Bullwinkle's Whole Wide World

May cause brain damage.

Monday, March 23

brain damage

  1. Turn Off The Radio by The Spaceshits
  2. Zero Hour by The Plimsouls
  3. Don’t Let Go by The Barracudas
  4. Do The Pop by Radio Birdman
  5. Mighty Idy by DMZ
  6. It’s Cold Outside by Stiv Bators
  7. She’s Alright by The Real Kids
  8. Bonerack by Teenage Head
  9. For All I Care by The Gruesomes
  10. Babba Diddy Baby by The Mummies
  11. Lonely Boy by The King Khan & BBQ Show
  12. Can’t You Hear Me by Cheater Slicks
  13. Never Find Me by Personal And The Pizzas
  14. Tired And Lonely by The Spits
  15. Rip Your Heart Out by The Rip Offs
  16. Eat Your Heart Out by Reatards
  17. There She Goes Again by Pagans
  18. Kiss Of The Rat by The Gizmos
  19. Splittery Splat by Electric Eels
  20. Yesterday’s Numbers by Flamin’ Groovies
  21. Love Man by Deke Dickerson And The Bo-Keys
  22. You’re My Baby by Hasil Adkins
  23. Pretty Baby by The Milkshakes
  24. Telepathic by The Gories
  25. I Don’t Want Nobody by The Boyfriends
  26. Unhappy Girl (Demo) by Ramones
  27. Bet Ya Lyin’ by The Scientists
  28. Don’t Know Why by Carbonas
  29. I Do by Terry Malts
  30. Gotta Go by Thee Marvin Gays
  31. Love Fuzz by Ty Segall
  32. Roky Said by Dead Ghosts
  33. Scavenger by Zig Zags
  34. Bad Thing by King Tuff
  35. Shattered (You Left Me) by The Exploding Hearts
  36. Born To To Free by Tuff War
  37. Not A Problem by Black Lips
  38. Love Gestrapo by Dwarves
  39. Too Close To Home by The Sleaze
  40. She’s A Dumb by Teengenerate
  41. I’ll Be Gone by Oblivians
  42. Over The Edge by Dead Moon
  43. Security by The Saints
  44. Down In Flames by Dead Boys


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