Illogical Contraption ep 249 – ILLCON DIQQ PIQQS

February 27, 11am

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Remember when Bill Paxton was in an Oingo Boingo style new wave band? We do. Remember when Bill Paxton starred alongside Bill Pullman to dissect Bud Cort’s brain onscreen? We do. Remember when Werner Herzog tried to kill Klaus Kinski and a famous artist made seven hours of art films about a muscle in the scrotum? We do. REMEMBER WHEN LA LA LAND DIDN’T WIN THE OSCAR FOR BEST PICTURE? OH WE SURE AS FUCK DO.

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Illogical Contraption ep 248 – Support The Troops!

February 20, 10pm

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Shelby drags Al and Sara through 8 agonizing rounds of SHIT ROULETTE. Body Count Chat. Cookie Siqqness. Antifa & Marmaduke. Conspiracy theory dad rock and Siqq piqq: KEANU REEVES flicks!

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Illogical Contraption ep 247 – Tony Manager

February 13, 10am

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It’s Tinsel Town’s most magical night! A melange of musical mediocrity awaits your earholes as we delve into Nickleback’s most woke ass songs, Take a Hit or Shit on officially sanctioned Church of Scientology music and Siqq Piqq our favorite live performances on tv! Mike Keegan joins the fun in the second hour.

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Illogical Contraption ep 246 – Sex With Eugene

February 6, 12pm

 Direct Chokehold

Author, fighter and avant punk vocalist Eugene S. Robinson joins us LIVE in studio to talk sex, sex, fucking, butt stuff, bdsm, mmf threesomes, mfm threesomes and mma threesomes.

WARNING: Audio issues the first 30 minutes of the show!

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Illogical Contraption ep 245 – Taken 4: The Red Hot Chili Peppers Story

January 30, 12pm

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Cobras introduces a brand new game that make Al and Sara sad. Erik ponders human/pig hybrids. Everyone is very woke and hydrated. Movie chat. Strong opinions regarding the Naked Chicken Chalupa.

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Illogical Contraption ep 244 – 500 Days of Tony

January 16, 12pm

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Hour One: Author Nick Redfern dials in to discuss UFOs, crop circles, punk rock and immortality!

Hour Two: TONY MOLINA (AKA WAYNE SANCHEZ) drops into the studio!

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Illogical Contraption ep 243 – Stapp Or My Mom Will Hoot!

January 9, 11am

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Shelby challenges Al and Sara to a new Yarling-themed game. Al uncovers revolutionary sub-sub conspiracies concerning The Mandela Effect. Dark comedies are Siqq Piqq’d. Guest Starring: Baby Boy Erik


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Illogical Contraption ep 242 – Remember The AL-amo

January 2, 2pm

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Programmers of The Alamo Drafhouse SF, Mike Keegan, and the forthcoming Alamo LA, Bret Berg, return to the studio to give us a look behind the scenes of the cult movie biz.
Shelby, Al and Sara call in for their Siqq Piqqs!

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Illogical Contraption Ep 241 – The Illogical Contraption 2016 Christmas Special

December 26, 1am

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Al and Cory save Christmas!
Featuring Eddie Deezen, Kevin Moss,
Wayne, The Border Boss, Sarah, Erik and Shelby!

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Illogical Contraption ep #240 – CTRL-F Tompkins

December 19, 1pm

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2017 predictions, death pools and resolutions
Mike McBeardo McPadden calls in with some year end stuff!
Food/Booze/Movie pairings are Siqq Piqq’d

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