Bullwinkle's Whole Wide World

Stuck On Earth w/ Bullwinkle

Monday, March 2


  1. The Mark Of Death by Mystic
  2. Wizard’s Council by Sorcery
  3. Riot On Sunset Strip by The Standells
  4. Another Sunset, Another Dawn by Crystalline
  5. Vibrations by The Village S.T.O.P.
  6. Don’t Tread On Me by Kit and the Outlaws
  7. Babies Falling From The Sky by Ax
  8. Liar by Luke Zane
  9. Night Of The Bloody Horror by The Bored
  10. Goiken Muyo (Ilja Naika) by The Mops
  11. Never Ever Easy To Do by MorseCode Transmission
  12. Maybe Someday by Atlantis
  13. Country Fever by James Gang
  14. Pink And Green by Shirley Hughey
  15. Slip Inside This House by 13th Floor Elevators
  16. Water by David Lucas & Michael Greer
  17. 8 O’Clock & All’s Well by Forever More
  18. Blow Your Mind by The Pretty Things
  19. Voice Frpm The Inner Soul by The Confusions
  20. J’ai Marche Pour Une Nation by Michel Pagliaro
  21. Born Again by Freedom
  22. Meshkalina by Traffic Sound
  23. Slow Down by Juicy Lucy
  24. Never Again by Moby Grape
  25. Soul Kitchen by Than Naing & The Playboys
  26. Garda Dance by The Mods
  27. Hey Joe by The Arbors
  28. Cycle-Delic by Davie Allan & The Arrows



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