August 14, 11am

Broadcast 44 is now up for your listening enjoyment featuring a lush, precision mix from BLEIE, a celebrated Bay Area based producer. She has a new EP coming out on Sweden-based b-o-d-i-e-s label called Certainty Is Only A Feeling and it featured her opulent, fearless sound.

Her exclusive mix features not only her love of synthesis and many great producers like Yuji Kondo and LeMonte Young, but also countless local talent all over the Bay. Enjoy.


BLEIE played:

Raica / Walker

Delia Derbyshire & Barry Bermange / Land

JS Aurelius / UbloxLea-6N

Ulwhednar / Ports of Narvik

KYN / Flow Session #7

Yuji Kondo / Vanishing Curvatures

Verdun1916 / Blue of Noon

Andromeda Complex / The Servant (Klankman Remix)

Nine / Moluscus

Susan Hiller / Belshazzar’s Feast

Jlin / Carbon 7

Thomas Roebers & Floris Leeuwenberg with members of the Bora Tribe / FOLI

Paradon’t / NBunKanKan (Bld Rm)

La Monte Young / Death Chant

Fis & Rob Thorne / Glurn Herrin

Pessimist / Orphic

Kathy Acker & Nox / Letters to Emily vol. II

Oake / Sehtotree Diin Chromtas Vehn

Entropy Worship / Disciple

Fjader / Abyss

Streetwalker / Ooze

Dead Tech / Where’s Your God?

Type B / 01-141212_1743

Blush Response / Reshaper

Honzo / Lovesickness

Delia Derbyshire & Barry Bermange / Running

Wetware / Fuck Them All

Linija Mass / Mechanizacija

HIV / Untitled I

We Will Fail / V2.03

Untold / Motion the Dance

Inigo Kennedy / Plaintive


June 28, 4pm

“it is a restless moment
she has kept her head lowered…
to give him a chance to come closer.
but he could not for lack of courage.
she turns and walks away”

Broadcast 43 dives deeper into the sensual space of romance, inspired by Wong Kar Wai’s film In the Mood For Love. In collaboration with Sure Thing, this recording is from a live performance of both Piano Rain’s selections as well as Topazu’s during a viewing of Paul Clipson’s films. This installment will hopefully transport you, dear listener, into an incredibly romantic experience. A caress. A letter. A moment of carnal pleasure. An eternity of love. Enjoy.


Topazu played:

Smersh / Kiss Me Stupid / M Appeal 12″

Damon Eliza Palermo / Cathedral / Forthcoming

Dirty Beaches / Pacific Ocean / Stateless EP

*Infinite Beat Ambient Live recording with Piano Rain and Paul Clipson

Michael Galasso / Angkor Wat III / In The Mood For Love

Anna Caragnano & Donato Dozzy / Love Without Sound / Sintetizzatrice


June 20, 4pm

Next broadcast, Topazu will be diving deeper into the sensual space of romance, inspired by Wong Kar Wai’s film In the Mood For Love, about broken hearts and unrequited attraction. Tune in Saturday from 4-6pm as we immerse ourselves in the most recent live INFINITE BEAT Ambient experience. A combination of live recordings of both Piano Rain’s DJ set as well as Topazu’s own during a viewing of Paul Clipson’s films, this installment will hopefully transport you, dear listener, into an incredibly romantic experience. Hope you enjoy! 🌹


June 12, 2pm

Broadcast 42 is now podcasted for your listening pleasure. Starting with a brief feature on Golden Donna’s self-released full length album, Fairydust. It is inspired by and dedicated to the most beautiful star in the sky, Cherushii.

Afterwards is a all-vinyl set by local selector/producer David Siska. He is one half of Sonic Sunset with Matt MacQueen as well as a local resident with the Run the Length of Your Wildness collective. His mix is a thoughtful, beautiful and emotive experience. Enjoy.


Topazu played:

Golden Donna / Fairydust / Fairydust / 2017

David Siska played:

Rings Around Saturn / Portion 22 (Albecht La’Brooy’s Bathtime Arrangement) / Analogue Attic / 2015

Aquarium / Swimming / Luxury Water Jewels / Silver Lake / 2016

Heavenly Music Corporation / Energy Portal / Lunar Phase / Astral Industries / 1995

Rhythmic Theory / Ceti Alpha / Traveling Without Moving / Ancient Monarchy / 2016

Ø ‎(Mika Vainio) / Heijestuva / Sahko / 2011

Rothko / St. Giorgio / A Continual Search for Origins / Too Pure / 2002

Zelienople / It’s Hard to Steal Cars / Loose Thread / 2001

Aphex Twin / Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2 / Warp / 1994

Beaumont Hannant / Psi-Onyx (Psix Million Dollar Myx Oscar Goldman Bonus) / General Production Recordings / 1995

Ryo Murakami / Statical (Porter Ricks Change of Tide Remix) / Spectrum (Meakusma) / 2014

Siouxsie & The Banshees / Tattoo / Dear Prudence 12″ / Polydor / 1983

King Midas Sound / Dub Heavy / Hearts & Ghosts / Hyperdub / 2009

My Bloody Valentine / Instrumental No. 2 / Loveless / Creation / 2012 / 1991

Cocteau Twins / Feet Like Fins / Otherness / Mercury / 1995

Autechre / Nil / Amber / Warp / 1994

Andy stott / Hatch the Plan / Luxury Problems / Modern Love / 2012

Gescom – Cicada / Skam / 1994

Off and Gone / lko / Exist Dance / 1994

Autocreation / Darksmile / Mettle / Medical / 2017 / 1994

Deepchord / Pinewood Lodge / Soma / 2016


March 16, 11am

Topazu is out of town, but Nihar (SURFACE TENSION, Nine) will be a guest host with the Queen of Hell Jasmine Infiniti. She is the ferocious founder of the New World Dysorder party crew and has a unique perspective as a DJ, merging her roots in the New York ballroom scene with her fascination with the dark atmosphere of techno. Tune in this Saturday on Radio Valencia from 4-6pm as two of the Bay Area’s finest collide. 👄


March 1, 11am

This Saturday Infinite Beat welcomes Sepehr​ into the Radio Valencia​ studio. Tune in from 4-6pm for his all-vinyl mix of bangers to get you jiggling and a bit of gab from this rising star 👺


February 22, 9am

Broadcast 38 has been podcasted for your listening pleasure. First is a feature on a new release from the Bay Area’s treasured “hardware queen and sci-fi nerd,” The Creatrix. Called “Approaching an Abandoned Helm,” her gorgeous release out on No-Tech is full of ferocious, intoxicating techno. Highly recommended.

Afterwards is an exclusive mix from one of the rising stars of the East Coast techno scene, Ciarra Black. She is one half of the No-Tech label with J.R. Nelson, one half member of the noise/industrial/experimental techno duo Appetite with the lovely Jane Chardiet and she has her own No-Tech solo debut, Pendulum. Her mix features many No-Tech affiliates as well as many producers that echo her own love of raw electronics.

It is an honor to be able to share her perspective in the Bay Area. Enjoy.

Topazu played:

The Creatrix / Ionosphere / No-Tech

Ciarra Black played:

Truss / Brockweir / Perc Trax

E-Saggila / Soldier-Priest / Summer Isle

Pan Daijing / The Promise To The Fatherland

Tuning Circuits / I am A Non Believer / TFO PE

Pvre Matrix / Vague Nostalgias / No-Tech

Robert Hood / Alpha / M-Plant

Planetary Assault Systems / Hama Static / Osgut Ton

Ciarra Black / Dry Ice / Unreleased

Illusion of Safety With Dead Tech / Catalavox / Complacency/Deaf Eye

Liquid Asset / Contact / Unreleased

Clock DVA / Virtual Flesh / Contempo

The Creatrix / D’lex n’ritja / No-Tech

Helena Hauff Meets Andrea Gehm / Rupture / Solar One Music

December / Berds / Where To Now?

Ciarra Black / Dial / 1221

SHXCXCHCXSH / Vvvllllvvv / Avian

M/R / Let That Shit Breathe / L.I.E.S

Umwelt / Days Of Dissent / Boidae

Appetite / Kiss of Judas / Ascetic House

Dedekind Cut / So Far..So Good / Hospital