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Put on your WIG with a WAM and a BAM and listen o some GLAM BANDS with me!!!!

Thursday, October 16


This week on Bullwinkle’s Whold Wide Word. I’m playing a bunch of Glam vinyl 45’s from all over the world.
12:15pm: Rock & Roll Party by M.K.T. (Denmark 1976)
12:16pm: Hot Damn by Sugar (Atlanta, GA 1976)
12:19pm: Rocket Man by Rocket Man (France 1974)
12:23pm: Castle In The Sky by I Drive Superstar (Altringham, UK 1974)
12:26pm: Witches Brew by Rippa (US 1976)
12:30pm: Wig Wam Bam by Terry Williams (US 1973)
Note: Terry Williams was the guitar player for Kenny Rodgers & The First Edition.
12:33pm: Polyethylene Purebred by Harlots Of 42nd Street (NYC, NY 1973)
12:36pm: Donne-Moi Ton Corps Juste Pour Le Sport by Sublime Deluxe (French 1979)
12:40pm: Le Sorcier Le Maudit by Angelo Finaldi (French 1972)
12:42pm: My Girl by Stand By (Netherlands 1974)
12:46pm: I’m Your Hero by Bill Case (UK 1977)
12:51pm: Rag’n And Rock ‘n’ Roller by Case (Denmark 1975)
12:54pm: Who Do by Fox (Austrelia 1974)
12:56pm: Everybody by Deliverence (LA, CA 1973)
1:02pm: Ollie by Tears (Sweden 1974)
1:03pm: Pas Fou by Angelo Finaldi (Canada 1972)
1:05pm: Caught In The Act by Sharaton (Netherlands 1974)
1:09pm: Cerca Del Rio by Siglo XX (Spain 1970)
1:11pm: I Like It Like That by Profile (UK 1974)
1:13pm: Today by Kingsmen (US 1973)
1:16pm: Chose Molle (Wild Thing) by Sublime Deluxe (France 1979)
1:20pm: You Know Me Now by Robin Goodfellow (UK 1974)
1:23pm: I’m Coming Home by CUB aka: Continental Uptite Band (Netherlands 1972)
1:27pm: Terre de Feu by Bad Luck (Switzerland 197?)
1:31pm: I’m Gonna Get You by Reform (Ireland 1973)
1:34pm: Giggle Wiggle (Unreleased Test Pressing) by Giggles (UK 1974)
1:37pm: I’m Burning by Burning (Spain 1975)
1:40pm: Numbers by Bungi (Wisconcion 1972)
1:43pm: Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay by Stand By (Netherlands 1974)
1:49pm: Sit Down Honey (Elf Cover) by Mourning Sun (Harrisburg, PA 1972)
1:52pm: Stone Me by Dcdail (France 1970)
1:59pm: White Punks On Dope by The Tubes (SF, CA 1977)


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