Bullwinkle's Whole Wide World

Japanese Garage Rock

Thursday, January 22

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Part two of a special Wednesday edition of Bullwinkle’s Whole Wide World. Two hours of the best Japanese Garage Rock ‘n’ Roll!!!

01. Shizuka Na Mori De by Kinoco Hotel

02. Heart Ni Ok by Phantom Gift

03. I’m A King Bee by The Hair

04. Let’s Go by The Planets

05. Afro Girl Go A Go by Lulu\’s Marbel

06. Amy Amy by The Psycrons

07. Tori by That’s A No No!

08. Let’s Go Jean Jean by The 50 Highteens

09. Caldean’s Horn by The Shallows

10. Whisky Rock by Six

11. Shake Aha by Mokume

12. Jelly Beans Of Tears by The Strikes

13. Beat Duke by The Neatbeats

14. Kanpai Osaka by The eath Dealers

15. Red And Green In The Middle by The Minnesota Voo Doo Men

16. Do It Now by The Pebbles

17. Indication by Smoozys

18. Do It Now by The Pebbles

19. Ram Ram by The Bunnies

20. I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend by Dark Eyes

21. Midnight on The I by The Moonlighters

22. Cool Cat Stomp by The Coopers

23. Can’t Help Lovin’ You by The Mercies

24. Justine by The Flamingo Club

25. I Beg You by The Bawdies

26. No Stopping by Great 3

27. Chilly Willy Baby by Mutant Monster beach Party

28. G.T.O. by Charly And The Hot Wheels

29. Great Balls Of Fire by The 5,6,7,8’s

30. Boody Mary by Hows And The Madmen

31. That’s Alright by He Go Devils

32. Teenage Letter by Theee Bat

33. Breathless by The Feminine

34. Puppet by Los Riziaz

35. Pick Up Your Letter by A Fly And His Man Garbage

36. Old Mac Moll’s Farm by The Mighty Mogals

37. Scalping Party by Jackie & The Cedricks

38. Fu-Psycho by Mach Kung Fu

39. Ichi Bon by The Great Mongoose

40. Wild Guy by The Titans

41. Abarsay Gakuen by Arabasay Berman

42. Monster Beach by Hell Racer

43. Bogie Woogie Feelin’ by The Riziza


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