April 10, 8am

Thanks, everybody for listening to yesterday’s radio show on Radio Valencia. Thanks for the band, FRISCO for coming into the studio. I also want to thank SUBLIMINALSF for letting us give away tickets to the BIG BUSINESS show happening this Saturday, April 13th at the Rickshaw Stop. If you missed the show or any other time, click on the radio player down below or go to the PODCAST page at to download or stream any of my shows. Pass them around to your friends and family too. Thanks. Have a great week and I’ll be back next week for another killer interview. Be cool. CHEERS! ~DJ Naked Rob, SFCA


(intro) Revolting Cocks    Get Down    Beers, Steers & Qveers    Wax Trax!

Fleshies     Comin’ To Get Our Cousins    Introducing The Fleshies    Dirt Cult Records

Something Is Waiting     Fuck In Peace    Songs For The Sally Beauty Pavilion     Learning Curve Records

Isotope    M.A.N.I.C.    Isotope    Carbonized Records

Asomvel    World Shaker    World Shaker    Heavy Psych Sounds


Zig Zags    Fallout    They’ll Never Take Us Alive    RidingEasy Records

Scientists     Hey Sydney    9H2O.SiO2    In The Red Records

The Progerians    Crush The Wise Men    Crush The Wise Men Who Refuse To Submit     Mottow Soundz


These Beasts     End of the Whip    These Beasts     Magnetic Eye Records

Blood Feast     Chemically Imbalanced    Chopped, Sliced and Diced    Hells Headbangers

Jonny Manak The Depressives    Anybody Wanna Skate    Anybody Wanna Skate    God’s Candy Records


The Cowboys    Open Sores    The Bottom of a Rotten Flower    Feel It Records

Fried Egg    Grown Fat    Square One    Feel It Records



Big Business     Heal the Weak    The Beast You Are    Joyful Noise

Terry Gross    Shameless Imposter    Shameless Imposter    Valley King

Frisco    Empty Suit    Love Songs For Phantom Limbs    Valley King


Possessed No More Room In Hell Revelations Of Oblivion Metal Nuclear Blast

Nebula  Witching Hour Holy Shit Rock Heavy Psych Sounds

E.T. Explore Me Let me in Shine    Voodoo Rhythm

Jars    Being on the knife Jars II    Pogo Records

Valley of the Sun Dim Vision Old Gods     Fuzzorama Records



Frisco, in-studio

Bob McDonald – vocals

Joey Osbourne – drums

Andy Oglesby – guitar

Hell’s Kitchen Radio #360: Tangled Up In You

March 30, 2pm

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Sometimes absence does make the heart grow fonder. It’s been a few weeks, I know, but don’t let that be a reason you forget about dear old Hell. Taking time off allows me to amass more music to share with you. Most of the music on this show I haven’t shared with you before, so count yourself lucky.

I hope you’re tuning in with Shazam running. Or at the very least grab a pen and paper!

I paid tribute to word jazz stalwart Ken Nordine throughout the show. There’s also new music from Frisco, and Tae. It’s also the 50th anniversary of the Allman Brothers Band, and I have just cracked open the Holy Grail for live Allman’s. I’ll have more to share with you over time.

I’m not on this coming Monday night (family duty calls), but the after I should have Little Lauson Hell in the studio with me, and new music from Ty Segall (live) and OCS (live!!!), and whatever Lauson throws on. Her tastes have really evolved since last she was on a few months back.

Tune in Monday’s 8-10PM (PDST)

See you on the “radio”


Hell’s Kitchen Radio with John Hell
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Radio Valencia in SF

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Rocked By Rape: Evolution Control Committee
Take a Letter, Maria: R.B. Greaves
Coral: Ken Nordine
Never Can Say Goodbye: Herbie Mann (with Duane Allman)

Go To Satan: Rube Waddell
Wild Action: The Ventures
California Sun: The Dictators
Panchito Blues II: Peach Kelly Pop

Comptroller: Frisco
Azure: Ken Nordine
So Much For Love: Pearl Harbor and the Explosions
Related to What: The Last Poets
Suspiria: Goblin

Focus Pocus: Big Business
Shake Shake Shake: Bryan Ferry

Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’: Allman Brothers Band (January 24, 1970 Whiskey Go Go, LA, CA)
Little Red Hen: Taj Mahal

Everybody’s Happy Nowadays: Buzzcocks (March, 2 1979 Paradiso, Amsterdam)
I Wanna Be Around: Tony Bennett
May This Be Love: Emmylou Harris and Daniel Lanois (November 8, 1995 State Theater, Portland, ME)
A Thousand Big Bangs: Ken Nordine (with Jerry Garcia and Tom Waits)
Creole Love Call: Roland Kirk

Maggie Sue: Tae
Bankrobber: Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros (August 19, 1999 Two Days A Week Festival, Wiesen, Austria)
A Minute to Pray, A Second to Die: The Flesh Eaters (July 17,1982 Clutch Cargo’s, Detroit, MI)

Tangled Up In Blue: Jerry Garcia Band (Live at the Eel – June 10, 1989)
What A Wonderful World: Louis Armstrong

To give you a sneak peak at the new OCS Live at The Chapel LP, here’s a live video from the end of the show. I WAS THERE!!!

Travel the World with ESBeats

March 23, 5pm

We’re very excited to launch our 4-week travel series of shows. This week we kicked things off with “DESTINATIONS”, to celebrate DJ Original Brewer’s first love — Travel.

If you haven’t subscribed yet, please subscribe here or just play the episode by clicking here.

DJ Sully and ESB coming in your ears.

Always a special treat when DJ Sully joins us in the studio too!



March 14, 3pm

I wanna thank Lars Frederiksen for calling into the radio show on Radio Valencia. He’s a very busy guy and to take out 30-minutes of his life to do an interview with me is such an honor. Thanks, Lars and go see his band playing this Saturday at Thee Parkside, The Old Firm Casuals.
If you missed the interview or the rest of the radio show, no worries. Click the radio player down below or the show will be on the TERRIBLE TUESDAY podcast page at There, you can download or stream it. Have a great week everybody and see you in 2 weeks. CHEERS! DJ Naked Rob, SFCA

band track album label

(intro) Revolting Cocks Get Down Beers, Steers & Qveers Wax Trax!

Netherlands Sluggo Green Lips And Lightning (Unreleased B-Sides) Self-Released

Steve Adamyk Band The Letter Paradise Dirtnap Records

Bat Wild Fever Axestasy Hells Headbangers

Dogs Class of 1970 Suburban Nightmare Dionysus Records


Chokehold 2.0 With This Thread I Hold On EONE

Tia Carrera Visitors Visitors / Early Purple Small Stone

Cosmonauts Seven Sisters Star 69 Burger Records


Diamond Head Belly of the Beast The Coffin Train Silver Lining Music

Pink Mexico Shit River Dump Burger Records

Hot Lunch Smoke Ring Seconds Tee Pee Records


Noisem Filth And Stye Cease To Exist 20 Buck Spin

Req’d FOOL Fall In Love On Hate Street Wondertaker

Draghkar Swallowed By The Dark Eternal Abyss Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

Dub Trio World of Inconvenience (feat. King Buzzo) The Shape of Dub To Come New Damage




Lars Frederiksen of The Old Firm Casuals


The Old Firm Casuals Overdose On Sin Holger Danske Pirates Press Records

The Old Firm Casuals Nation On Fire Holger Danske Pirates Press Records


Pandemix A Pox In Condemnation Dirt Cult Records

Devil Master Gaunt Immortality Satan Spits on Children of Light Relapse

Frisco Amputation Song Love Songs For Phantom Limbs Valley King

USA/Mexico Shoofly Matamoros 12XU


Kicker I Can’t Sleep Pure Drivel Tankcrimes

Signo Rojo Breeders End Of Tether Self-Released

School Drugs Black Tongue Relative Suffering Self-Released

Buzzcocks I Don’t Mind Another Music In A Different Kitchen (reissue) Domino Recording Company

ils Curse Pain Don’t Hurt P.O.G.O. records


March 6, 7am

I wanna thank Kicks of The Briefs for calling the radio show and help promote the The Briefs (record release), The Stitches, Party Force ALL AGES! show at Bottom of the Hill this Sunday, March 10th. C’mon on out for the Free BBQ and the music. I also want to thank SubliminalSF for getting this hooked up and for letting me give away a pair of tix to the show. Thanks.
If you missed the interview, click on the radio player down below. Or, go to and click on PODCAST. There, you’ll find this show and along with all of my older shows. Download or stream ’em. Have a great week. CHEERS! ~DJ Naked Rob, SFCA


band track album label

(intro) Revolting Cocks Get Down Beers, Steers & Qveers

The Briefs I Hate The World Platinum Rats Burger Records

The Hunches Murdering Train Track Blues Same New Thing Almost Ready Records

Qui All Those Jazz For Sure Countdown to Ecstasy 10″ Valley King Records

Devil Master Nuit Satan Spits on Children of Light Relapse Records

Pandemix Can’t Assimilate In Condemnation Dirt Cult Records



Kicks of The Briefs

The Briefs Shopping Spee Platinum Rats BURGER RECORDS

The Briefs Shes The Rat Platinum Rats Burger Records

Kicker Oakland TL;DR Pure Drivel Tankcrimes

Frisco – the band Who’s Got The Italian? Love Songs For Phantom LimbsValley King Records

Los Huaycos Desahuévate Savage Monstrosities Tankcrimes


The Old Firm Casuals Thunderbolt Holger Danske Pirates Press Records

Insanity Alert Saturday Grind Fever 666-Pack Season of Mist

Buzzcocks Love Battery Another Music In A Different Kitchen (reissue)Domino Recording Company

The Anomalys Anomalyphant Trooper EP Slovenly Recordings

The Raws Tepelerin Arkasında Duvara Dur Diyen Demir Yumruk EPSlovenly Recordings

Cavity A.D. Blood Lexicon After Death Valley King Records


February 27, 8am

Thanks for listening to Terrible Tuesday Radio Show w/DJ Naked Rob on Radio Valencia yesterday. Also, thanks for Justin McNeal, Joey Osbourne and Andy Oglesby for coming in the studio and for the great interview. Those guys are a class act and make sure to see Frisco – the band at the Valley King Records Showcase at the Ivy Room this Friday, March 1st in Albany, California (East Bay Area).
If you missed the interview/radio show, no worries. Click on the radio player down below for the interview.
Thanks again and I’m off next week. Have a great week and be cool. CHEERS! ~DJ Naked Rob, SFCA


Valley King Records presents
Qui (LA)
Frisco (ex-Acid King, Hank IV)
Terry Gross Band (members of Trans Am, Film School, Pins of Light)
FRI · MARCH 1, 2019
Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 9:00 pm
$8.00 – $10.00 / 21+

Ivy Room
860 San Pablo Ave
Albany, CA, 94706

band track album label

(intro) Revolting Cocks Get Down Beers, Steers & Qveers

Brujeria Amaricon Czar Amaricon Czar EP Nuclear Blast Records

Draghkar Wings Over Malkier Eternal Abyss Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

Pandemix No Monuments In Condemnation Dirt Cult Records

Kings Destroy The Nightbird Fantamsma Nera Svart Records

USA Nails Smile Life Cinema Hex Records

Devil Master Devil Is Your Master Satan Spits on Children of Light Relapse

Something Is Waiting Lost In Space Songs For The Sally Beauty Pavilion Learning Curve Records


Kicker 0Monte Rio Pure Drivel Tankcrimes

Los Huaycos Monnstruosidades Salvajes Savage Monstrosities Tankcrimnes

Oreyeon Big Surprise Ode To Oblivion Heavy Psych Sounds

The Old Firm Casuals Traitor Holger Danske Pirates Press Records

Horndal Factory Shutdown Remains Prosthetic Records

The Anomalys My Own Way Trooper EP Slovenly Recordings

Sofy Major The Jerk Total Dump Corpse Flower Records

Priors Swelter Call for You EP Slovenly Recordings

Insanity Alert All Mosh / No Brain 666-Pack Season Of Mist

The Raws İntikam Peşinde Duvara Dur Diyen Demir Yumruk EP Slovenly Recordings

Musket Hawk Bad Times Upside of Sick Unholy Anarchy Records

Buzzcocks Get On Our Own Another Music In A Different Kitchen (reissue) Domino



Justin McNeal (Valley King Records / Secret Serpents)

Joey Osbourne (Frisco)

Andy Oglesby (Frisco)


Frisco Shot Down Love Songs For Phantom Limbs Valley King

Frisco Comptroller Love Songs For Phantom Limbs Valley King

Qui A Soft Bargain Countdown to Ecstasy 10″ Valley King Records

Frisco Empty Suit Love Songs For Phantom Limbs Valley King

Malderor – Radio Grab-Bag!

February 26, 2pm

This was one of those shows where Malderor had zero time to prepare, so he just dipped into his bag of tracks that were overlooked from previous weeks, or maybe only got spun once. Plus Deathwish had a few additions. This episode ended up going in kind of a funky and fun direction, partially because Malderor discovered some Happy Mondays spinoff bands. Check it out:

2:08pm: Peepshow by Dirt Box Disco

2:14pm: Itchycoo Park by The Small Faces

2:11pm: Outlaw by Chron Gen

2:24pm: King Of The Sky by The Hippy Mafia

2:25pm: In The Name Of The Father by Black Grape

2:30pm: Cigarettes and Alcohol (Remix) by The Hippy Mafia

2:37pm: Das Booty by Planet Booty

2:42pm: Running Away by Roy Ayers

2:45pm: Yes We Can Pt 1 by Lee Dorsey

3:00pm: Sure Shot by The Beastie Boys

3:03pm: Love Song (Live) by The Damned

3:05pm: Drunk At The Controls by Brasil

3:14pm: Radio Gaga by Electric Six

3:17pm: London Calling (Live) by Corey Taylor

3:19pm: Rock Bottom, Population 1 by Robbie Fulks

3:27pm: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 by The Transplants

3:36pm: You Can’t Stop Rock And Roll by Twisted Sister

3:41pm: Devilswine by 1968

3:50pm: Whiskey by The Prairie Willows

3:57pm: I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man by The People’s Whiskey

3:59pm: Lullabye by Vagabondage

ESBeats: Oscar Special!

February 23, 7pm

We got off to a rough start today with our 5th show but we didn’t let the technical difficulties bring us down… and neither should you! Q-Nut, Addimae, Original Brewer and ESB are all on hand with their favorite songs from movies. Most were either nominated or won an Academy Award at some point. We have some surprises in there too.

Download the show now

Hell’s Kitchen Radio #359: Too Much Monkey Business

February 19, 8pm

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Did ya hear the news, it’s all over town. If you ain’t heard it boy, you better sit down. I’ve got the story here, it’s hot off the press. Brace yourself now and take a deep breath. Grab a hold of something, hold on tight. John Hell is on the loose tonight.

Whew, now that I have got that Bob Segar lyric off my chest, let’s get on with the show. There’s lots of new music represented tonight, as well as some classics you have probably never heard before. I completely failed to play any Ken Nordine, who passed away this past weekend. Dang. I had a few brilliant tracks of his lined up, too.

Check out new music from Gringo StarPerfect SonCherry GlazerrSunflower BeanDeer TickRoyal CanoeBrownout, and Jon Spencer. I gave tickets away to see Jon Spencer at Slims. You seem you need to tune in so you too can have the chance of winning tickets to shows. You really need to get out more. Work to live, don’t live to work. You need more balance in your life.

You may have noticed, i’ve taken to closing my show with Louis Armstrong. A lot of DJs will have an opening and closing theme songs. I’ve played with this over the years, and I feel it’s time to throw it back into the mix. Many DJs also have music they speak over; known as a music bed. The only reason you don’t hear me doing this much at Radio Valencia is my own prep. Just another goal of mine for 2019. You would think 350+ shows into my RV tenure, and about 30 years in radio I would have this figured out already? I’m pretty lazy it would appear.

Who loves ya, baby?


Hell’s Kitchen Radio with John Hell
Mondays 8-10PM
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Cold Bear: The Gaturs
Lawyers, Guns and Money: Warren Zevon
Call of the West: Wall of Voodoo

Watchdog: Gringo Star
Devil Doll: X
I Still Miss Someone: Johnny Cash
Anthrocene: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

It’s For Life: Perfect Son
Black Sabbath: Melvins (with Al Cisneros)
Dadii: Cherry Glazerr

Come For Me: Sunflower Bean
When My Left Eye Jumps: Buddy Guy
Pressure Drop: The Clash
Red and Orange: John Abercrombie

Pale Blue Eyes: Deer Tick
RAYZ: Royal Canoe

I Got The Hits: Jon Spencer
White Cat: WAND
Walk on By: The Stranglers

Livin In The Ghetto: Purple Image
My Uzi Weighs A Ton: Brownout

Mr. President: Amnesty
What a Wonderful World: Louis Armstrong

Hell’s Kitchen Radio #358: Who Loves Ya?

February 18, 2pm

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I’m the luckiest DJ I know. I got to interview the love duo that makes up San Francisco’s Love Jerks!!! The last time I saw Rebecca Garza-Bortman she was the better third of Happy Fangs (sorry Michael…love ya), and the last time I saw Bryan Bortman, he was rockin’ out with Scissors for Lefty. Little did I know at that time that these two were worshipping one another from afar. Not only did they meet and fall in love, but their wedding was epic!

Now they have their own band, Love Jerks. The came on last Monday night to talk up their Valentine’s Day show at the Rickshaw Stop. Have you seen their Facebook Page? Have you seen the promotional videos they have made for this gig? These two are the future; you better get on the bus now! They have a new LP out Million Movies (that’s right, VINYL!), which they were kind enough to donate…no payola here, folks. We’re straight on the up and up…now. Buy their music here.

They come on during the second hour and we have lots of fun. Check out the music and the interview, where I really don’t hold back. How many couple have been in bands together just to watch their love come crumbling down? My money is on these two to make it big and to make it last.

Tune in tonight 8-10PM on Radio Valencia for your chance to win a pair of tickets to go see Jon Spencer this Sunday at Slims.



Hell’s Kitchen Radio with John Hell
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Radio Valencia in SF

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Anti-Love Song: Betty Davis
Love and Happiness: The Pharaohs
Addicted to Love: Ciccone (Sonic) Youth

Love Buzz: Shocking Blue
Love Me Tender: James Brown
Wiggle Stick: Reverend Horton Heat
Love Comes in Spurts: Richard Hell and the Voidoids
Love is a Spider: The Monkeywrench

You Don’t Love Me Yet: Bongwater
I Love You, Honeybear: Father John Misty
Trouble: Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan
It Won’t Be Long: Redd Kross
Nothing On Earth: Casual Sex

Scary Things: Love Jerks

Love Jerks: Love Jerks
The Lady Loves Me: Elvis Presley and Ann Margaret

Holding Out For A Rocker: Love Jerks

Love Jerks even recorded a video at a retirement home!!!