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Italian Masters

Thursday, April 2

italian masters02


Enjoy a fine selection of Italian library and soundtrack music.

  1. Fastness by Tullio De Piscopo
  2. FMB Shake by Armando Troovajoli
  3. Chasse A L’homme by Pierre Cavalli
  4. Drug Song by Janko Nilovic
  5. Femina Ridens by Stelvio Cipriani
  6. Black Flower by Piero Piccioni
  7. Le Temps Des Loups by Georges Garvarents
  8. The Case Of The Bloddy Iris by Bruno Nicolia
  9. The Chase by Piero Piccioni
  10. Chaser by Piero Umiliani
  11. Deep Down by Ennio Marricone
  12. Easy Dreamer by Piero Piccioni
  13. Sexopolis by Jean Pierre Mirouze
  14. Pussycat ’69 by Piero Umiliani
  15. She Killed In Ecstasy by Manfred Hulber & Sigfried Schwab
  16. Eccitamento by Gianni Mazza
  17. Peggy by Puccio Roelens
  18. Echoes From The Canyon by Giuliano Sorgini
  19. Fantomaniac by Claude Vasori
  20. Full Speed by Claude Bolling
  21. Sabba by Bruno Nicolai
  22. Intermezzino Pop by Ennio Marricone
  23. Nago by Liuis Bacalov
  24. Open Space by Piero Umiliani
  25. The Outside Man by Michael Legrand
  26. Per le Strade di Roma by Piero Piccioni
  27. Psychastenie by Serge Gainsbourg
  28. Lombard Street by Riz Ortolani
  29. The Roaring Tewnties by Riz Ortolani
  30. Shake In The Disco by Riz Ortolani
  31. Strait Jacket by Giuliano Sorgini
  32. Gang Train by Bernard Estardy
  33. Tentacoli by Stelvio Cipriani
  34. Vai Vai by Jean-Pierre Sabar
  35. Topless Party by Piero Umiliani


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