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It started like every Sunday, untill…

Tuesday, February 10

fuzzed out02

Ignore the DJ, just listen to the music.

  1. Granny Goodbox by The Ritual
  2. Under My Thumb by Pentagram
  3. Aimless Lady (Grand Funk Railroad Cover) by Suck
  4. 1976 by Stongbridge
  5. Castle On The Hill by Factory
  6. Cincinnati Woman by Spode
  7. Come Along by Carriage Company
  8. Dance Of The Dead by Shakane
  9. Evil City by Shado
  10. Freaky Girl by Spontaneous Corruption
  11. Hey America by Childern Of The Morning
  12. Honey Baby by Alan Steve
  13. Love And Hate by Navajo
  14. Love To You by Volt Rush Band
  15. Matalo by Giano Ton
  16. The Meat Grinder by Larry Mann The Wild Mann
  17. Polar Expiedition by Purgatory
  18. Dreams Of Dreams by Smoke
  19. Firewater by Smoke
  20. Sunshine Woman by Tom Hartmanc
  21. T.V. by New Lords
  22. Too Dead To Live by Primevil
  23. Warrant by Ash
  24. We Got Love by Blue Amber
  25. Witch Hunt by Frog
  26. Wizzard King by Inside
  27. 15 Going On 20 by Five By Five
  28. Crazy Motorcycle Freak by Beadfreak
  29. Mover by Bullet
  30. Cry For You by Mushroom
  31. Flag by Poky
  32. Snakebite by Stane Axe
  33. Faster Than Lighning by Tony Savage Band
  34. Don’t Stop The Rock by Renegade


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