Buchla Special

April 20, 10am

In advance of the Buchla Memorial Concerts 4/22 – 4/23, Derek Gedalecia joins me with Buchla selections and a Headboggle set.

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Luigi Cozzi Interview

April 18, 2pm

This podcast features a new interview with the wonderful Luigi Cozzi recorded at Profondo Rosso on halloween eve! Cozzi is the director of Starcrash, The Killer Must Kill Again, Contamination and Blood on Méliès’ Moon to name a few. He is also a writer and is known for his collaborations with Dario Argento and others.

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New bunnywhiskers podcast

April 15, 6am

With music from Alien Factor, Plague of Zombies, Sexy Killer, Hallucination Generation, Death Laid an Egg and more….

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New bunnywhiskers podcast

March 16, 3pm

Featuring music from Deathdream, The Goat Man, Cleopatra Jones, Blood Beach and more…..

Guest set by Spettro Family

March 8, 7pm

From Italy, a special guest set from Spettro Family…….

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New bunnywhiskers podcast

March 7, 11am

Featuring music from Demon Seed, The House with No Windows, Operation Orient, Patrick Still Lives and more~

New bunnywhiskers podcast

January 26, 10pm

Featuring music from Corpse Eaters, Sadomania, Vigilante, Eraserhead and more…..

New bunnywhiskers podcast

January 25, 6pm

Featuring an interview with the lovely Victoria Shen of Trim, soundtracks, library stuff and experimental…

Ennio Morricone Special

January 23, 4pm

Two hours of music from the Maestro~

New bunnywhiskers podcast

December 9, 1pm

Featuring music from The Undead, The Devil’s Widow, A Girl For Satan, Shock Waves and more~