Gathering Of The Tribes Live Broadcast – Crown Chakra

November 4, 11am


Radio Valencia was proud to broadcast (almost) the entire day of The Gathering Of The Tribes II, live from Public Works in San Francisco. We were in the main room, so we recorded all the main-stage action! Here’s the live set from the first act of the day, The Crown Chakra! More acts to come as we mix down the recordings!

Malderor – Death Metal Disco

November 3, 1pm

Malderor got home from DJing a “Death-Metal-Disco” party at 5am, and he’s feeling a little the worse for wear. He also has a big stack of underground disco he never got around to playing last night, so this show is heavy on the disco and funk. (And very light on Death Metal, to be honest.)

2:09pm: Raining Blood by Slayer

2:13pm: Don’t Leave Me This Way by Communards

2:15pm: Gainesville, Rock City by Less Than Jake

2:24pm: It’s Great To Be Here by The Jackson 5

2:31pm: If You Feel The Funk by Latoya Jackson

2:34pm: The Guardian Angel Is Watching Us by The Golden Flamingo Orchestra

2:41pm: Rocking Big Guitars by Vaughan Mason

2:48pm: Changin’ by Brass Construction

2:55pm: Big Enough by Amanaz

3:07pm: Doin’ Our Own Dang (Do It To The JBs Mix) by The Jungle Brothers

3:26pm: Heavy Vibes by Montana Sextet

3:26pm: Watch The Closing Doors (Dub Version) by IRT

3:34pm: Liftoff by Patrick Cowley

3:44pm: Be Thankful For What You Got (Some fucker from France mix, I forget who) by William DeVaughn

3:48pm: Gangsta Gansta by NWA

3:53pm: Be Thankful For What You Got by Yo La Tengo

3:55pm: Tall Cans In The Air by Transplants

3:58pm: Fuck You by Bad Religion

4:00pm: return to normal schedule.


#721 | HAPPY SAMHAIN! | OCTOBER 24, 2017

October 25, 10am

Get ready, boys & girls. Be sure to have your masks on during Halloween night.

(intro) Halloween movie theme song
Acid Witch | Mutilation Mansion | Evil Sound Screamers
Pure Joy | Down By The Sea | Yes i’m Leaving
Speedclaw | Rising of the Claw | Beast In The Mist
Rakta | Rodeados Pela Beleza | Oculto Pelos Seres 7″
Cadaveric Incubator | The Covenant of Gore | Sermons of The Devouring Dead
Helta Skelta | B88 | Nightclubbin’
Heat | Hollow | Heat
Night People | Two Heavens | Night People
Sial | Bila Bila | Sial
Haram | Eye For An Eye | When You Have Won, You Have Lost
Dirty & His Fists | Heretics | Dirty His Fists
Pulsing Dark Absorptions | No Effective Banishings | Daeva
Elm | Banister | Dog
Big Heet | Flint | On A Wire
Freedom Hawk | On The Other Side | Freedom Hawk
RAM | On Wings of No Return | Rod
Friendship | Rejected | Hatred
Seven Dirty Words | Along for the Ride | Along for the Ride
Iron Monkey | Crown Of Electrodes | 9-13
Wailin Storms | Foot Of My Tongue | Sick City
Tuskar | Where Strides The Colossus | Arianrhod
Fox Face | Boogie Man | Spoil + Destroy
Blood Freak | Melted And Splattered | Total Destruction Of The Human Form
Omotai | Last of the Green Vial | A Ruined Oak
Exhumed | Night Work | Death Revenge
Les Lullies | Bored, Sick, Done | Don’t Look Twice EP
Skuz | Scythe Bearer | Split
Proto Idiot | Do It the Same | Leisure Opportunity
Retortion Terror | Arcane Dogs | split
The Bronx | Sore Throat | Bronx (V)
(Silver Shamrock theme song from Halloween III)
Antisect | Something To Hate | The Rising Of The Lights
Kadavar | Words Of Evil | Rough Times
Lords Of Altamont | I Said Hey | The Wild Sounds Of The Lords Of Altamont
Rig Time! | Blister | War
Sepultura | Refuse Resist | Chaos A.D. 2017 Remaster


#720 | Have a Gourd Time! | October 17, 2017

October 19, 6am

Double, double toil and trouble. Fire burn, and cauldron bubble. ~William Shakespeare

(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
The Templars | Forgotten Souls | Deus Vult
Midnight | Penetratal Ecstacy | Sweet Death and Ecstacy
EEL | No Mercy | Night Parade Of 100 Demons
Patsy | Heathen | LA Women MLP
Egrets on Ergot | Mangkukulam | Surfeit of Gemütlich
Nots | Anxiuos Trend | 7″
Gay Witch Abortion | Wagon Train | split LP
Northless | Godsend | Last Bastion of Cowardice
Spotlights | Under The Earth | Seismec
Axis | Fear and Impulse | Shift
Trappist | No Corporate Beer | single
Wailin Storms | Irene Garza | Sick City
Seven Dirty Words | Cheapshot | Along For The Ride
Blood Freak | Abhorrent Beast | Total Destruction Of The Human Form
Omotai | Ruined Oak | A Ruined Oak
Exhumed | Defenders Of The Grave | Death Revenge
Fox Face | (You’re Gonna) Wish You Were Dead | Spoil + Destroy
Ground | Pity Party Favors | Split
Les Lullies | Don Craine | Don’t Look Twice EP
Invidiosus | Purpose Defeater | split
Proto Idiot | What Is My Purpose? | Leisure Opportunity
Oxford Coma | Inflatable Patriots (Touching People in their Sleep) | Everything Out of Tune
Antisect | Black | The Rising Of The Lights
Invidiosus | OD’d On Technology | Split
Kadavar | Die Baby Die | Rough Times
The Bronx | Two Birds | Bronx (V)
Spectral Haze | Master Sorcerer | Turning Electric
The Golden Boys | Dear Work | Better Than Good Times
Quin Galavis | Faces In The Crowd | The Battery Line
Rig Time! | Restricted | War
Plax | What A Waste | Plax
The Moth | Fail | Hysteria
Buzzard Dust | Home Pharmacy | Buzzard Dust
Lords Of Altamont | Death On The Highway | The Wild Sounds Of The Lords Of Altamont
Essex Muro | Roach Garden | Numb Life
Ufomammut | Core | 8
War Cloud | Divide And Conquer | War Cloud
(outro) Melvins | Hag Me | Houdini

Malderor – Gathering Of The Tribes Warm-Up Show

October 9, 10pm

Malderor is excited for this year’s edition of The Gathering Of The Tribes, a showcase of all the best of the local psychedelic rock scene here in the Bay Area, coming up two weeks from now, on Sunday, Oct. 22nd. He and Deathwish are joined by Dennis, the promoter for the event, and Mike, who sings and plays guitar in one of the bands, The Green Door. All the music this week is from Gathering bands, and we have a WORLD PREMIER from The Green Door! Check it out:


2:07pm: Black Cat by The Down Dirty Shake

2:08pm: David Crosby by Lee Gallagher and The Hallelujah

2:12pm: Death Trippers Anonymous by Impuritan Glow

2:24pm: Grow by Loco Tranquilo

2:30pm: All Our Yesterdays by Joshua Cook and the Key Of Now

2:35pm: Wild China Tree by Tara Beier

2:47pm: Death Valley by The Green Door

2:53pm: Invictus by The Golden Hexagrams

2:57pm: Loose Ends by The Spiral Electric

3:09pm: You Won’t Hear That Anymore by The Green Door

3:14pm: The Fever by Maya and the Revolutionary Hell Yeah!

3:15pm: Time Had Broken by Silent Pictures

3:25pm: Back Of Your Mind by Asteroid No. 4

3:29pm: Ghost In The Machine (Live At The Gathering Of The Tribes 2015) by The Spiral Electric

3:35pm: The Tip by California Raga Association

3:44pm: Buffalo Son by The Green Door

3:52pm: Live Set (Live From Gathering Of The Tribes 2015) by Carlton Melton

4:01pm: return to normal schedule.


Hell’s Kitchen Radio #318: It’s Much Too Much

October 9, 9pm

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Is he or isn’t he? Apparently he is. Dang. I saw Tom Petty three times in the late 80s and early 90s, including the very first Bridge School benefit in 1986, which is the only one I attended. I also was able to see him with Lenny Kravitz opening (the Let Love Rule tour). Petty always put on such a great show. I gave up going to shows in large venues many years ago, but I always felt that I seeing Petty again would be fun, regardless of the size of the venue.

There are few artists I would see in a large venue today. I would see Neil Young in a large venue if Crazy Horse was backing him. Other than that I prefer a venue ranging from a size 50-1500 people. The more intimate the better.

Speaking of an intimate setting, my bride took me to see Oh Sees (no more “Thee”) last week at the Great American Music Hall. Not only was it a brilliant show, it was without a doubt, the loudest show I have ever been to. Even guitarist/lead singer John Dwyer was heard to ask if that show wasn’t louder than the previous night’s? I’m seeing them again in December at The Chapel. Get your tickets before they sell out.

best venue in SF:

Last night I was lucky enough to catch what has been marked as the “Last Polka” of the great SF punk-polka band, Polkacide, at Bottom of the Hill. After 30+ years they’re hanging up their lederhosen. I spent a good 30 minutes in the polkapit. and boy did I feel it. The four original members are grandparent age now, and I’m guessing that having 10 people in the band makes it difficult to make the scene too often. I’m hoping for an annual reunion at the very least.

On a completely unrelated note, my bride Catherine gave birth to our little boy, Bodhi Miles Hell this past Thursday! We couldn’t be more excited about this fella coming into our lives. I’ll be taking a few weeks off from my show so I can be home with the little fella, fitting him with black t-shirts and guitar picks, and singing to him my favorite Melvis and Grateful Dead tunes. I can’t wait to have him and Little Lauson Hell both in the studio with me in the years to come.

Check out the playlist below. There’s a live Tom Petty tribute, new music from Ty Segall and Oh Sees, as well as Boris. Lots of great live treats in there as well.



Hell’s Kitchen Radio with John Hell
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Porno: Limbomaniacs
Pan: Ty Segall

Plastic Plant: Thee Oh Sees (September 28, 2017 Great American Music Hall, SF, CA)
Jack the Ripper: Link Wray

Young, Gifted and Black: Aretha Franklin
Radebe: Johnny Dyani
Dead Flowers: Townes Van Zandt
Rise Up With Fists: Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins

American Girl: Tom Petty (April 23, 1977 The Record Plant, Sausalito, CA)
Even the Losers/The Waiting/So You Want To Be A Rock and Roll Star: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers with Bob Dylan (June 26, 1986 HHH Metrodome, Minneapolis, MN)
Something in the Air: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Keys to the Castle: Thee Oh Sees
Dystopia-Vanishing Point: Boris

Ride Into the Sun: The Velvet Underground
My Favorite Things: John Coltrane (October 26, 1963 Tivoli Koncertsal, Copenhagen)

I Loved Another Woman: Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac (June 9, 1968, Carousel Ballroom, SF, CA)

When Prince died I shared this video everywhere. Now that Petty has left us I think it bares reposting.

Hell’s Kitchen Radio #317: Take A Knee

October 1, 12pm

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I promised I wasn’t going to go on a rant tonight. I almost got through the entire show too. It was worth it. But it’s all about the music, right? That’s why you tune in. You want to hear what I’m going to play, and in what order I’ll be playing it. I get it. That’s why I listen to quality radio programs, and often with a pen and paper at hand. I want to get excited about a tune I haven’t heard before so I can run on out and purchase it, and perhaps get turned on to an artist that has deftly escaped my attention until now.

Recently, a friend of mine was telling me that I should contact a commercial radio station and ask for the opportunity to be their music director for one day. Yes, the music heard on most commercial stations, most of the time, makes me want to puke. Much of what I’m perplexed about is the order of their songs. They can hand me the list of all artists/songs they want played for that day and allow me to place it in an order that actually makes sense. Don’t hold your breath for me to do this anytime soon, but I do like the idea.

If you have been enjoying the second hour live sets I’ve been doing then I believe you’re really going to enjoy what I have in store for you on this show. Check out the playlist below, and click the stream/download links above.



Hell’s Kitchen Radio with John Hell
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Some Context/The Acrid Corpse: King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

Powerman: The Kinks
Time of your Live: Daevid Allen
Repo Man: Iggy Pop

Rodeo Chica: Boss Hog
That’s Not My Name: Ting Tings
Let It Bleed: Goat

Plastic Plant: Thee Oh Sees
Death Sound Blues: Country Joe and the Fish
The Same Thing: Muddy Waters

Jeun Ko Ku: Fela Kuti

Keep on the Sunny Side: Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Roadrunnre: Jerry Garcia Band (August 1, 1974 – Keystone, Berkeley, CA)

Head Home: Midlake
Visions of Johanna: Bob Dylan (May 26, 1966 Royal Albert Hall, London, England)

Sweet Jane: Lou Reed (October 27, 1974 Palace Theater, Dayton, OH)
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere: Neil Young (February 19, 1970 KQED TV, San Francisco, CA)

Messin’ With the Kid: Rory Gallagher (July 10, 1972 Bob Harris Show, BBC)


September 28, 5am

Hey hey. Thanks for listening to today’s radio show. If you missed it, click on the player down below or go to the website’s podcast page at and/or download it or stream it. Oh yeah, DJ at work artwork by Tom Bagley. At times, it does look like that in the studio for us radio DJ’s. HA! Have a great week. CHEERS! ~DJ Naked Rob, SFCA

(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
The Bronx | Night Drop At The Glue Factory | Bronx (V)
Kohti Tuhoa | Meille on Valehdeltu | Pelon Neljas Valtakunta
Big Heet | Flint | On A Wire
Friendship | Life Sentence | Hatred
Fox Face | Clever Girl | Spoil + Destroy
All Pigs Must Die | Blood Wet Teeth | Hostage Animal
METZ | Drained Lake | Strange Peace
ELM | Lamb | Dog
Dark/Light | Monday In the Clouds | Kill Some Time
IDYLLS | No Virility | The Barn
Kadavar | Into The Wormehole | Rough Times
Invidiosus | Cultural Indifference | Split
Stonebirds | Sacrifice | Only Time
Overdose Support | Welcome Gift | Try Dying
Black Mare | Coral Vaults | Death Magick Mother
Spectral Haze | Turning Electric | Turning Electric
The Golden Boys | Lonely Girls | Better Than Good Times
Myrkur | Gladiatrix | Mareridt
Ufomammut | Prismaze | 8
Quin Galavis | Any Head | The Battery Line
Fvzz Popvli | Hashish | Fvzz Dei
Plax | Black and White / Mistake | Plax
Rig Time! | Succumb | War
The Lumes | Compulsion | Envy
The Moth | Loose | Hysteria
Deafkids | Pés Atados | Configuração Do Lamento
Buzzard Dust | Blue Bloods | Buzzard Dust
House Of Broken Promises | Toranado | Twisted
Bastardhammer | The Stink Of Failure | Split CD
War Cloud | Red Witch | War Cloud
Motorhead | Whiplash | Under Cover
Essex Muro | Napalm Collins | Numb Life
BLAHA | The Day We Were Born | Fresh Horse EP
Lords Of Altamont | Take A Walk | The Wild Sounds Of The Lords Of Altamont
Evil Triplet | Worship Satin | Otherworld
(outro) Melvins | Hag Me | Houdini

Hell’s Kitchen Radio #316: A Little Dab’ll Do Ya

September 25, 2pm

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When you start out in non-commercial radio today there’s such a learning curve when it comes to deep musical knowledge and history of the many genres one can investigate. When I started in 1988 I never thought that I would be able to conquer that mountain of musical mayhem. Almost 30 years later I find that I have a fairly intimate knowledge of many genres: early Jazz, Bebop, Post-bop, Chicago Blues, 60s/70s neo-Punk, 70s Classic Rock, 60s/70s Underground Funk, 60s American Psychedelia, Kraut Rock, 2000s Stoner Rock, all-things James Brown, Miles Davis, Grateful Dead, Melvins, and on and on and on…

I really feel for the new breed DJs who want to break into this scene today. There’s just too much damn great music to listen to. I was looking at a collection of digitized music of mine recently, and I cannot believe how much I haven’t even spent time listening to and getting to know on a deeper level. What the hell is wrong with me?!?!?! I really think that I need a gofundme for people to contribute to so I can take time off work so I can be able learn all this music to better entertain you.

There’s a world of great music out there to enjoy. I appreciate you tuning in every Monday night, and/or streaming/downloading these shows to help you broaden your musical horizons.



Hell’s Kitchen Radio with John Hell
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New Day Rising: Husker Dü (October 17, 1987 The Ritz, NYC)
Eye Shaking King: Amon Dull II
Stop the Pusher: Bo Diddley

Moth Tongue: Crystal Fairy
The Pusher: Nina Simone
Detachable Penis: King Missle

High Heel Sneakers: Rahssan Roland Kirk
Sophisticated Sissy: Rufus Thomas
She Caught the Katy: Taj Mahal
Big Chief: The Meters

Aquarian: Sleep
Moving to Florida: Butthole Surfers
Wealthy Man: Cat Power

Sea of Joy: Blind Faith
Out of Focus: Blue Cheer
Mr. Brown: Bob Marley

Messin’ with the Kid: Buddy Guy and Junior Wells
Machine Gun: Jimi Hendrix
Oh Me: Meat Puppets

Neptune’s Convoy: Fu Manchu
The Klan: Gil Scott-Heron

Bitches Brew: Miles Davis


September 20, 5am

Skipper Lee Frazier, KCOH disc jockey and go-go girls, Houston, TX. (c) Benny A. Joseph

Thanks everybody for listening to today’s show on Radio Valencia. If you missed the show, you can always download it or stream it down below or at Thanks again and have a good week. Cheers! ~DJ Naked Rob, SFCA

(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
Lower Slaughter | Bone Meal | What Big Eyes
Narcoleptics | Answer | S/T
Unnatural Helpers | The Long List Of Complaints | Wonder Years
Dirty & His Fists | Heretics | Dirty & His Fists
Idylls | Maslows Dogs | The Barn
Wolves In Argyle | Dangereux | S/T
Spectral Haze | The Dawn Of The Falcon | Turning Electric
Overdose Support | Wastoid | Try Dying
Black Mare | Death By Desire | Death Magick Mother
Crosss | Cold Hands | Snakes/Crosss split
The Golden Boys | Cincinnati | Better Than Good Times
Spray Paint w/ Ben Mackie | Friendly Moving Man | 7″
Myrkur | Funeral (Featuring Chelsea Wolfe) | Mareridt
Suspirians | Clean Evil | Ti Bon Ange
Paradise Lost | Blood and Chaos | Medusa
Fvzz Popvli | Masturbation | Fvzz Dei
Rig Time! | Garbage | War
Evil Triplet | Fungus | Otherworld
Ufomammut | Fatum | 8
Maximum Mad | Affluenza | Dear Enemy EP
Plax | Night Watch | Plax
Essex Muro | ISS | Numb Life
The Moth | Slow Your Pace | Hysteria
Lung Letters | The Coast | Passing Days EP
Deafkids | Lâmina Cortante | Configuração Do Lamento
The Lumes | Feign | Envy
Transit Method | Parasight | We Won’t Get Out Of Here Alive
Buzzard Dust | Lush Hour | Buzzard Dust
Lords Of Altamont | Going Downtown | The Wild Sounds Of The Lords Of Altamont
Violation Wound | Swollen Knuckles | Split CD
Motorhead | Rockaway Beach | Under Cover
Bastardhammer | Wankerfight | Split CD
War Cloud | Hurricane | War Cloud
Tombstalker | Treads of War | Chaotic Devotion
(outro) Melvins | Hag Me | Houdini