Hell’s Kitchen Radio #410: You Really Get Me

October 19, 3pm

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Sometimes taking a week off is great for recharging my creative juices. Radio is an artform. You think you could do this? Well, actually you probably could. It’s not brain surgery. If you tune in regularly, then you know that I like mixing up genres, and tonight is a perfect example. Garage, grunge, proto-punk, LA punk, Americana, Experimental, and too many more for my brain to consider right now.

I add some tasty live treats in there for the special sauce, and you get two hours of the finest audio stew your earbuds can handle. 

I sprinkle in my share of covers and some local Bay Area faves too! My goodness there’s something here for everybody, including your retched GOP uncle. You should really kick him in the head when you get a chance. 

Speaking of the election, you are registered aren’t you? Get registered, get your ballot, fill it out, and get it in ASAP!!! And sign that damn thing!!!



Hell’s Kitchen Radio with John Hell
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What Happened to the Waltz: Link Wray
I’m Spun: Mudhoney
Vicious: Lou Reed

Human Touch: Feist
We The Ones: Big Boi and Sleepy Brown
To Be Young, Gifted and Black: Yola

Southern Girls: Old 97s
Callaloo: Jenny Lewis
TV Party: Black Flag
Fascist: Minutemen
Fuck Authority: Wasted Youth

La Juventud: La Plebe
Fiesta: The Pogues
The Frisko Freeze: The Mummies
Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You Into Heaven Anymore: John Prine

Talkin’ Karate Blues: Townes Van Zandt
When I Paint My Masterpiece: Jerry Garcia and John Kahn (January 27, 1986)
Impressions: John Coltrane Quartet (November 19, 1962 Stockholm, Sweden)

Cross the Breeze: Sonic Youth (March 30, 1989 Theaterfabrik Unterfˆhring, Munich)
The Companions: Sleepytime Gorilla Museum

Spongiform Encephalopathy: Rube Waddell
Ghetto Woman: B.B. King (1972-01-10 United Recorders (Sunset Sound Recorders), Hollywood, CA)
Hound Dog: Big Mama Thornton (1970 Berkeley, CA)

Ball and Chain: Big Brother and the Holding Company (May 4, 1968 Shrine Expo Center, L.A., CA)

ESBeats Quarantunes Vol. 13: Difficult Times Freestyle

October 17, 12pm

The Bedroom Studio is back up and running for the ESBeats crew! Join us at 2pm PT for a brand new mix tape of tunes. We’re calling this one Difficult Times Freestyle.

We’ve got new tunes from Sturgill, Travis, AC/DC and Groove Armada to go alongside some favorites of old including Pulp, Oasis and The 1975.

Join us live on at 2pm PT on October 17, 2020!


DJ ESB, Original Brewer, Addimae & Q-Nut

The Curated Catastrophe – A Bunch of Hip-Hop, RBG, and Gram Parsons. And An Apology!

October 15, 12pm

This week’s show is a bit of a mixed bag, reflecting on the deaths of RBG and, later, Gram Parsons. But there’s some fun stuff mixed in as well, including another Shakin’ Stevens song, a bunch of rare reggae, and a bit of an apology! Check out the podcast!

2:01pm: Excerpt – Martians by Sesame Street

2:02pm: People = Shit (Edit) by Richard Cheese

2:02pm: You Drive Me Crazy by Shakin’ Stevens

2:05pm: Apology To Mrs. Nugent by Malderor

2:06pm: Energy by Sampa the Great

2:10pm: Lose My Cool by Amber Mark

2:12pm: Ever Stay by Joy Ike

2:20pm: That’s Alright by Laura Mvuala

2:22pm: On Stupidity by Plan 9 From Outer Space

2:23pm: You Mad? by Rebel Diaz and Gabriel Teodros

2:27pm: Why America is NOT the Greatest Country in the World, Anymore Part 1 by The Newsroom

2:29pm: Self-Destruction by BDP, Stetsasonic, Kool Moe Dee, MC Lyte, Doug Fresh, Just-Ice, Heavy D, Chuck D

2:34pm: Why America is NOT the Greatest Country in the World, Anymore Part 2 by The Newsroom

2:36pm: I Will Not Hide by Doves

2:48pm: The People by Common

2:51pm: CIA (Criminals In Action) by Zack De La Rocha, KRS-One, and The Last Emperor

2:55pm: Use My Words Against Me! by Lindsey Graham

2:56pm: Supernaut (Black Sabbath Cover) by Spirit Adrift

3:00pm: Use My Words Against Me! by Lindsey Graham

3:01pm: Revolution Rock by Danny Ray & The Revolutionaries

3:05pm: Message to his IG/FB fans by Tyler Childers

3:06pm: Long Violent History by Tyler Childers

3:09pm: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (excerpt) by Maya Angelou

3:10pm: Caged Bird by Tobe Nwige

3:15pm: Speech Excerpt, 1962 by Malcolm X

3:16pm: Fire by Barnes Courtney

3:20pm: Long List of Troubles by Gregory Porter

3:29pm: I Stand For I by Roy Tomlinson

3:32pm: I Won’t Be Here by The Marcus King Band

3:37pm: Dead Flowers (Townes Van Zandt Cover) by Cowboy Junkies

3:41pm: Dead Flowers (Townes Van Zandt Cover) by Guns & Roses

3:45pm: Return Of The Grievous Angel by Gram Parsons

3:49pm: Sufferation by Trevor Clarke

3:57pm: Shed Your Skin by BAITS

3:59pm: Antifa Dub by Cop On Fire

Hell’s Kitchen Radio #409: September Haze

September 23, 1pm

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So it’s the middle of September, what do you have to show about it? Will another month go by before you get your ass up and finish all those projects you said months ago you would get to? What’s your deal?!?!?

September is supposed to feel crisp; the smell of fall in the air. I think it’s getting warmer? I also have to remember that I live in the Bay Area and our summer doesn’t arrive until now anyway. Here come the warm jets! Let’s hope they leave the orange sky out of it.

I celebrate my birthday month during the first hour with songs of September. Some are even hits!!! Don’t tell my boss or they’ll take my cool underground radio card away. Check out the live cuts in the first hour: Buster Poindexter??? Big Star???

The second hour is all about the late, great Jimi Hendrix, who passed away 50 years ago on September 18th. I was to pop out of my momma 12 days later on the 30th. That’s right, I’m about to hit the big 5-0!!!

It’s all good. I’m having too much fun to stop now.

Check out the all-live Jimi Hendrix hour. Sheeeeeeeeeit, you have never heard this stuff, is my guess. I have dozens of amazing Jimi bootlegs. I didn’t even scratch the surface. But you knew that already.

Get your guitar God headphones on and enjoy this second hour.

Tomorrow, September 22, is my wedding anniversary. Saucy Hell and I have hit the magical seventh year of matrimony. Where has the time gone. I performed “Kathy’s Song” on acoustic guitar, at my wedding reception (making certain not be nervous in front of all the amazing musicians in the room like Eric McFadden and Mark Growden). What a wonderful day and long night that was. I share a story about that night during my show. Be sure to take a listen.

Keep music in your life, it’ll help see us through.



Hell’s Kitchen Radio with John Hell
Mondays 8-10PM
Radio Valencia in SF

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Good Morning, Judge: Buster Poindexter and his Banshees of Blue (1985.11.06 Bottom Line, NYC)
September Song: Frank Sinatra
One September Day: Nina Simone

September: Earth, Wind and Fire
Papa Was A Rolling Stone: The Temptations
Maggie May: Rod Stewart

September Gurls: Big Star (1996-11-16 Tramps, NYC)
What Keeps Mankind Alive: William S. Burroughs
September Song: Lou Reed
Groupie (Superstar): Delaney and Bonnie

Kathy’s Song: Simon and Garfunkel
Speedy Gonzales: David Dante

Jimi Hendrix Tribute Hour

Intro/Killing Floor: Jimi Hendrix Experience (1969-01-09 Stockholm, Sweden)
Purple Haze (Studio Demo): Jimi Hendrix Experience

Intro/Foxy Lady (1967-03-18 Studio 1 / NDR Radiohouse, Hamburg)

Morrison’s Lament: Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison (drunk) Johnny Winter (maybe), Randy Hobbs, Randy Z (1968-03-07 The Scene Club, NYC)
Here My Train A’Comin’: Jimi Hendrix and All-star cast (69-06-22 San Fernando Valley State College, Devonshire Downs)
Red House: Jimi Hendrix Experience (69-02-24 Live at the Royal Albert Hall, London)

Machine Gun: Band of Gypsies (70-01-01 Fillmore East, NYC)
News Of Hendrix’s Death – Veronica Dutch Radio (70-09-18)

Dig Jimi at the Newport Pop Festival, June 22, 1969

Hell’s Kitchen Radio #408: Take Me Home

September 15, 9pm

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None of this makes sense. We should have been so over prepared for this pandemic that the course the government took would have been ballyhooed as overblown! But nope, not us. We’re like a comic book that no one wanted to read anymore. I blame the TV show 24. Remember that show? That’s the show that made torturing to get the confession OK. I am not OK with that. I think ever since that show (which was on FOX by the way), our nation started deeper on a path nationalism.

The terrorists have won.

We are a nation ripped apart and polarized like never before in modern history.

We need music now more than ever. We need music to ground us, and to lift us up. We need music to remind us that it’s ok to cry and it’s ok to laugh. We need to get lost in the music. It’s lustful, and it’s spiritual. Music can be your lover or your god. It can be both at once. Allow yourself to fall into it.

We need things to look forward to. I look forward to Monday nights at 8pm when I can share a couple of hours with you away from this sick, sad, crazy world. It won’t be this way forever, but while it is, look towards the music and remember that you are alive.

Johnny Cash died 17 years ago. Where has the time gone? I open up show with two sets of the Man in Black. He deserves many hours of celebration. I actually hosted a Cash/Cave show a few years ago that you might enjoy. Check it out here.

I close out the show with a tribute to Toots Hibbert of Toots and the Maytals who passed away this past weekend. Thanks for all the love, Toots.

See you Monday at 8.



Hell’s Kitchen Radio with John Hell
Mondays 8-10PM
Radio Valencia in SF

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Run Softly, Blue River: Johnny Cash
Busted: Johnny Cash
Dirty Old Egg Sucking Dog: Johnny Cash
If I Were A Carpenter: Johnny Cash

Cocaine Carolina: Johnny Cash with David Allen Coe
Ain’t Gonna Hobo Nomore: Johnny Cash
Hurt: Johnny Cash
Tomorrow Is Already Here: Stereolab

Coca-Cola Blues: Psychic Ills
Levitation: 13th Floor Elevators
Hurry On Sundown: Hawkwind
Cymbaline: Pink Floyd

The Weeping Song: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Memory of a Free Festival: David Bowie
Retribution: Abbey Lincoln

Lilin: Electric Masada
Cost of Living: Keithis
Freedom of Choice: Devo

Fire: Mikal Cronin
Ode To Billie Joe: Mercury Rev featuring Lucinda Williams
King of California: Dave Alvin

Country Roads: Toots and the Maytals (1976 The Longbranch Saloon, Berkeley, CA)

Hell’s Kitchen Radio #407: There Is Power In The Union

September 12, 3pm

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This heat is just too much. Plague, fires, and now the heat? What the hell is this about?!?!?! If I believed in God I would think that it’s just one huge cosmic joke. And by Wednesday the sky was the color of blood. Where are the frogs?

I wanted to host my annual labor day show, and I was thinking that now with so many office workers working from home, what are they going to do with all of those empty office buildings, like the Salesforce lingham that penetrates the San Francisco sky? I wonder how many homeless people it could house?

And what about all those frontline workers in the grocery stores? Now that we have the world’s richest douchebag, Jeff Bezos owning Whole Paycheck, don’t you think he can afford to pay them a living wage? I mean, thanks for the banner hanging on the store front telling us how much you care for your workers, but seriously dude, put your money where your mouth is.

And so goes this show. I mix some Labor Day-themed tunes in with few other treats to keep your toes tapping.

Just take a listen to the first daughter, Tiffany Trump (the one Heir Donny-britches forgot he had) singing her autotuned heart out on the dance number “Like A Bird”. And then there’s our former Attorney General, John Ashcroft, who lost his Missouri governor’s bid to a dead guy. True story. He sings a live version of “Let Eagles Soar”. To his credit, he didn’t need autotune. Watch out Tiffany.

There’s some new music from legendary punk vocalist, Alice Bag; something new from the latest acoustic King Buzzo/Trevor Dunn release; new from Japanese power trio Boris, and a whole heap of music that I’m excited to share with you.

I have come to the realization that I have a lot of music. More than I really know what to do with. I guess this is why I host a radio show. I may need two more hours a week though. I’m just getting warmed up after two.

See you this Monday night, 8-10PM (PDST), where I’ll be paying tribute to the late, great Toots Hibbert, of Toots and the Maytals, who passed away Saturday, September 11, 2020, from complications with COVID-19. RIP Toots and thanks for the musical memories.



Hell’s Kitchen Radio with John Hell
Mondays 8-10PM
Radio Valencia in SF

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Take This Job And Shove It: Johnny Paycheck
TV-Glotzer: Nina Hagen
Let Eagles Soar: Attorney General John Ashcroft

Career Opportunities: The Clash
Fried Grease: Greyboy Allstars ft. Fred Wesley
Fire In The Hole: General Patton vs The X-Ecutioners
Old Mary: Dead Weather
I Am A Union Woman: Rosalie Sorrels
Get Back In Line: The Kinks

Gate Crasher: Alice Bag
Like A Bird: Tiffany Trump
Wild Mountain: Itchy-O
San Francisco Bay Blues: Jesse Fuller

I’m Glad I Could Help Out: King Buzzo and Trevor Dunn
Kolbasti: Altin Gün
Rope Burn: Damaged Bug
All Out of Catastrophes: Marissa Nadler

There Is Power In The Union: Utah Phillips
Loveless: Boris
Indian Summer: The Doors
Rolling Thunder/Shoshone Invocation: Mickey Hart

Ace of Spades: Link Wray
Woodstock: Joni Mitchell
Gonna Die With A Hammer In My Hand: The Williamson Brothers and Curry
Working Class Hero: John Lennon

More Than A Paycheck: Sweet Honey In The Rock
Get Behind The Mule: Tom Waits
Mean Old Frisco: John Hammond

Work Song: Nina Simone
What A Wonderful World: Louis Armstrong.

Hell’s Kitchen Radio #406: For Mikl Em

September 5, 1pm

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I’ve been dreading writing this post. If you’re reading this, it means my dear dear friend Michael McElligot aka: Mikl-em has kicked this mortal coil.

He passed away from brain cancer on Sunday, August 30th. 2020. This has hit our community hard. I’ve known Mikl since 1996 or so, through our mutual admiration of everything SF Cacaphony Society had to offer. We hit every event we could find. It didn’t take long until Mikl began producing  as many events as he attended.

Mikl was deeply involved in many stage performances at Dark Room Theater on Mission in SF, as well as SF Fringe Fest, Laughing Squid’s Tentacle Sessions, Popcorn Anti-Theater, attended many Burning Man events, produced Speechless-SF, and the regular salons featured at Long Now Foundation at Fort Mason in SF.

So many of the best events I attended or were associated with over the past 25 years were partly or

mostly colored by Mikl Em. He was the epitome of inclusion. He was the essence of “let’s put on a show”.  He was love and light.

As a teacher I have been told that I teach to infinity, since I don’t know where or when my teachings will end. Mikl entertained to infinity. He inspired so many of his friends, and even more who were in the audience.

We were super lucky Mikl chose to join Radio Valencia in our infancy. He started Can Haz DJ the second week we were on the air. He produced 50 shows, and I’m excited that we are currently re-running these shows Saturday’s 8-10PM. Please tune in. Mikl was an exceptional DJ, who modeled himself after the legendary BBC-1 DJ, John Peel.

This show before you is a tribute to great musical mind. These are artists that Mikl loved, many of whom he turned me onto. We used to talk music in the most rambling and sensational way, often meandering in a tangential way across genres, and eras, always ending long before we wanted to. Our conversations were always ones for the ages. And now I guess they’ll have to be.

He leaves behind his magnificent life-partner, Danielle, who I’ve known even longer than he. She’s a vision of strength in life that has seen her share of challenges. If ever there is a person who is the model character, it is she. We love you, Danielle.

I miss you my dear friend. Thank you for shining such a beautiful light on all of us. I hope wherever you may be that there are songs to fill the air.

KQED offered a beautiful memorial for him following his passing last week.

Your friend always,


Hell’s Kitchen Radio with John Hell
Mondays 8-10PM
Radio Valencia in SF

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Observing Systems: Tied and Tickled Trio
Michael From The Mountains: Joni Mitchell
Pledging My Time: Bob Dylan
Redondo Beach: Patti Smith

Frisco Blues: John Lee Hooker
Politcal Song For Michael Jackson to Sing: Minutemen
Rouche Rumble: Sonic Youth
Messing With The Kid: The Saints

Fables of Faubus: Charles Mingus
Graveyard: Butthole Surfers
Whistlin’ Past The Graveyard: Tom Waits
The Drama You’ve Been Craving: Sleater-Kinney

House of the Rising Sun: Sex Mob
Metal Postcard: Siouxsie and the Banshees
The Body of an American: The Pogues
Blue Jay Way: The Beatles

Peace Two: John McLaughlin
So What’cha Want (Butthouse Remix): Beastie Boys
No Expectations: Califone

Rip Off: T Rex
He Was A Friend of Mine: Cat Power
Eric B for President: Eric B and Rakim

Funky President: James Brown
What A Wonderful World: Louis Armstrong

Hell’s Kitchen Radio #405: Are We Not Entertained?

August 28, 12pm

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Now that the RNC is over we all need a really good cleanse. That’s where I come in. Hell is good for what ails ya. Really though, what can I say that the pundits haven’t already said about the shit-show that was the RNC week long mouth diarrhea? Blech!

And now comes the race to the finish line. I picture Trump and Biden running through a grocery store, Trump ahead, and throwing items off a shelf to block Biden from catching up. He throws down old ladies, and shopping carts to move farther ahead of Biden. And Biden finds some way to keep the pace. He’s not leaping over any of this though. Biden is pushing the old lady aside so he can catch up to Trump. Biden grabs a chilled salmon and slaps Trump in the face before shoving him into the salad bar.

Who will make it to the finish line first? And in what shape will they be in when they arrive there? How many condiments will their pressed suits be covered in?  And will Dr. Jill and Melania be wrestling nearby? What about Mamala and Mothers-Little-Boy?

And what about the rest of us? November 3rd is only a little over nine weeks away. Are you registered? Get registered! Get your ballot, fill it out, and get it in the mail, ASAP! Or maybe drop it off at city hall? Anyway you choose, VOTE as if your life depends on it, because voting is not only patriotic, it’s how we remind those who govern, that they only get to do so because we allow them to. Don’t let them take that from us.

Back to the music.

Brand new song from my favorite local post-metal-power-trio, KnightressM1. I thought the last release was good (and it is), but “Lock and Key” is blowing my mind!!! These are three amazing musicians playing at the top of their game. The musicianship is professional, the sound is driving and pulsating, and the production is second to none. Damn, I want to see them live!

I was sent a track by my buddy, musician and producer Travis Kaperbauer, featuring himself and a few friends over at Lucky Recording, with a delightful little diddy: “I Fucked A Republican”. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

There are lots of treats throughout this show, I’m certain you’ll find a way to enjoy.

In the meantime, get ready to VOTE!!!



Hell’s Kitchen Radio with John Hell
Mondays 8-10PM
Radio Valencia in SF

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Mongoloid: Devo
Can’t Get It Out Of My Head: Telekinesis
Funkier Than A Mosquita’s Tweeter: Nikka Costa
I’m Losing You: Rare Earth

Song For The Bearded Lady: Nucleus
Yarrow: Bert Jansch
You Hit The Spot, Baby: Gloria Walker
Soul Brother’s Testify: Charles Randle’s Soul Senders
Bonnacons of Doom: Argenta

The Majesty of Rock: Vertacyn Arc Materializer
Prayer Difficulty: National Hardwood Floor Association
Elected: Alice Cooper

Lock and Key: KnightressM1
I’m Not There: Sonic Youth

Movin’ On: Douglas Nelson
Michigan Girls: Califone
I Fucked A Republican: Travis Kasperbauer, Jane Wiedlin, Joe Gore

Para Elisa: Los Destillos
El Guapo: Los Diablos Rojos
Beware: BLO
Miss Pamela and Miss Sparky discuss STUFFED BRAS and some of their early gym class experiences: GTO’s
Montana: Frank Zappa and the Mother’s of Invention

What A Wonderful World: Louis Armstrong

If you want to take a look at what Travis and team put together to show their love for the GOP, click below and enjoy.

Hell’s Kitchen Radio #404: We Don’t Quit

August 24, 2pm

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A little bit of this, a little bit of that. I’m not one to really reminisce much, but when it comes to music, it’s all about reaching deep to connect the rich past with the progressive future. What does it matter what genre is played, as long as it gets played up against something that just feels right, right? Right.

In my early days of radio, when I was just a green newbie at KFJC, I recall the debate: play nothing but the newest of the new, and the edgiest of the edge, versus the need to add a taste of “accessible” sounds to hold the new music together like glue. I subscribe the view of the latter. If you tune in regularly, than you know that I always enjoy finding something new to share with you. You also know that my library runs deep. I can’t wait to play that “classic” you never knew existed, or haven’t heard in so many years, you forgot that you loved it.

That’s how I roll.

In my most recent show it is indeed about going deep to blend genres and emotions, to take you on an aural journey into the night (I am on 8-10pm after all). New music from Oh Sees and Mikal Cronin, along with some covers that you’ll be searching for as soon as you hear it from me.

As always thank you for your support. I really love being able to do this for you, week after week.

On tonight’s show, I feature some new music from Bay Area power trio KnightressM1, along with some psychedelic cumbia, some funky jams, and whatever strikes my fancy along the way.



Hell’s Kitchen Radio with John Hell
Mondays 8-10PM
Radio Valencia in SF

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This Land Is Your Land: Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings

Every Day I Have The Blues: Fleetwood Mac

Rollin’ and Tumblin’: RL Burnside
Mona: Bo Diddley
Dreary Nonsense: Oh Sees
Guardian Well: Mikal Cronin

Dead Cowboy: Lightning Bolt
Runnin’: The Pharcyde
Ambush In The Night: Bob Marley

Anti-Love Song: Betty Davis

Sweet Leaf: Brownout
Dirt: Iggy and the Stooges
SOC MED Digital Heroin: Public Enemy

Rise Up With Fists: Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins
Tennessee Stud: Nitty Gritty Dirt Band with Doc Watson
Anesthetize Pt. 1: Porcupine Tree
Space Conquest: Angel In Heavy Syrup

All I Want Is Out Of Here: Daevid Allen
Welfare City: Eugene McDaniels
Oh I Long To Feel Your Arms Around Me: Father John Misty
Satori Pt. 1: Flower Travelin’ Band

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Gil Scott-Heron
We Don’t Quit: Flat Eathers
What A Wonderful World: Louis Armstrong