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Swamp Blues

Monday, November 24

swamp blues

On today’s episode we take a trip way down south to the bayous of Louisiana and beyond. I’ve collected a heaping helping of hot and spicy blues tunes for you to enjoy. Open up a cold one and sit on down as I serve up some of the best that the south and beyond has to offer.

  1. If You Don’t Give Me What I Want by Blind Boy Fuller & Floyd Council
  2. Boogie In The Mud by Danny James
  3. Sugar Bee by Jay Stutes
  4. Don’t Drive Me Deeper by Lee Bernard
  5. Someone Else On Your Mind by Van Preston
  6. Crazy Cat by Dell Mack
  7. My Lonely Retreat by Van Preston
  8. Fell Delicious by Rockin’ Sidney
  9. Tell Me Baby by Lonnie Brooks
  10. Our Love Will Always Be by Lee Bernard
  11. Blues Train by Danny James
  12. Southern Country Boy by Carter Brothers
  13. My Back Scratcher by Frank Frost
  14. Dust My Broom by Elmor James
  15. Back Door Friend by Lightnin’ Hopkins
  16. Standing On The Threshold by Little Joe Blue
  17. Put It All In There by George “Wild Child” Butler
  18. Sleeper by Lowell Fulson
  19. Night Time Is The Right Time by Joe Turner
  20. Rough Dried Woman (Part 1) by Big Mac
  21. Rough Dried Woman (Part 2) by Big Mac
  22. Spider In My Stew by Buster Benton
  23. Nothing Takes The Place Of You by Toussaint Mc Call
  24. Mathilda by Cookie And The Cupcakes
  25. Sweet 94 by Buster Benton
  26. Gonna Walk On by Little Joe Blue
  27. My Baby by Lowell Fulson
  28. I Feel Good by John Lee Hooker
  29. Nothing To Talk About by Clarence Garlow
  30. In The Evening by Cookie And The Cupcakes
  31. Paper In My Shoe by Boozoo Chavis
  32. Please by Guitar Jr.
  33. Never Too Old by Big Walter
  34. How Do You Say I’m Sorry by Scottie Milford
  35. Life’s Journey by Tal Miller
  36. Chicken Stuff by Hop Wilson
  37. Let Me Hold Your Hand by Big Chenier
  38. Your Careless Love by Johnny Moses
  39. Do Your Stuff by Rockin’ Sidney


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