Uncle Ray’s Psychedelic Soul Episodes #134 – 141

November 21, 8am

So I apologize, I have been locked out of my Radio Valencia Blog for more than a little while, so this post will contain MANY PODCASTS!

#135 with The Crooked Stuff, live in the studio interview

#136 My pal Dan Weir returns to the show

#137 Heatwave music party

#138 RIP Walter Becker ALL Steely Dan Show

#139 Classic Rock for the Sunnertime

#140 The Sounds of Philadelphia

#141 Prog vs. the World

Episode # 133 The Muted Jewel Tones LIVE in the studio!

July 30, 9pm

Verb Factory presents
Uncle Ray’s Psychedelic Soul
Mondays, 10 AM- Noon PST

Uncle Ray is delighted to present-
live at the Think Tank!

The MJTs are the first live act to perform on Uncle Ray’s Psychedelic Soul!
It was a lovely Sunday, July 23, 2017
These lovely and talented ladies came to my home studio and sang their hearts out.
It’s a very fun show!


Episode # 132 Smoov as F…..

July 23, 11pm

Uncle Ray’s Psychedelic Soul is Brought to you by VERB FACTORY,  Thanks VF!

Pass the Peas The JBs
Can’t Find the Judge – Gary Wright

Dream Come True – Brand New Heavies
Groove is in the Heart – Dee – light
Sexy Ladies -Justin Timberlake
Redbone – Childish Gambino
Hard Knock Life – Jay Z
Show You The Way – Thundercat M McDonald
Super Rich Kids – Frank Ocean (Not Frank Oz)
Ready or Not (remix) Fugees
Funky Fresh Dressed – Missy Elliot
Funky Bounce – Zapp

California Love – Tupac & Dre
If there’s a Hell Below We’re ALL gonna Go! – Curtiss Mayfield
Rapalutions – The Selves
Get It Together – Beastie Boys w/ Q Tip
Jam – A Tribe Called Quest

Cranes in the Sky – Solange
Sara Barrellias
MAybe Angels – Sheryl Crow
She’s a Handsom Woman – Panic At the Disco
Rio – Duran Duran
Kiss is on My List – Hall & Oats
I Can’t Stand Loosing You – The Police
Dirty Back Road – B- 52s
Jerkin’ Back & Forth – Devo
Personal Jesus Depeche Mode

Episode # 131 Welome VERB FACTORY Summer of Love edition

July 23, 11pm

Uncle Ray’s Psychedelic Soul is now sponsered by VERB FACTORY!

Psychedelic Shack
Cloud 9 The Temptations
Somebody to Love – Jefferson Airplane
The Word – The Beatles
Wait Until Tomorrow – Jimi Hendrix Experience
Star Collector – The Monkees
Trip to your Heart – Sly & The Family Stone
I’ve Never Loved a Man…. – Aretha Franklin
Dusty Springfield
Living for the City – Stevie Wonder
What’s Happening Brother? Marvin Gaye
I Put A Spell on You – CCR
Yer Blues – The Beatles
No Quarter – sponsored
I Can’t Quit You (Live BBC ) Led Zeppelin
She’s A Rainbow – Rolling Stones
Animal Farm – the Kinks
No Matter What You Do – Leslie Gore
She Comes in Colors – Love
Psychotic Reaction – The Count 5
St Stephens (Live 68) – The Grateful Dead
I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight – Bob Dylan
Liar Liar – the Castaways
I Had to Much To Dream Last Night – The Electric Prunes
Dirty Water – The Standells
Lies – The Knickerbockers
Good Thing – Paul Revere & The Raiders
Good Vibrations
Let’s Go Away for a While – The Beach Boys
My Back Pages – The Byrds (nic)

Episode # 130 Return of the Brother of Psychedelic Soul…..

July 23, 10pm

Mama Told Me not to Come – Three Dog Night
Lucifer Sam – Pink Floyd
Do the Strand – Roxy Music (pardon the skips!)
The Bully – Richard Swift
Rambling Rose – MC5
I’m Glad – Captain Beefheart
Element – Tony Joe White
Frisky – Sly & the Family Stone
You I’ll Be Following – Love
Everythng I do Gohn Be FUnky – Lee Dorsey
May I Baby – Sam & Dave
Doobie Wha (Live) – Peter Frampton
Keep On Trippin’ – Curtis Mayfield
JB’s ?

I Get Lifted – George McCrea
Money Won’t Change You ~ Aretha Franklin
Summer Breaking – MArk Ronson
Lost Somebody – A Tribe Called Quest

Memphis Underground – Herbie Mann
J Dilla
3 Mile Rage Against the Machine
Beastie Boys
Dr. Dre

Last Child – Aerosmith
Foggy Notion – Velvet Underground
Revolution – The Beatles
Dancing in the Streets – Van Halen
Everyday Sunshine (nic) – Fishbone
Like A Feather – Nikka Costa

Black Cow – Steely Dan

Episode # 126 Uncle Ray Melts Down!!!!

May 14, 5pm

Monday morning after acupuncture, my ignition died. Fortunately, I had just re-upped my AAA, so I was able to have it towed to my mechanic in Oakland. Phew!

I started about a half hour late, desperate to go because it would have been the 3rd time XTC vs. the World pt. 2 would have played in it’s entirety. I couldn’t have that.

When I got to Radio Valencia, nothing was working, left turn table out, right turn table 1 channel, CD players, 1 channel. Yikes. I felt like breaking more stuff, but I’m a grown man, besides, most days I LOVE my radio station! Anyway, my fans. fam and friends called in, talked me down, and all was well, we even got all the channels back! Turned into the best show evah! It’s shorter than most shows since I was late, but- ENJOY….


10:31am: Uncle Ray’s Psychedelic Soul M’Lady by SLY & THE FAMILY STONE

10:43am: Slippin’ Into Darkness by WAR

11:17am: Misdomenor by Foster Sylvers

11:20am: Tri State Betty by The Latrells

11:22am: It’s Your Thing by ISLEY BROTHERS

11:26am: Tiny Spark by Brendan Benson

11:30am: Don’t Wait Up For Me Tonight by Paul Collin’s Beat

11:33am: You’ve Got the Love by Rufus

11:36am: Telephone Line by ELO

11:37am: Keep It Coming Love by KC & the Sunshine Band

11:41am: Tighter And Tighter by Alive & Kickin’

11:43am: Tighten Up by Black Keys

11:50am: Fire by Bruce Springsteen

11:57am: Do It Til You’re Satisfied by BT Express

Episodes #124 & 125 XTC vs. The WORLD! (Parts 1 ∧ 2)

May 14, 2pm

British Pop Band  is featured in the next 4 HOURS of Uncle Ray’s Psychedelic Soul!

I Saw the Light – Todd Rundgren

This is Pop

You Owe me an IOU – Hot Hot Heat

Statue of Liberty

Picture Book -The Kinks

You’re My Drug – The Dukes of Stratosphere

So You Want to Be a Rock N Roll Star? The Byrds


Love at First Site

Tonight – Supergrass

I’ll Set Myself on Fire

New Feeling (live) Talking Heads


Lichtenstien – Zircus



Queue n- Sean Lennon

Pale & Precious – Dukes of Startosphere

Got to Get You Into My Life – Beatles (Anthology Version)

Chalkhills & Children

Invisible Sun -The Police

Miniture Sun

I Would Die For You – Prince

Love at First Sight

Cuban Slide – The Pretenders

Wait Til Your Boat Goes Down

It’s Up To You – The Specials

Making Plans for Nigel

Dandelion Rolling Stones

Earn Enough for Us


Scarcrow People

Always Driving the Same Car – Bowie

When You’re Near Me…



I’m Bugged

Hanging Around – The Stranglers
Science Friction
Sound Check – Steel Pulse
Meckanik Dancing
Satisfaction – Devo
Are You Recieving Me?
Makes No Sense at All – Husker Du
Real By Reel

System – Robert Palmer
Respectable Street
Generals & Majors

The Daily Planet
Ball & Chain
Tokyo Storm Warning – Elvis Costello & The Atractions
All Along the Watchtower
Subteranian Homesick Blues – Dylan
What in the World – The Dukes of Stratosphere
Everybodie’s Got Something to Hide ‘Cept For Me and My Monkey – The Beatles

Quieche Lorraine The B 52s
The Hungry Wolf – X
Harm’s Way – Zircus

Episode # 123 Uncle Ray’s Record Roundup! I’ve been LP shopping.

May 14, 1pm


Cuts from records I recently picked up.

Dead Flowers Roling Stones
I’ll Never Get Out of this World Alive
Mother & Child Reunion Paul Simon

Na Na Na Na Kiss Him Goodbye – Steam
Ohh Child – The 5 Stairsteps
70’s, not 60’s Ray!

No Toxic Pres RR Kirk
Sammy Davis Jr. Drums Medley
You Run Your Mouth… J Jackson

BDB Duke E & Count Basie
Greasy Spoon – The Crusaders
Happy That I’m Coming Home -Chicago LIVE Carnegie Hall

Sarah Smile Live 1978 – Hall and Oats
Shake & Finger pop! Jr. Walkers All Stars w/ The Velvettes
Something in the Air/The Revolution will not be Televised – Labelle
Keep it Coming Love – KC & the Sunshine Band
Dazz – Brick
Luther The Anthropod – Jimmy Castor Bunch
I Want to take You Higher – Ike & Tina Turner
Queen Jane Approximately – The 4 Seasons
Draft Morning – The Byrds
The Munsters Theme – Jimmy Smith

Crawling From the Wreckage – Dave Edmonds
Rip It Up – Elvis Presley
Chaquila – Dave Clark 5
Sexy Ways – Jerry Lee Lewis
Long Tall Sally – Elvis Presley live
Hit The Road Jack – Suzi Quatro

I Ain’t Superstitious – Chris Spedding
[Dre promo]
Bummer in the Summer – LOVE

keep it clean promo (nic)

Episode #122 Florida

April 5, 2pm

Broadcasting from my folks place in Melbourne Beach Florida


Episode #121 R.I.P. Chuck Berry

April 5, 2pm

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