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Tommy Toilet’s Song Book

Monday, March 30


Just Like Tommy Toilet Says, Just because it wasn’t a hit doesn’t mean it’s a load of S#!+. Tommy Toilet and Bullwinkle bring you a collection of fragrant songs.

  1. Rock and Roll Weirdos by Leila and the Snakes
  2. Song of Reproduction by Flanders & Swann
  3. Mumbles Blues by Bobby Lewis
  4. I Want Me Seed by Freddy Davis
  5. Pukin’ My Heart Over You by The Funny Boners
  6. Billy Broke My Heart At Walgreens by Ruby Wright
  7. Peppermint Twist (Hoop Dee Dah!) by Catarina Valent
  8. Kinky Boots by Hornor Blackman & Patrick MacNee
  9. If I Had A Hammer by Leonard Nimoy
  10. Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love To Town by Walter Brennan
  11. The Easter Bunny Always Sleeps by Vincent Price
  12. Cumquat Time In Mt. Idy by Charlie Weaver
  13. Tacos For Two by Jose Gonzales
  14. Cockroach That Ate Cincinatti by Rose And The Arrangements
  15. Bring Her Back To Me by Walter Matthue
  16. The Oldest Swinger In Town by Fred Wedlock
  17. You Just Wanna Be Weird by Pam Tillis
  18. I Don’t by Danielle Peck
  19. What Is A Bozo???????? by William Shatner
  20. Hey Librace by Charlie Adams
  21. We Are The Tampons by Nuclear Fish
  22. Blowing In The Wind by Marlene Dietrch
  23. Snoopy Contro Il Barone Rosso by Giorgio Gaber
  24. The Girl On Death Row by Lee Hazelwood w/ Duane Eddy & His Orchestra
  25. Shock The Monkey by Don Ho
  26. Wild Thing by The Ventures & Peter Lory
  27. I Left My Heart In San Francisco by Pancho The Parrot
  28. The Cockroach Stomp by Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan
  29. Teenage Beatnick by Louis Nye
  30. Seventeen Tons by Sammy Shore
  31. How To Murder Your Wife by Mike Clifford
  32. Good Hard Screwing by Larry Pierce
  33. Entertainer by Chris Stone
  34. Goodbye Tony by Lesley Gore
  35. Obscene Phone Call by Johnny Russell
  36. Marijuana Hell by Ron Nagle
  37. Proud Mary by Rita Chao
  38. Turn On To Jesus by City Boy
  39. Louie Louie by Pete Fountain
  40. They All Ask For You (Down At The Zoo) by Paul Gayten
  41. Suffocate by Ralph Smedley & The Breathers
  42. Shadow by R. Dean Taylor
  43. Bitch, Slut, Whore, Cunt by Hotbox


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