Bullwinkle's Whole Wide World

Soundtrack From Hell aka: The Devil Makes A Deal With Bullwinkle

Tuesday, November 18


The devil called me up because he wanted to play some songs on my show. I told him sure, we can make a deal. It will cost him and be a deal he doesn’t soon forget…..

  1. Pentagram by Aleister Crowley
  2. Book Of Satan Verse I by Anton LaVey
  3. Sadist 69 by Satan’s Satyrs
  4. Welcome To Hell by Venom
  5. Maggot by Unsane
  6. By Demons Be Driven (Biomechical Mix) by Pantera
  7. Book Of Satan Verse II by Anton LaVey
  8. Crystal Rainbow Pyramid by Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO
  9. Book Of Satan Verse III by Anton LaVey
  10. Certain Death by Sadus
  11. The Curse by Napalm Death
  12. Born Again by Morbid Angel
  13. Procreation (Of The Wicked) by Celtic Frost
  14. The Walking Dead by Saint Vitus
  15. Sinister by Pentagram
  16. Hades Paradise (12″ Single B-Side) by Angel Witch
  17. Book Of Satan Verse IV by Anton LaVey
  18. The Clarity by Sleep
  19. Did The Doctor Give You A Pill by Premature Ejaculation
  20. Black Thoughts by OFF!
  21. Up In Smoke by Idiots Rule
  22. Age Of Urges by The Damage Manual
  23. Nihil by Godflesh
  24. Book Of Satan Verse V by Anton LaVey
  25. Bigger Than The Devil by S.O.D.
  26. I Think I Love You by Ism


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