

Maybe I’m Amazed: The Faces
Stars and Stripes of Corruption: Dead Kennedy’s
Get It Together: James Brown

A Song for Europe: Roxy Music
Loran’s Dance: Idris Muhammad

One Too Many Mornings: Bob Dylan (Royal Albert Hall 1966)
Friend of the Devil: Jerry Garcia and John Kahn (May 5, 1982)

Warm Hands: Ty Segall
War/No More Trouble – Running/Crazy Baldheads: Bob Marley (08-05-78 Jai Alai Fronton, Miami, Florida)

Stone Cold Bush: Red Hot Chili Peppers (03-01-90 Palatrussardi, Milano, Italy)
Walk on Hot Coals: Rory Gallagher (02-05-73 Tommy Vance Show)


February 1, 3pm

Hope the radio show took you away for a while from your shitty life. HA! Have a great rest of the week and remember, listen to music, not politicians. CHEERS!
~DJ Naked Rob, SFCA

(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
Toke | Within the Sinister Void | Orange
Meatbodies | Creature Feature | Alice
Grizzlor | Are You Doing Your Job? | split 7″
Aquarian Blood | Asshole In The Castle | Last Nite In Paradise
Bear Mace | Death Of A Constellation | Butchering The Colossus
Brad Pot | Air Strike | Brad Pot
Overkill | Goddamn Trouble | The Grinding Wheel
Black Army Jacket | Vindictive | Closed Casket
Weltesser | Regret | Crestfallen
Komatsu | Lockdown | Nick Oliveri: N.O. Hits At All Vol. 1
Sepultura | Morbid Visions | The Roadrunner Albums: 1985-1996
T.S.O.L. | Sometimes | The Trigger Complex
Rozamov | Wind Scorpion | This Mortal Road
Iron Reagan | Grim Business | Crossover Ministry
Rebel Wizard | On The Unknown Self They Weep | Triumph Of Gloom
Horseneck | P.A.G. | Heavy Trip
Atown Sluts | Ballad of Al Mars | I Hate The Atown Sluts
Xibalba | Con Amor | Diablo, Con Amor… Adios
AD.UL.T | Her Penis | No, Thank You
Oozepus | Insult | Your Limit
The Sex Organs | Camel Toe Twist | Intergalactic Sex Tourists
Mutilator | Butcher | Immortal Force (reissue)
The Blind Shake | Corpse on a Roof | Celebrate Your Worth
Ranger| Night Slasher | Speed & Violence
Bungler | Ex Wheels | The Nature of Being New
The Drip | Dead Inside | The Haunting Fear of Inevitability
Drakulas | Neon Town | Raw Wave
Toke | Fifty Ton Nug | Fifty Ton Nug
THE WORKHORSE III | Nothin’ From Me | Closer to Relevance
Uniform Choice | Once I Cry | Screaming For Change (1986 reissue)
Endorphins Lost | Warm Body Target | Choose Your Way
(outro) Melvins | Hag Me | Houdini

Malderor- Training Newbies, Drinking Cuttys, Punching Nazis

January 30, 5pm

Last week’s show was typically wide-ranging, covering everything from local psych acts like Spiral Electric and Peacers, through to local hip-hop from the Stunna Boys.  Plus the occasional protest song, and some punk rock 45s.  Malderor was training the new folks from the Sheesh Radio show, Deathwish was onhand to sample a new flavor of Cutty Bang, and then for some reason we got into the morality of punching Nazis.  Freeform radio at its finest.

2:04pm: Street Fighting Man by The Rolling Stones

2:05pm: Gimme Some Truth by David J

2:09pm: Call To Arms (Live) by Sturgill Simpson

2:15pm: Where Were You? by The Mekons

2:18pm: Fade Away by New Age Steppers

2:32pm: Gas Break Dip by Stunna Boys

2:35pm: Hanging Tree by Bob Mould

2:42pm: Police On My Back by The Clash

2:51pm: Three Kilos by The Prodigy

2:58pm: White Trash Heroes by Archers of Loaf

3:09pm: Live For Love by The Spiral Electric

3:16pm: There’s Nothing Like Revenge For Getting Back At People by Hot Lunch

3:21pm: Running In The Rain by New Model Army

3:26pm: Party In The Sky by The Outta Sorts

3:28pm: Lost In America by The Downtown Struts

3:31pm: Never Surrender by Blitz

3:40pm: Blume by Peacers

3:43pm: Don’t Fuck With Me by The Erections

3:48pm: Amputation by The Jesus & Mary Chain

3:49pm: Ape Man by The Kinks

3:56pm: This Is What I Want by This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb

3:58pm: My Dark Places by Stiff Litle Fingers

4:00pm: Antifa Dub by Cop On Fire

4:00pm: return to normal schedule.


New bunnywhiskers podcast

January 26, 10pm

Featuring music from Corpse Eaters, Sadomania, Vigilante, Eraserhead and more…..

New bunnywhiskers podcast

January 25, 6pm

Featuring an interview with the lovely Victoria Shen of Trim, soundtracks, library stuff and experimental…

Ennio Morricone Special

January 23, 4pm

Two hours of music from the Maestro~


January 20, 10am

Playlist: Twiggy Twiggy Twiggy Vs. James Bond by Pizzicato Five
Cranes in the Sky by Solange
Her Fantasy (Poolside Remix) by Matthew Dear
Front Load by Arca
4 Degrees by Ahnohni
Funky Little Beat by Connie
Families by John Talabot
Hopeless by Psychic Twin
100,000 fireflies by magnetic fields
orange light by intoflirt
The Chill by Russel Butler
Far Away So Close by Cherushii
The Thin Line by Cherushii featuring Maria Minerva
You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) by Sylvester
Atomic Bomb by William Onyeabor
Fantastic Man by William Onyeabor
Change Your Life (You Can Do It) by Dan Deacon
Starman by Sally Shapiro featuring Electric Youth
High School Never Ends by Mykki Blanco
Loner by Mykki Blanco
yoshimi battles the pink robots (acoustic version) by flaming lips
believer by john maus
the possessed by glass candy
Strange Changes by Bird of Paradise featuring Still Life Honolulu
This Mess We’re In by Thom Yorke

Malderor- Fundraising for Annie S, Plus More Cutty Bangs

January 18, 5pm

In the first hour of today’s show we feature a bunch of bands that are playing Thursday at the Bottom of the Hill, for a fundraiser to help offset the costs of Annie Southworth’s cancer treatments. Annie is a beloved local pillar of the music scene, and folks are turning out to help her with her (insane) medical bills, which are going to get much worse now given the gutting of the ACA and her obvious “pre-existing condition.” But there are some great bands playing; The Dodos, Peacer, and Sarah Bethe Nelson. In the second hour we get into some tracks from the soon-to-be-released soundtrack to Trainspotting 2. And I bought Deathwish another Cutty Bang, so download the podcast to hear how that turns out!  (Oh, and almost all of Cheap Hooch turned up early to try to derail my show with their over-the-top partying!  It’s a wild-one!)

2:03pm: Whizz Kid by Mott The Hoople

2:11pm: Laze It by Peacers

2:11pm: Competition by The Dodos

2:12pm: Hazy by Sarah Bethe Nelson

2:16pm: Drinkin’ Buddy by The Webbers

2:20pm: Time To Switch To Whiskey by Corb Lund

2:31pm: R.J.D. (Salam) by Peacers

2:33pm: Confidence by The Dodos

2:38pm: Uneasy by Sarah Bethe Nelson

2:41pm: Strange Changes feat. Still Life (Bowie Cover) by Bird Of Paradise (fragmented, sorry)

2:50pm: Welcome To Hell by Crocodiles

2:52pm: Goofy’s Concern by The Butthole Surfers

2:55pm: The Way by Buzzcocks

3:02pm: Valentine’s Day by The Webbers

3:04pm: Country Song by Bill Burnham

3:11pm: Lincoln’s Funeral Train by Greg Graffin (Bad Religion SAT Word Of The Week)

3:16pm: The Third Sound by The Third Sound

3:19pm: Internal World by Cloud Nothings

3:24pm: All Your Little Lies by Dead Rabbits

3:27pm: For A While by The Third Sound

3:36pm: Get Up by Young Fathers

3:41pm: Dad’s Best Friend by The Rubberbandits

3:43pm: Whitest Boy On The Beach by Fat White Family

3:49pm: German Cigarillo Ad by Germany

3:53pm: You, In Weird Cities by Jeff Rosenstock

3:56pm: Off-Duty Sailor by The Dicks

3:59pm: Antifa Dub by Cop on Fire


January 13, 2pm

All right my followers/creepers here ya go:
ADHDJ’s Teen Dream H.S. Records

1. Jonathon Larsen- “Rent: The Musical” Soundtrack (no shame)
2. Smashing Pumpkins- Siamese Dream
3. Pulp- Different Class
4. Manic Street Preachers- The Holy Bible
5. Chemical Brothers- Dig Your Own Hole
6. Spiritualized- Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space
7. Radiohead- OK Computer
8. Various Artists- No Alternative (recently rediscovered and still pretty into it)
9. Belle and Sebastian- Tigermilk
10. Elvis Costello- Best of

Noting the sad lack of female artists here/internalized sexism but I do want to point out that the No Alternative compilation introduced me to Patti Smith which was pretty invaluable later on….

Malderor – Psych Rock and Cutty Bangs!

January 11, 12pm

Today was the beginning of Rainpocalypse 2017 or something, and it was pouring down buckets as Malderor made his way to the station. He prepared a slate of mopey, droney, shoegaze-y psych-rock, and he’s joined in the studio by DJ Deathwish, who is slightly worse-for-wear.  Malderor stopped and bought Deathwish a “Cutty Bang” from a nearby ghetto liquor store, and a radio show ensues.  (In the last hour we get away from the psych a bit, and play a bunch of goofy covers. Stay tuned for that!)

2:02pm: Telepathic Lover by Crocodiles

2:04pm: Journey To The Center Of The Mind by The Ramones

2:09pm: Martian Arts by Singapore Sling

2:14pm: Funeral Rites by The Vacant Lots (feat. Anton Newcombe)

2:21pm: Mister You’re A Better Man Than I by The Sons Of Adam

2:26pm: Watcher Talk by Jack Name

2:38pm: Black Mountain by Dream Weapon

2:39pm: Wax by Publique

2:43pm: Dying Alive by Singapore Sling

2:53pm: Who Cares Right Now? by The Virgin Tongues

2:59pm: Bless by Electric Eye

3:03pm: Ego Death by A Place To Bury Strangers

3:12pm: Uranus by Jessica 93

3:16pm: Life Is Killing My Rock And Roll by Singapore Sling

3:19pm: Killing The Light by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

3:22pm: Do Re Mi by Woody Guthrie

3:33pm: Follow Light by The Gentle Cycle

3:36pm: Sorcery by Higamos Hogamos

3:45pm: Cathode Ray by Screen Vinyl Image

3:53pm: Bring On The Dancing Horses (Echo & The Bunnymen Cover) by The Electric Lazarus

3:57pm: Electric Landlady by Purson

4:05pm: Morphose by Nighworkers

4:17pm: I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man (Prince Cover) by The People’s Whiskey

4:19pm: Nausea by Jeff Rosenstock

4:23pm: The Most Beautiful Girl In The World (Prince Cover) by The Mustang Ranch Hands

4:26pm: Jungle Love (Morris Day & The Time Cover) by Franks & Deans

4:38pm: Astro Zombies (Misfits Cover) by The Valkyrians

4:39pm: Disorder (Joy Division Cover) by The Valkyrians

4:46pm: Let Me Down Gently by Spacemen 3