Zambian Independence Day in the Post-Love Era on your Audio Atlas with DJ Paulitics!

October 25, 11pm


Glitchy and then bitchy is what we heard on this Zambian Independence Day as a sweaty DJ Paulitics rushed from the Oakland Airport just in time to spin the latest and greatest in Roots and Dancehall Reggae, South African House, Afro-pop, Mongolian Throat singing, Saharan dreams from Niger, and an ode to Korean indie rap….. He was joined by Mogadishu Mike, Ancient Whore, Distorted Speed Dog, DJ Cold Soak, and DJ Whore Frost and a bucket of Four Lokos!… It was said, in the time of our greatest poetic visions of Victoria Falls that the tactial inspections of the past that we either live in the pre-love, post-love, or in-love era… It is that experience that defines us as we eat a $15 Ceasar Salad… Who buys that shit?… I do!… and I am somewhat ashamed of my life choices… Get at me on your titter tweet line… You’ll be fine. When the Scarecrow dances and the frogs jump, we collectively rejoice… Can life be this good?… I think you’ll know the answer if you watch basketball.

1. Räbädäbä Däi Däi by Anssi Mänttäri
2. Lord Fuck by Helge Schneider
3. Tempo De Amor (feat. Cèu) by Herbie Hancock, Céu
4. Talyat by Tinariwen
5. Eerbek Aksy by Huun-Huur-Tu
6.All That I’ve Got by Javada
7. Body To Body by Qraig
8. Come Close by Kenny Smith
9. Truths & Rights by Protoje, Mortimer
10. Jamaica by RDX
11. Hot Tool by Aidonia
12. All Aboard by Vybz Kartel
13. Planet by Four Tet
14. Deadman by Juju & Jordash
15. Oe Batla Kae by De Mogul SA, Ms Mo, Makhensa
16. Gbefun by Base One, Small Doctor
17. Mettez Vos Snaps by DJ Anilson, DJ Vielo, Nat, Dany
18. Zaranza by Nerú Americano
19. Nhema by ExQ, Killer T
20. Maradona by Niniola
21. Sitya Loss by Eddy Kenzo
22. Mwambazi by Amayenge
23.Ba Pumpa by Distro Kuomboka
24. Nakufele by PK Chisala
25. If Time Is Money (Fly Navigation) [feat. Method Man] by Wu-Tang Clan, Method Man
26. drink i’m sippin on by yaeji

Live out your roller-gained gripping fantasy on your Audio Atlas w/ DJ Paulitics!

October 19, 6pm

On this episode, The devil seizes Hannibal’s funeral to do what he wants. Will you get a job in the governorate? As we celebrate Haiti’s Dessaline’s Day with some Zouk and Jazz fusion, we congregate towards less hunger and more unbridled slickness with the Lovers Rock Reggae mix for our beloved plumber, Ravioli Devvers… We also got that nasty and hard-hitting Dance-hall mess and Latino Urbano to get your mija or mijo all riled up….We feature Miss Alina y Guacamole and her bottom’s-up Richter-scale! Can’t you start it without Lebanese turbo-ramifications and the neon blaster of Asia on glass? Strike it!


Track=listing for your space beside your head:

1. Merci Dessalines by Exodus
2. Dessalines Square by Franck Biyong
3. Logos by King Krule
4. untitled 06 | 06.30.2014. by Kendrick Lamar
5. Keep Calm by dvsn
6. Prettiest Thing by Christopher Martin
7. Leave People Business Alone by Christopher Martin and Romain Virgo
8. Not Good Enough by Jah Vinchi
9. Jealousy by Nesbeth
10. Never Thought by Sensamotion
11. Annie by Spotlight
12. Woei Woei Brazil by Harry Toddler
13. Bridgets & Desert by Tommy Lee Sparta, Shenseea
14. El Chapo by Popcaan
15. L’attrape-nigaud by Mc Solaar
16. Pourquoi J’pense à La Mort ? by 7 Jaws
17. Minato by Blaiz
18. Schnell machen by Sa4, Bonez MC, Gzuz
19. El Pito by Tinyo RD
20. Uzi by El Alfa
21. El Motorcito by Lirico En La Casa
22. Limonada Coco by Musicologo The Libro
23. Akrab Sadrek Samara Alsamara by Dabke
24. Abalek Naghem by Ragheb Alama
25. Aşkım Unutacağım by Ankaralı Namık
26. 我的新衣 (feat. Ty. & 王倩倩) by VaVa, 王倩倩, Ty.
27. Future Cαke by YUC’e
28. ҉.·.·* ́ ̈.·*:・✧๑ඕั ҉ by ⣎⡇ꉺლ༽இ•̛)ྀ◞ ༎ຶ ༽ৣৢ؞ৢ؞ؖ ꉺლ
29. Inspector Jay from Dehli by Dan The Automator
30. Burn Out Blues by Washed Out
31. Beat’n Beat’n by Vybz Kartel
32. Gal by Bounty Killer

Audio Atlas with Paulitics celebrates our new time slot 10pm-12am Tuesdays with Corn!

October 11, 7am

 Audio Atlas Sound-system is celebrating our new time slot from 10pm to 12am every Tuesday night with a mix of my new and old favorites from hypnotic indie music to make you enjoy kissing more…. along with that Ethiopian fire, some great roots reggae, Bollywood hits and dreamy Arab hits that will send you to space and enjoy not being mauled alive by white tigers… We also have that AFRO fire to make you rethink how you feel about about the op-eds in the New York Times…. Every one who listened skipped their kale diet for a day and ate a corn-dog!!!!!

1. Man from the audience by Arkestra One
2. Aqurius by Boards of Canada
3.. Burne out Blues by Blockheah
3. Sutrix by Talvin Singh
5. I Love My India by Hariharan, Kavita Krishnamurthy, Shankar Mahadevan, Aditya Narayan, Nadeem Shravan
6 Lal Lal Honthon Pe by Kumar Sanu, Alka Yagnik, Anu Malik
7. Sach Te Supna by Amrit Maan, Gag Studioz
8 Balama by Drupatee
9. Bumbum Que Hipnotiza by Mulher Melancia
10. Open The Tcheka by Mc Lan
11. My Pussy É o Poder by Gaiola das Popozudas
12. Draydreami’ by MC Solaar
14. Conte a Todos by Sango15.
15. Affo Trap by MHD
16. Mambo Rijo by Nerú Americano
17. Xe Mana Bella (Main Mix) by Boddhi Satva, DJ Satelite, Fredy Massamba
18. Pretty Please by Shabba Ranks
19. Dancé Dancé by Jah Lude
20. Lebi yu Zebges by Orion Salih
21. #NowPlaying Yemejemeriyay by Ephrem Tamiru
22. Baa Tou Boodan by Mahmoudi, Sataar, Anoushirvan Rohani
24. Fouraq Ghazaly by Samira Said
25. Iddamak Hallayn by Nawal Al Zoghbi
26. #NowPlaying Call On The Father by Beres Hammond
27. Love Me by Chris Martin
28. Per Me È Importante by Tiromancino
29. The Ends? by Primus

Rum Punch and Turkish Delight with DJ Paulitics and Mogadishu Mike on your Audio Atlas!

October 7, 2am

There are 459 reasons why you should listen to Audio Atlas Sound-System, but one of which is that you can’t hear these angelic riddims in the order that they are presented alongside the commentary that makes no sense or complete sense depending on your level of how you perceive my nonsense… and so,.. in that spirit, we present a show of Hypnotizing Reggae, Turkish Pop, and a few other surprises exclusive in city and county of San Francisco if not the wider world!….. Find yourself having a moment of confused clarity!


1. Don’t Pull Me Over by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
2. Peculiar Dub Extended Mix by The Abyssinians
3. Dubbing in the Valley by Errol Brown, BB Seaton
4. Good Old Days In Dub by Glen Washington
5. Life Is a Funny Thing by The Expanders
6. I’m Still in Love by Alton Ellis
7. Mi Need It by Sister Carol
8. This Old Man by Sugar Minott
9. Running Around by George Nooks
10. Teenager in Love by Razah
11. Thank You Jah by Al Campbell
12. Journey by Luciano
13. Let Me Love You by I-Octane
14. Biggest Fan by Lila Iké
15. Biggest Dub by Lila Iké
16. Cucumba by Macka B
17. Nuh Join by Vershon
18. Everyday by Masicka
19. # 1 by Busy Signal
20. Ya Bu İşler Ne by Mabel Matiz
21. Çok Çok by Edis
22. Yolla by Tarkan
23. Delinin Yıldızı by Vega
24. Koştum Hekime by Burak King
25. Sayın Seyirciler by Ozan Doğulu, Ece Seçkin
26. Elo Chapo by Popcaan (Exclusive!)
27. Running Bear by Johnny Preston
28. Running Home to You by Bee Caves
29. Sape Sape by Abou Nidal feat. Serge Beynaud
30. An Deni Kan Bai Sogoma by Oumou Sangare
31. Humility by Kamasi Washington
32. Hó Bá Lá Lá by João Gilberto

We’re taking a knee for Catalan independence on your Audio Atlas with DJ Paulitics!

September 27, 9pm

DJ Paulitics, Mogadishu Mike, Ancient Whore, and Suck-Dog showcase the music of Catalonia… from folk to hair metal!…. We also got those hypnotic jams from Ethipoia, the latest in Dancehall Reggae, and some insights on your future… It’s a difficult task to travel with 4 pianos through England with Hasidic start-ups, but we rummage through it well as if it was our bread and marigold!…  After dark, you’ll shake hands with Jerry Springer’s chopsticks in South America…. and The Lincoln Memorial will come to life, lock himself in rusty chains, and pause to allow you to find the worlds lost information on the bottom of his feet…. That’s where you’ll find me….


Tracl-listing for Bali volcano’s:

1. Intro / La Terra Festejada by Companyia Elèctrica Dharma
2. Mecanismes by Antònia Font, Bratislava Symphony Orchestra
3. Butlletí Informatiu Catalunya Ràdio 2014 (Sintonia Breus) – Butlletí Info 2014 – Sinto Breus + Cop Final by Alex Soler Gallego
4. Les Maris by Agrupació Cultural Folklórica Sagrada Familia
5. El Fill y la Barca by Cobla Catalana Els Castellers
6. No Hi Ha Cap Amagatall by Grup De Folk
7. Tot és Gris by Núria Feliu
8. El Cant Dels Ocells by Sílvia Pérez Cruz, Raül Fernandez Miró
9. Cançó De Bressol by Obrint Pas
10. Catalunya Plora by La Barretina
11. La Rosa Dels Vents by Llops De Mar
12. Viu el Carnaval by Landry el rumbero, Dani Landry, “Sicus” Carbonell, David Torras, Carlos Reyes “Compota”, “Rambo” Batista, Pep Pascual
13. Girona Aimada by La Principal De La Bisbal (Cobla Oficial De La Generalitat De Catalunya)
14. Vou Verí Vou by Guillermina Motta
15. Catalunya Radio – Indicatiu 2009 (Versió Soul) – Indicatiu Catalunya Ràdio 2009 (Soul) (20” Cantat) by Francesc Chaparro, Jordi Bonet, Joan Vives
16. El Mundo Baila by Sabor De Gracia
17. Rumb al Carib by Landry el rumbero
18. Tu Calorro by Estopa
19. Veig, Sento I Penso by Lax’n’Busto
20. Camins by Sopa De Cabra
21. Freddie Memorium by Sangtraït
22. Salpar by Lluis Llach
23. Catalunya Radio – Indicatiu 1983 – Ind Cr25 1983 by Joan Vives
24. Acting – feat. DāM-FunK by Ariel Pink, Dâm-Funk
25. When We Die by Tricky, Martina Topley-Bird
26. How We Got By by Mount Kimbie, James Blake
27. The Strain by Blockhead
28. Indie Gyal by Ce’Cile
29. One Man by Mr Easy
30. Wesene by Eden Gebreselassie
31. Fetawi Adey by Robel Haile
32. Sebiha by Solomon Haile
33. Hu Tu Tu Tu by Ashit Desai

A heartfelt journey through Maria’s Caribbean path on your Audio Atlas. (Colada it!)

September 23, 12am

I was inspired to put together a radio program of the music from the places that Hurricane Maria tore through recently… These are places that I have personally visited and also places with amazing and hypnotizing sounds… From the Zouk of Guadeloupe to the entrancing Reggae of the Virgin Islands to the fiery Salsa of Puerto Rico… I felt personally connected to these places as a kid as only an idea and then as a reality years later… I fondly remember being a kid and visiting the Caribbean… it was a place like a fantasy… I used to religiously watch “Caribbean Rhythms” with ‘Rachael’ on BET every week and I fell in love with the idea and sounds of that dreamy place that I wasn’t sure would ever become true… going there on a cruise with my parents in the 8th grade cemented my admiration… Years later, one of the top ten moments of my life was visiting a street party on my own in Jamaica as an adult and fist-bumping a Rastafarian carrying a stock of sensimilla… We looked each other in the the eye and a vision of mine was fulfilled…. It was like a viranda on a vivid plain… the mind revealing itself to itself…


Track-listing for  a man is relaxed:



1. Angoulousse Ce Lan Mo by Eugène Mona
2. Woo Mi Deba by The Grammacks
3. Limbé by Pascal Vallot
4. Mix opéwasion jawgon by Annick & Jean Claude
5. Banzaï by Expérience 7
6. Virgin Islands Nice by Pressure
7. Ring out a Chant by Midnite
8. Kingston Town by UB40
9. Kingston Town by Lord Creator
10. Jamaica Farewell by Harry Belafonte
11. Ugly Woman by Roaring Lion
12. Kiss the Girl – From by Samuel E. Wright
13. Delfines by Isabò, J.D. Nicholas
14. Kumm ruck a bissl by ENJOYA
15. On the Beach by Chris Rea
16. Sailing by Christopher Cross
17. Balance Batty by Wck
18. Dancin’ Mood by Arrow
19. Hot Hot Hot by Buster Poindexter And His Banshees Of Blue
20. Puerto Rico by Frankie Ruiz
21. Puerto Rico by Eddie Palmieri, Ismael Quintana
22. Puerto Rico by Angel Canales y Su Orquesta
23. Puerto Rico by Issac Delgado, Juan Pablo Díaz
24. Me Liberé by El Gran Combo De Puerto Rico
25. El Baile del Perrito by Wilfrido Vargas
26. El Sonidito by Hechizeros Band
27. Adios Amor by Christian Amor
28. Ya tegua by Alicia Villareal

Escape from demonic possession on the Muni bus with DJ Paulitics on your Audio Atlas!

September 13, 10pm

It may be sad to discover the truth about your lover, but if can drive your automobile far, far away, you will escape the pain for good until your brain remembers the possibilities that the life you once lived had the power of unbridled seclusion but is now is now just a can of gas. And in that spirit, we present the bombaclot mix and some new and quirky sounds from Mexico in the celebration of the Cry of Dolores. We also have some zany Japanese experiments and an ode to deathless life and lifeless death. So, come have a menthol cigarette with Mogadishu Mike, Ancient Whore, and yours truly, DJ Paulitics on Audio Atlas Sound-system for the great escape from the devil lady on the MUNI and into the safety of a bus shelter until she inevitably finds you again outside your house shrieking profanities at 3 am.


Track-listing for your den:


1. Modern Day Slavery – Extended Dub Mix by Busy Signal
2. Psalms 24 by Luciano, Mutabaruka
3. Rebel With a Cause by Luciano, Josey Wales
4. Jah Line by Luciano, Sizzla
5. Ring the Alarm (feat. Tenor Saw) by Buju Banton, Tenor Saw
6. Crazy Baldheads (feat. Beenie Man & Luciano) by Sly & Robbie, Beenie Man, Luciano
7. Original Woman by Shabba Ranks
8. Number 2 by Terror Fabulous
9. Action Speaks Louder by Bounty Killer
10. Mi T-Shirt de la NASA by Mexican Institute Of Sound
11. La Mujer Que Bota Fuego (feat. Natalia Jiménez) by Manuel Medrano, Natalia Jiménez
12. Saca las Panochas by El Perro
13. Me Cuajan Tattos by Santa Estilo
14. Tamo Heavy by Lapiz Conciente
15. Llevo La Vainita by Don Miguelo
16. Donde te agarro el temblor by Chico Che, La Crisis
17. Probablemente by Christian Nodal
18. Deathless by Ibeyi, Kamasi Washington
19. Deal with the devil by Tia
20. draw (A) drow by Seiko Oomori
21. ҉.·.·* ́ ̈.·*:・✧๑ඕั ҉ by ⣎⡇ꉺლ༽இ•̛)ྀ◞ ༎ຶ ༽ৣৢ؞ৢ؞ؖ ꉺლ
22. Loyal Man’s Logic by WONK
23. Make Luv by Room 5, Oliver Cheatham
24. Riot by Marci Phonix
25. Sonotone by Mc Solaar
26. Aimer by PLK
27. Sasha’s Room by Pierre Croce
28. Rest by Charlotte Gainsbourg
29. Quintessence by Benjamin Clementine
30. Mood by dvsn
31. Shockandawe by Miguel
32. Get You (feat. Kali Uchis) by Daniel Caesar, Kali Uchis
33. Don’t let the sun catch you crying by Gerry and the Pacemakers

Break the cycle with the Silver and Bronze mix with DJ Paulitics on your Audio Atlas!

September 8, 11pm

Silver Sluggers congregate here with the Royingya mix brought to you by the Buddhist vigilantes and your star bugs bunny building managers…. but, no,.. in all seriousness, we’re bringing back the old soda tradition in Tel Aviv and trying new dumplings with Lefty Fine of Garrison Spice and we have special tips of book-biding from Dianne of classical fame!…  There are a whole heap of levels to this (and not even in the parking lot) ….Spaghetti models need to apply, but will not likely get hired…. Flirt with Wang on this day and hold your mija or mijo tight… Convection clouds are gathering in our favor!


1. We are Rohingya
2. Rakhine Song
3. Rohingya Tarana very nice new
4. Madhaberi Naam Aami Jopi Abiram by Anup Jalota
5. Patta Patta Boota Boota by Ghulam Ali
6. Pyar Bhare Do Sharmile Nain by Mehdi Hassan
7. Hu Tu Tu Tu by Ashit Desai
8. Mayor Goldie Wilson by Beware
9. Mayor Goldie by Uri Caine Bedrock
10. Goldie by 허밍 어반 스테레오
11. Goldie’s Theme by Quanti Bomani
12. Goldie by EDDI FRONT
13. Goldie by Ping Pop
14. Goldie Spectorfide by Maceman
15. Goldie (Interlude) by Paco Sala
16. Goldie by Nitro
17. Goldie Gracie by A1K3M1
18. Goldie the Goldfish by Aotearoa Audio
19. Oldie Goldie by Red Bull
20. Goldie Hotline by Manimal
21. Kalimba de Luna by Banda Caliente
22. No Tengo Tiempo by Primeros Líderes
23. Eléctrica Salsa by XTC Planet
24. Geil by Fletan Power
25. Black Screen by LCD Soundsystem
26. 1000 Foot Face by Mogwai
27. Til I kissed you by Jimmy London
28. Joy in the Morning by Alton Ellis
29. You make me feel brand new by Boris Gardner
30. Helpless (SOS) by Christopher Martin
31. Earth a run red by Richie Spice

DJ Paulitics makes your 12-Car Clown Kitchen and Serbian flute pay you on your Audio Atlas!!!!!

September 1, 11pm

On tonight’s episode of Audio Atlas Sound-System with DJ Paulitics, Mogadishu Mike, and Ancient Whore, there is a situation involving Mrs. Hilda who suffering a crisis when she sees her daughter, Catherine…. Will your health be complicated with this meeting?

Also, Los Mechanicos and the JFK Band joins us for the possibilities of Salsa Music.

You can’t away forever and that’s why we invited you again.

We have love confessions in the Serbian tree-house and Hungarian wisdom as well Mucho Mejor!

1. Happy People by Melaaz
2. Happy Feelin’s by Maze
3. I’d Rather Be With You by Bootsy Collins
4. Love Train by the O’Jay’s
5. Provider by Frank Ocean
6. Wesley’s Theory by Kendrick Lamar/George Clinton/Thundercat
7. Let It Rain by Action Bronson
8. Un very Stylish Fille by Dimitri from Paris
9. Life (Da Late Mix) by Luciano
10. As Caravanas by Chico Buarque
11. Ana Luiza by Antônio Carlos Jobim
12. Lit Me Up by Brand New
13. Aquarius by Boards of Canada
14. Fingers by Hundred Waters
15. Thinking Of A Place by The War On Drugs
16. Tranquilo by Kelley Stoltz
17. Lightnin’ Strikes by Lou Christie
18. Dear Life by Beck
19. Rumours by Junior Reid
20. Girl U Know by Buju Banton
21. Lovers’ Holiday by Everton Blender
22. Feel Good by Beres Hammond
23. Batwanis Been by Warda
24. Dobbala Too by Najwa Karma
25. Eres by Christian Nodal


How and why smiles exist as told by DJ Paulitics and special guest Big Chill West Coast!

August 23, 5am

Nothing in the world is never hopeless, but everything in the world is the color that you imagine… Special guest Mac Prozac AKA Big Chill West Coast joins us in the studio for a lesson in the wild aspects of our freedom rationality.. The truth of your life is blankets and sangria….. Some souls are truly happy to constantly have the feeling of being overwhelmed with the amount of options they have, people they can see, and things they can do…How happy are you, my friends?? ….Bruce, the Jamaican-American, sits at the Food Hut, a Caribbean Bar in Queens, and talks about how he loves his wife, but doesn’t like her. After a talk with him about all-things Jamaica-related, I sneak out to the Jamaican mom-and-pop restaurant next store to order me some jerk chicken. I am getting strange looks becuase I stick out like a sore thumb here. Bruce comes in and tells them all to “take care of him…. he’s my friend”. Meanwhile,… David, the drunken Guyanese construction worker, orders a whole bottle of grey goose vodka and shares a good portion of it with me…. he gives me a tour of his family home above his brothers mobile phone shop. His whole family lives there… mom, brother, couple of nieces. Clumsy and drunk, he accidently hits his nieces finger as he closes the door and smiles. His mother tells him to “lay down”…… His niece’s finger is pulsating with pain…


1. Miluje cie Panie mocy moja (psalm 17) by Krzysztof Krawczyk
2. Ging Tsholing by Bhutanese musicians, dancers
3. Norbu Rigi Pangshong by Sonam Dorji
4. Jigten Zamling Nangka by Jigme Drukpa
5. Traditional Music by Nagaland Folkloric Group
6. Lieng Pii by David Fanshawe
7. Orano (I Hate My Husband that Drinks) by Rab Ban
8. Ua Ntej Lwm Lub Kua Muag by Suab Muas Lauj
9. Aşk Çıplak by Burak Malçok
10. Laile Laile Delbaro Deldar by Ahmad Zahir
11. Love Forever / Pashtu by Aziz Gaznavi
12. Rasha Janana by Javid Jesi
13. Dar Perahanet by Najim Nawabi
14. Bya Kadday Bare Ge by Wajiha
15. Systole by Grizzly Bear
16. Barcelona by Henry Green
17. Walk Away From Love by Bitty McLean, The Supersonics
18. Time by Benjy Myaz
19. People Change by Bascom X
20. Thank You by Mary J. Blige
21. Neymar with an Emotional Farewell Message To Barcelona by DJ Max Star
22. Pardon Doe Normaal by Supergaande
23. Hyena (feat. Lijpe) by Mula B, Lijpe
24. Volume by Lil’ Kleine
25. Le Rabbi Muffin by Mc Solaar
26. Mind Games by Sven Väth
27. Kaltes Klares Wasser by Chicks On Speed
28. Wadde hadde dudde da – Radio Version by Stefan Raab
29. T’es Ok, T’es Bath, T’es in by Ottawan
30. Mexico by Dschinghis Khan
31. Na bezludnej wyspie by Tadeusz Drozda
32. Blue Hawaii by Krzysztof Krawczyk
33. Jak lodu bryla by Klincz
34. Gdy grasz na buzuki by Eleni