Hell’s Kitchen Radio #446: Captain Crunchdown

Wednesday, August 4, 4pm

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I just bet I can multitask with the best of them. And when I say I can multitask, what I mean is I can’t. And neither can you. Really, you can’t, so stop putting on your resume as a skill. I was training a new DJ on Monday night, which takes some real direct attention. You need to be present if you’re showing a new host how the system works, as well as the Radio Valencia philosophy. I don’t want to play all ten minute songs throughout my show, so the training was happening in fits and starts. I think if you are paying attention you can hear the fits. ugh.

Some of the segues are less than pristine. I’m not proud.

I am however proud of the music I chose tonight. Brand spankin’ new music from Butthole Surfers/Melvins bassist Jeff Pinkus and Daddy Longhead. Also new music from Black MidiDavid McMurray, and Henry Kaiser. There’s also a tribute to ZZ Top bassist Dusty Hill who passed away unexpectedly last week following a short illness. 

If you’re into ZZ Top (and who isn’t???) then be sure to check out my two hour Live Bootleg Bonanza tribute from Monday night. It’s two complete shows from 1980 and 1983.

Check out the playlist below for all the treats, and ignore the DJ error as I was training the next great Radio Valencia DJ. 

I thank you in advance.

Enjoy and please share.


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Paranoid: Ty Segall
Sunken City: Zig Zags
You’re Going To Die: Destroy All Monsters

Captain Sunshine: Country Joe and the Fish with John Cippolina
Ascending Forth: Black Midi
Silver Current: White Heaven

Plano: Daddy Longhead
Captain Comedown: Melvins

Backdoor Medley: ZZ Top
Grinder Man: John Lee Hooker

Loser: David McMurray with Betty LaVette and Bob Weir
Brotherman Pt. 1: Mancefield and Brother Man Band
Captain Crunch: Czar Face and MF Doom

The Father, The Son, and the Holy Ghost Reprise: A Love Supreme Electric
Johnny: Suicide
The Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly: Flipper

Take Me Back To The Void: WAND
Original Sin: Peach Kelli Pop
Bird Like Monkey Part 2: Melt Banana
Love Song: The Mutants
Insect Lounge: The Mutants

Teeth Grinder: Mike Krol
Punk Rock Ist Nicht Tot!: Thee Headcoats
Disguises: Minutemen
Garbage on Glue: Blind Shake

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