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Your Soundtrack To A Beautiful Sunday!

September 19, 2016
5:06 pm

01. Here For The Party by Gretchen Wilson
02. Boy Like Me by Guantanamo Baywatch
03. Take The Power by The Cult
04. White And Pretty by The Joneses
05. No Voodoo by Ah-La-La
06. Time Of The Scab by Black Lips
06. Creatures by Tijuana Panthers
07. Barbacoa by Guantanamo Baywatch
08. Fuzzgun 91 by Mudhoney
09. White Collar Man by Coffin Break
10. All Wrapped Up by De Con
11. Blue Suede Shoes by Black Sabbath
12. Way Out by Bass Drum Of Death
13. Toe Cutter/Thumb Buster by Thee Oh Sees
14. Think Of You by Bleached
15. Do The Rump by The Black Keys
16. Bootleg by Creedence Clearwater Revival
17. Chinese Bombs by Blur
18. High And Smashed by Black Drawing Chalks
19. Your Heaven (I Can Feel It) by Mother Of Pear
20. You Can Make It by Shawn Christopher
21. Power Of Music by Bongo Loverz
22. Ritmo Da Rua by Universal Love
23. Sick On You by The Boys
24. Nervous Breakdown by Wanda Jackson
25. Lucy Brown by Black Mountain
26. She’s Ready To Be Free by Clear Light
27. Brian Eno by MGNT
28. Disco Hard-On by Lucifer Star Machine
29. Beg For Mercy by Witchkiller
30. Surfin’ Sufari by Ramones
31. Minotaur by Thee Oh Sees
32. Lawyers, Guns & Money by Warren


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12″ Of Fun… Records That Is.

September 5, 2016
7:43 pm

01. World Distruction by Johnny Lydon & Afrika Bambaata
02. Ball Of Confusion by Love And Rockets
03. Rise by Public Image Ltd.
04. 23 Minutes In Brussels by Luna
05. Old Fashion Man by Becky Lee And The Drunkfoot
06. Fare Thee Well by Ruby Howl
07. Squeeze The Fruit by Commodores
08. Living From The Mind by Brick
09. Get Away by Earth Wind & Fire
10. Way Out by Bass Drum Of Death
11. Think Of You by Bleached
12. Minaotaur by Thee Oh Sees
13. Wild Thing (Long Version) by X
14. Kings And Queens (A Right Royal Mix) by Killing Joke
15. Howling At The moon (Sha-La-La) by Ramones
16. Toe Cutter/Thumb Buster by Thee Oh Sees
17. Try Me Out Sometimes by Broncho
18. Candy Sam by Ty Segall
19. Jump by Aztec Camera
20. Like A Virgin by The Lords
21. Who Do You Love by The Jesus and Mary Chain
22. The Less I know The better by Tame Impala
23. Say A Little Prayer by Aretha Franklin
24. California Soul by Marlena Shaw
25. Motel Lover by Marvin Sease


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Come On Get Happy!

August 29, 2016
1:01 pm

come on get happy

01. Come On Get Happy by The Partridge Family
02. Prisoner Of Society by The Living End
03. I Did You No Wrong by The Raunch Hands
04. It’s All A Blur by Agent Orange
05. Bad As We Can Be by Joan Jett And The Blackhearts
06. Baby What’s Wrong by Come N Go
07. Boogiehut by Get Lost
08. I’m Goin’ Away by The Monsters
09. Personality Crisis by New York Dolls
10. Sloppy (I Saw My Baby Gettin’) by Devo
11. He’s Doin’ It by The Gories
12. ’78 Style by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
13. Your Kind Of Love by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
14. Master Blaster (Jammin’) by Stevie Wonder
15. Summer Madness by Kool & The Gang
16. Tale Of Three Cities by Salsoul Orchestra
17. TSOP by MFSB
18. Zombie Hourse by Gorilla
19. Truly Ruly by Hasil Atkins
20. Dick Johnson by Pussy Galore
21. Brand New Cadillac by Johnny Bach & The Moonshine Boozers
22. Same Ol Song by DJ Sneaky
23. Radio Electron by Olo Tracky Bastard
24. Way Out by Heavy Trash
25. If The Shoe Fits by Hank Williams III
26. The Church (Of Booze and Kerosene) by Wheels Of Purgatory
27. Toe Cutter/Thumb Buster by Thee Oh Sees
29. Car Trouble by The Del Gators
30. Mama Soul by Super Super
31. Highway Man by Zeno Tornado
32. Final Countdown by Die Zorros
33. Love Buzz by Shocking Blue
34. Whisky For by Exene & the Original Sinners
35. La La La by The Looters


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It’s Sunday… The Rocky & Bullwinkle way.

August 17, 2016
11:58 am


01. Flash by Queen
02. You’re my Best Friend by Queen
03. Loco Grincos’s Like To Party by Reverend Horton Heat
04. Steady Baby by Big Sandy & The Fly-Rite Trio
05. Life’s A Lonesome Road by Wayne Hancock
06. Old Fashion Man by Becky Lee And The Drunkfoot
07. Bodies In The Basement by Demented Are Go
08. Retard Whore by Demented Are Go
09. Mumia Twist by Wau Y Los Arrgs!
10. Raw Meat by Black Lips
11. Stacye by The Reatards
12. Toe Cutter/Thumb Buster by Thee Oh Sees
13. Lizards Liars by Nobunny
14. Alice In Psycholand by Nekromantix
15. Hellbound Train by Three Bad Jacks
16. Rubber Rock by Demented Are Go
17. Bumble Bee by Dusty 45s
18. Don’t you Fall In Love by Zeno Tornado
19. Hatuey by The Hormonauts
20. What Do You Look Like by Hipbone Slim & The Knee Tremblers
21. Pony Tail & A Black Cadillac by The Monsters
22. The Model by King Automatic
23. Slide Of Your Satin Sheets by DM Bob & The Deficits
24. Drive you Faster by John Schooley
25. Pathfinder by Hipbone Slim & The Knee Tremblers
26. Sticky Fingers by Cave Cat Sammy
27. Bottle On The beach by Restles
28. I Don’t Come From Nowhere by Quakes
29. Lucky & Wild by Josie Kreuzer
30. How Far Can Too Go by The Cramps
31. Bikini Girls With Machine Guns by The Cramps
32. Garbage Man by The Cramps
33. Bedrock by Frantic Flintstones
34. Dead Brothers Stomp by The Dead Brothers
35. Snake Pit by Hipbone Slim
36. Rip It Up by Jerry J Nickson


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What Happened In Reno?

April 5, 2016
3:56 pm

cute and cuddly

01. Rocky’s Pal by Rocky and Bullwinkle
02. Caught In A Dream by Alice Cooper
03. Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed by David Bowie
04. Stupid Superstars by King Tuff
05. Does It Float by Dinosaur Jr
06. Sally Greesnake by Altamont
07. Apparent-Transparent by Angry Angels
08. Garbage Pit by Angry Samoans
09. Frogger by Bad Religion
10. Bummed-Out Guy by Pop-O-Pies
11. Like You Want by Dwarves
12. PA Trouble -> Problems by Sex Pistols from 1976-09-24 Burton-On Trent UK The 76 Club
13. You Can Be (From: The Garbage Pail Kids Movie) by Jimmy Scarlet
14. Shang-ALang by Bay City Rollers
15. Want You by The Bangles
16. Maid In Heaven by Be Bop Delux
17. The Ju Ju Man by The Beginning
18. Let It Go by Def Leppard
19. Jet To Jet by Alcatrazz
20. Abduction -> On the Rox by Steeler
21. Car Crash by Dirty Americans
22. Carolina Country Ball by Elf
23. Black Swampy Water by Elf
24. Black Sheep Of The Family by Rainbow
25. Do You Close Your Eyes by Rainbow
26. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll by Rainbow
27. Wishing Well by Black Sabbath
28. Country Girl by Black Sabbath
29. TV Crime by Black Sabbath
30. Badass Rock ‘n’ Roll by Anvil
31. Shoot Out All Your Lights by Motorhead
32. Mirage Of Blood by Murdercar


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February 14, 2016
3:33 pm

01. You Only Say You Love Me When You’re Drunk by Chuck Wagon And The Wheels
02. Loving You Sunday Morning by Scorpions
03. Do You Close Your Eyes by Rainbow
04. Let’s Duet by Dewey Cox
05. Love Me As Though There Were No Tomorrow by Glen Campbell
06. Calling Dr. Love by Kiss
07. Don’t Call It Love by Girlschool
08. Broke Down Love by Les Hell On Heels
09. Blow Me A Kiss by Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis
10. Too Late For Love by Def Leppard
11. Love Like Blood by Killing Joke
12. It’s One Of Thoes Nights (Yes Love) by The Partridge Family
13. Love To Share by The Daisy Chain
14. Say You Love Me by Fleetwood Mac
15. Love To Love by UFO
16. Days Are O.K. (But Nights Were Made For Love) by Motels
17. Love Struck Baby by Stevie Ray Vaughan
18. Who Do You Love by George Thorogood And The Destroyers
19. How Can You Luv Me by Unknown Mortal Orchestra
20. A Certain Girl by Warren Zevon
21. I’m In Love With A Girl by Big Star
22. Still Loving You by Rod Stewart
23. Love, Reign O’er Me by The Who
24. She Don’t love Nobody by Nick Lowe and His Cowboy Outfit
25. Doors of Your Heart Dub by The Beat
26. I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
27. Makin’ Love by Kiss
28. You Give Love A Bad Name by Bon Jovi
29. I’ve Got A Crush On You by Frank Sinatra
30. Pull The Plug by Starz


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Loving You Sunday Morning

December 7, 2015
12:37 pm

loving you sunday morning
On today’s edition of Bullwinkle’s Whole Wide World, new Radio Valencia DJ Stonehawker plays a set of music. DJ Stonehawker’s show will be on every Tuesday from 2-4pm, starting 12/15/2015. Plus I’ll be playing a lot of new Metal that came out this year.

01. Loving You Sunday Morning by Scorpions
02. Into The Pit by Fight
03. Devil’s Crown by Saviours
04. Can’t Walk Out by Graveyard
05. Creature Of The Deamon by Kadavar
06. Loose Men by Torche
07. Time Machine by Royal Thunder
08. Fire In The Sky by Tau Cross
A set from new DJ Stonehawker [Tuesday’s 2-4pm]:
09. Black And White by Parquet Courts
10. Finders Keepers by Audacity
11. Butterflies & Boners by PS I Love You
12. Don’t Tell Me It’s Wrong by The Fevers
13. Would You Love Me If I Was Dead? by Shannon and The Clams
13. Kurt by Broncho
14. X-Polynation by Q And Not U
15. White Rabbit by Gabor Szabo
Back to Bullwinkle:
16. UnSpeakable by Killing Joke
17. Do It by Rollins Band
18. Black Souls by Satan’s Satyrs
19. Trashed by Black Sabbath
20. Burning In Hell by Possessed
21. Shreds Of Flesh by Entombed
22. A Means To An End by Napalm Death
23. Aiti-Christian by Agoraphobic Nosebleed
24. Necropolis by Borrowed Time
25. Darkness Remains by Lord Dying


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Playing some SKA with Irish David

November 25, 2015
11:04 am

01. King Of Ska by Desmond Decker
02. (She Was A) Rough Rider by Prince Buster
03. Simmer Down by Skatalites
04. Dip It Up by The Sparkers
05. Can’t Wait by Hepcat
06. King Size by Baba Brooks & His Band
07. Don’t Be A Rude Boy by The Rulers
08. Dr. Kildare by Roland Alphonso
09. Rudy Got Soul by Desmond Decker And The Aces
10. Tear Up by Roland Alphonso
11. Gun Fever by The Valentines
12. Rain Rr Shine by Don Drummond
13. Sally Brown by Lauriel Aitken
14. Heaven And Earth (Roll On Sweet Don) by Don Drummond & Roland Alphonso
15. Easy Come Easy Go by The Pioneers
16. Jamaica Ska by Keith & Ken w/ Byron Lee
17. Rub Up Push Up by Justin Hinds & The Dominoes
18. The Whip by The Ethiopians
19. Conquering Ruler by Derrick Morgan
20. Many Rivers To Cross by Jimmy Cliff
21. Can’t Sit Down by Lester Sterling
22. Shanty Town by Desmond Dekker
23. Hold Down by The Kingstonians
24. Pressure Drop by Toots and the Maytals
25. Skinhead Jamboree by Symarip
26. Ska In Vienna Woods by The Skatalites
27. Ice Water by The Wailers
28. You Can’t Catch Me by Jackie Ople
29. You Can Get It If You Really Want by Jimmy Cliff
30. Ska Boo Da Ba by The Skatalites
31. Want More by Derrick Morgan
32. A Shot In The Dark by Roland Alphonso
33. Let’s Do Rock Steady by The Bodysnatchers
34. Rat Race by The Specials
35. Night Boat To Cairo by Madness
36. Lip Up Fatty by Bad Manners
37. Jeanette by The Beat
38. Three Minute Hero by The Selector
39. Little Bitch by The Specials
40. Fatty Fatty by Clancy Eccles


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Welcome To The Lounge

10:59 am

01. Here It Comes Again by The Swingin’ Medallions
02. El Curaca by Frank Wier And His Orchestra
03. The Swinging Preacher by Prince “Hully Gully” George
04. Soul Machine by Si Zentner Orchestra
05. Ooh Pee Day by Lloyd Prince Show Band
06. Sneakin Up On You by Elaine Delmar
07. Harlem Watusi by Claus Ogerman Experience
08. Lost Bull by Dave Louis
09. Somebody Somebody by The Pedro Martinez Happy Latin Band
10. Avec Les Oreilles by Monique Thubert
11. Picadilly Shake by Mario Pezzota Y Su Soloisti
12. Come With Me To The Casbah by Ganimian And His Orientals
13. Crazy Crazes by Kenny Lynch And The Lynchmod
14. Sugar Babe Part 2 by Jimmy Powell
15. The Brass Goes On by The In Sound
16. Hurrikan by Chris Bruhn
17. Pow Pow Pow by Warren Kime And The Brass Impact
18. Trip On Me by The Fourm
19. Quand Ce Jour La by Lilliane St Pierre
20. Soul Poppin by Johnny Jones And The King Casuals
21. Sugar by Joyce Bond
22. Go-Go Girl by Freddie Robbinson
23. Bandido by The Pastel Six
24. Kuss Mich Biem Bossa Nova by Yevonne Carre
25. Take A Chance by Luis Bacalov & Ann Margaret
26. Hurtin Inside by Otis benton
27. Dizzy Dolly by Lester Latin Orcherstra
28. Mojo Hannah by Tammi Lynn
29. Jungle Obsession by Nino Nardini & Roger Roger
30. Buzuka by Tony Camillo’s Bazuka
31. Soul Kitchen by Than Naing & The Playboys
32. N’gondo by Tokoto Ashanty
33. Tastes Sour Don’t It by Keith & Billie
34. Soul Caravan by The Blockbusters
35. The Wamboo by Del Shannon
36. Big Mamou by Peter Hanley
37. Pergi Pergi Pergi (Mus Mualim) by Titike Puspa
38. Sultana by Titanic
39. Blistered by Johnny Cash
40. Shakin Sugar by The Lonnie Woods Trio
41. The Soul Strut by John Phillip Soul
42. Frog-Eyes by Terrell Prude


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The 90’s! Got To Love Them.

October 6, 2015
12:32 pm

01. We Play Girlfriend by Nero’s Rome
02. Amphetmine by Bundle Of Hiss
03. Antilyrival by Seaweed
04. Crooked Bird by Gas Huffer
05. Eat My Dump by The Thrown Ups
06. Love Your Money by Daisy Chainsaw
07. High On The Hog by Tad
08. Second Skin by The Gits
09. Off The Slug by Greta
10. Two Way Street by Blood Circus
11. Under My Skin by Dandelion
12. On The House by Gnome
13. Hobo Humpin Slobo Babe by Whale
14. Gyroscope by Tumbleweed
15. Unleaded by Teeth
16. Same by Stymie
17. I’ll Stay High by Dig
18. I’m Feeling Nothing by Dada
19. We Ate Sand by Karp
20. Look Away by Coffin Break
21. Miniskirt Mob by Dickless
22. Reanimator by Slendora
23. Rumpled Blanket by My Name
24. Shifter by Collected Thoughts
25. Sold My Fortune by Sugartooth
26. Nectarina by Blinker The Star
27. Spit by NY Loose
28. Monday by Bitch Alert
29. Voodoo Doll by Crunchbird
30. Zoo by Swallow
31. 500 Foot Jesus by Feast
32. Grunge Couple by That Dog


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