Bullwinkle's Whole Wide World

Bullwinkle’s Headbangers Ball Part 1

Friday, April 24


01. Stand By Your Man by Wendy & Lemmy
02. Babylon by Kil D’Kor
03. Dreams Never Die by Jinxx
04. Battleline by Poets Crown
05. Chances R by Passion Toy
06. Alive by Ruff Justice
07. Renegade Smurf by Dehumanizers
08. Might Makes Right by Shock Treatment
09. Computer Dates by Show & Tell
10. Devil’s Son by D.C. Lacroix
11. Here’s To Tomorrow by Vadasy Jade
12. Over And Over by Attax
13. Burn The Cross by Coven
14. Whore by Warhead
15. Still Of The Night by Cities
16. Live To Rock by Takashi
17. Guitar War 84 by Virgin Steel
18. Year Zero by Teazer
19. Damn Cheater by Blacklace
20. Feel The Fire by Overkill
21. Journey For Light by Deathslayer
22. We Rule The Night by Frigid Bitch
23. Randall Flagg by The Beast
24. Is This Life? by The Beast
25. Ultrasonic Metal by Sneak Attack
26. Dirty Harry (The Enforcer) by Sneak Attack
27. Can’t Run From Evil by Tortured Dog
28. Rogues March by Hades
29. Two Tribes (Metal Noise Mix) by Warfare


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