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Goth Easter Party

Monday, April 6

goth easter party04
It’s Easter Day and all of the eggs are dyed black. So dress yourself all in black. Paint your nails black and don’t forget some black eye liner. Now you’re ready to have a Goth Easter Party.

01. Gothic Party Time by Action Pact
02. Boys by Bauhaus
03. Kiss Of Life by Gene Loves Jezebel
04. Last Chants For A Slow Dance by Sex Gang Children
05. Upside Down by Creaming Jesus
06. Neverland by The Mission UK
07. Rise by The Marionettes
08. Twisted by Lydia Lunch
09. Vengeance by New Model Army
10. Lindy’s Party by The Bolshoi
11. Decline And Fall by Flesh For Lulu
12. Half-Girl Half Jesus by The Morgans
13. Who Wants To Go To Heaven by Jay Aston
14. Fats Terminal by Bone Orchard
15. Call Me Your Girlfriend by Rita Lynch
16. Torture Me by The Damned
17. Do You Believe In The Westworld by Theater Of Hate
18. Grooving In Green by The March Violets
19. Crucifiction by Actifed
20. Temptation by Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
21. Spanner Bridge by Electric Sex Circus
22. The Masque by The Dark
23. Harry The Babysitter by Bomb Party
24. Peaches by The Stranglers
25. The Tenant by Play Dead
26. Can The Can by Ghost Dance
27. Watch Without Pain by Rubicon


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