Surf rock meets Psych rock and has a baby called Psyurf.

August 18, 9am

Dj Rockys latest installment, episode 3 of Radio Ruckus. Joined in the studio by the Silver surfer aka many other things, to talk a little about the current Zeitgeist.

Trashy blues and a bag of glue

August 12, 12am

Yeah it was a real classy set last week on Radio Ruckus, we kicked it up slowly starting with some trashy ass bluesy stuff and kept the tempo lowish… then we changed it up, with some gentle guidance from chatroom  family and text requests we went around in circles, purely spontaneous, most delightful.  Tracks from The Jackets, the Donkeys, Death Valley Girls, Brian Jonestown massacre, et al.






August 2, 3am

Last wednesday saw the maiden voyage of DJ Rockys Radio Ruckus!!!!  2 hours of blasting humpday tunage to get you over the hump and well on your way to the weekend.  Brand new tracks from OH Sees mixed in amongst other phsych and rock gems also a scattering of early MOD tracks and much much more.  check back for future up coming guests and live performances from the studio.