Bullwinkle's Whole Wide World

Bullwinkle’s Headbangers Ball Part 2

Friday, April 24


01. Easy Prey by Predator
02. Headbangers by Thunderfire
03. Gone With The Wind by Rhett Forrester
04. Nervous Wreck by Witch
05. 10,000 Days (Of Bloodshed) by Blessed Death
06. Nightfight To Toyko by Witch Cross
07. X-Rated Man by Overlord
08. Zero The Hero (Demo) by Black Sabbath
09. We Came To Kill by Leather Angel
10. Unstoppable Force by Agent Steel
11. The Unholy Grave by Death
12. Heathen by Heathen
13. Seance by Possessed
14. The Eye Of Shamahn by English Dogs
15. Onslaught (Power From Hell) by Onslaught
16. Insurrection by Sacrilege
17. Merciless Death by Dark Angel
18. Deny Reality by Re-Animator
19. Cemetery by Apocalypse
20. Bloodshower by Blind Illusion
21. No Resurrection by Holy Terror
22. For All Those Who Died by Bathory
23. Execution Of Mankind by Agony
24. Mirror Of The Past by Hexx
25. Suspended Sentence by Acid Rain
26. Jason by The Boneless Ones


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