Bullwinkle's Whole Wide World

FUZZED OUT!!! 60’s Garage Rock

Thursday, January 22


Part one of a special Wednesday edition of Bullwinkle’s Whole Wide World. Two hours of some of the best in FUZZED OUT 60’s Garage Rock ‘n’ Roll. Turn up the volume and get FUZZED OUT!!!


  1. Fuzz Theme by Davie Allan & The Arrows
  2. Speed by Ron Wray Light Show
  3. Just Give Me Time by The In
  4. Doomsday by The Purple Sun
  5. All I Want by The Page Boys
  6. This Must Be The Place by The Tropics
  7. Short Time by Noblemen
  8. He Was A Square by The Downliners Sect
  9. Three Long Days by The Syssys
  10. I Can’t Believe by Nightshadows
  11. Medication by Standells
  12. Hang Up by tThe Wailers
  13. C’mon Love by The Disiples
  14. I Keep Tryin’ by Jay Jays
  15. Why Can’t She Be Mine by The Other
  16. Hey Girl by The Coming Generation
  17. We’re Gonna Love by Sir Winston And The Commons
  18. Babylon by Sound Synonymous
  19. Want me by Night Crawlers
  20. Whatcha Gonna Do About It by Spiders
  21. Don’t Blow Your Mind by Spiders
  22. Do-Ao by The Nameless
  23. I Got A Girl by Dean Carter
  24. We’re Pretty Quick by The Chob
  25. You Mistreated Me by The Outsiders
  26. Missed out by ken Levy & The Phantoms
  27. The Rebel Kind by The Chicks
  28. Get Down On Your Knees by Underdogs
  29. You Gotta Leave by The Gentlemen Wild
  30. Harley Davidson by Shocking Blue
  31. My Gal by The Sorrows
  32. Stronger Than Dirt by Soul, Inc.
  33. What To Do by The Syndicats
  34. Big Beat County Dance by Thor’s Hammer
  35. Always & Always by Stud Cole
  36. Got A Girl by The Bats
  37. One Potado by The Elits
  38. I Found A Peanut by Thee Midnighters
  39. Taking Care Of Business by The Trippers
  40. Roadrunner by Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders
  41. Hey Freak by The Swamp Rats
  42. Fire by 5 X 5


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