Bullwinkle's Whole Wide World

Songs In The Key Of F

Monday, January 5

letter f

On this edition of Bullwinkle’s Whole Wide World. Bullwinkle plays song with a certain little F word in them. It’s a super word. It can be used in millions of different ways with millions of different meanings. Here are a few just a few. Or did I just have Tourettes Syndrome?


  1. America, Fuck Yeah by Team America
  2. Angels Fuck, Devils Kiss by Jack Off Jill
  3. My Shit’s Fucked Up by Warren Zevon
  4. I Like Fucking by Bikini Kill
  5. This Love Is Fucking Right! by The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
  6. Fuck You And Your Boyfriend by Lanemeyer
  7. Fucked Up On Life by Mr T Experience
  8. 12:27pm: Big Bad Mean Mother Fucker by Girls
  9. Fuck Off And Die by Peppermint Creeps
  10. Shut Up And Fuck by Betty Blowtorch
  11. Fuck You by The Stiffs
  12. Fuck The World Off by The Kooks
  13. Think Locally Fuck Globally by Gogol Bordello
  14. Hey Fuck You by Beastie Boys
  15. Fuck You I’m Drunk by Flogging Molly
  16. Fuck The World by Turbonegro
  17. Fuck Was I by Jenny Owen Youngs
  18. I Just Called To Say Fuck You by Queers
  19. Fuck Money by Revoltion Cocks
  20. Fuck Her Gently by Tenacious D
  21. You Fucking Love It by Dirty Pretty Things
  22. Fuck Off by Wayne County & The Electric Chairs
  23. Butterfucker by Butter
  24. Well Fuck You Then by Dark Meat
  25. Fuck You And Your Stupid Band by Frenzal Rhomb
  26. Fuck You And Your cat by Goldfinger
  27. Fuck The Neighbors by Adrenalin OD
  28. Fuck Shit Up by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
  29. Fuck You 2 by Bif Naked
  30. Fuck Me Pumps by Amy Winehouse
  31. Fuck School by The Replacements
  32. Let’s Go Fucking Mental by The Brian Jonestown Massacre
  33. Fuck Like A Beast by WASP
  34. Fuck The Middle East by S.O.D.
  35. I Wanna Fuck You by The Ponys
  36. Fuckin Awesome by Spiderbait
  37. Tonight I’M Fucking You (Feat. Lidacris) by Enrique Iglesias


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