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BBC Radio 1 Friday Rock Show

Monday, November 3

bbc friday rock show

Today’s show includes performances of NWOHM band that played on BBC Radio 1’s Legendary Friday Rock Show. The Friday Rock Show was a radio show in the UK that was broadcast on BBC Radio 1 from 10pm to midnight on Friday nights from 1978 to 1993. Throughout most of its run it was hosted by Tommy Vance. Ostensibly for the genre of rock in general, it was most closely associated with Heavy Metal. In the early 1980s it was the only nationally available outlet for this genre of music, and Vance’s enthusiasm for showcasing new bands and his rapport with fans made the show essential listening for rockers. The show played a significant role in the rise of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal music. Many of these studio sessions were engineered, mixed and produced by Dave Dade, generously bearded BBC Senior Studio Manager, who worked closely with show producer Tony Wilson. Turn up the volume and enjoy these performances.

01. Chevy by Chevy
02. Atomic Rock by More
03. Angel Of Death by Angel Witch
04. Crack The Whip by Cloven Hoof
05. The Watcher by Tytan
06. Don’t You Ever Leave by Diamond Head
07. Night Of The Blade by Tokyo Blade
08. One Hell Of A Night by Demon
09. Hammer On by Tank
10. Edge Of The World by Black Axe
11. Shangri-La by Scorched Earth
12. Communication by Alkatrzz from Friday Rock Show
13. Eye Of The Storm by Sweet Savage
14. Destiny by Chaser
15. Cold Killers by Pretty Maids
16. Mean Machine by Battleaxe
17. Belfast by Witchfynde
18. Baby Let The Good Times Roll by Baby Tuckoo
19. Vigilante by Charot from Friday Rock Show
20. (Night Of) long Shadows by Jaguar
21. The Vamp by Fist
22. Caught On The Wrong Side by Chinatown
23. What You’re Doing To Me by Spider
24. Cuttin’ Loose by Xero
25. User by Shiva


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