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All Hail To The Queens of Metal! \m/(*_*)\m/ – Part 1

Tuesday, October 14

Todays edition of Bullwinkle’s Whole Wide World is all about the Queens of Metal. Female lead singers of Metal Bands that is.

01. Hail To The Queen by Diamond Claw singer Debra Lynn Billingsley from Long Beach, CA album No Hate In Paradise 12″(1987)
02. Metal Queen by Lee Aaron singer Lee Aaron from Vancouver,B.C., Canada album Metal Queen (1985)
03. Call Of The Wild by Blacklace singer Maryann Scandiffio from NYC, NY album Unlaced (1984)
04. General Alert (Demo) by Ice Agesinger Sabrina Kihlstrand fromGotenborg, Sweden album General Alert (1987)
05. Silver Hawk by Crystal Pride singer Susie Christensen from Eskilstuna album S/T (1982)
06. Beyond The Iron Walls by Sacred Few singer sandy Rago from Cleveland, OH album Beyond The Iron Walls (1985)
07. Pilgrimage by Zed Yago singer Jutta Weinhold from Hamburg, Germany album S/T (1988)
08. Star by Magenda singerMiho “Joney Bee” Yamada from Tokyo, Japan album Mama Kin 12″ (1987)
09. Total Eclipse by Lady Saber singerSandra Thomas fromDelray Beach, FL album Enchanted (1989)
10. Never Reach The Stars (Demo) by Ground Zero singer Judi Griggs from Norfolk, UK album Demo Tape (1981)
11. When Lightning Strikes by Malibu Barbi singer Leather Leone from San Francisco, CA album Rude Girl 12″ (1987)
12. Louder Than Hell by Blacksmith singer Heidi Black from Albany, NY album S/T (1986)
13. Heavy Metal Virgin by Aloha singer Lisa Ruiz from Hawaii album Metal Massacre II Compilation (1982)
14. Holy War by Denente singer Dawn Crosby from Los Angeles, CA album Recognize No Authority (1986)
15. The Dead Of Night by Masque singer Jo Phipps from Leicester, UK album 12″ (1988)
16. Silent Tyrant by Messiah Force singer Lynn Remaud from Jonquiere, Q.C., Canada album Silent Tyrant (1987)
17. Un Dia Mas by Fahrenheit singer Janet Goitia from Venezuela album S/T (1983)
18. We Came To Kill by Leather Angel singer Terry O’Lery fromLos Angeles, CA album We Came To Kill 7″ (1982)
19. Crack Of Doom by DC Lacroix singer Sylvie Lacroix from Seattle, WA album Crack Of Doom (1986)
20. Reencarnacion by Satan singer ?? fromSpain album Reencarnacion (1984)
21. Go To The Dogs by Jurassic Jade singer Hizumi from Tokyo, Japan album A Cradle Song 7″ (1986)
22. Whiskey and Wheels by Women Of Iron singer ?? from USA album S/T (198?)
23. The Assassin by Carrie singerAnnelen Middendorf from Munster, Germany album Secrets (1985)
24. Let Me Live by Monroxe singer Jutta Mackenthun from Dusseldorf, Germany album S/T 12″ (1887)
25. Heavy Metal Angel (Demo) by Black Ghost singer Lee Hevil from Italy album Demo Tape (1985)
26. Warlocks Wrath by Black Knights singer Lori Wilde from Vancouver, B.C., Canada album Master Of Disaster (1985)
27. Der Hund Von Basker-Ville by Cindy Und Bert singer Jutta Gusenburger from Volklingen, Saarland, Germany album 7″ (1965)


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