Illogical Contraption ep 265 – Karaoke Flip Flops

June 26, 11am

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AL SPORTS brings us WEIRD SPORTS FROM AROUND THE WORLD. We Hit or Shit 80s novelty tunes. Beware alt-right hippies!

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Illogical Contraption ep 264 – JNCO Pastorius

June 19, 12pm

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The wild world of Flat Earther memes. Nick Redfern calls in to celebrate the anniversary of The Roswell Incident. Local hot sauces and pizza. The bizarre, Scooby Doo-ish case of the 1971 film “The Zodiac Killer.” We do a totally original segment called THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY regarding DADS.

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Illogical Contraption ep 263 – Feliz Na’vi Dog

June 12, 12pm

Direct Chili Dog

CHILI DOG SUMMER 2017 COMMENCES. Director Jackson Stewart joins us to talk video game music. Chili Dog God breaks down the do’s and don’ts of chili dogs. Erik thinks Na’vi baby dolls are real babies. Siqq Piqqs: BEACH MOVIES!

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Illogical Contraption ep 262 – Alien: New Alien

May 29, 5pm

Direct Houseboat 

We’re broadcasting LIVE from Erik’s houseboat, The Flying Chud! Al attempts an INDY 500 based Al’s Sports. Gimmicky CD covers. The new Alien movie. Adam Papagan needs the OJ Bronco. Erik teaches us about TROP ROCK! SIQQ PIQQs: BOAT STUFF!

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Illogical Contraption ep 261 – BLACK HAM

May 21, 10pm


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Cory’s got a gig and Sara’s off camping, so Shelby, Erik, and Al sit down for a spirited discussion about desert tweakers, Salvation Mountain, The Integratron, UFOs, and good-ass BBQ. Adam Gorightly calls in with some crazy synchronicity, music is Hitted or Shitted, and party scenes from film and TV are Siqq Piqqed.
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Illogical Contraption ep 260 – Flat Yurters

May 16, 12pm


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Paranoid conspiracy music Hit or Shit! An extra long Al’s Sports! Our buddy Clay Newman recounts performing at The Roast of Dustin Diamond at a food truck park. Sara busts out with a Dr. Oz quiz. A fun-filled suicide based WORLD ENDING SIQQ PIQQS.

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Illogical Contraption ep 259 – NIGHT FOOD (with Tony Molina)

May 8, 11am

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It’s been a long week and The Live Five Minus Cory Plus Shelby’s Mom are beat af from the metal show and Al’s spectacular live commentary of Die Hard 2. It’s looking pretty grim but a miraculaous visit from Santana Claus aka Tony Molina saves the day and everything is magic and rainbows and dolphins and nothing hurts and healthy cum levels are restored.
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Illogical Contraption ep 258 – Lenny Dykstra Car Wash

May 1, 2pm

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Obsessed with a Na’vi robot. Ev Gold from Cinema Cinema gets noisy. Podcasting about podcasts gets miserable. Funk metal is also miserable. Siqq Piqq’n vintage commercials. Dream restaurants.

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Illogical Contraption ep 257 – RAMBO III – How The Dogs Chill

April 24, 5pm

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Our buddy JPEGMAFIA is in studio to Hit or Shit our own bands. We talk Silicon Valley Comic Con, 90s funk metal and Siqq Piqq our favorite fictional pets. RAMBO RULES.

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Illogical Contraption ep 356 – David Lee Sproth

April 17, 11am

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Al has a toothache, which makes for an interesting Taco Time and Al’s Sports. The worst comics in the funny pages. We rate weird podcasts. SIQQ PIQQS Who’s the best Jesus?

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