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This Is Power Pop!

Sunday, March 8

power pop02

Enjoy a big bunch of late 1970’s Power Pop. Some you’ll know, some you forgot  and some you have probably never heard. All in all, just a bunch of great songs.

01. Rock ‘n’ Roll Girl by Paul Collins’ Beat
02. Flash by Coloured Balls
03. Johnny Is The Big One by Copper Field
04. One Way Ticket by The Breakaways
05. When I’m Done by Pezband
06. It Gets Me by The Rezillos
07. Radio Heart by Secrets
08. I’ve Got You by The Vipers
09. Sunset Strip by The Riptides
10. Sunday Afternoon by The Numbers
11. I Must Be In Love by The Rutles
12. Baby Your A Fool by The Names
13. What Do You Want Me To Do? by The Pointed Sticks
14. Born A Woman by Nick Lowe
15. Give Me That Look In Your Eyes by The Fan
16. (It’s Gonna Be) A Heartbreaker by The Cryers
17. Easy Come, Easy Go by 12 O’ Clock
18. Is It Really Necessary by Radio Star
19. Son Of Sam by The Novels
20. Good Reason by Jules and Polar Bears
21. Can’t Imagine by David Werner
22. Don’t Bother Me by The Distractions
23. When You’re Young by The Atlantics
24. The Shape Of Things To Come by The Headboys
25. What’s Her Name by The Now
26. Frantic Romantic by Scientists
27. Born To Be Your Fool by Roy Loney & The Phantom Movers
28. Stick With Me Baby by The Paley Brothers
29. Walk In The Rain by The Pop
30. She’s Nineteen by The Moondogs
31. She’s Not The Girl by The Flashcubes
32. The Kids Just Wanna dance by Fast Cars
33. Sarah Smiles by Bram Tchaikovsky
34. Good To Me by Youtah
35. She’s A Cartoon by Rockids
36. Craze Of Yours by Protocol


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