Viva Espana!

June 25, 11am

After a three week break from the show, DJs Original Brewer and ESB get back in the studio with a Spanish touch. It was a whirlwind two weeks in Madrid and Barcelona so we could think of no better theme than SPAIN for our first show back.

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Evil Kneivel and Gromit (and family)

Travel the World with ESBeats

March 23, 5pm

We’re very excited to launch our 4-week travel series of shows. This week we kicked things off with “DESTINATIONS”, to celebrate DJ Original Brewer’s first love — Travel.

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DJ Sully and ESB coming in your ears.

Always a special treat when DJ Sully joins us in the studio too!


ESBeats: Oscar Special!

February 23, 7pm

We got off to a rough start today with our 5th show but we didn’t let the technical difficulties bring us down… and neither should you! Q-Nut, Addimae, Original Brewer and ESB are all on hand with their favorite songs from movies. Most were either nominated or won an Academy Award at some point. We have some surprises in there too.

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ESBeats: Reach out and touch someone

February 9, 5pm

We’re starting to get into a groove here. Unfortunately, we were unable to welcome Original Brewer and Q-Nut to the studio – they were visiting Pop-Pops to make sure his heart could keep up with the show (hint: it did).

Addimae wears her heart on her sleeve.

So, ESB & Addimae took control and brought you all songs related to COMMUNICATION. It’s a mixed bag. From Taylor Swift to Lou Reed and everything in between. But it all comes from the heart.

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ESBeats is up and running!

January 27, 12pm

The four of us are very excited to be joining the Radio Valencia broadcasting family. DJs ESB, Original Brewer, Addimae and Q-Nut will be curating playlists each week using unique themes to guide the song selections.

Please let us know if you have a theme you’d like us to use for an upcoming show. Any and all suggestions welcome!!

So here it is… our first ever show. ESBeats: The Beginning