Licking The Lolli

August 28, 4pm

There are many out there who say they have just the right trick for the best blow job.
But our own Goth Kitty is going to give us her take on how to give great head, live on our stream, in the moment, blow by blow.
Tune in tonight for Goth Kitty – Blow Job 101, Bonus Course.
If anyone wants to follow along at home and tell us how it is working for you, chat room and phone lines will be open.
10pm, live, on Radio Valencia.

Getting Frisky with Goth Kitty

August 14, 1pm

Goth Kitty is back to indulge us in more naughty tales from her personal archives, and to tell us about her favorite and least favorite penises.
10pm Monday on Sex Cels

That Doesn’t Go There! – Sex Cels

August 7, 8pm








Bad advice and sketchy products – Tonight we will discuss a few things that, despite what web snake oil salesmen say, should not go there.Bad advice and sketchy products – Tonight we will discuss a few things that, despite what web snake oil salesmen say, should not go there.

Alyx Returns for a Special Birthday Edition of Sex Cels

September 5, 6pm

Sex with chicken sandwiches, sex robot addiction, Air B&B host films guests having sex, battles over trigger warnings,  its been a crazy week in Sex and Culture, and our studio is about to get a little crazy while we delve into the hot topics of this week.
Special birthday edition of Sex Cels including a studio full of special guests, featuring non other than past co-host Alyx returning for this one night. Tonight at 10pm on Radio Valencia




The Orgasm Gap w/ Carina

May 27, 3am

the orgasm gap carina



This week on Sex Cels, we’re joined by Carina to talk about an issue many dance around: the Orgasm Gap. Numerous sources show that in the average heterosexual sexual encounter, women experience fewer orgasms than men. We’ll talk about reasons that could explain this gap, the experiences of women with the gap, the consequences for men and women, their relationships, and their interactions, and what you can do to close the orgasm gap!

This Monday evening at 10 PM Pacific Time: or on

TuneIn Radio at


February 1, 7pm

dead cupid
Whether its the ancient traditions of goat fucking in caves, pan fucking goat


or the priest that was beheaded for defying the emperors’ edict against love
that is known as St. Valentine, Valentines head


Or the bingeing on Ben and Jerry’s to sooth a not easily forgotten heartache heart in a heartshaped box


Valentines Day means different things to different people. We will discuss what this holiday can mean and the stereotypes surrounding it
While I admit I have had some fun laughing at the images the meme #KanyeAnalPlaylist has produced, like it also has larger, negative, cultural meaning and effect. Special guest Diva Station will be stopping in to discuss this as well. Please join us tonight, Monday night, at 10pm.