June 12, 2pm

Broadcast 42 is now podcasted for your listening pleasure. Starting with a brief feature on Golden Donna’s self-released full length album, Fairydust. It is inspired by and dedicated to the most beautiful star in the sky, Cherushii.

Afterwards is a all-vinyl set by local selector/producer David Siska. He is one half of Sonic Sunset with Matt MacQueen as well as a local resident with the Run the Length of Your Wildness collective. His mix is a thoughtful, beautiful and emotive experience. Enjoy.


Topazu played:

Golden Donna / Fairydust / Fairydust / 2017

David Siska played:

Rings Around Saturn / Portion 22 (Albecht La’Brooy’s Bathtime Arrangement) / Analogue Attic / 2015

Aquarium / Swimming / Luxury Water Jewels / Silver Lake / 2016

Heavenly Music Corporation / Energy Portal / Lunar Phase / Astral Industries / 1995

Rhythmic Theory / Ceti Alpha / Traveling Without Moving / Ancient Monarchy / 2016

Ø ‎(Mika Vainio) / Heijestuva / Sahko / 2011

Rothko / St. Giorgio / A Continual Search for Origins / Too Pure / 2002

Zelienople / It’s Hard to Steal Cars / Loose Thread / 2001

Aphex Twin / Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2 / Warp / 1994

Beaumont Hannant / Psi-Onyx (Psix Million Dollar Myx Oscar Goldman Bonus) / General Production Recordings / 1995

Ryo Murakami / Statical (Porter Ricks Change of Tide Remix) / Spectrum (Meakusma) / 2014

Siouxsie & The Banshees / Tattoo / Dear Prudence 12″ / Polydor / 1983

King Midas Sound / Dub Heavy / Hearts & Ghosts / Hyperdub / 2009

My Bloody Valentine / Instrumental No. 2 / Loveless / Creation / 2012 / 1991

Cocteau Twins / Feet Like Fins / Otherness / Mercury / 1995

Autechre / Nil / Amber / Warp / 1994

Andy stott / Hatch the Plan / Luxury Problems / Modern Love / 2012

Gescom – Cicada / Skam / 1994

Off and Gone / lko / Exist Dance / 1994

Autocreation / Darksmile / Mettle / Medical / 2017 / 1994

Deepchord / Pinewood Lodge / Soma / 2016


March 16, 11am

Topazu is out of town, but Nihar (SURFACE TENSION, Nine) will be a guest host with the Queen of Hell Jasmine Infiniti. She is the ferocious founder of the New World Dysorder party crew and has a unique perspective as a DJ, merging her roots in the New York ballroom scene with her fascination with the dark atmosphere of techno. Tune in this Saturday on Radio Valencia from 4-6pm as two of the Bay Area’s finest collide. 👄


March 1, 11am

This Saturday Infinite Beat welcomes Sepehr​ into the Radio Valencia​ studio. Tune in from 4-6pm for his all-vinyl mix of bangers to get you jiggling and a bit of gab from this rising star 👺


February 22, 9am

Broadcast 38 has been podcasted for your listening pleasure. First is a feature on a new release from the Bay Area’s treasured “hardware queen and sci-fi nerd,” The Creatrix. Called “Approaching an Abandoned Helm,” her gorgeous release out on No-Tech is full of ferocious, intoxicating techno. Highly recommended.

Afterwards is an exclusive mix from one of the rising stars of the East Coast techno scene, Ciarra Black. She is one half of the No-Tech label with J.R. Nelson, one half member of the noise/industrial/experimental techno duo Appetite with the lovely Jane Chardiet and she has her own No-Tech solo debut, Pendulum. Her mix features many No-Tech affiliates as well as many producers that echo her own love of raw electronics.

It is an honor to be able to share her perspective in the Bay Area. Enjoy.

Topazu played:

The Creatrix / Ionosphere / No-Tech

Ciarra Black played:

Truss / Brockweir / Perc Trax

E-Saggila / Soldier-Priest / Summer Isle

Pan Daijing / The Promise To The Fatherland

Tuning Circuits / I am A Non Believer / TFO PE

Pvre Matrix / Vague Nostalgias / No-Tech

Robert Hood / Alpha / M-Plant

Planetary Assault Systems / Hama Static / Osgut Ton

Ciarra Black / Dry Ice / Unreleased

Illusion of Safety With Dead Tech / Catalavox / Complacency/Deaf Eye

Liquid Asset / Contact / Unreleased

Clock DVA / Virtual Flesh / Contempo

The Creatrix / D’lex n’ritja / No-Tech

Helena Hauff Meets Andrea Gehm / Rupture / Solar One Music

December / Berds / Where To Now?

Ciarra Black / Dial / 1221

SHXCXCHCXSH / Vvvllllvvv / Avian

M/R / Let That Shit Breathe / L.I.E.S

Umwelt / Days Of Dissent / Boidae

Appetite / Kiss of Judas / Ascetic House

Dedekind Cut / So Far..So Good / Hospital


February 18, 10am

Next guest mix is the very talented, very cool and very stunning producer Ciarra Black. Debut solo release Pendulum is out on her Brooklyn Label, No-Tech which she co-operates with J.R. Nelson. She is also a member of noise/industrial/techno duo Appetite with the lovely, equally talented Jane Chardiet. Her productions are full of ferocious power and I’m excited to be inviting her DJ skills on the show. Tune in from 4-6pm this Saturday.


February 8, 3pm

Broadcast 37 starts with a short feature on a collection of unreleased tracks from Earthen Sea. Recorded while he was still a resident in San Francisco before he ventured back to the East Coast, Earthen Sea self-released this series exclusively on his Bandcamp page. All proceeds of this release will be donated to the following organizations…

International Refugee Assistance Project
American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee
National Lawyers Guild

Afterwards is an exclusive mix, and a first time visit to the Radio Valencia studio, by the highly respected gentlemen of techno C.L.A.W.S. He is one third of the experimental post-punk trio Bronze (Not Not Fun Records, RVNG Intl), one half of Kit n C.L.A.W.S. with Kit Clayton and has many releases under his own moniker on Tigerbass Records.

Stygian Morass is his new EP release coming out on Left Hand Path and a newly launched label co-operated by both him and Solar called Squirrels on Film is setting the tone for this year in the best local techno excursions. The thriving underground dance music scene here in San Francisco wouldn’t exist if it were not for C.L.A.W.S. It surely would be poorly dressed. Enjoy.


Topazu played:

Earthen Sea / East Side / A Serious Thing

Earthen Sea / Willful Blindness / A Serious Thing

C.L.A.W.S played:

TM404 / 303/303/303/606 / TM404

Kit Clayton / Untitled / The Mimic and the Model #1

Muslimgauze / Death Of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale / Blind Horses

Survive / Other / RR7349

IMP / Rain Over Orion / Rain Over Orion 12″

Shemale / Black Magic Rites / Bunker 3074

Jonas Reinhardt / A Young Colossus / Ganymede

Steve Moore / Worldbuilding / Pangaea Ultima

HTRK / Body Lotion / Body Lotion 12″

Bronze / Everyday Sculptures / In Stone

Poligono Hindu Astral / Terra Incognita / 00110010

Sandra Electronics / It Slipped Her Mind / Want Need

Genders / ??? / ???

Jah Wobble / Blood Depression / V.I.E.P. Featuring Blueberry Hill

Robert Rental / ACC / Paralysis-ACC 12″

The Clash / One More Dub / Sandinista!

The Slits / Man Next Door / Man Next Door 12″

Holger Czukay, Jah Wobble, Jaki Liebezeit / Twilight World / Full Circle

Tones on Tail / Lions / Lions-Go! 12″

Peaking Lights / Tiger Eyes / 936

Tropikorps / Umbrella / Listen to Seashell

Jah Wobble / Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life / The Legend Lives On…Jah Wobble in Betrayal


January 24, 12pm

“Over the last few years, many of my peers have started to shift their creative path from rock and noise into the realms of hardware based ‘dance’ music. Tekno. This delights me to no end, I feel like I’ve been waiting for this shift most of my adult life. I get asked for technical troubleshooting advice at least once or twice a week…I don’t mind, I love nerding out n helping out…but to be honest this is the advice I have to offer:

Stop trying to be a Performer and try to learn how to be a Facilitator. This is not rock n roll…let go of its mythology of western individualism and accept that you are an active participate in something larger than yourself. Lets do this.”

~Joey Casio

This is the last installment of a two part series celebrating the lives, work and legacy of many artists who are no longer with us. These are the East Bay’s Psychick Warriors: Barrett Clark (R.M.S., Polar, RPTN, Katabatik), Joey Casio, Micah Danemayer (Paralycyst, Discarded) and beautifully enigmatic Cash Askew (Them Are Us Too, Crecendo).

This broadcast also features unreleased tracks and live performances from the many projects that these artists were a part of. Accenting Shadows, Polar, Opulence, Obsidian Blade, Red Cellar, Paralycyst, Crecendo, Prist and Heavenly. They are deeply personal tracks for many of us in the studio as they represent these profoundly gifted artists. There are also tracks featured that they loved and were moved by.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this: Jay Fields (Exillon), Nihar (Surface Tension, Nine), Aja Archuleta (Crecendo, Piano Rain, Aja Vision) and The Creatrix. Special thanks to Valentyn. Finally, thank you to all of our listeners. It has been a blessing to get through this with all of you.


Topazu played:

Nuit Hadit / Incantation / Katabatik Kollektion 1

Nihar Bhatt & Exillon played:

Accenting Shadows / Tide Fall

Polar / Track 3 / How Many Grey Dots

Polar / Midnight Rituals / Circadian Rhythms

RPTN / Excerpt of Live from the Crypt / Unreleased

Aja Archuleta played:

Joey Casio / The Frame / The Frame 7″

Uncanny Valley / End Game / Speaking In Prosthetic Tongues

Opulence / Recognize Yr Power (equal power version) / Unreleased

Obsidian Blade / Paradam Genes / Katabatik Kollektion 6

Obsidian Blade / Live at Katabatik Summer Solstice Kampout 2016 1st track

The Creatrix played:

Red Cellar / Mutants to the Front / Live at Obscura Machina

Paralycyst / Damage Done / Discarded 007

Paralycyst / Untitled / Unreleased

Regis / Rites / Divine Ritual

Tropic of Cancer / The Dull Age / The Dull Age / Victims 10″

Vangelis / End Titles / Blade Runner Soundtrack

Aja Archuleta played:

Them Are Us Too / Marilyn / Remain

Crescendo / What is This Place (Version) / Live Performance

Prist / Kakc / Unreleased

Heavenly / Tears Rain Heavenly / Unreleased

Topazu played:

Body Sculptures / A Collection of Ceramic Vases (Yves Saint Laurent Buried in the Garden of His Marrakesh Home) / A Body Turns to Eden



January 18, 3pm

This is the last installment of a two part series on INFINITE BEAT celebrating the lives, work and legacy of many artists who are no longer with us. This Saturday, we celebrate those on the fringe who challenged, experimented and sculpted the underground scene, away from the expectation of club spaces and into the peripheral darkness. These are the East Bay’s Psychik Warriors: Barrett Clark (R.M.S., Polar, RPTN, KATABATIK), Joey Casio, Micah Danemayer (Paralycyst) and beautifully enigmatic Cash Askew (Them Are Us Too, Crecendo). They have influenced us, inspired us, mentored us and shaped who we are as artists, DJs, producers, as human beings and as music lovers who want nothing but to ride the rhythm together. Join us this Saturday from 4-6pm on Radio Valencia.